Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Other Aspects: 8.324

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Found 355 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 355 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 years ago
This is a very tough game and I love it. Game times are very short unless you bring your A game. This makes it a great multiplayer game for skilful players.

The Dracula voice over by Gary Oldman is magnificent, it adds real character to the game. What a contrast to Steve Ritchie yelling at you (eg No Fear, AC/DC - I hope he never gets another voice acting gig.) The playfield art is only OK, the translite is beautiful. The 3 stackable multiballs for double and triple scoring make the game extremely exciting. I am very pleased I bought this game, the difficulty level is great training for competition play and the open playfield is excellent for practising skills like drop and live catches etc.

[UPDATE] I've owned this game 9 months now and I am enjoying it more now than ever. It is still hugely challenging, which I love, but now the world of stacking multiballs is opening up. Keeping three balls alive while killing dracula in the coffin doubles the Coffin jackpot. During Castle multiball, instead of making the jackpot shot, lock a second ball in the castle first to to double the Castle jackpot. Do all of this with all 3 multiballs stacked and you are earning 6X jackpots. And of course, each subsequent multiball the Castle and Coffin jackpots are 2X, then 3X, 4X etc. The payoffs for strategic play and fine multiball control are huge. This is a game that rewards the highly skilled player like no other. If it weren't for the OK playfield art this game would be No 1 in my list.

I totally love this game, I've had it for maybe a year now and it is more addictive than ever, I can't stop playing it. The intense challenge and the incredible payoffs when you have a great game are so satisfying I keep coming back for more. Every element of the design is perfect, too, the way the ball moves along the habit rails, the way that every animation can be interrupted by hitting both flipper buttons. The well balanced strategic decisions - should I hit the left ramp and start Bats to proceed towards extra ball or should I wait until I have the coffin ramp up to get a higher Bats score, or wait even longer and stack two multiballs and then Bats to score an extra 50M at the end of every ball? Go for Myst now or stack two or stack three multiballs? All are viable approaches.

I have come to the conclusion that this my favourite game of all time. And I bought this machine just because it was a cheap multiball DMD with fan layout that would be good for practising my skills.
7 years ago
Game is just ok. Played it a few times and have no interest in ever playing again
7 years ago
I think that this game is a lot like Fishtales in that it is the more than the sum of its parts, unlike in my opinion TAF or TZ. When I first got the game, I did pause and think wtf because the playfield looks simple. It isn't a deep game but once you get over that you can get to enjoying the challenging play and good use of the the theme. It is a bit of a one trick pony with you trying to line up the 3 modes together. I haven't done that or gotten close so far. The mist ball is pretty need gizmo. That being said the game is fun and solid use of the theme and it has "it". It is an enjoyable game once you let yourself get over what it is not.

I think one thing to bear in mind is that this game isn't TAF or TZ. What I mean in that is that this isn't a flagship game with a billion gizmos. This is a good game that can be found at a decent price, though it is getting harder. I think you get much more bang per your buck with this kind of pin than TAF or TZ. For a TAF or TZ, you could get Dracula, Johnny Mnemonic, and Fishtails. Which I think you would get a lot more play and fun out of than just plucking away on one machine loaded with gizmos.

One month later...

This game is a winner. I play a few games almost daily. I have noticed that my play has improved a lot, too. It forces you to focus on hitting certain shots and punishes you if you don't. My high scores on Dredd have come not after a Dredd marathon but after coming back to the game after playing BSD for awhile. The smartest thing about this game is making the goal lining up all three multiball modes. This sounds simple but it is very very hard but the reward personally and score wise is pretty awesome. When you run up a high score on this game, it is because you were nailing everything you were aiming at and not through blind luck. This may sound dumb but others have said the same, this game has more "I have to play one more game" than AF, AFM, and TZ. The person though that I could see not liking this game is someone that doesn't get satisfaction through good play. The game may be too brutal and without enough gimmicks to draw in casual players.
7 years ago
Pplayfield lighting is bad in spots.

