Centaur II

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Game Design: 7.773

Artwork: 7.765

Sounds/Music: 7.034

Other Aspects: 7.603

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There are 27 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
Don’t mind the Rapid Fire cab and actually kinda like having the scores on the lower part. Might change my mind if I owned it, but on location I keep going back to it.
2 years ago
Quite simply one of the most underrated pins out there...but people are finding out...so prices are rising.
It is basically a centaur in a different cabinet at half the price. What's not to like?
2 years ago
I understand the whole right side flipper thing but it's a downer for me. The artwork is so good but the game itself lacks and the shots, although good, don't make me want to keep playing to better myself on it.
2 years ago
Being new to pinball the cabinet and smaller back glass of centaur 2 do not bother me at all. It was a benefit being able to purchase this version at a much better price than the full size original. That is the only difference between the two and it's incredible how much lower this version ranks below the original because if it.

I absolutely love Centaur. I've never felt the drive to aim so consistently on any other game I own. Shooting the orbs and trying to get the 1-4 drop targets in sequence keeps me focused and engaged the entire time. The ability to earn multiball through several different means creates a balance and game save opportunities that can completely change the outcome of a game.

The art and sound are incredible and set the tone better than any other game I own. It sets itself apart and will not be leaving my game room anytime soon.
3 years ago
Centaur II is a proud member of Bally's Class of '81 in a recycled Rapid Fire suit.

Very refreshing, original gameplay for a classic Bally. Artwork is original too, with the blacks, whites and reds. Same goes for the sounds with the reverb.

Centaur needs to be setup to play hard and fast. A Centaur that plays too slow or too easy can play forever, hurting the replay value tremendously. But when setup the right way, this is a great rush of pinball.
3 years ago
One of the best pins ever made. I should have bought Centaur instead of Centaur II, but I was young and dumb. I had this game for 14 years, making it the longest run I had with one game. I traded it on a Simpsons Pinball Party. I should have skipped that trade. Still wish I had that sinister music and the taunts by the beast. Probably one of the best multiball there was for the 80s.
3 years ago
Whats not to like. It's half man, half motorbike. This game is tough and fast - we have it down at our League. Yes the cabinet shape kind of sucks, but thats about it.
3 years ago
Probably my favorite pin that doesn't have any ramps or any fancy stuff. Everything just flows nice. Back box sucks the big one.
4 years ago
OK, Centaur is a favourite game. This reissue is ruined by the backbox ridiculousness. I don't even know/care why they did it... but I HATE it so much I wouldn't pick one up no matter the deal.
4 years ago
Rating this low until it is combines with Centaur like every other game on here that is combined together. Turrible Pinside!
4 years ago
a marvellous machine typicall of eighties years ....the great design of Paul Faris is fantastic and I love this sound of the 80's ! centaur and centaur 2 are 2 wonderfull pinball of Bally with a good game play ....not easy to find in mint condition actually ....
4 years ago
Some of the best artwork ever placed on a backglass (at least on the original version) or playfield--just beautiful! Great sounds as well. I wish the game played as good as it looks (discounting the ugly cabinet design). I was really expecting to like this one, was disappointed initially and came back to it later. It still didn't impress me, nor has it any of the subsequent times I've played it. If I had a big collection I'd buy a Centaur (most likely the original--way better design) just so I could look and marvel at it.
6 years ago
What is it about scantily clad women and men with horns that made them so pervasive in the late 70s and early 80s?

By the time this machine was released, I was a regular pinball player, and was starting to discriminate between what I felt were "good" and "bad" machines, and the teenaged me would have loved the aesthetics of this game... but the teenaged me would not have been happy that my hard earned quarter would have been gone so quickly-- this game is a total drain monster.

Broadly, I didn't care for the experience of playing this game. In looking at it before I dropped my quarter in, I didn't really expect to enjoy the experience, but I did it anyway, since I hadn't ever seen this title in person. I'm glad I dropped in a quarter to satisfy my need of saying that I played the game, but there's absolutely nothing about the game that would make me want to drop in another quarter and try it again.
6 years ago
Same pf as the first Centaur, and not really improved upon anywhere else. For Centaurs (both I and II), it seems like some are fantastic and some need serious tuning (one of the games with the widest ranges of terrible to great that I've seen in the wild). The multiball start is fun, and I really like the "cheater" holes between the outlanes and inlanes. It's a game that seems to have everything and can be a super fun experience, but you gotta get one that has been set up juussssst right.

