Centigrade 37

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Game design: 8.313

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Sounds/Music: 2.663

Other Aspects: 8.234

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Found 41 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 41 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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20 days ago
A top Gottlieb Wedgehead! Not the best (Abra Ca Dabra/Team One, El Dorado, Surfer, Jacks Open all better), but works for me.

Bagatelle on the right detracts some of the fun, but the playfield art, backglass and thermometer are all outstanding.

Collectible game for sure. Get it for the crazy artwork!
27 days ago
I just finished installing a new playfield in my C37, and put in about 20 games. I’ll compare it to Abra Ca Dabra (which I own) and Strange World (which I foolishly sold).

Art: the playfield is perfection, and the backglass is great if you don’t look too closely at the scientist. As a friend said, she just looks a little...off. I’d rank C37 behind ACD and SW on art. But it’s Gordon Morrison, and the art is better than 90% of the pins of this era. It looks nice in a room.

Layout: C37 shoots well. It’s tough to get the ball back to the ABCD rollovers, and the kick out hole at the top is surprisingly difficult. The bagatelle is lucrative but also dangerous and there are an few ways to lose the ball, one being in the middle of the the run. I’d rank the layout a tie with ACD and SW. Ball times are about normal, and it’s plenty challenging to keep the ball in play.

Rules: this is where C37 is a little disappointing. If you’re playing in a competition, you should know that the thermometer “advances” are worth 0 points. You’ll get 5k for every lit white circle, whether “Double Advance” is lit or not. The game could have been so much better if the thermometer counted down as bonus at the end of the game. When we play this in league, I’ll tell players to add 25K points if they fill up the thermometer and light special. That will make it worth going for. Setting the thermometer aside, scoring is heavily weighted toward the bagatelle. A perfect run is 20k points, and on average it’s worth 10k. By contrast the drops are always 500 (unless I’m missing something). The game would be better balanced if the lit white circles were worth 1000 each, instead of 5000.

I hate to end on a down note. C37 is still a lot of fun to play, and completing the thermometer is a fun goal on its own. It’s just no match for games like ACD and SW, which reward strategic shooting.
76 days ago
What can I say??? This game is fun!!! Never gets old. I scored 199,980 points in a tournament, I almost flipped it twice :0( missed it by 20points !!! This pinball should be on everyone's top 5. Love the temperature ribbon in the animated backglass. I can spend hours on this pinball.
5 months ago
So regret selling this game. Super fun to play with great EM rules. Loved the animation in the BG and was always a big Gordon Morison fan, and this was one of my favorites.
10 months ago
Hands down my all time favourite EM.

The playfield layout leads to several challenging shots, utilized at different times in the game. You have the skill plunge for the top ABC rollovers which increase the bonus advance opportunity for the drop targets, and iuncrease the scoring for the kick out hole special.

You have a D rollover which can be hit with a difficult shot from the right flipper.

You have the challenge to hit all four drops, and then activate an alternating target on the right side to enable 2x advance bonus mode.

You have another target shot to reset the drops.

You have the bagetelle style lanes on the right which are mainly for progressing the bonus advance.

Progressing the bonus, takes the temperature to the top, which triggers the special.

The layout for the flippers also promotes post passes, and a risky catch on the right side for a drain.

One of, if not the best art packages of any pinball.

The only think bad about this game is the fact that it is in such demand that the value of it is high, and thus you are less likely to find it in the wild, and if you do find one for sale, they are a premium :(.
1 year ago
This is a really fun game with a quirky theme (like all the best EMs!). The goal is simple enough, but the gameplay will challenge your skills. If you think EMs aren't your thing, try this game and think again.
1 year ago
I really enjoy this game. Very challenging and addictive! Flipping it over and getting the 100K light is cool.
1 year ago
One of the games I have on my want list. I have put in offers on several Centigrade 37's. I have not owned one yet!!!!! I think Centigarde 37 is on of the best if not thee best Em. The game play and shots are well thought out. I love the theme and Art. Hard to find.
1 year ago
fun em with great artwork.
2 years ago
Good game if you love to nudge!
2 years ago
Great game with a lot to do. Nice artwork too.
2 years ago
Centigrade 37 is undoubtedly one of the all time great EM's. This Gottlieb classic really gets it ALL right: Playfield layout; game theme; difficulty - fun factor and awesome Gordon Morrison artwork!

