Cactus Canyon (Bally, 1998)

Cactus Canyon

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Game design: 8.189

Artwork: 8.281

Sounds/Music: 7.76

Other Aspects: 8.262

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Found 185 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 185 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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89 days ago
Played a bunch of games. Great shots, fun toys, and loved the speech/call outs. Defiantly want one, but major expensive. That said. The one I played was dirty and some lights were out. Most things worked, but sad to see such an expensive machine not taken care of.
6 months ago
CC is a super fun pinball to enjoy with a great layout and shots. The sounds, music and call outs are top notch as well as DMD animations. Cool toys and gimmicks like moving train on track; Bart head with popup hat; Mine, with closeable mine door, Two pistols attached to lower apron. Colorful art package to boot.

Noted as the last Williams/Bally WPC95 pinball machine produced before going to Pinball 2000 platform. Production was cut short for this reason to 903 games out in the wild. The rules were never quite finished however enthusiasts have created the CC Continued using PROC add on to be purchased. Heavily rumored to be reproduced.
7 months ago
I played a version that had a computer installed to run the game. It contained classic and extended mode, I tried both and I have to say that no matter which code you play, this game is a freaking blast. It is one of the few games that still feel modern and it can compete with the very best there is in pinball - great and fluid shots, the rules are nice and it generally is a ton of fun to play! There is so much happening and whenever you shoot the ball somewhere, it feels pretty satisfying. One could argue about the train and the guns, but to be honest - I've seen worse stuff going on in games. The duel is super-cool. JJPs the Hobbit borrowed a bit from that mechanism.

I was lucky to play an extremely well maintained machine which felt very polished and new. If you ever have to opportunity to play this one, you shouldn't miss out!

I also feel like this one is under-rated.
8 months ago
Even in the continued version it was just ok in my opinion the guns on the lower apron are in the way the train is kinda boring it is a good theme it definitely needs more code don’t think I’d spend what they sell for on it
8 months ago
CC is probably one of my favorite games of all time. We play this at Level Up in Downtown Raleigh all the time. Call outs are awesome! Just a really fun game that doesn't get boring. It feels like any shot you make, it will hit something.

Shoot the bad guy!
8 months ago
Rating it on the original code it's ok, obviously it leaves a lot to be desired. However running it with continued code and it makes all the difference. This game with the continued code is a lot of fun and one of my favorite.
10 months ago
Was wery suprised over this game.Cool and fun to play.

Good shots.And nice animations on the dmd.

Wery rare pin,so it is wery fun to own this classic.This is pinball history.

A must have in a collection,if you can get one.

Play it if you can.Wery nice pin.I like a lot.

The unfunished rouls,is not a problem.
10 months ago
A good one, but not great. . .spoiled that I have one on location close and get t0 play it.
11 months ago
Got a chance to play my brothers home use only Cactus anyon. What a blast.
11 months ago
The continued code made this game soooooooo much better and I really like the toys. Great theme
11 months ago
I wanted to love this game, but just could not. It is a good game if you like really long ball times. I gave it a good go at an arcade and got bored of it really quickly. I can see why so many people like it though. Theme is different.
1 year ago
This was a game I thought I was really going to like in person (having played and enjoyed it on Pinball Arcade), but I finally got a chance to play the actual game and I was disappointed. It was't bad, but I thought I would like it more and actually started getting bored with it after several games.
1 year ago
Cactus canyon shoots very well and plays smoothly. It’s a shame that it was never completed correctly because even as it stands is a pretty sweet game. Theme is cool and what’s in the game is very fun.
1 year ago
I own a Cactus Canyon with the ‘Continued’ code installed. It’s an amazing game. It’s a basic layout and toys are minimal. There is a moving mine entrance, a bash toy and a train toy. Nothing fancy, but the ‘contiuned’ code takes it to the next level.

These games are worth a small fortune.
1 year ago
I’m a train buff so therefore I love Cactus Canyon. No two ways about it. I wish they would have finished the code but the continued version is awesome. I’m not the best player but I know what I like. Of all the western themed pins, this and thev1975 El Dorado do it for me. Not an easy game to locate but well worth it if you can. The pop bumper layout isn’t as good as I would like. The slingshot doesn’t really give the same effect as a third bumper would.
1 year ago
I have never been a fan of cactus canyon I don't think the game has good rules and I just don't like the way it plays but it does have some cool toys and music.
1 year ago
Cactus Canyon has an above average art package and a great theme. The playfield design plays well, but is not original and similar games have been much better in the past. The sound and code were never completed and it shows. The game is too easy and mediocre for a B/W game. By far the best thing about it is the quick draw drop targets. This part of the game is very neat and implimented well. I feel they should have brought out the enemy personalities to draw you in. Something similar to the quality of MM, CP or Capcom's Kingpin. Battling each member of the gang, having them talk to you leading to a final showdown with Bart was a missed opportunity. The backglass characters also is a disconnect as most are missing from the game / dmd animations etc. What we have is a game that was rushed out the door and never finished and it feels like it. No final bionic Bart, random quotes that feel forced and parts with no music at all. This game commands a high price because it's rare, and not because it's a must have pinball masterpiece.
1 year ago
Played this for the first time last weekend, and was the only pin I kept wanting to play again and again. Loved the callouts and unique toys. Somthing different to what I'm used to and I loved it. Hopefully can own one if they re-make it.
1 year ago
Overrated pin. Fun to play but shallow and repetitive overall. The rare factor makes this a game which is higher rates. Still a great game but not top 40

On the good side it is very original and the play is fun and dynamic
Super playable and a keeper if u can afford it but not a top 40.

On the plus side it's very flowy and satisfying and tHe sounds and art are top notch
1 year ago
I don't like the play field layout, lots of repetitive sounds, and the artwork doesn't do anything for me.
1 year ago
I love cactus canyon, and I'll never part with it...
...but yeah, they should have finished it. Please someone make a CCEE ROM.
1 year ago
really fun, but in need of code support. Remake with updated code would be great.
1 year ago
Literally the only thing bad about this game is that it is unfinished...the art, layout and sound are all superb and it only lacks in software depth. The theme is great, we'd had awesome Medieval, Alien, Arabian and Circus themes so a Western version of this classic game style was a welcome addition. The toys are great and work well, and the more ramps the merrier as far as I'm concerned! The lastability is a little weak again due to the software, but this game is very rare and very fun all the same!Always love giving it a go at Chief Coffee in London, as you just don't see them around. Drop targets are also fantastic - glad these came back for 24, Ghostbusters, Mustang etc., but they've been used best here!
1 year ago
Full disclosure, My scores are based on a nice CCC. I'll never understand why people complain about the guns blocking the playfield, they hover right over the slingshots and only partially hamper vision to the flipper lanes. No big deal at all as you don't need to see all of these lanes; if the ball is coming down the lane to flipper you should be well aware and skilled enough to time your return shots. In fact I think the guns are actually tactful. Awesome theme, great colors, perfect sounds and nice animations. No too giving on multiballs and it's not a drainer, but not easily mastered either. Well balanced machine and The CCC setup is very sweet; a beautiful machine overall. Will probably keep in my collection forever!
There are 185 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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