Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball

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Game Design: 4.494

Artwork: 6.355

Sounds/Music: 5.286

Other Aspects: 4.729

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Found 36 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 36 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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60 days ago
I really didn't want to like this machine, but its a lot of fun.
4 months ago
While this might not be my lowest rated game, it’s the one I’ve had to stick the most 1’s in for ratings.

Backglass art is great, lots of vibrancy, color, and character design accuracy.

Sound is decent all around, nothing amazing, but good.

The concept of the additional playfield is cool.

Build quality is good, like with all Bally/Williams games from this era.

Manages to only have three shots on 2 playfields… in 1991. What a waste.

Hit the scoop over and over again and eventually get 50 million.

Absolutely miserable to play all around.

Playfield art is bland, color choice on cabinet is poor.

Overall just terrible. Can’t believe this got released.
8 months ago
For whatever reason, this game stinks. I looks fantastic the playfield looks fun! It just isn't.:-(
10 months ago
Too much stuff on the playfield. It was still a good game to play.
1 year ago
It does have some pretty nice artwork.
1 year ago
The answer to the question: “How bad can it be, it’s a Bally?”
2 years ago
I laughed my butt off when I first layed my eyes on this machine. Despite the ABOMINABLE playfield layout (terrible design and not much to shoot for), it's one of those games that plays SO BAD that it's ACTUALLY GOOD. In other words, I really enjoy how TERRIBLE the game plays and looks and I play it like it's some sort of joke pin (it kinda reminds me of playing E.T. on the Atari 2600 or playing as the joke character Roll in Marvel vs Capcom 1).

NOTE: This is just how *I PERSONALLY FEEL* about this game!
2 years ago
I think this is the worst of the 90s Bally games. Sometimes everything just falls into place and you get a classic. Sadly this great theme missed the mark.
4 years ago
Hate the theme. One of the worst layouts I have ever seen.
4 years ago
The Looney Tunes is an amazing theme but it's a shame that it was used in one of the worst playfield layouts I've ever seen. Half the playfield is taken up by a lower playfield that has no point in existing, this makes it feel cluttered and there are barely any shots in the game cause there is only half the playfield to work with. The music was fine and the art is not too bad but the gameplay just sucks.
5 years ago
A great licence to land, with an incredible cast of characters, but the design suffers from the setbacks that occurred when Trudeau and Python hooked up in the past: it's an exercise in style over function. In simpler terms, the game looks and sounds great, but it's an incredible drag to actually play. This game should really be a testament to Trudeau's legacy as a pinball designer: his off the wall designs failed more often than they were remembered as timeless. Let the non-pinball Looney Tune memorabilia collectors have this one. It's not suited for a collection of any size. By a wide margin, the worst game built on the System 11 platform.
5 years ago
Bugs and crew!! Draws you in to play, but after a few games you realize it’s a rabbit hole.
5 years ago
When an absolutely great theme meets an absolutely terrible design.

There aren't many pins I dislike, but this one takes the birthday cake.

Rating is totally justified.
6 years ago
Played a few times in the past. An amazing theme with endless potential but a swing and a miss with the table.
6 years ago
Oh how badly I wanted to love this game........terrible. All the other reviews you're seeing here are spot on: it's just a bad game. The sounds are TERRIBLE quality (most of the late Bally games pre-Williams buyout suffered from this), but the playfield layout is absolutely DREADFUL. What the heck was JT thinking on this one?! I love Looney Tunes and wished this game were better (albeit the artwork is really good, but it's not an art piece!). It really is bad and not worth whatever price you're seeing it available for. Walk away friend...
6 years ago
normally i like unique pinball layouts. this definitely qualifies, but alas i don't care for it. two thirds of the play field are totally out of use at any given time. it just doesn't work. the feature at the end where you can gamble away points for a potential bonus means that scoring is anarchic and detatched from skill level or even game to game conduct. not huge on the WB theme but i understand it appeals more to younger children. i believe atari made a road runner pinball. i would like to see that.
7 years ago
sorry this is one pin i would not walk across the room to play let alone buy or put .25 into. Seemed like it was made to be sold to 12 year old kids who have never played a pin. Strange layout no good shots in my opinion anyway.
7 years ago
If you see this game and there are other machines around it, DO NOT PLAY IT. You will regret it.
7 years ago
I played a very nice version of this machine. It was still one of the worst machines I have ever played. A great theme completely botched. Apparently the designers were rushed and it shows. Sad, really.
7 years ago
love the theme- how can you not like looney tunes?? don't understand all the negs... great underated pin. only gripe is that it hasn't got a dmd which is a shame because that was the year when they became industry standard.
7 years ago
Visually interesting game. The skill required to keep the ball in play is low, good for beginners. Overall the gameplay is moderately fun. The glaring problem with this machine is in the upper left corner. What were they thinking when they designed the game? What is the point of having that mini playfield with one flipper? A complete waste of space. Could have been a pretty decent game otherwise.
8 years ago
Finally got to play this system 11 at a friend's house, and the more I played it, the more it grew on me. It has a solid feel, and I really like the backward left shot. Unlike Black Hole, it's a lot of space used for 1 gimmick, so I feel they took a lot of risk including that in the game. I was a huge Warner Bros fan as a kid over other animation.

Give this one a chance, I hope you get to play a shopped version.
8 years ago
Haven't played many games on this infamously terrible machine? that reverse shot in the back left playfield is unique. I think this pin is middle of the road, but not a complete Spike and Chester (dog) like many people feel it is. more color would be nice.
8 years ago
Like the predominantly white color, a bit different. Interesting shot with the 3rd flipper, not sure if its the best utilization of space but it is something different.
8 years ago
Another game I really wanted to enjoy. Not fun at all, major disappointment. Carrot flippers are fun, as is artwork. Gameplay is horrible.
There are 36 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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