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Game Design: 7.98

Artwork: 7.941

Sounds/Music: 7.543

Other Aspects: 7.911

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There are 196 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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12 days ago
What a blast! Crazy cool shots. Love the mini games that are physical. Surprisingly surprised how fun this game is.
27 days ago
Had no idea I would end up giving this one such high rankings!
41 days ago
Really unique pin! The boxing and jump rope minigames are very clever, though I can never get the jump rope timing right and on the table I played, it always seemed to roll off the contact point after a single jump. It is very unique and I have to assume it blew people's minds upon discovery back when the table came out. As others have stated, there is a little ramp that makes it easier to hit the boxer, but adds some randomness to the ball when it comes back to the flippers that I find myself draining a lot, though I am not an expert. Punches are really satisfying, I especially love the little wiggle the boxer's belly makes when you strike him. Very cool pin and I am grateful that I have access to it at a local place.
4 months ago
I’ve only played this game one time at a friends but boy would I like to own one. It was fun jumping rope and hitting the bag and bashing the pub fighter. Honestly this is a great game for the collection and if someone is selling one near Minnesota at a decent price let me know. I think this machine could be a keeper.
5 months ago
Fun unique game. Just brought it in so we will see how long it lasts. But I did bring it in because I wanted to play it more than off chance I ever see it on location.
5 months ago
Pretty darn innovative if you ask me. Could rate ahead of Mediebal Madness in my eyes. So fun, especially the jump rope gimmick. Not "politically correct" cultural stereotypes today. Can't knock it for its era.
5 months ago
I played this game at a show so can’t comment on the sound. The jumping rope feature is very clever. I just seemed to be smashing the dude in the face for most of the gameplay but that being said it is fun. If I see this in the wild would play it every time.
7 months ago
If you are into DEEP DEEP games like Avengers IQ, Houdini, Wizard of Oz and Lord of the Rings, this may not be your flavor.

However, this is agame that I owned and regret selling. It is absolutely HILARIOUS. I love how the opponents have accents and talk crap to you while you try to blast them with a pinball. There is a Russian who sort of sounds like Drago in Rocky, There is a Irish guy, an Italian guy and even a guy who sounds a lit like Richard Simmons.... I doubt they could make this game today because the accents and characters would probably offend some "WOKE" person. I loved the humor it provides.

The cons are that there is a lot of stop and go in the game play and that it's really unlike most any other game. That said I LOVED it and will buy another one someday when a reasonably priced one comes available in my area. If you have a one or two game collection, then this might not be something you want to own because not terribly deep. However if you have 3 or more games this would be a great addition because it is so different than other games and it's approachable by novices.
10 months ago
Champion Pub, what a knock out!! I mean this is an amazing game. Truly a gem from the B/W era. Very much under appreciated back then as well as now.
The uniqueness of the original (not licenced) theme integration is amazing. The hooks, rope jump and other training games/mechs are like a magic world under glass.
Moreover you can fight a real boxing toy.
These days very rare game, mostly in very fine condition. Otherwise they always tend to suffer at the same places.
Yeah yeah code could deeper and might get repetitive but I really could care less. Always feels like you play a decent game: train some, fight some, train more, fight more! Music and call outs could be better imo. Of course the 90’s lights need led upgrades these days (some areas are a bit dark, and overall atmosphere will benefit greatly from leds)
Conclusion: great game from b/w era which is very much underrated!!
10 months ago
Too much stop and go for my liking. Toys are fantastic but the flow of the game is poor. Fun for a bit but gets old quick.
1 year ago
Big fun
1 year ago
The 90s was a great time for pinball and this game is no exception. Until yesterday, I had never even seen this game; however, my local pinball arcade added this to their collection. This game knocks out many other games in the top 100 as far as fun, subject matter, creativity, and sustainability. The jump rope gimmick had me blown away since it was something I had never seen in any other pinball machine. The speed bag, heavy bag, and the actual fights were all great gimmicks that made me play this game for hours. The rules are very simple: hit the heavy bag and gain health upon reaching full health you will have a variety of shots to start the fight. Once the fight starts you will have a variety of shots that are various types of punches and you simply have to knock them out before they do you. The art on the playingfield is fantastic, but the cabinet side I felt was a little lacking except for the top of the pinball machine.
The only cons I have are given the ramps leading up to the heavy bag left me hitting the glass more than I do with any other game and the lighting sometimes flashes at times making it difficult to sometimes spot your ball while playing.
1 year ago
Played at the newly-opened Medway Pinball Club.

I've got to say - this is a fun pin. It just has a great pub theme, lots of humour, and the various pin-games (i.e. skipping, punching the ball) are just great. The novelty rotating boxer is also a work of genius.

I suspect it would get quite boring if it was your only pin, but - on location - I kept returning to it because it was such amazingly good fun. I imagine, if I'd played it in a pub in the 90s, I would have just been all over it all the time. Or, at least, all over it until I got better at pinball and it got a bit repetitive.
1 year ago
I found this one in a local bar last weekend and was pleasantly surprised! The toys and gimmicks are plentiful and made for an interesting evening. That being said, this one wouldn't keep me coming back for more to the point where I would want to own one! Pretty much, this one can be said to be "fun but not for a long run!" The machine I was playing had a weak left flipper so I wasn't able to control the ball the way I would have liked but I would be willing to give it a rematch!
1 year ago
I love the idea and the toys for Champion Pub. However, at least at my skill level the randomness of the ball coming off the fighter toy is uncontrollable and just not fun. I've never beat the second opponent, and usually get smacked by O'Brian.
1 year ago
This is my favorite sports themed arcade. The toys, artwork, call outs, and point risk are all reasons why it is a pin that will continue to capture my quarters. It's training shots are fun mini games and really add to the immersive experience. I'm sad that more of these are not readily available for people to experience in person. If you experience it out in the wild, you owe it to yourself to try it out! This is a must own for me.
1 year ago
First week of ownership, so far the game does not do a lot for me and it drains balls like crazy.
A weak point are the balls flying in the air because of the design of the playfield.
Need more games on this for a better rating.
1 year ago
Not a great one. The jump rope in the middle is anoying. The theme is nice but not more. Few games are ok, and then: next.
1 year ago
Great game
2 years ago
This is another one I can not pass up when I see it on location. The game is so unique. I love the bouts, I love how the theme is incorporated.
2 years ago
I had played this when it came out and liked the action of the punching bag. Will buy one of these in the future
2 years ago
The toy is really cool, but personally didn't seem much fun to me. A bit repetitive.
2 years ago
One of my absolute favs growing up!
2 years ago
A fun game when you start with it, but to me it gets a little boring after a while. Unique features, such as the rope skipping feature, but I think the lastability of this one may be short.
2 years ago
I had this pinball machine for about two months, I didn t hook it up. I sold it without regret
There are 196 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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