Cactus Canyon (Remake - Special Edition)

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Game Design: 8.751

Artwork: 8.454

Sounds/Music: 8.249

Other Aspects: 8.792

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Found 72 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 72 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 days ago
Game is a classic and absolute fun. of the 4 this would ranks 4th ... I want it because I own the other 3 but it's not as good I would rank the 4 as:
MMr =10/10
AFM =10/10
MB =9.8/10
CCr =9.5/10
14 days ago
On my 3rd game i reached high noon on 3 balls. I am a ok player at best. It is fun and very well built, but very easy.
18 days ago
One of the funniest games ever!
32 days ago
Played this pin during 2023 TPBF so I was unable to to rate the sounds and music.
46 days ago
Really solid game to remake. With complete code and CGC hardware this one becomes sort of like a resto-mod car. It has the 90s difficulty so desperately lacking in most new Sterns, where bad shots are punished and good shots get clean returns (for the most part). It also is not a make-or-break multiball in competition, which is really refreshing as the scoop can be fussy and it encourages multiple approaches.

Pros: Difficulty level, rule set, fun modes and mini-modes, low and generally balanced scoring, it's a really solid game overall. If it's at a barcade, I'll probably play it.

Cons: Why the aggressive strobes on returns??? I've drained due to being unable to see the ball countless times. There should also be a 2 second ball save on gunfights, as one of the stand ups is aimed down the middle. Also with such low scoring, the bonus multiplier and pops can swing a game without the player doing anything. It can be safer and more lucrative to hit up the left side rather than go for any of the more central shots if the rubbers are bouncy or slings are aggressive.
47 days ago
So far I am blown away by how much. I like this game. I will definitely update my review.
57 days ago
Admittedly, it's a bit of a honeymoon, but Cactus Canyon Remake is FUN. Pure. Simple. FUN. It's the game that makes you say "Just one more game" 13x before walking away saying "Enough"...Then coming back again. The shots are pretty satisfying. The gimmicks/toys are all there in spades. The Color DMD and animations are fantastic.

If anything, the only issue is there needs to be more callouts and sound clips. They aren't necessarily annoying but they could be more varied and better. What sound is there is fitting and good. I'm impressed of the quality of this CGC sound from factory.

The cabinet looks amazing with a few tweaks. Do yourself a favor and order up one of the alternate Translites on the secondary to make this game stand out and appear more modern. My 5yo thinks the standard translite is appealing and it's fine as a cowboy theme, but what does he know? :) To me the standard translite is kind of ho-hum and doesn't draw my eye. It tells me the theme but that's about it. The playfield on the other hand has amazing art and the perfect western campiness. Back to the ho-hum, the side art of the cabinet. Backbox has decent graphics, but the box itself is kind of's western. Lizard is appealing, but I think CGC, though this is a remake, could've gone to the 10's taking the playfield and transferring that quality to the cabinet art.

RGB lighting is impressive, but there is definitely some dark field going on in the middle of the playfield towards the flippers. Especially when you start firing off the light show of the Gold Mine Multiball.

It's a fantastic pin. I love the shots, the gimmicks, the theme overall. Room for improvement? Of course, but what pin doesn't have a concession here and there. For what is really a 90s pin this is fun as all heck. It's a game that you play and want to fire up the Start button because it's so simple to play just one more. In contrast to some of the newer Sterns, anyone can learn and understand the rules pretty easily. The shots flow and are satisfying. The "Gun Fights" could probably be more sporadic as it is a break/pause in the game that breaks your mojo a bit, but it isn't the worst thing to have happen and I still enjoy them every time.

The fun and campy western theme win me over big time. With a little more code and variation, this could be a SUPER pin. It kind of is already. Whether the kid talked me into it or not, I'm happy it's here at the moment.
61 days ago
Cactus Canyon remake is a good game, but unfortunately nothing about it is great. The layout is good, but somewhat easy to shoot and there is no one particular shot that really brings much excitement. The theme and art work on CC are dated and this game just doesn't hold up well against the other remakes or newer games. The team did a great job on upgrading the animations, but for the money there are a number of other titles I would rather own/play.
62 days ago
Considering the amount of improvement that has been done to the original, this is an absolute new age classic that will be respected for years to come.

