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Game Design: 7.175

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Other Aspects: 7.288

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There are 9 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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11 days ago
Picked up a clean version of this game recently and I'm really enjoying it so far. First I want to say it's not as hard to access the upper playfield as everyone is saying. Yes, there's the middle spinner but there's also the far left and right shots and the small gaps to the left and right of the spinner. Those shots are totally possible and I hit them almost as often as the spinner. Then there's the spinner itself that spins the lights around ship wheel which is super fun. When you activate the special you can get the knocker to fire like crazy making it worth the effort. When you roll over the score reels you get a 100,000 point light making for some high scoring. When I first saw this game I thought the bumpers on the left and right above the slingshots were pops but they are passive just to clarify. Either way there's enough to keep me playing one more game and with a 5 ball setting you can make a single game last quite a while. I like the pirate theme and the backglass and playfield art have really grown on me. If you can find one buy it, it's a fun game. I'll be keeping mine for a long time.
6 months ago
Played a lot of games on this title. Ripping the spinner is the only way back up the PF which gets repetitive. Good looking game however.
4 years ago
I have this game and I like it the more I play it. After having it for a while some of the impossible shots are being made. It needs to be dialed in. You have to nudge to get the numbers. Love the red light specials.
5 years ago
For me this is a great game to look at and maybe play a few games, but it doesn't have the keep-you-coming-back-for-more vibe. Some of the shots can't be done with the flippers, and the entire play field is only available if you go through the spinner. It's like a pinball with two half-size play fields. That said, I do like playing a few games, but no marathon sessions. If I had room for 10 games, I would want this, but I only have room for a few, so it doesn't quite make the cut.
6 years ago
Buccaneer is one of those games that needs to be enjoyed on location.  Collect all the numbers 1 thru 11 via the rollovers or the Spin N Spot feature, then shoot the rollovers beside the spinner for special as many times as you can.  Once you collect a number, you’ve got it for the entire game.  A miss of the spinner makes the ball travel in some very dangerous trajectories—a nudger’s dream (or nightmare, depending on the tilt tightness).  I would probably enjoy the add-a-ball version, Ship Ahoy, more in a home environment.   I really like the art package on this game; the colours really pop.  I have my Buccaneer set up so that the Spin N Spot only lights once every 4 turns of the score motor--collecting all the spots becomes more challenging, and chasing a score becomes a tad more lucrative.  As far as wedgehead rollover games go, this and Golden Arrow are tops in my book.  I may give the edge to Golden Arrow, but it would be a tight race.
8 years ago
I love the Gottlieb wedgeheads, but this one - not so much. This is a classic "complete the number (or letter) sequence and light the special" game. The spinner shot is great, but that's about it. The 10 and 11 shots are almost impossible to make from the flippers, and the side 8 and 9 shot are almost as hard. What you are essentially left with is one shot (the spinner).

I owned this machine for many years, and some of my friends really liked playing it. Maybe it's just me, but I could get real tired of slamming that spinner! So many great single player EMs from Gottlieb out there, but this one is just so-so. But then again, it's boils down to taste, and some people enjoyed this game a lot.
8 years ago
Decent game with good artwork. Less thrilled about PF design.
9 years ago
In theory I like Buccaneer a lot more than I do when I play it. The layout has a more classic feel than its age would have you believe. The importance of collecting all the numbers is very interesting but the difficulty of actually getting some of those numbers without lucking out with the spinner lets me down a bit. It is unique, no doubt, and has some cool wrinkle is gameplay. When playing though I always feel like there is only one shot from the flippers, the spinner. It's a rough one if you miss.
Edit: I'm not updating my score but I have a lot more time on this machine and it is definitely a lot more fun in a home environment. All of the ball breaking things that I didn't like at first really keep me coming back for one more game. It is important to nudge in order to get the ball to go where you need it. Lots of fun to try to get special lit and go for free games.
9 years ago
I love this game - picked mine up locally - was in great shape but needed a good cleaning. The infamous fs relay was gummed up but still fun to play on - fantastic! once I got the relay fixed and working properly. I love the center spinner shot, the artwork and the pink match light and of course red 'special' inserts!! Simple but great play keeps me coming back to this one over and over. A classic!
There are 9 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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