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Game design: 7.938

Artwork: 7.97

Sounds/Music: 7.494

Other Aspects: 7.856

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There are 171 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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23 hours ago
One of my favorites! Probably the best toy ever! Callouts are great. Really fun to play as a group.
15 days ago
I love this game & play it every time I get a chance , the mechs. in this game like the jump rope & the reversible bash toy are unlike any other , still trying to learn all the rules , Great Pin!
25 days ago
Fun game with unique mini games such as jump rope and speedbag!
31 days ago
Champion Pub is one of those games that's really fun to play... a few times. There is really not that much to do in this game. Yeah there are lots of boxer to fight. yes the boxing and jumprope minigames are fun. Yes there are several video modes, but the actual fighting part of the game isn't that fun past the first few times. There is no sense of urgency in this game. The multiballs are too frequent and don't give enough points. It's a beautiful game and the voicework is fantastic, but the gameplay just isn't there. I would view it as the Hobbit of the 1990s. Beautiful game with great theme integration and an awesome sound package, but just not that fun to play. This game lived the shortest time in my collection out of everything that I got to stay in my basement. I would say this is a great game with different gameplay for a larger collection, but absolutely would not recommend this in a lineup of 5 or less. I feel like this one would do great in an arcade, and this one is a relatively rare game. Others may find it fun, but it's just not for me.
51 days ago
A unique and just plain fun machine, a lot of cool mechanics ideas that have not been used. A really great experience, it is worth your time.
3 months ago
Its ok.. interesting cocept. Rules are challenging to get a grasp of though.. Fun factor is ok.. I've giving thisba bump 8n the ratings after playing it linger the game grows on you...
3 months ago
A game you never knew you wanted until you played it. Best callouts and variety of callouts. Great rules. Great shots. Very unique.
4 months ago
Just a neat concept of fighting a boxer. I like the jump roping and the speed bag aspects as well.
5 months ago
I love this game. Great theme, inserting objectives to complete, fun video mode, all add up to a fun game that keeps me coming back.
6 months ago
As different as it gets in pinball. Great addition to a lineup. There is so much to do; jump rope, punching bag, fights, etc.
There is nothing like it out there.
8 months ago
Some people hate this game. Not me though. I'm a sucker for big interactive thematic toys.

I'm taking a point off of Rules and Scoring because I've heard the scoring is a bit imbalanced. I'll be honest, I haven't yet verified that that's true. And I'm taking another point off of Lastability because the fights are kind of similar to each other. And the minigames probably get boring after a while, but I haven't gotten there yet. There's still a good bit of variation, so I'm going with 5/6. I could see myself knocking off another point with more games.

Backglass, Playfield, and Cabinet... I'll admit they're not mana from heaven, but still good enough to get a 6/6 from me.

That Fisticuff Multiball theme music is goofy in a bad way. TheMCD37593 has a youtube channel where he uploads pinball music, you can hear it there. It's so unpleasant to listen to I kind of have to respect it. Like it's music being played by, for, and about drunk people. Fitting. I'm not crazy about the Raid Multiball theme, but it's not bad. The rest of the music in this game is good, and some of it is very good. The main theme is called The Maple Leaf Rag. I'm sure I've heard it many times before I ever met this game, and you probably have to. It's a tune that gets around.
9 months ago
Love the arcade piece in it too.
10 months ago
This game is so much fun. Theme is so different than other games. If you have a deep collection you will love it. Add the danger zone switch. A true classic.
12 months ago
super flipper jeux aspect fonctionnalité un hit rare et méconnu excellent flipper pour joueur expérimenté si vous avez la possibilité dans avoir un n hésité pas
1 year ago
Personally I think the game is great all around. The call outs are funny, the toys are well thought out, and the game is fun. The outlanes are brutal, and sometimes the boxer ramps shoot the ball right down the middle. This makes for precise timing and shots and keeps the game fun. Not many built so the rare factor is there too. Love mine.
1 year ago
This whole game is a gimmick, but it is a good gimmick! A few people have mentioned that it is a horrible game for a small in-home collection. I agree with that, but with this one caveat.... it is a great game for a mid-sized or large collection. We own 7 games and Champions Pub is the perfect change of pace game. It is completely unique and brings a totally different playing experience. It definitely has a few flaws, but we really enjoy it.

