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Game Design: 8.002

Artwork: 7.918

Sounds/Music: 7.553

Other Aspects: 7.913

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Found 176 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 176 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
Alot of neat ideas, but the software was never finished and it really shows. Such a pity as it is a beautiful machine.
6 years ago
Win the Bout for the Purse

you can do it kid
6 years ago
I've only played a few times, but I really enjoyed the theme and the uniqueness of the game. Awesome theme integration - the fights, the practicing, and the multibrawl!
6 years ago
Great theme integrated well however like most people say it gets very old very quickly.
6 years ago
boring..very fast.
6 years ago
Had my CP for about 8 months and decided to move on as gameplay got a bit stale. It's an awesome looking game and the toys are top notch! The boxer center bash toy is an awesome idea and its always fun to hear the different accents from the ten different boxers. Also the jump rope and the small punching bag in the right corner are very well thought out ideas.
Despite these postitive things the game never caught me hundred percent. Variation feels really limited, it's always train, start fight, bash the boxer, repeat. Also most of the shots just lack the satisfying feel other machines have.
The idea of cumulative jackpots is nice, but in my opinion they are too easy to obtain on that machine, all the shots count.

Nice looking machine, all the non-pinhead guests really loved it. Fun for a while but not for very long. Guess i would have kept it longer in a bigger collection but i'm limited to 4 machines.
6 years ago
Big gimmick, short lived fun.
6 years ago
I totally over looked this one. I played it tonight quite a few times and had not heard of it. It was a blast and now I see it on the top 100, I see why. My one beef is the name vs theme. I would never have guessed Champion Pub was a boxing theme.

This is a really fun game on location, but may not last in a small collection. Great game though.
6 years ago
A rare pin indeed, and I found a gem of an example for a really good price !

A beauty to look at, particularly with a real back glass !!
A solid original theme with some unique and unusual toys - see jump rope - when playing has some hilarious call outs.

Unfortunately for me it's a bit of a one trick pony, and there are a few design flaws that let it down. Hey it's not a bad pin, but it's not a great pin either. Not sorry I owned one once.
6 years ago
This game is a lot of fun, extremely unique, lots of interesting features. Only drawback is that it can get repetitive. But it has a punch-out meets pinball mash-up feel to it that is really cool. The Jump-rope is pretty fun as well. This game wins for uniqueness and creativity. Just not so sure it would last in a collection and there is a bit of stop and go to it.
7 years ago
I kept wanting to come back for more. I especially liked the "jumprope". I can't think of anything similar on any other pin.
7 years ago
Three or Four plays on this and you will probably really enjoy it....7 to 10 and it gets old fast. Best themed toys on a game to date...jump rope...punching bag....those are brilliant and take up little room on the playing surface...however the "fights" get old.

Fun for a spin or two but would be mad if this was the only pin on location somewhere.
7 years ago
Low production, got one in my collection. Great game.
7 years ago
the two upper "playfields" are so unique then other games it makes me wanting to keep coming back to play it
7 years ago
unique . Cool toys, Collectible
7 years ago
Good game but the light show is a bit under whelming. I always put some coin in this game when one is available though.
7 years ago
I have a love-hate relationship with this stupid game. One side of me thinks it's a stupid gimmick game, and another side of me is compelled to do better at it and is completely addicted. Time will tell, I guess. Whatever it is, I'll definitely play this on location if I see it, at least.

7 years ago
Fun game love the jump rope and punching bag.
7 years ago
Having played this only a few times, I found myself wanting to go back and play it much more. This is a fun game. The theme works surprising well thanks to the well-thought-out playfield design and the integration into the toys and gimmicks. If it wasn't so rare and pricey I would love to get a copy.

I just have to edit my comments on this one. The more I play this game, the more I love it. It is a beautiful symmetry of theme and playfield design. Owning a copy of this title may become a priority.
7 years ago
I really wanted to buy one after the first time I played it. But after thinking for a awhile, it's actually a slow game with a lot of starting & stopping, and video mode that kills the game flow. Cool gimmick with the jump rope, but I think I'd get bored with it after a while. But it instantly draws people who aren't hardcore pinball players, and kids probably would love it.
7 years ago
This game ranks high on my FUN meter which is reflected in my review score. I don't know how it would be if it were the only game you owned, but I find it highly enjoyable.
7 years ago
ok got this one, no pop bumpers, that music is stuck again in my head just posting this! good addition to my collection,
7 years ago
Verry nice game with fabulus toys up right and up left. I like this variation come with this game. It's a must in the collection.
7 years ago
This pin has some of the best, if not the best, humor in any pin. It gets dirty, subtle and goes super well with the theme. From the boxer talking smack to the fly being swatted, it's pure awesome.

This may not be the best game to own in a home setting as it can get old fairly quickly, however there are a lot of pieces to this pin that need to be well maintained so a poorly routed one is absolutely no fun and not worth playing. It is probably worth being bought for the home setting, but just know a larger collection is best or knowing you won'[t have the game super long.

However, once you beat the final boxer you do get to bet on your fights and they are randomly hard, which becomes really thrilling and fairly tough to get to as well. So, the game doesn't simple start over once "beaten".
7 years ago
this is a pretty fun pin. overall it has the theme and layout that will draw most newcomers and veterans alike. scoring is challenging, considering you can wager your points at certain points in the game. this creates a tough scenario if someone has a breakout game. toys are some of the most innovative on any pin ever. this game is one that would be a staple im sure if there were more out there.
There are 176 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 8.

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