I'd love to have a Centaur in my collection (I or II, preferably the first one though). Play as many as you can wherever you can just to see how they vary in the wild.
6 years ago
horrible design, pinball theater, one of the worst ever seen
7 years ago
God awful rehash of terrible cabinet design.

Otherwise, game is fantastic
7 years ago
Possibly the best artwork in all of pinball, awesome ahead of its time speech processing and delay, adding to the creepy aesthetic. Why is it that Centaur II, the same game as Centaur I in a different cabinet, ends up 20 or so spots behind? I don't really understand this. Regardless, for an early SS (no ramp) game, there isn't anything else out there that can compare.
8 years ago
Exceptional game. One of the very best pins from the best era of pinball.
I finally added this game to my collection, wasn't cheap, but worth every penny.
Centaur 2 is hard to find, they don't get listed for sale often as nobody wants to let it go, & when they do list it the price goes up up & up!
I chose the LE Centaur 2 over the original Centaur, IMO a game as unique as Centaur deserves a unique cabinet, & I just think it looks better.
To sum it up this is a great game easy 10/10 & definite keeper.
8 years ago
Fun for its era
8 years ago
not my thing! didn't like it
8 years ago
Like the first game, I like the art style in some areas of the playfield, and find some of the shots to be pretty enjoyable. However, just about everything else is either "Not So Good" to "Decent."
9 years ago
This is exactly the same as Centaur in a goofy cabinet. That doesn't make it not a classic. Love this game. Quite challenging to get a high score. And the multi ball / orb rules are way ahead of its time.
9 years ago
Centaur is an absolutely wonderful game. This is the best example of a game that bridges EM rulesets and the more modern and complex tables of the 90's and beyond.

The Pros:
Jim Patla and his entire team did a marvelous job considering the tech available, this game is a wonder of engineering. The amount of information packed into a 16kb (yes that's right Kilobyte) Rom is staggering. It's almost as impressive as Eugene Jarvis cramming 20k of code to create Defender. Game play requires skill, aim (don't mess up your orbs seq.) and nudging from the out to the inlanes. inline drop targets, magnets at the top of the pf when multiball starts when you hit the timed skill shot from the flippers.

The Cons:
No multiball multiplier, but this may be ridiculous with 5 balls on the pf. Enjoy the chaos while you can.

The Takeaway:
The game play is absolutely superb. The art is incredible. Paul Faris did a brilliant job with the entire package. Please remember that pinball is a getaway from reality. It is fantasy, just like reality TV. Some people still don't get it though. I think that this is their own (daft) opinion and their opinion matters to them. This same pinball crowd would probably like yellow smiley faces on their shirts and believe that Strawberry Shortcake is a GREAT theme for a pinball game. For these points of view, I have a joke to pose to them: What's black, white and red all over...?

Update: The more I play this game, the more I find that the strategies are directed towards building and collecting bonus (my favorite game ruleset from this vintage) and that it tops out with the bonus collect from the right lane to the top of the PF. Combined with an O-R-B-S multiball stack, this means that you are constantly juggling to control the deck while deciding where you want to place your shots as accurately as possible. Releasing all the captive O-R-B-S is always satisfying. It's not always easy to get to bonus max 5x, but this game definitely needs to be tuned and adjusted to keep players from running away with their scores on this table. Getting to that maxed out bonus SHOULD be very difficult to do. Read your manual, make your rules as hard as you can, steepen this table out and wax it to a shiny surface. Consider removing the upper outlane bumpers and see how well you can play pinball now...

Update v2:
I have had to nastify this deck even more to keep it interesting. With that in mind, I am playing it less and less. So, the dream is over for me. I'm selling my copy to make room for other games I'd rather play. Who wants to trade for a Frontier?
9 years ago
I share Lorenz' view on the rules, music, lights and game play (all excellent). On the other hand, I do not enjoy Playfield, cabinet and BG art that much.
10 years ago
4 player version of this classic.
There are 27 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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