Champion Pub (Bally, 1998)

Champion Pub

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Game design: 7.887

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Other Aspects: 7.786

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There are 155 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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20 days ago
This one is lots of fun, it’s unique with lots of cool toys; however not an everyday pin. It gets a bit repetitive after awhile.
4 months ago
Lots of toys,features, unique theme. Cool how it keeps stats of the fighters. I think It would be great in a big collection but with the lack of depth of game play and repetitiveness, it has limited lasting power in a smaller collection.
5 months ago
Lots of love and lots of hate for this game. I feel I like it more than most - it's just so unique. Every toy interacts directly with the ball and there are huge levels of innovation here. Art all over is beautiful, and there is a tonne of hilarious custom speech. Ruleset is also pretty good as you work your way up the rankings. Right hand side of the playfield is a complete waste of space with just a few pegs, and there might be a little too much stop and go for some people, but I think this game is a rare gem that people should play whenever they get the chance!
6 months ago
A neat game with a great toy. Feels like a one trick pony, but that one trick is good. The game could use better scoring logic and more to do. There is a reason this game was not a big seller though I really enjoy the theme. Some minor tweaks could make this a great game.
6 months ago
Don't know exactly why but the artwork and the big boxer inside the play field turned me off to this game but once I played it I found it very enjoyable. The jump rope is a great idea and something very different in a pinball game. The punching bag is also very fun and kids like it as well.

Once you in a boxing match even though it's the same face who turns around the voices and characters are very funny and different. Combos are great and rewarding but can send you ball right down the middle.

Overall if you find the game give it a chance I'm glad I did.
10 months ago
This game drains way to easily.. the animation is ok but could have been better... what saves this game for me is the nasty comments each fighter has and still makes me chuckle. A fun game to play but is difficult score with the easy drains....I love the old times music and the jump rope. Game gets too dark when in multi ball making it really hard to see with the lights turned off....
11 months ago
A simple pinball version of Punch Out that has a theme I'm normally not into at all, but can overlook due to it's fun factor. It's a shame it never got the attention when it did come out due to the pinball slump, but now that we're in an era that no longer judges pinball as a thing of the past, maybe it will start to get the love it deserves, cause it truly is a gem.
11 months ago
Champion Pub is quite a unique game and I enjoy it a lot. Boxing the different opponents is fun and the different training methods are cool. The jump rope game is very unique and the punching bag mini playfield is super cool. The callouts are good and overall the game is pretty easy to understand. There are a few different multiballs and getting to the wizard mode is a real challenge.
1 year ago
Champion Pub gets credit for trying something new / different but for me that does not add up to a fun game. The theme of this game is great. Train your fighter and then take on fights to advance in rank. Combo shots for KO's is a cool idea. The music and speech is top notch. Love that Ireland music. Jump rope and speed bag toys are fun for the first game or so, but then it takes you out of pinball too much and becomes a chore. Playfield design also is not great on this table. Add in a boring skill shot and you are left with one of the worse B/W games from the 90's. Ok to play on location once in a while, but would be horrible in a home collection.
1 year ago
I've spent a good deal of time with this machine, and here's my takeaway: This game is a ton of fun, it excels in almost every way -- but it's a bit too easy and there's just not enough variety to ever consider taking one home with ya. And that's really, really unfortunate, because this table does what it does well EXTREMELY well.
1 year ago
Love this game but also immensely frustrated by it. The right side outlane is littered with pointless pegs which always seem to guide the ball into a drain. This always seems to happen when beginning a fight, which makes me think that beginning a fight should automatically trigger a thirty second ball save. Many copies i've seen of this table have mechanical issues with the fighter/heavybag or the the jump rope or the speedbag. If everything is working it's tremendous fun to play.... if frustrating. it also has some of the best video side games of any pinball table such as the catching spit in a bucket side game. Excellent all around.
1 year ago
"The Champion Pub" is an insanely fun table that offers up a gaming experience unlike most tables out there. The entire idea behind the game is to get jewels for a title belt you're fighting for. Along the way, you literally "train" with things like a heavy bag, a speed bag and a jump rope. This leads you to your "fights" against different fighters (who all look the same because, let's face it, this isn't a Playstation 4) for pride and money and points. The fighting and training systems are very clever and well-executed and require precise reflexes and shots. You're either with this or you're not. Ultimately, three of the four missions work for me. While the speedbag mini-playfield is very cool and the heavy bag/fighter is clever, the jump rope bit doesn't feel like part of the game. Neither do random DMD games like "catch spit" or "card games". Even the fighting and heavy bag are flawed thanks to two ramps which are designed to re-direct your shot to the bag/fighter. The intent is to create "headshots" instead of constant shots to the jaw. My issue is that those ramps lead to an unintended drain dead center, This happens a little less than half the time in my opinion unless you get lucky and happen to tip the ball elsewhere to prolong the turn but it happens and it's annoying. Regardless, "Champion Pub" is a winner.
1 year ago
Champion Pub is a little too gimmicky for my liking. I find myself frustrated standing around and waiting for modes to start, or the toys to set up as you progress in the game. None of the shots feel particularly satisfying. One bonus of the stop-and-go nature of the game, is that it gives the player plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful aesthetics of the game--the artwork and animations are absolutely fantastic. The theme, overall, is integrated very well, but the gameplay lays kind of flat in spite of it.
1 year ago
very fun pinball, more rules and deep than i think at the begining. Fast and Fun
1 year ago
very fun machine, for all the family. a lot of great toys.
1 year ago
Like PunchOut! but pinball. Fun little training games to vary it up. Quite a different design than a traditional pinball but the theme works. Interesting and fun.
1 year ago
Good fun game that has a few different toys and things going on as you play through the game.
It does get a bit repetitive just attacking the bag/fighter to progress though.
1 year ago
Finally got to play a nice example of this game. Would like to spend more time with this game.
Seems pretty good. Seems like alot going on.
1 year ago
New owner. Very happy with this machine. Great execution, call outs, toys, flow. Excellent build quality from Bally.
1 year ago
You need to punch not to think should be the perfect pinball :)
1 year ago
Top machine. Nelwly added to my collection.
1 year ago
Have owned this machine for 10 years once you activate the skipping rope you will be hooked
1 year ago
It may not be a traditional pinball game but there is no denying that it's a lot of fun...although I haven't played it enough to say whether it gets old or not. It's definitely original! I like how they incorporated the ramps to deliver head shots.
1 year ago
I like the toys on the playfield, not comparabel with other pins. This is just something else, not the fastest flow but it has really nice toys. I like this pin a lot. Not the best pinball but very original game play.
2 years ago
Champion Pub: this is a tough game to review. While it's not a bad game, it's not a great game either. So much to do on it, but so little that's actually fun. Who wants to play jump rope in pinball?!

Not my most favorite pin, but definitely play it every time I see it at a friend's. I could take it or leave it, but at the price it currently fetches, I'm leaving it.
There are 155 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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