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Game Design: 8.002

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Other Aspects: 7.913

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Found 176 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 176 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 years ago
Wow, a truly original and exciting pin with an excellent theme fit for pubs/bars/drinking venues. The toys and gimmicks are outstanding, the speed bag and jump rope provide fun and a real challenge. The huge bash toy being the coup de grace, serving as both punching bag and your trash talking opponent.
A hilarious table gets better with each play, a perfect accompaniment to some friends and some cold beverages.
8 years ago
I like "Champion Pub" but it's definitely not a game I'd like to own. After awhile, it gets really old. The toys are excellent, without a doubt the best part of the game. Other than that, however, the game really doesn't wow me with any other feature.
8 years ago
This game is a lot of fun and I like the humor. If its set up steep it is a challenge to be Pub Champ. I really like the cash fight scoring system. You could be having an awesome game an feeling a little invincible then lose everything on a cash fight. My only complaint is the spitting gallery is worth way too many points.

This game is great to play with a group of people while enjoying a few beverages. My guests love it and I have not gotten tired of the gameplay. It's always fun!
8 years ago
Jump rope is awesome toy, and that's about the only positive thing about the game.

Unbalanced scoring takes the fun out totally, just go for 200M cash fights all day long...
8 years ago
great toys!
8 years ago
Excellent game with perhaps the best variety of toys found in any game.
8 years ago
Finally got to play one of these and I was a bit disappointed. Very interesting layout with some neat side games ( jump rope and speed bag) to goof around with on the playfield. It just didn't feel like I was playing a pinball machine more like a hybrid video game pinball. It was fun but I lost interest pretty fast.
8 years ago
my all time #1 pinball . just wasnt many games made so most people havent had the chance to play it.
8 years ago
What an interesting relationship I have had with this machine.

First ... I went to Pelham NH to the Pinball Wizard Arcade with 3 buddies ... and out of more than 100 machines that we played (and kinda ranked for fun) ... Champion Pub was the only machine that ended up in all of our top 3 machine choices. Hey, we needed something to talk about in the car on the road trip back. This means it held it's own in the company of TOM, TOTAN, MM, CV, STTNG, all the new Sterns, etc ...

Then ... I came across one and nabbed it up. (They are rare)

Got worried by some reviews that I would get tired of possible repetitive play.

Are you kidding? Repetitive? No way. It is always a rush to win 1 fight. Win your second and you start to think "this is the game I am going to be Pub Champ." Win the 3rd fight and your palms start to get sweaty. 4th fight = you feel invincible. My friends and I still haven't won 5 fights. And man do we wanna. Champion Pub is one of those games that keeps you coming back for more.

And it teases you. Taunts you. Dares you. Thumbs it's nose at you. The Hilarious Call-outs never grow old. In fact, I catch my friends quoting it all the time in regular conversation. It is like a cult classic. Monty Python-esque?

Oh ... and the people that complain about the jump rope being a gimme. Just pitch the machine in the back to make everything a little harder and faster ... and walla ... since I've owned the game NOBODY has gotten better than 21 on my machine. Average is like 12.

The toys are brilliant! And I especially like the risk reward factor of the two jab scoops. It actually simulates the feeling of going for a harder (but deadlier) punch combination. (Think Punch Out!)

Finally, it is a low scoring game that is excellent for tournament play save for one feature. The random door awards. If you get Spitting Gallery ... you unfairly get access to UNEARNED big points. However, you can easily stop this by enabling tournament mode in the adjustments. Then, the only way to light spitting gallery is to win a fight! To the victor go the spoils!
8 years ago
If you come across this game and have never played it, drop in a few quarters and give it a go. The theme is very interesting and is entertaining. The comedy mixed in makes playing this table an enjoyable experience. Bare knuckle boxing in taverns doesn't sound like a great theme, but the design of this game is great with related toys and gimmicks.

The main toy is a punching bag right in the middle of the playfield that will then turn 180 degrees and reveal a boxer that is ready to knock your block off. Fighting the several fighters and moving your way up the ranks is a tall order, but if are able to make will laugh your way all the way up.

The most fun and challenging toy is the jump rope on the upper left of the playfield. The concept is awesome and it will take an attempt or two to getting the ball jump timing so you are able to get to 30 jumps. The fists and punching bag on the upper right corner is not nearly as fun, but the ball doesn't stay in the area near as long.