Some of our basic notes

- The sound and the callouts are great they really fit the game well.

- EVERYONE who visits our little arcade loves the theme. It might be the top game for our visiting pinball newbies. Someone described it is a pinball version of the old Nintendo "Punch Out" - that is a pretty accurate description. The surprising thing is that they were able to capture the quirky fun of the Nintendo game.

- Other have mentioned it, but I don't get the bottom right side of the playfield. It is almost like they had extra unused space and decided to stick in some pegs for no apparent reason. As a result, the game is very unforgiving on the right-hand outlane.

- The scoring is a bit weird -you need to crank up the multiplier in order to score big.

- The nature of the game leads to a lot of crazy bounces and unintentional drains.

- The jump rope and punching bag gimmicks are great... but they are a bit temperamental and don't always works as they should.

- The lighting isn't great and the game is pretty dark.

I know that seems like a lot of negatives, but most of them are relatively minor and the gameplay more than compensates for them.
1 year ago
This one is lots of fun, it’s unique with lots of cool toys; however not an everyday pin. It gets a bit repetitive after awhile.
1 year ago
Lots of toys,features, unique theme. Cool how it keeps stats of the fighters. I think It would be great in a big collection but with the lack of depth of game play and repetitiveness, it has limited lasting power in a smaller collection.
1 year ago
Lots of love and lots of hate for this game. I feel I like it more than most - it's just so unique. Every toy interacts directly with the ball and there are huge levels of innovation here. Art all over is beautiful, and there is a tonne of hilarious custom speech. Ruleset is also pretty good as you work your way up the rankings. Right hand side of the playfield is a complete waste of space with just a few pegs, and there might be a little too much stop and go for some people, but I think this game is a rare gem that people should play whenever they get the chance!
1 year ago
A neat game with a great toy. Feels like a one trick pony, but that one trick is good. The game could use better scoring logic and more to do. There is a reason this game was not a big seller though I really enjoy the theme. Some minor tweaks could make this a great game.
1 year ago
Don't know exactly why but the artwork and the big boxer inside the play field turned me off to this game but once I played it I found it very enjoyable. The jump rope is a great idea and something very different in a pinball game. The punching bag is also very fun and kids like it as well.

Once you in a boxing match even though it's the same face who turns around the voices and characters are very funny and different. Combos are great and rewarding but can send you ball right down the middle.

Overall if you find the game give it a chance I'm glad I did.
2 years ago
This game drains way to easily.. the animation is ok but could have been better... what saves this game for me is the nasty comments each fighter has and still makes me chuckle. A fun game to play but is difficult score with the easy drains....I love the old times music and the jump rope. Game gets too dark when in multi ball making it really hard to see with the lights turned off....
2 years ago
A simple pinball version of Punch Out that has a theme I'm normally not into at all, but can overlook due to it's fun factor. It's a shame it never got the attention when it did come out due to the pinball slump, but now that we're in an era that no longer judges pinball as a thing of the past, maybe it will start to get the love it deserves, cause it truly is a gem.
2 years ago
Champion Pub is quite a unique game and I enjoy it a lot. Boxing the different opponents is fun and the different training methods are cool. The jump rope game is very unique and the punching bag mini playfield is super cool. The callouts are good and overall the game is pretty easy to understand. There are a few different multiballs and getting to the wizard mode is a real challenge.
2 years ago
Champion Pub gets credit for trying something new / different but for me that does not add up to a fun game. The theme of this game is great. Train your fighter and then take on fights to advance in rank. Combo shots for KO's is a cool idea. The music and speech is top notch. Love that Ireland music. Jump rope and speed bag toys are fun for the first game or so, but then it takes you out of pinball too much and becomes a chore. Playfield design also is not great on this table. Add in a boring skill shot and you are left with one of the worse B/W games from the 90's. Ok to play on location once in a while, but would be horrible in a home collection.
There are 171 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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