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This game received 98 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.550 /10


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This game ranks #153 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.617

Artwork: 7.595

Sounds/Music: 6.874

Other Aspects: 7.655

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Found 47 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 47 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
*Edit June 14th, 2020*
I finally bought a Breakshot, setup to be a real kick in the ass!
Hard as possible, no ball save, no extra ball, all punishment. This game is so damn good, it’s just unfathomable why it’s not in the top 100. One of the best single level games out there. A PERFECT game for anyone who finds “flat games” boring. They will love it and change their tune.
It has all the challenge and appeal of a simplistic, street-level layout, but the perks of Solid State programming and a SWEET DMD!
I have this setup right next to Seawitch and they make a perfect pair.

I played a handful of games on Breakshot and I kept coming back. It looks deceivingly simple but is challenging and plays well. There are some airballs which made me cringe, but with some protectors this game would be perfect. It plays FAST and mean, the punishment brings you back again and again for that "one more game!" factor.
Playing the game a handful of times makes me want one!
1 year ago
This is an EM lay-out with modern technique. You gotta be a pinhead to appreciate it and love it. The theme and realisation can only be done by someone with deep love for the game and historical understanding. I bought 2 almost brand new as in the arcades and bars they were never played on ramps or toys etc. There is a lot of humor in it (from the era when humor was just humor and not filtered by every idiot with an adverse opinion...). Great to play with other pinball enthousiasts who can appreciate the fine art and history of the aquired taste so to say.
2 years ago
I really, really like Breakshot. I think the concept of it is just brilliant its basically an modern take on an EM machine(modern for its time its 20 years old now). With the exception of the use of sound/voices/music/sfx and the dmd, you really get the feeling that this is something that could have been designed during the late 60s or early 70s. Its a simple game and doesn't have any toys in it, except for the middle breakshot ball target/ball lock. That is just a really cool gimmick and trapping balls in it, and then hitting them into the ball lock pockets is really fun. And it more than makes up for the fact that the machine doesn't have any toys. There are only really a handful of shots in teh game. The super loop, then the bankshot that you need to usse the upper right flipper for, you can shot for the 8 ball which gives you a one time bonus collect per ball, the captive ball, and then the two rows of drop targets. But, I really like the simplicity and on the playfield its pretty wide open, so I feel the game rewards the player for being accurate and its really fun to get into a nice flow for the game. And while I do love the game I will admit after about 20-30 minutes of playing I do feel the game starts to feel a bit repetitious. Just a tad bit... But, its still fun. Love the voice of the woman and her call outs, and it has a lot of voice work in the game. I also like the cartoony pinup art both on the playfield, the backglass and the cabinet. I do wish the main body would have something besides just breakshot written on it, as its a bit boring, but I love the pinup girl on the top cabinet. And lastly getting multiball is a blast in this game, and if you play 2 player or more you can steal your opponents multiball which is always fun. And I really think the DMD adds just so much to the experience of this game, and while the animations are not long so you can enjoy them and still focus on the game. Also I found them to be cheeky and fun. The game has a whole flirty vibe and I for one find it fun. Also I really like the skill shot. I think Breakshot is an under rated game and also very unique. I personally love the simplicity of it and the whole EM vibe. I think they took the best bits of the 90s DMD era and of the 70s EM and smashed them together into this cool fun game.
2 years ago
Love the theme but not my style. They tried to mimic a em game and I think they did a good job but it just isn’t my style. VERY unbalanced scoring. Art is very basic. Middle shot is very unique and is by far my favorite part of the game, but not enough to do it for me.
3 years ago
I like this idea of a retro playfield with a modern DMD and chip-based multimode and multiple goal machine, and it's largely successful. Clearly quite a bit of thought went into getting the old playfield feel just right, and there are lots of different kinds of skills and shots to make compared to the modern ramp-and-habitrail designs. It plays deep as a result, and although it's not the kinetic overload of machines of recent vintage, neither is it the snoozer on repeated play that some old-school EMs can become. A hidden classic.
3 years ago
I wanted to
3 years ago
A simplistic yet effective game! I did not hear the sounds when I played this pin so I had to remove it from my ratings.
3 years ago
Basic game play but it has a neat theme and a lot of fun .

