Bride of Pinbot 2.0

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Game Design: 7.649

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Other Aspects: 7.749

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Found 27 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 27 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 days ago
Bride of Pinbot 2.0 is a great upgrade to a fantastic classic pin. The animations and sound quality are 100%. Dutch provides new speaker kit from Flipper Fidelity which includes the bass speaker and an equalizer. New speech by the same voice as the original and new sounds.

Also a completely new panel with cool art and an updated color dot matrix LCD screen (not LCD forgot actual screen type). Which changes the visuals in the game. Also provides the original analog scoring for the original version.

The PF is the same as many have stated, Duh, of course it is. But it has new rules, pushes different shots. Forces you to hit the heart beat ramp to lock a ball... provides a 3 ball multi-ball. This upgrade simply offers new life into an old classic.

I own the game so sure I'm little partial... but it's fantastic to have both versions.... yes my pin is mint and this upgrade was worth every penny.
4 months ago
Really good pinball table it’s a little slower than what I’m use to. Has full shots to make and can keep you intertwined.
8 months ago
Played a Bride of Pinbot with the Dutch Pinball upgrade kit in the newly-opened Medway Pinball Club.

Having played the original Bride of Pinbot, this is an improvement. There are more things to shoot for and the kit makes full use of the other shots. I like the speaker panel and LCD display. Unfortunately, the flashing inserts make the playfield state less clear, and - unfortunately - it is still Bride of Pinbot with the exact same playfield layout as the original. There is only so much you can do to fix the limited range of shots.
9 months ago
Why is an expansion pack listed as a complete game on the top 100? Who knows. Is it cool? Yeah! But it’s not a full game and should not be included on this list of you ask me.
1 year ago
Its a slick, sexy game. I'm not 100% sure if there is 2 modes/rulesets in this version.
I played a different version than the original version, I liked it but not as much as the original. Fun game, definitely very playable.
1 year ago
I alway thought this game was fun. I would buy one for the right price. Wrong game. should be the original I'm talking about.
1 year ago
The first game to actually knock me to the floor when I realized the theme and what her deal was. The fact that she is the ‘bride’ of pinbot…and the mission is to make her come alive is too good. The 2.0 upgrade is awesome. Brilliantly done. I love that the rules has to be literally discovered.
I will always have this gem in my collection.
4 years ago
I love the ingenious way how Dutch Pinball turned a bad pinball into a great, deep and epic pinball by using a kit composed by new electronic boards, color DMD, speakers and a completely new ROM. In the original you would play all day by shooting the left ramp for methamorphosis and billionaire club, now these two are wizard modes that can be reached respectively by completing two multiballs and by playing both small and big wheel modes, so buying this you would turn a pinball with lack of rulesheet into a very deep game with much more balanced scoring and shoots. If you get this upgrade kit, you would still be able to play the original BoP, as the DMD emulates an alphanumerical display, even if I would rarely do it if I would have this machine with the upgrade kit.
5 years ago
This is a great game!

I already loved BOP, and although the playfield is the same, this has a whole other ruleset, feel and play to it. nothing like the old one. I think it is great that you have the opportunity to play the Bop 1 version too, however I rarely do.

3 multiball, love how the wheel comes alive. Good modes, great animation, great sound. this one sticks out in the collection, it's a keeper!
5 years ago
Game was reworked, and is a massive step up over standard BOP.

Very pricey upgrade, and not feasible for most.
6 years ago
I strongly believe the best part of Bride of Pinbot is the music and sound effects, which have all been done away with in the 2.0 with far inferior replacements.

The rules are better, but you don't know what you're suppose to do. The game doesn't explain, even with the DMD, how you qualify modes or multiballs. On top of that, the inserts on the playfield are meaningless and thus confusing if you don't know which shot you need to hit to actually obtain a goal.

Horrible competition game. Lots of points on skill shots and it has a physical ball lock that locks get stolen. You want to go first on this game so you can lock balls and get your extra skill shots, just make sure you get to multiball or your locks will be stolen. Although, those who steal the locked balls do not get the free skill shots, and it deletes your progress of locked balls so you can get more skill shots if they do steal your balls... Random dumb awards like crazy big bonus multipliers that can single-handedly win you a game.

If you own one at least you can play the original BOP. Not worth the price of admission for me. I considered this when I had a BOP but glad I passed and have since sold my Bride.
6 years ago
I like BOP, but it is largely a one-shot game with the shuttle ramp being just about the only shot that advances you through the game.

The BOP 2.0 kit enhances the ruleset, introduces a display with graphics, and adds new sounds & callouts. The kit turns it into a whole new game.

There are times I still like to go back to play the original game, and there is a setting that does allow this, which was a good feature to include.
6 years ago
While not a big fan of BoP, this game, in some ways is better.

The Pros:
A substantially improved ruleset, DMD and music make this package even better theater than it was before. The programmers were kind enough to keep the old roms in the game as well as the new package.

The Cons:
No amount of rules will make this half of a playfield game play better. Still a 2 (maybe a 3 shot) game.

The Takeaway:
If you really LOVE BoP, got for it. but the physical limitations of the PF design will always keep this game from being better than "ok".

Update: With all due respect to the people in Dutch pinball, there is no amount of software that can save this pinball game. Is dominated by a toy that is so demanding on it its efficiency of space that everything else in this game suffers, the as in it sucks. I know some people who absolutely love this game, good for them. But this game sucks. And I don't mean that it sucks a little, it's the worst game by Williams of it's era. No, really. It really, really, really, really-really sucks.

