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Game Design: 8.002

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Other Aspects: 7.914

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There are 175 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 months ago
A fun game when you start with it, but to me it gets a little boring after a while. Unique features, such as the rope skipping feature, but I think the lastability of this one may be short.
6 months ago
I had this pinball machine for about two months, I didn t hook it up. I sold it without regret
7 months ago
I'm into boxing so especially drawn to the theme. It is a lot of fun and has some of the best gimmicks and toys out there especially for an older machine. The fighter, jump rope, heavy bag and speed bag are great. Visually I would have changed a few things. At least on the one I have played it is a little dim lighting wise. I think the bright green center ramp things are kind of ugly. The back glass is good, but the cabinet is boring and just blah. If I ever got one I would custom paint the cabinet. I would love to own one though.
8 months ago
This is a really fun pin. The rules aren't nearly as deep as others, but the goals are clear and the gameplay mechanics work very well. Sound gets a little repetitive, but well within my tolerance level. I haven't found one of these for sale in my area, but I'd snap it up if one popped up.
9 months ago
Good for what it is... a pin that should be in every dive-bar in the world. I like the toys, especially the punching in the upper right of the playfield, but the center is a little to big of a target and the layout causes airballs like crazy.
10 months ago
This game is one of my all time favorites! Never gets boring to me and provides a fantastic workout! Love the theme and objective of this table. I give this machine a perfect 10 except for durability. You will end up with cracked ramps and more importantly having to repair the boxer as that wire harness twists repeatedly and eventually you end up with a cracked or open wire(s) and it needs to be repaired. That is my only knock on this game. Make Pub Champion and then proceed to increase your score exponentially in the cash fights where you can make small to large wagers up to your entire score! Massive rewards for massive risks await you. So come on down and pound a few!
11 months ago
Pinball fun, plain and simple.

At present we have Elvira HOH, Avengers IQ and Champion Pub in the house and my son is playing Champion Pub almost exclusively.

Non pinball players always want a second game because it's easy to understand and a lot of fun.

The call-outs are up there with MM & AFM in terms of humour and the bare knuckle fighter who swings around at the start of each bout is one of the best toys in pinball. The skipping rope is also simplistic brilliance.

Not the deepest game in the world, not a pretty cabinet and certainly not one for a small collection. It's a bit clunky and doesn't have a lot of flow . . . .

However if you were having a BBQ and a few beers with folk who didn't know pinball this would be the game to bring out and let everyone enjoy the fun.

Here is my video review:
11 months ago
Fun, fun game - one that the wife actually picked out and loves to play.
11 months ago
GREAT main toy, but everything else is just "meh". Unique idea for a game, but I just can't really get into this one.
1 year ago
Champion Pub is a game that you will initially be drawn to because of the mini-games within the playfield as it draws you in to play it. It's an enjoyable theme and an enjoyable game but the game loses it's appeal quicker than the average pinball machine because the gameplay does become repetitive and slightly boring. In a large pinball collection this is perfect for but in a small collection I think this one will be one of the first pins to get the boot. There are alot better pins out there that are far more enjoyable. With that said it's still worth a few plays when you see it out in the wild or at a pinball show.
1 year ago
Super torn on this Game. It was the first reasonably big ticket pin in my collection. It was fun at the start but it really started to collect dust after a while until my buddies came over that were not really in to pinball. The first time the boxer turns around it has big wow factor but gets old pretty quick. Def need a large collection to make sense in somebody's home. It gets boring pretty quick. Feel like it would be a great pin for a bar or barcade.
1 year ago
CP was a lot more fun for me IRL than it was on a virtual pin (which is the only way I had experienced it before yesterday), so it was a pleasant surprise. A lot of good, fun shots and even though I was super familiar with the rules, I was able to make progress and enjoy the game without feeling like too much of a noob. Very fun game.
1 year ago
Very innovative game. I like the direction Bally/Williams was going in on this title, you can really tell they were trying something different here in there later years of pinball manufacturing. My first impressions with this title were great, loved all the characters, thought the jump rope and punching bag were some of the best toys in pinball. With that being said after I put more time in on this title the honey moon phase wore off and I began to see just how unfinished this game really was. Theres multiple characters displayed on the game that aren't even playable! All in all the game is hilarious at times, I found myself often laughing out loud at some of the characters banter. Definitely worth a play but would get old fast in a small collection.
1 year ago
This game is so under-rated. I owned one for 10 plus years and it regret having sold it (along with most of my collection) when moving a while back. From the jump rope to the punching bag to the interactive boxer to the unique boxing match theme, this game is absolutely fantastic. Kids and adults alike love this game. My only real criticism is that it isn't an overly difficult game for an experienced player - though it takes a long game to beat the game. Even so, I would find myself playing it at least weekly when I had mine and now constantly think of picking up another someday. I think this is one of the better family machines out there and one of the best games of its time as well.
1 year ago
This game is so unique in so many ways, I've never played another game like it! Jump rope, speedbag, and full out boxing matches!
1 year ago
Played this pin for about an hour at an expo so can't really opine on lastability or depth of rule set. But having said that, I really enjoyed it. I actually felt like a boxer getting ready for and fighting in bouts The boxer toy is fun, throwing lefts and rights and winning a bout is very rewarding. Will definitely play it again.
1 year ago
Beyond the fun pinball layout and mode, the "mini games" are a stroke of genius.
1 year ago
One of my favorites! Probably the best toy ever! Callouts are great. Really fun to play as a group.
1 year ago
I love this game & play it every time I get a chance , the mechs. in this game like the jump rope & the reversible bash toy are unlike any other , still trying to learn all the rules , Great Pin!
1 year ago
Fun game with unique mini games such as jump rope and speedbag!
1 year ago
Champion Pub is one of those games that's really fun to play... a few times. There is really not that much to do in this game. Yeah there are lots of boxer to fight. yes the boxing and jumprope minigames are fun. Yes there are several video modes, but the actual fighting part of the game isn't that fun past the first few times. There is no sense of urgency in this game. The multiballs are too frequent and don't give enough points. It's a beautiful game and the voicework is fantastic, but the gameplay just isn't there. I would view it as the Hobbit of the 1990s. Beautiful game with great theme integration and an awesome sound package, but just not that fun to play. This game lived the shortest time in my collection out of everything that I got to stay in my basement. I would say this is a great game with different gameplay for a larger collection, but absolutely would not recommend this in a lineup of 5 or less. I feel like this one would do great in an arcade, and this one is a relatively rare game. Others may find it fun, but it's just not for me.
1 year ago
I love this game. Fun shots, incredible toys, tight theming. Great voice work, characters, sound effects and music. Shots are fun, playfield lighting is great, and innovative toys like punching bags, jump rope, center drain blocker, and opponent fighter are plainly sick. Very hard to top from this respect, I can’t think of games that challenge it.
The gameplay is intuitive, and it’s fun to see how many opponents you can drop. Multi all’s and video bonuses keep things changing between fights.
This game is very underrated in my opinion, potentially due to its rarity.
1 year ago
A unique and just plain fun machine, a lot of cool mechanics ideas that have not been used. A really great experience, it is worth your time.
1 year ago
A game you never knew you wanted until you played it. Best callouts and variety of callouts. Great rules. Great shots. Very unique.
2 years ago
I love this game. Great theme, inserting objectives to complete, fun video mode, all add up to a fun game that keeps me coming back.
There are 175 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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