Great flowing layout with various shots, unique toys like Bart and the Gold Mine, and a lot of factors to keep you playing.

A simple, but very nice refined rule set that is difficult to complete. Some rules like the ones for Showdown multiball are just great. I like that they added new modes for each shot instead of just the center ramp.

Art is pretty solid overall, particularly the cabinet. I don’t get why some don’t like the backglass, even if the Flyland translite is improved in my opinion.

I really like the RGB lighting to capture the various modes in the game, it adds lighting tone.
Shootouts (not quick draws) don’t really add much to the game other than increasing rank.

While the RGB lighting is nice, it is a bit dark. On top of this, the flashers for the shootouts are blinding and frustrating.

Bonus multipliers are still overpowered, which is unfortunate.

Beer standup adds very little to the game other than making up for a gap in shots between the left orbit and right ramp.

Overall, just a nice fun little game. Probably my favorite remake so far, as it improves upon the original game.
62 days ago
Updated review after 500 games on bottom of review

This pinball gets the pure fun achievement award. If I new person were to step up to any pin I’d recommend this one but this will challenge almost any pinball player.The theme is fun, the music feels like you’re in a western, lights are awesome and it has just enough toys in the mineshaft, beer, train and Bart to enjoy every shot. This made my 4 pin lineup and maybe is the most liked pinball machine. Godzilla, Deadpool, Cactus Canyon and Whirl wind. This and Godzilla will never leave it’s to good.

Had to do update.

This game is still fun played over 500 games. I think some people think this game is easy and I agree it is a little bit I opened up the side lanes and it is hard. I like this pin a lot but the high noon needs to be adjusted as it’s too easy and we need a few more modes and a code update. When you hit the targets and it does straight down the middle the ball should be saved. There should be less extra balls maybe 2 max. The hit Bart mode should be more hits only to the front end not around the back. They need the doors or something. If you look on the side of Bart there’s a weird opening I wonder it they’re doing something with that. Bionic Bart mode is one of my favorite modes but it would be cooler if you had to hit all 5 lanes just a thought maybe even while bad guys popped up to block it. I prefer it over the high noon mode which is a timed more which I’m 5 of 5 for completing and too much money is given. Please add a better mode for high noon, ball save for the drop targets and get a new add on soon and it could be a top 20 game.
83 days ago
Something for everyone! CCr is the friendly companion for those who want to play some pinball but may be intimidated; and the worthy opponent when you're up for the challenge. 5 balls per play is the default settings. An, "oh yeah" moment for those of us who remember that.

Added CCr to the collection 2 weeks ago and it has been the go-to pin for veterans and beginners alike. What a blast this solid piece of craftsmanship and nostalgia brings to the party!
Layout: It's a fan - with 10(+1) available shots that each offer their unique flow and follow- thru.
Game rules: Simple & logical as well as deep and complex.
Toys and gimmicks: Bart (Bros), pop-up Gunfights, cross-playfield train tracks, complete the triple combo to beat-the-train and rescue Polly - She's tide to the tracks! And don't forget the town drunk's beer mug! Mineshaft ball-lock...
Game play: Smooth as silk, but no gimmes. Ya gotta earn your keep, "Partner"!
Artwork: playfield, back glass and cabinet: Cactus Canyon is schtick, plain and simple. And it's done masterfully. It's a remake of the game that marked the end of an era that was the draw of pinball for so many of us. If this isn't art, what is?!
Sounds and music. Sounds: Gunshots, and bullet ricochets, whistling past your ear. Horse gallops, corny reactions sound effects from every direction! Fun, fun, fun!
Baa-ba-da-baaa-ba-da-bum-bum! It's a cross between The Bonanza intro and a Great Western Bank commercial. It's no toe tapper, but you'll be humming it in your head.