Build quality is not up to part with other manufacturers

After owning it for a few months, the callouts started to get on my nerves. Due to the repetition the game doesn't serve well in a small collection which is ultimately why I had to let it go.
3 years ago
The best of all billiard-themed games we've played. Good example of retro design and nostalgic play. Great kinetics, especially center post ball lock.
3 years ago
Great game and hate the you scratched but. fun but hard game to get high scores. Play daily.
3 years ago
Simplistic and fun. Seems the longer you play a game the more it becomes enjoyable. Becomes fast-paced with the music as you're challenged to hit the correct shots and trick shots. Overall, I find the game very easy.
4 years ago
Although considered by many as an "old school game" with modern technology, and not entirely innovative, it is one of the few later model solid state machines that remains considerably affordable in the current "market craze insanity".
It does NOT play like an EM (which I have no idea where this concept is contrived) and contrary to less inclined knowledgeable players, but does have similarities.
When produced in 1996 by Capcom it was moderately successful along the same level of sales as AGBGoaWT from AGC in 1992/1993.
You have to remember that many games starting in 1996 were beginning to downslide due to loss of operator sales.
The game play design is a good player shooter game with very good rules.
The playfield, cabinet, and backglass art is average.
Sound and music is EXCELLENT.
The mechanics of the game are simple to maintain with its single level playfield design reminiscent of games like T2 without the ramps.
The quality of manufacture was solid, but watch the power supply / solenoid control board for trace lifting due to heat and large capacitors from being cold solder cracked due to vibration.
Very bad things happen if the capacitors short, and severe damage can result to the main logic board and solenoid driver board.
For new players, this is a reminder that not every game needs massive ramps and ruleset that is deeper than the depths of the bottom of the Mariana Trench, making single games last 2 hours each.
Most owners that may become eventual long term collectors will be able to distinguish differences in quality.
It is not a Titanic boat anchor either to keep it grounded in such as position in pinball history.
In simple terms, it works in terms of theme to keep the player interested for the short time it was designed.
If you have the opportunity to play this game in good condition, you may fall into its simple charms.

Who knows, maybe I will buy another to go with my Pinball Magic or that elusive "drop a stack of Ben Franklins" on Big Bang Bar?
EDIT: Found one...sprinted to the purchase.
4 years ago
It has the look, feel, and basic playfield layout of old school EM titles. It's far from the greatest game I've ever played, but I enjoyed it and would play again.
4 years ago
This game has no ramps, but despite this it has amazing playability. The center ball lock apparatus actually mimics the idea of playing pool, you might get it all ready to go with two balls locked but if your turn ends (Scratch!) the next player can take advantage of your position. There are some really fun multipliers where skill and knowing the game can improve your score drastically. Finally, this game is just "tight". It has great playability that keeps you coming back again and again.
5 years ago
Great game that is easy to get into. Great use of the pool theme, nice ball lock, and a bright and beautiful playfield. Music is very reminiscent of the 90's, but in a good way. Call outs and DMD animation are very well done. Not a very fast game, but it doesn't need to be. Plays well, and a very strong effort from Capcom. This one gets played alot.
5 years ago
Love the theme and flow of Breakshot. At first Glace this game can be easily overlooked. Looks naustalgic and simple. The game is surprisingly fun to play and is very fluid. Multi ball is fun to obtain and great to play. Easily one of my favorite pins. This is one of those games you must play a couple of times to appreciate it and once you get the feel for it, it completely grows on you. Excellent game in my opinion.
5 years ago
This is a decent pinball machine, a mechanical feeling at DMD era.
Not my taste but if you want to try something different this one could be surprising.
5 years ago
Breakshot is a very fun game. When I first saw it at the local pool hall I was skeptical. I did not play it right away, but once I did I was hooked. It is a great introduction to the EM play style. It is an EM/DMD crossover. Think of a vintage EM updated with modern technology, which allows for things like stacking and multiball. Please note that the machine is not for everyone. There are no ramps or rocking soundtrack. But, if you are looking for some solid play, you will not be disappointed.
6 years ago
My main gripe with Breakshot is that it's too easy (Way too easy to start multiball in my opinion). If it's set up normally, you'll hit Cutthroat Countdown every single time you play, probably multiple times if you're a good player. For home use you really need to turn up the difficulty. The callouts are incredibly annoying. It's a good playing single level game though. The center post is a great toy, it's boggling that something like it hasn't been used before or since.

It doesn't feel like an EM at all. I get that it has a pool theme and no ramps but don't fully understand why this is called a "modern day EM" besides the theme. Whoa Nellie is a modern day EM.
6 years ago
An extremely fun layout that is just waiting to seduce players who only have played games with ramps before. I love the play in this game, the ball locks, and the scoring.
The programming drags it down: sound cues get stacked, and sometimes you hear a sound from an event happening 6 second ago.
The artwork and animation, to put it politely, is totally douchey. It benefits from its liberal use of moose.
6 years ago
Best pool based pinball game I have played.
6 years ago
No ramps, but it has multiball. The central breakshot toy is very well done and fits the theme perfectly. The innuendo in the callouts and animations makes this one work better in an adult environment. I understand Capcom was going for a retro feel in a modern package, and I think they nailed it.
6 years ago
Fun very good clear coat
6 years ago
At first I thought this pin was boring but then I discovered that it's actually challenging and simple.
The owner has all the difficulties maxed, no tilting and the lanes opened all the way up with the plunger turned off. Let me tell you this is a very hard pin with these unforgiving settings. It is a drain whore that will force you to slow down and make accurate shots.
I keep begging for a little tilt forgiveness or at least the plunger on and lane tightened, but I think the owner likes watching the machine eat my money. I was able to put the high score of 7 million on which was barely beaten by the pinball wizard around here. I am still very proud of my score all things considered.
6 years ago
I like this retro game with lot of think to do
There are 47 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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