The game can feel clunky as it doesn't have much flow, but still a lot of entertainment. A relatively low production run of these games means you won't see them readily available to play one if you can.
8 years ago
Two of my all-time favorite gimmicks - the jump rope and the punching bag = They carry out the theme perfectly.
8 years ago
Champion Pub is really high on my wish list, just an all around fun game to play. The theme is great with a lot of funny sayings. My buddy owns it and every time I play it, I hear new sayings. The jump rope is tricky, yet unique and fun. The speedbag is ok but boxing the different opponents is the best. I like the dot matrix of poker and spittoon. I look forward to owning this game one day.
8 years ago
One of my top 5 favorites. Really fun pin with a different feel than most pins. The jump rope toy is awesome. I've owned this one a few times and have sold it but would love to own it again.
8 years ago
This game used to be on location near me, and has since gone away and I really miss it. I love the mini games. It's a great game, to get beginners interested in pins and a good example of a fun game that is an original theme instead of a licensed one.
8 years ago
Great theme unique toys some tough shots and brilliant call outs. Lacks a little in lastability but still a fun sticky game.
8 years ago
Highly underrated pin. Loved it as soon as I got it.. Played it for 2 weeks straight and loved it more. Low production seems to help this pin fetch a higher premium even with its lackluster reviews at times. Id gladly drop a few bucks on this one at any location. The rules are fun, the boxers personalities are even funnier. Maybe a software fix for the jump rope or a few additional boxers would help mix it up. Overall a fun pin.
8 years ago
I really wanted to like this. It is fun getting jackpots and defeating the fighters but I think if I owned one, it would not last long at all. Rare game but not that desirable to me.
8 years ago
I really enjoy this pin. The lack of pop-bumpers is not an issue, as there is quite a bit going on. The toys are very unique, and the theme has great flow. The lighting of the PF is top-notch. The playfield itself is a work of art and is extremely unique.
Gameplay flows smoothly and there are many ways to earn points. There is a very nice progression to the game.
The music fits the period perfectly. The animations are unique and funny (the bartender actually looks like George W. Bush)...
It is a difficult pin to acquire, as only about 1200 were made. It took me over a year to find one in excellent condition, and this title is rapidly increasing in value. If more people had access to it, I believe the rating would be much higher. If you get a chance to play one, put a few games on it before rendering a verdict.
8 years ago
Beautiful machine. Great lights. Cool toys. Perfect music given the theme. The boxers' personalities complete the aesthetic package. Then there is the game play. I thought it was great at first... then a few more plays and I realized this is pretty easy. Then a few more plays and "yawn". If you want a beautiful machine its a great pick... but the fun... it's just not there.
8 years ago
I was very surprised by this one. Really enjoyed it. Some great toys and it's a pin that anyone can hop on and have a great time. It's in my top 10 for sure for gameplay.

Not the greatest theme ever but it doesn't hurt it either. I'd love to track one down someday.
9 years ago
Champion Pub is the WORST game that game out of Bally/Williams in the 90's.

The Pros:
The PF toys are cool with some real innovation in the mechanics of this deck. Brad Cornell, well done. A brilliant deck if you like to... jump... rope, or... hock... loogies.

The Cons:
The rules blow... donkeys. It's almost as if this game got Fear Factor bounced from NBC. Modes and scoring is incredibly unbalanced. Why bother with playing pinball when you can just use the spitting gallery video mode to get a great score. You will never see it on route due to maintainence issues. Unless the software is updated to the newest version, the game chokes on it's own code. The outlane on the right with the area leading down to it reminds me of a bagatelle. Even the skill shot only requires you to push and then... WITH SKILL... let go of the launch button. I believe that the way this game plays is that reason. A fun game for the grandkids at the vacation home.

OK, here's your CP tourney play strategy... multiply your scoring bonus by 2x 5-6 times. Hit the spitoons... a few times and then on your first boxing match.... hit the KO JP for 64 million points and walk away from the game. Note the deflated look on your opponents' face and know that there is no way he'll beat your score unless he was taking notes.

The Takeaway:
I recently played this game again in another collector's collection and it was it tip-top shape and my assessment of this deck with snappy flipper and tuned mechs is the same. If I could use a single word for this pin-bomination it would be either "gimmick" or "novelty" or "anchor", or maybe I'll just stick with "pin-bomination". With all the toys on this game it's as if someone forgot to add the "pinball game" to this boat anchor. I'd rather play Popeye than this table. There is a reason that Pete Piortrowski is only listed as a pinball designer once. Champion Pub is that reason. So, play this table ONCE and then when someone asks if you have ever played it, you can say you played it and tell them that you will never speak of it again.
9 years ago
A fun game that we play regularly here in Milwaukee. It's not one of the most challenging games ever but the mini games are fun and beating up the fighters is too.
9 years ago
Played it a lot today. Very fun game. Top 20 for sure.
Update 9 months later. Now I own it. Very unusual game that is great in a larger collection. The strategy and rules are more interesting than most think! Really fun to play and that is what it is all about!
9 years ago
I think this game would be great in a medium sized lineup.
Cab looks great, and I think the play is a lot of fun.
many gimmicks to keep the pinball newbie having a good time.
9 years ago
Champion Pub has some of the best toys out there. Very fun game, with a good sense of humor. Music and sounds are excellent.

Not a "typical" pin, and therefore not for everyone.
There are 176 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 5 of 8.

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