Cactus Canyon (Remake - Special Edition)

Chicago Gaming Co.

Cactus Canyon (Remake - Special Edition)

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This game received 249 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.619 /10


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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Cactus Canyon". The group itself ranks #17 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game Design: 8.726

Artwork: 8.435

Sounds/Music: 8.152

Other Aspects: 8.801

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Found 91 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 91 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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18 days ago
Love this game, it is everything a pinball table should be, loud, funny and easy to understand the game play. I am now keeping my eyes out for one of these
22 days ago
Who doesn’t like a good western?!?? Surprised there aren’t more western themed games out there. The remake is beautiful and so much fun!!!! Love the quotes, the multiball, the gun fights and topper is the cherry on top! Playing it transcends me into another world. I don’t see myself getting rid of it for a looong time. It’s a keeper!
3 months ago
A solid remake of a classic for sure. The theme integration is pretty great and there's a lot of variety in the modes. I loved the John Wayne calls outs and wish they had the balls (pun intended) to add some Blazing Saddles referencing, but overall a good one that's worth a few plays whenever you come across it in the wild.
4 months ago
I've only had this game a short while but absolutely love it .
Fun for beginners and also for established players
4 months ago
One of the best games in my collection!
Cannot fault - it has everything going for it!
Makes me come back for another game!
Simply special
4 months ago
Fun game! Never played the original and these seems to be a true call back to it. For me theme is really important and I liked this one. Slower play compared to the other modern games coming out right now but still fun. Edit: not sure if my score reflects how I really feel, it’s a really good pin and one of like to own.
4 months ago
5 months ago
So, having played an original Cactus Canyon a fair number of times (just luck of the draw) upon its original "release" I can say the remake is an unqualified success. They completed the code, fixed the odd mechanical issues, and took what was sort of half a game and made it into a complete game, and since this is the last run of the classic golden era Williams/Bally DMDs, that in and of itself is a great achievement.

But...the higher ratings on this machine just show recency bias. As far as game rules, layout, and the whacky good fun of animations that was the great run of 90's DMDs, Cactus Canyon is just middle of the road. It's got a slightly deeper rules set (although I'm not clear as to whether they extended the intended original rules set a bit or not, but some of the end stage Williams machines were developing next-level rules in the wizard modes, so it would be logical if this was just a progression) but in terms of shots and cleverness, meh. You hit the mineshaft, you hit the draw, and there's the pop ups for the gunfights. They're not boring but they're not essential, either, especially with a two flipper layout and a sort of boring, repetitious center ramp shot.

I am also a little at a loss as to the story this machine purports to to tell. The really top notch Williams Bally machines of the era had an implicit story -- Mars Attacks the battle to fend off, then conquer, the Martians, city by city; Medieval Madness, laying siege to a series of whacky castles and their lords to battle the evil warlord; even something relatively incomplete like Junkyard had a story which was explained in the on-screen credits. Heck, Whodunit practically had a whole noir script driving the gameplay. I just don't see it with Cactus Canyon. That's not a deep knock on the game, it's just why I can't rate it up with the very best of the era, just because it was the great, and for a long time, "lost" finale. (Not counting Pinball 2000, which is its own footnote.)
5 months ago
5 months ago
Happy owner here. While Cactus Canyon Remake isn’t a difficult game, it’s a FUN game. The shots are smooth, the CGC build quality is amazing, and it’s one of the more consistent playing games I’ve enjoyed.

The callouts and sounds are awesome, humorous and creative. It’s a great game for kids, too.