Playing this enough will reveal the genius behind the playfield layout. To really score high on C37 requires mastering a wide variety of shots: short and long, left/right and backhanded, bank shots both left and right as well as flipper skills such as trap, catch and pass. Setup on 3 or 5 ball reveals quite a number of rule changes making C37 a winner either way.

Major playfield features abound with a nice rollover bank rewarding the shooter skill shot; a fast and well placed triple pop bumper group; the famous C37 bagatelle lane used largely to drive the animated backglass thermometer up; a left side remote "D" rollover that can be hit from two directions; a 4 target drop bank that's intrinsic to making high scores; two right side bulls eye targets; double in-lanes right and left side and NO slingshots! Its all layed out in superb fashion... I'll try to highlight some of the shot making and highlights.

Getting the thermometer the required 24 steps up to the top isn't easy but also not as difficult as some other Gottlieb EM's such as Atlantis. None the less, beating C37 is no small task and for average players will prove to be a major challenge. Getting the 4 drop targets down early in the game is key, as that is required to turn on the bulls eye stand up targets for a chance to hit "Double Bonus" which makes getting the thermometer up much easier. I personally always shoot for the Double Bonus if possible, but in the event you hit the Green target - that resets the drop bank and you have to start all over again (but it does award 5000 points). This requires intentional, precision shot making to achieve (or some really good luck!)

Bank shots also are part of the repertoire on C37. In the event the Double Bonus target is lit on the upper bulls eye, its possible to make a shot off the right flipper - off the drop bank rubber - and hit the upper bulls eye! I do it frequently and find its actually better sometimes than making a direct hit from the left flipper.

Another bank shot is using the left flipper to take out drop targets. Normally, you'd think that couldnt be done from the left side, but there is a shot: Directly fire the ball into the center pop bumper at about the 7 o'clock position. The pop will fire the ball into the drop bank! That sometimes will take out 2 drops at once. Nice shot to make.

There are short and long shots on C37 also: short but difficult "high angle" shots like making the "D" rollover in reverse from the right flipper, making the bottom drop target from the right flipper, or making the bottom bulls eye from the left flipper are examples of challenges on this game. The long shot obviously is to the kick out hole from the left flipper, or firing the ball up to the upper rollover bank from the right flipper. Both of these are full length shots, with misses rebounding in very unpredictable ways.

Nudging skills are in demand as well, but the really special feature is the right outside return lane right at the bottom. Here, with a precise nudge, a player can save the ball from draining. Its hard to do... I get it right maybe 1 in 5 times. Challenging for sure!

All of this great game play combined with the full-tilt art package and great playfield and backglass lighting makes C37 visually stunning. About the only part of this game I don't care for as much is the deep pink / yellow color pallete on the cabinet. Its cool, but not as pretty as other colors I might have liked more. Just an opinion .... it IS pretty.

Nice examples of C37 seem to be fetching an ever increasing price tag these days. I think this Gottlieb title will hold its value and likely will continue to be one of the most sought after EM titles for some very solid reasons. If you can get your hands on one at market price or less - go for it!
3 years ago
great game to play
3 years ago
C37 is a game I really liked right off the bat. Before I knew what it was, a friend had one that I got to try. Little did I know, I was playing one of the best wedge heads out there. I tried to buy my friend’s game, but he changes games like socks; so it was gone before I even had a chance. Luckily, I found an even better example later on from a very nice pinsider.
The rules and layout of this game are very well thought out. The ball just flows so well. The art is amazing! This game really could be a stand-alone game. I could see this as a piece of playable art that some rich guy would have in his house.
Many compare this to Atlantis, but the layout is really quite different. Why choose between them…I just bought both so they can be friends.
3 years ago
Centigrade 37 will always be a classic in my mind. the gameplay, the look, the feel, everything about it just has a nice flow to it. Even if you laugh at the wacky "theme" of the game, you still enjoy playing it, and love watching that thermometer in the backbox climb as you play. Anytime a game keeps you coming back for more, always trying to achieve a goal aside from high scoring, it's a good sign. You often catch yourself forgetting your point total as you glance up at that lady and her rising temperature gauge, which I think makes the game even more fun.