Game plays well and i enjoyed a game or 3. But its not the machine everyone makes it out to be, top left corner of field is very dark and hard to see at night, like the mist ball and sounds of it. Not for a casual player imo.
7 years ago
7 years ago
Played this one recently. Is highly rated as it's hard. Maybe it is but theme is not great and play field iis not a looker. Toys look like a kid modelled them, gameplay was not great, so my overall impression was not great
7 years ago
Not bad at all!
7 years ago
Owned one for a while, but it's a badly weighted game in terms of scoring.
7 years ago
Another game that I grew to love by understanding it more - challenging and fun! The light show is best experienced in a completely dark room, too.
7 years ago
An all-time great by Barry Oursler that proves the fact that pins based on horrible movies or TV shows always turn out better than the source material. They're so many positive things about this game, I could make an encyclopedia! For starters, you have Mist Multiball, an awesome feature at it's time and still is now; a challenging playfield with many tight shots; a deep ruleset where you can stack multi balls for exponential scoring (best multiballs since Centaur!); and the sound. I always get goosebumps when I hear the Jackpot screams in Castle Multiball, and it also feels like the sound is amplified during Multi-Multiball.

Sadly, the game is not without its cons. The left ramp is near-impossible to make with a weak right flipper; it's a very tough game for operators to maintain due to its complexity; and the art could've been better. It's still one of Williams' best machines, and still commends popularity today!
8 years ago
Strange gm cuz not much going on but yet u want more and more!
8 years ago
Love this game very dark theme .serous pinball the only pinball That is almost sad to play lots of hidden features movie was cool pin is better seems to be going up price wise get it now before it's out of reach "blood is to precious in these times" awesome
8 years ago
This machine still can give me "chills" after 4 years, kill his 3 concubines,and all hel* breaks loose. kill his werewolves, get bats, and rats, try to kill Dracula
3 different multiballs even at the same time. This game has so much then one would know without looking it up. Fast..Yes, very fast if properly maintained. shorter flipper bats, makes it a drain game. newbies get discouraged..I have to tell them (or show them) what this game can do.Will NEVER EVER leave my collection. With the sound turned up, in a dark room, will get your heart pumping
8 years ago
Great game that takes some time to get the hang of....a shooters game if you will! Love the theme and sounds!
8 years ago
First time played was at the 2013 NW Pinball championship in Marysville, WA. From the first time until now I fell in love. Great game and lots of fun. Center targets are not forgiving. Game is also very fast.
8 years ago
This is a game that makes you a better player. There's a simple and clear goal to work toward (triple multiball), and missed shots are absolutely punishing. I really like the subdued art with the limited color palette. The sounds are great. Very rewarding calls and very humiliating ones when you do terrible. There's nothing worse than the laugh after dropping back to single ball play. But when you are one shot away from starting that multiball and your miss outlanes on you (it will) or your half ramp goes STDM, there's only one thing to do - press start again.
8 years ago
Fantastic machine, my only beef is the standing targets in the center often dump the ball straight down the center, seems like it would have been a better spot for a tunnel IMO.
8 years ago
Simply a spectacular game.
From simple rules, but very hard on the game with short flippers. Definitely not a pinball players medium-low. The game rewards the simultaneous multiballs not forgiving.

For me one of the most undervalued pinballs in the rankings with a theme and aesthetics simply spectacular ...

Pinball best remembered of my adolescence now I have at home for my own ...
8 years ago
Hard, but not too much fun. Great DMD.
8 years ago
Boy o' boy I wanted to love this pinball. I'm a huge horror fan and was very excited to get my BSD project up and running. By the time my restoration was complete I was ready to jump in and get it on! At first I just could not get into it, a bit cheesy and voice overs are on the tedious side. Then after several hours of "testing" time (my favorite part of restoration work) I found I was not able to leave it alone, a little tweaking here and there and with a lot of light modifications I'm now hooked! Especially after hitting 635,000,000 points, this pins is a sleeper.. lightning fast multi-balls -really very exhilarating once you understand the rule set. I see why this is rated so high and it's not just that "mist" multi-ball feature (which is pretty cool though)

Definitely a pinball to keep in your private collection!
8 years ago
What hasn't been said about BSD...simple rule set...stack multiballs & shoot for $30 mil but there's just something about it...has that 1 more game feel. Didn't end up having the lastability in my small collection as I thought...great in a competitive or tournament lineup though.
8 years ago
im not into horror movies,so it was just not for me, im sure its better than what I rated it at.
8 years ago
Excellent game! Dark theme, great artwork and can humble the most experienced players...
8 years ago
Cool mist ball feature ....great playfield and fun, my kids hated it !!!
8 years ago
This is one of the most interesting pins I've seen, ruleset-wise. The Mist Multiball is real cool, but the Multi-Multiball is what got me into it. However, the quotes are kinda hard to hear, and the sounds appear muffled. I know this doesn't have the DCS, but then again, other games from the era like CFTBL or WW have better quality.
There are 355 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 9 of 15.

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