Here’s hoping the long-awaited code update is complete soon! It has the potential to cement the pin as an all-time great.
7 months ago
Next code release could put this game over the top and make me want to bring it back.
7 months ago
played alot of CC by Williams, and liked it, even though it was an incomplete game. the CCR special is lightyears ahead of the Williams title, and I am a happy owner. great sound and animations, always perfect fan layout with some good depth and variation, and the kids love it. I love this game now. congrats to CGC
7 months ago
If there was one game I'd want to play over and over it would be Cactus Canyon. While it is relatively simple, the shots are satisfying and the callouts never get old.
7 months ago
It has proven to be slightly too easy for an experienced player. I completed High Noon and won the yhe game after only 1 week of play. But I still keep coming back again and again bc it's fun to play. It very approachable to for a beginner who can immediately have gun and feel successful. The theme is easily recognizable and has staying power across decades. It's a game I plan to keep for a long time.
8 months ago
These remakes are getting really awesome. I think this is appropriately rated right with monster bash, great package.. A real contender for best fan layout, especially with a big code update in the works.
10 months ago
Cactus Canyon Remake is the first of the CGC remakes that I have owned. I can say without a doubt it is the best value for the money of the NIB pins currently on the market. Its an incredibly fun game - the most important thing is that it is fun for everyone. I have it next to Star Wars Prem and Jurassic Park Prem and more often than not its the one people play repeatedly, because its just way more approachable in shots and speed than most modern Sterns. Yes it is not as deep as modern games.....but to be honest its sort of nice to have a game like that in the collection. It is on the easy side if you play a decent amount of pinball. I bought the game on Sunday and just today I actually completed it....and that is completing all of the modes to light the star, fully ranking up and finishing high noon. Im not a pro pinball player by any means - I would consider myself an ok player at best .... but I guess the modern games have just gotten so fast and so much more difficult that playing an older game does feel a bit like easy mode. That said.....It doesnt matter! Its still fun, Ill still play it again and when people come over they will likely still enjoy it the most because it does hit that sweet spot of being just right in difficulty for the average person. The mechs are great, the lights are awesome and the callouts are fun.....If it werent for the backglass I would say the game looks great....but I have the Brian Allen one ordered so...easy fix. :)
10 months ago
Nice fun western good guys bad guys theme on comic level
11 months ago
Love this remake, very fun like the original, great flow.nice ramps, bash Bart, gold rmine shaft, to me feels easy to play ,multi ball after multi ball...I've never had a multi ball so long on any game, it keep spitting the balls back out after gold mine hit or bad guy...too sweet love the jack pots...I would love to own it..found myself tired of playing the game so long, , replay after replay.... yet still satisfying!!!
11 months ago
A great game, I was concerned when it was announced that this was being remade that it wasn’t that great a game never having played one myself and that the demand was due to scarcity because of how limited the original run was. I was very happy when I got to play one because it is a great game.
11 months ago
Best all around game I have ever played, for experts and beginners. Setup properly this game goes from mild to wild. You can make all sorts of adjustments if you want to make the difficulty increase. I have not made it to high noon yet but I read it's not exciting enough. we shall see!
1 year ago
Its got everything you could want in an open field pinball game... from the pop-up bandits, to the lighting colors, it's a beautiful fun game. Dialogue is funny, the shots are a bit easier but punishing if you miss. With a few Mezel mods to fill in the theme, it really comes together. Going to be a sad day when/if i trade it in for something else. Turn off the lights and enjoy the beautiful colors!
1 year ago
Game is a classic and absolute fun. of the 4 this would ranks 4th ... I want it because I own the other 3 but it's not as exciting as I'd hoped it would be... would rank it 4th of the CGC four:

MMr =10/10
AFM =10/10
MB =9.8/10
CCr =9.5/10
1 year ago
One of the funniest games ever!
1 year ago
Really solid game to remake. With complete code and CGC hardware this one becomes sort of like a resto-mod car. It has the 90s difficulty so desperately lacking in most new Sterns, where bad shots are punished and good shots get clean returns (for the most part). It also is not a make-or-break multiball in competition, which is really refreshing as the scoop can be fussy and it encourages multiple approaches.

Pros: Difficulty level, rule set, fun modes and mini-modes, low and generally balanced scoring, it's a really solid game overall. If it's at a barcade, I'll probably play it. The pop-up drops are polar opposite of the Scolari Bros. on GB- they add to the play and are functional! For a two-flipper game, you have to change your eye level a decent amount due to excellent placement of things.

Cons: Why the aggressive strobes on returns??? I've drained due to being unable to see the ball countless times. Also with such low scoring, the bonus multiplier and pops can swing a game without the player doing anything. It can be safer and more lucrative to hit up the left side rather than go for any of the more central shots if the rubbers are bouncy or slings are aggressive.
1 year ago
Admittedly, it's a bit of a honeymoon, but Cactus Canyon Remake is FUN. Pure. Simple. FUN. It's the game that makes you say "Just one more game" 13x before walking away saying "Enough"...Then coming back again. The shots are pretty satisfying. The gimmicks/toys are all there in spades. The Color DMD and animations are fantastic.

If anything, the only issue is there needs to be more callouts and sound clips. They aren't necessarily annoying but they could be more varied and better. What sound is there is fitting and good. I'm impressed of the quality of this CGC sound from factory.

The cabinet looks amazing with a few tweaks. Do yourself a favor and order up one of the alternate Translites on the secondary to make this game stand out and appear more modern. My 5yo thinks the standard translite is appealing and it's fine as a cowboy theme, but what does he know? :) To me the standard translite is kind of ho-hum and doesn't draw my eye. It tells me the theme but that's about it. The playfield on the other hand has amazing art and the perfect western campiness. Back to the ho-hum, the side art of the cabinet. Backbox has decent graphics, but the box itself is kind of's western. Lizard is appealing, but I think CGC, though this is a remake, could've gone to the 10's taking the playfield and transferring that quality to the cabinet art.

RGB lighting is impressive, but there is definitely some dark field going on in the middle of the playfield towards the flippers. Especially when you start firing off the light show of the Gold Mine Multiball.

It's a fantastic pin. I love the shots, the gimmicks, the theme overall. Room for improvement? Of course, but what pin doesn't have a concession here and there. For what is really a 90s pin this is fun as all heck. It's a game that you play and want to fire up the Start button because it's so simple to play just one more. In contrast to some of the newer Sterns, anyone can learn and understand the rules pretty easily. The shots flow and are satisfying. The "Gun Fights" could probably be more sporadic as it is a break/pause in the game that breaks your mojo a bit, but it isn't the worst thing to have happen and I still enjoy them every time.

The fun and campy western theme win me over big time. With a little more code and variation, this could be a SUPER pin. It kind of is already. Whether the kid talked me into it or not, I'm happy it's here at the moment.
There are 91 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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