Designers hit the nail on the head with this EM, and it stands the test of time. Great game if you can find one, either to own or just play!
3 years ago
Arguably the greatest EM of all time.
3 years ago
What a gem of a game. The artwork is absolutely spectacular. The layout is unique not having sling shots above the flippers in favor of more roll overs like Fast Draw.
The rules are awesome. You have to hit the right stand-up target to reset the drop targets. Try to get as many roll over targets (A, B, C, D) to light the bonus for the kick-out hole in the upper right as it will advance the thermometer accordingly. So with all 4 lit is will advance 4 slots. The lit roll overs also advance the thermometer by a single slot. Very addictive, always have to play one more game because I know I can do better. One of the very best EMs ever made.
4 years ago
A challenging game with great artwork and an interesting game mechanic in the backbox.
4 years ago
Love the backglass animation, somewhat easy game, but some great shots and a lot of fun
4 years ago
I played this at the PHOF in Vegas and fell in love with it. Actually, obsessed about it. I asked the local pinball (Gottlieb) Guru if he would sell me his. People said he wouldn't do it, but I wanted more than the machine, I wanted him to teach me about restoring, and he did, ....lucky me!
Yes the game can be easy, but set it on a steep angle and it becomes much more difficult. The art is some of the best I've seen. The bagatelle rollovers, targets, kick out holes, and of course that sci-fi animation. It's the complete electro-mechanical package, and a wedge head too! It's got cool pop art with blondes, and it's fun to play. Isn't that what it's all about? Ask my son... he approves! A must have for any Wedge Head Collection, if you can find one.
4 years ago
Easily at the top of the heap as one of the best late-model wedgeheads ever made. Great little bagatelle-style area on the right hand side, and lots to shoot for everywhere else. Kickout hole, drops, rollovers, this game has it all. The art package is among the best ever to grace a pinball machine. Animated thermometer in the backbox is a nice touch, and a departure from the static backboxes of the time. Its just one more extra little touch that makes the game special, and shows it was treated as something special. A crown jewel of any EM collection.
5 years ago
Here is another fantastic late 1970's wedgehead that is a players dream come true game.This game could be one of the best playing wedgeheads in this late 1970's series of player friendly 3" flipper Gottlieb games. So much to shoot for with many skilled flipper shots throughout entire playfield and lots of strong ball action. I will try to explain how this game is played. Here we go! Making ABCD advances the thermomter 5 steps and lites the 500 points drop targets (one per letter)to advance thermometer one or two steps depending on if a player has the double advance feature lit and also lites the green 1000 point value in top right kick out hole for a total of 5000 points(nice feature).
Knocking down the 4 bank set of drop targets lites stand up targets to give a player a chance at resetting the drop target bank or lighting the double advance feature at the stand up targets. A player should try to hit the stand up target to lite the double advance before hitting the stand up target to reset drop target bank(most important shot).

Once a player has reached the top of the thermometer and lights Special in the kick out hole the kick out hole becomes the key shot and the drop target banks isn't worth shooting anymore because all a player gets from the drop targets bank is 500 points at that time in the game. The kick out hole is always an important shot to make during the game and a player must be able to make this skilled shot at will to beat this game real bad for replays etc. The kick out hole will usally drop the ball into the 5000 point right side rollover lanes for points and free games or advancing the thermometer if needed(another important shot).

Shopped out correctly and all moving mechcanical parts restored to perfection with the back legs raised up a little higher then the normal will make this game play super fast and powerful with tons of top quality action.

A lot of the late 1970's drop target wedgehead games were more player friendly and really fun games to play because i think Gottlieb at this time period wanted the players to continue playing pinball machines insead of the new video games that were just starting to take over the coin op industry in the late 1970's. This game in my opinion is one of Gottlieb's best late 1970's wegdehead and is right the top of the list of the other great ones which are only separated sometimes by a fine line. If you really want a all around great player,skilled shooting, more complexed,good ball action,backglass animation,drop target wedgehead from this era look no futher and find one of these gems. This game stands proud next to my Atlantis,Volley,Big Hit and other late 1970's wedgeheads in my collection.This beautiful looking masterpiece of a game will excite you for sure if your a true pure EM player at heart!
5 years ago
This game is a bit over-hyped IMO. Fun,, but a bit too easy. Racking up 5000 for each lit roll over in the bagatelle lane, can add up quickly and light the special easily. There are far more challenging games. Artwork is great, and what draws most in-just what Gottlieb intended to grab your quarter!
5 years ago
You either love it or hate it seems to be the go with C37-I love it. It has a great visual presence and of course is preceded by its reputation. Game play is multifaceted with the backglass animation a cool feature. This is a machine that you want to own and never sell.
6 years ago
This is a decent game, interesting theme, good artwork and possibly a slightly easy game.
Not great, not bad, just average in my mind
There are 41 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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