Speech: Plenty of taunting from the Bart Brothers; Complaints when you you shoot the drunk's beer; pleas for help from Lil' o'l Polly; and lots of encouragements as well as cues and advisories from the Mayor, Including-but-not-limited-to: "Polly's tied to the tracks! And I think she likes it"
No Topper in this Special Edition model and not missing it. Having lots of fun modding it though!
A Keeper for the long-haul.
Ok, time for one more game
..."Wanna win? Shoot the bad guys!"
3 months ago
Lovely shooter! Some shots reminded me of World Cup. Could spend a lot of time on this one. Good for both new players and experienced players.
3 months ago
Closing in on a year with this one now, surprised how much staying power it has. I knew it was going to be good, but I didn't know that I'd end up liking it just as much as my other favorite games. The updated code from CGC really makes the game feel complete - and of course - rest assured you will have very few problems with this game due to the quality build just like any CGC remake. I don't know that I'd want this as my 'only' pin - I think it might get a little repetitive as a single game, but in a collection it's a breath of fresh air - something with some humor and light heartedness that isn't too difficult. There are also ways to adjust the settings and make the game more challenging. One of my favorite things to do is get to the Bionic Bart mode and try to hit all the jackpots every time instead of just the required ones for a massive score boost, also makes for a nice test of skill. The updated sculpts, lighting, and XL display dots are all huge upgrades - I think we'll be keeping this one for a while yet!
4 months ago
A solid all around game. It's an older school design but really it's a packed game with ton of shots and options. Not overly complex rules but still good variety and the theme is so well done. Just the quick draw shot is such a fun thematic mode/shot to have in the game. It's also a great value in this day and age for the price and all you get. Just a pure fun game
4 months ago
The game hits a home run in a lot of different aspects, and strikes out on a few. Luckily, everything related to gameplay and enjoyment is a home run. It's not an easy shooter, but it's not punishing and it leaves a lot of room for the player to make a mistake and improve upon it. The shots flow incredibly well and it has a very good balance between stop and go and flow play. The target shootouts are incredibly fun and are reachable from every flipper, and the modes are very entertaining.

The sounds and the theme are spot on and add a lot to the play-ability of the game, but the cabinet art and the back glass are just not it. When compared to similar games of it's era (especially remade from CGC) the art of this game falls flat on it's face. It sticks out like a sore thumb and could have used a rework. The cabinet gets a pass but the back glass is something that I personally will be hunting for an alternative for. The play field works with the theme and also looks pretty great but the LE version got all the good stuff and the SE leaves a little to be desired, but has room for modding which is always a plus
4 months ago
Fun game, I enjoyed it a lot. Quality of these CGC machines is top notch. The longevity of this game in a collection probably depends on the new code and the doors that follow. Can't wait to try that.
4 months ago
Just added this to my collection, really a fun pin to play. Grandkids enjoy too.
5 months ago
Addicted to this one, CGC did a very good job. Cant wait for Lyman code expansion! Shots are great, ramps very smooth, just a pure fun pin. Gives you that pinball magic, and wow those pop up drop targets are just used so perfectly. Lock is lit and SO AM I!!
5 months ago
This game is so amazing!! This is by far my top game at the moment.
6 months ago
Put a bunch of plays into this one, definitely has made me want to buy one. Overall super fun campy game that is family friendly. A little shallow feeling at times I suppose but as they say, "it is what it is" and I like it.
6 months ago
If there was ever a game that actually deserved being in the 20k range because the gameplay was so fun,this is that game.Just an amazing value at 8k.It has so many aspects from all your favorite games,White water,Taxi,South Park,Medieval madness,ATF all in a hilarious western theme!
If your looking for a pin in the 8k range please buy this one,nothing else comes close to what you get for all around package.
6 months ago
This is my first pinball machine purchase - and I couldn't be happier. The family has put 900 plays on it in under two months so it's getting some great use. The only cons I see - and it could be fixed I'm in the process of finding out - are the bad guys you shoot sometimes don't go down and the bottle you hit will pop, but not give you credit. Other than that - this game is FUN! Good quotes, music, fast lanes, and shots that are somewhat easy to hit when you get in a groove. My current high score is around 73 million, so I definitely have lots of room to grow.
7 months ago
Boy this is a great game to add to anyone's collection. Easy to walk up to being new and just a fun shooting game that sticks to the theme. If you got a ton of modern machines get one like this too.
7 months ago
Fun game, but gets old kinda quick. The shootout mode is cool. High noon is a pretty unexciting wizard mode. Scoring is a bit odd too.
7 months ago
I personally think this game is overrated. It is fun but for me anyways it's not a top 50 by any means. Its a little on the easy side too. If you love the old one is certainly an improvement but again I think there's much better games from that era that could have been remade.

Maybe the new code will make me eat my words...
There are 72 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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