You can't polish a turd... unless you let it sit in the sun for at least 3 days and THEN break out the poop-polish. And even at that point, it's just a shiny piece of dookie.
6 years ago
Don't think I have played many games that are as hard as this. Sounds great, and overall feel is one of immersion. But progressing started to feel like a chore as there are not enough rewards early only. Sold mine, haven't regretted it for a second. Before I sold it I played it with the glass off to see what the software was like.

Deep into the game with metamorphosis it is amazing. Trouble is I reckon I needed 30 balls to get there. Bottom line this is a game for serious, talented players. Played lots of other hard games but they have hooks to keep on playing and trying again. The game doesn't.
6 years ago
BOP 2.0 will suffer some for the same reasons as BOP - the playfield layout hasn't changed, even if the sounds, animations, and rules have. While BOP(2) can be fast, it's also overwhelmingly tight, few shots to really go after, though zipping loops can be fun. The addition of modes, 3-ball multiball, and host of rule changes give the deck a lot more character rulewise, the original sound package, art package, and vibe were already fantastic and in some ways 2.0 loses some of that brilliantly lowish-key theatrics, replacing it with a brasher sensibility. It is the vacuum of space, so I miss that atmosphere. Taken on its own, 2.0 is a good game, but the liabilities of the original layout, that so much footprint was taken up with a head toy that provides a neat locking mech but doesn't really affect doesn't quite get to where it should be when you consider what a 2.0 version will cost you. Bang-for-buck this might have been worth it if used BOPs were still around 1K, but it doesn't have a $4K appeal comparable in gameplay to other games in that price range.
6 years ago
BOP was a good game to begin with but a "1 trick pony". With the new rules and the 2.0 kit, BOP has all the design, rules, sound, animations, and game play of one of the best modern games. Bottom line, its fun. If you love lots of missions and fun game play, this is a game to seek out. With the number of 2.0 kits out there, it also makes it a very rare game, but at the same time obtainable. I would have to put it in the top 10 games out there and the price point may just put it at the top!
6 years ago
Played a few times at vfw. A good refresh of the classic. The audio and visuals cue you in as what to do. Slight bump in lastability thanks to the DMD.
6 years ago
I hated the "Bride of Pinbot" - but the BOP 2.0 KIT, the new Decals and Translite turn this "old" Pinball in really nice machine.

The modes are very good and easy to understand also for beginners. I love the music and the pushing beats. You drift in a new world and i like theme combined with the software.
6 years ago
This game only improved on the original - if you like the original BOP - you can still play it. The art of the game is beautiful, with mine I put all new decals on the cabinet, new ramps, new plastic.

You just have to work to find a BOP worth putting the kit into. The games are beat on - they got a lot of play so finding one worth upgrading was hard. I got lucky and now she is my pride and joy. The best game I have in my collection it was a full restore.

The game could use some additional spot lights - it is a little dark in some areas. Also, from a maintenance standpoint there are a lot of things going on so lots to keep working but for me it has been good. If your original game is in good shape the upgrade is easy to do - one tip - make sure everything works 100% before you do the upgrade otherwise you will never know if it was the kit or something you carried over (that got me for a while after I upgraded the game).

It is so cool to play the old game with the new LCD screen - looks so cool.

Hey - it is two games in one - I don't think there is another game on the market that does it.
6 years ago
I've played 2.0 only a handful of games. I own a BOP and still am on the fence about purchase of 2.0. There is lots more to do on 2.0. The uneven scoring has been resolved. Animations are terrific. The music is strange. Not sure if it grows on a person or grows more annoying.
6 years ago
A big disappointment. Except for the better balanced scoring, the original BOP is so much better with stunning music and atmosphere. They shouldn't have changed the audio at all. What a waste of a game.
7 years ago
I love bop and I love bop 2.0 more. The resolution is a bit dissapointing on 2.0 but they did so much with gameplay, animations, rules, and sounds. Excellent package that really makes bop a 3/4 new game
7 years ago
It just goes to show how much rules go towards making a great game.
With all the additions to rules, sound, dots this is now an absolute must play game.
Obviously the layout is the same as BoP, and nothing much can be done to modernise the artwork, but there is now a significant reason for every single shot on the playfield. No more is it just a case of shoot the left ramp over and over.
There is an actual story to the shots which makes you feel like you are progressing.
Even ignoring the hardware you get with the kit, the rules alone are worth paying the price.
As for the animations it is clear to see just how much time and effort has gone into making this by far the most visually stunning game. Stern should really take a look and see how they can improve their own tired animations. (This coming from someone who has a colour DMD in their Met Prem - BoP 2.0 is better!)
7 years ago
"Unnecessary" would be my 1-word review. I love BOP and really wanted to like this game. That said, it's not a BAD game at all. It's just that, IMO, it doesn't add anything to the game that truly needed to be there. Sure it evens out scoring and gets you to shoot at different things, but it's still the same playfield. I guess if you've always wanted to have BOP be a tournament pin, this helps but to me, people gravitate to BOP because of the incredibly unique theme, the beautiful artwork, and the "gimmick" of the changing face. I've owned BOP, and loved it for what it is...not what it could have been if it were released in 2015.

The music was incredibly disappointing. I think BOP may be the finest example of electronic music in a pinball. The new music is anything but inspired. The original had all these cool "world" instruments, combined with an almost avant garde approach; the remake is repetitive, boring, and typical. That said, the animations are absolutely gorgeous. To me, this signals great thing to come from dp.

Again, I wanted to like this game, and didn't find it bad by any means (perhaps except the music). I just think that BOP was perfectly fine on its own. To each his own...
7 years ago
definite upgrade to the ruleset and playability of Bride of Pinbot 1.0. I have had 2.0 from it's first release and I still play it first when I head to the gameroom. The ruleset is now really deep and compares to more modern games, but still retains the feel of the older BW games. Addition of the great sound and graphics adds to the fun of the game.
There are 27 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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