Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Game Design: 8.232

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Sounds/Music: 7.967

Other Aspects: 8.34

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Found 353 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 353 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
A fine game that replicates the movie well, but fails to provide anything unique into the domain of pinball.

- nice speech from the movie ("I am... Dracula")
- interesting habitrails
- multiball easy enough to get
- simple rules, you get the hang of the game quickly

- playfield artwork is a tragedy
- backglass artwork could have been better
- cabinet artwork has nothing exceptional
- abundance of lightning inserts...
- overall lack of toys
- haven't seen a lot of mods for this game
6 years ago
Bsd very underrated Pin not as hard as people put it out to be Super fun
6 years ago
About to own my 3rd. BSD. Every time I sell, I need it back in the line-up. I think this is a super theme that never gets old. Very dark and will kick your ass. Mist feature is one of the most rewarding shots to make. LOVE NEVER DIES!!!
6 years ago
Awesome theme, and well executed. Not super action packed but still decent.
6 years ago
Best Horror Theme on Pinball.Nice Multiball Stacking.Great Ramps a lot of Action on this Pinball dont Forget about the Wolfes Dot Matrix Game Great and Legendary. This Maschine is underrated.
6 years ago
BSD is like MSF, ie WTF, why the long name? it's Dracula, and it's dark and cold and cruel and mean and fanbloodytastic.

some people don't like the look, they say it's depressing and dark, but not me. i loooove the dark blues and deep blood reds. i adore looking at Ron Jeremy in his coffin (I had the model painted and altered on my second one to look more like him, complete with a golden dildo award), it has the best video mode in all of pinball for me in the wolf-shooting scenes (maybe a tie with shooting jetskiers in FT), the sound and speech callouts are wonderful and completely original and authentic (they went to Gary Oldman to get him to record custom speech for it), and this game is just so mean and difficult that it keeps you coming back again and again.

the magnet across the playfield makes Mist Multiball a completely original feature. the Coffin Multiball is reasonably tricky due to that steep little ramp around the coffin; and the Castle Multiball is extremely rewarding, especially when the devil women on the DMD screech and wail at you, eyes bleeding as they screech about the winds or Matt Vince or something like that. you can almost imagine them clambering out of the screen to come and drink blood from your neck.

when all three multiballs come together, and you manage to get a big rats and bats bonus on ball one, then get a huge double castle jackpot, suddenly after 29 games of this machine kicking your arse, suddenly on that 30th game it's your turn, and you rack up a big score in the billions and feel invincible. then next game less than 20 million in total again. it's that rare one brilliant game that keeps us coming back. Dracula is a magnificent game, not many better. dark and moody but magnificent.
6 years ago
What a game. Tough as nails. Frustrating. Not welcoming to newbies at all. But when you get that one game where everything goes right: wow. For me, it's the biggest rush in pinball. For that reason alone, Dracula is one of my favorite games.
6 years ago
I freakin LOVE this game. Its the only pin that was a MUST have for me. I love the movie and I love the pin even more. Super creepy, super fast and super hard. Keeps you coming back for more!
6 years ago
It is hard to pry myself away from this game. The one more game factor is huge with me. It's a fun, fast and brutal game that has me constantly cursing it's very existence. With that being said, it has one of the ugliest backglasses I've ever witnessed.
6 years ago
Way under-rated game - maybe because it's damn tough. Playfield a tad too open but gees this is addictive once you are really into it. Fun theme, good artwork & one of the best value games around.
6 years ago
Game is tough as nails. Not really into the theme.
6 years ago
I thought I would like this one better, but it wasn't very exciting.
6 years ago
Dracula is a decent challenging game. I find it a little bit open for most of the playfield but still a fun and fast game! The mist multi-ball is a pretty cool feature. More than 1 multi-ball mode is also a plus with Dracula.

The clarity to the music to me seems a bit on the grittier side but over decent audio.

This is a good game worth trying out to see if you like it!
6 years ago
Under rated game which is simple but very addictive. Love the dark theme with it's perfectly match sounds & music.
6 years ago
BSD is one of my all-time favorite games. I used to bring a roll of quarters with me to the student union when it was new. From the first time I saw mist multiball, I was hooked. The stacked multiballs is a fun and challenging objective, and to this day, I can only think of a couple of other games that execute the big stack as well. It has always had that "one more game" factor for me, which is why I finally own one, and why several years ago I created the first VPinMAME table recreation.
6 years ago
I'm terrible at this game, but I always have a blast playing it. Mist multiball is probably the best practical effect in pinball. Random mystery award can be frustrating during competitive play.
6 years ago
Best ball I ever played. I own it now for over a year and it keeps getting better and better!!!
6 years ago
Kind of a one trick pony - stack the multi-balls. But it's very hard to do, and very fun/satisfying when you do. Mist Ball toy is pretty awesome. Tough playing game with brutal outlanes, and wide middle gap if using lightning flippers.
6 years ago
This is one of the best games. There aren't many modes as its not a mode based game. This game is all about multi-ball and stacking them. While this doesn't seem that exciting, you'll find that the layout and the Lightning Flippers really make this game a great player. This is one of those games that a Novice or an Expert will really appreciate and enjoy.

Mist might be one of the best gimmicks put to work in the world of pinball.

Also don't forget to get your bats started on ball 1
6 years ago
I underestimated this game. Always thought it wouldn't be much fun but played it a couple of times lately and I really started to enjoy it. Flow is much better than I thought.
6 years ago
I owned BSD for a few months and really enjoyed it. I have yet to experience a rush in pinball as good as stacking all three multiball modes in this game! The DMD animations are some of the best I've seen, especially considering the age of the game. The sound is spooky and generally fits the theme well. The video mode is really fun and the ramp shots are very satisfying to hit. Sometimes it felt like it was setup to be difficult just for the sake of being difficult though (tough outlanes, lightning flippers, standup targets in the center of the playfield). I would generally have many bad games for every one decent one so when someone offered me a trade deal I couldn't pass it up. However, I still play this game whenever I see one.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a difficult game that is still a lot of fun this would be tough to beat. This game is not for the faint of heart, newbies did not like it at my house.
6 years ago
Had a good chance to play a nicely restored copy of this machine and enjoyed it very much. Surprisingly fun to play. Not many good shots but a really good rule set and, with the right lighting, really beautiful.
7 years ago
Being a big fan of horror pins this is indeed right up there as one of my faves. The mist multiball is truly awesome and I love the flow. It's super fun times! Add in the stacking of multiballs for additional points and here-in-lies a winner!
7 years ago
Love this table! While not a deep as some others, the main task of achieving all multi-balls at the same time is extremely difficult and therefore rewarding. Even starting and completing goals like 'Bats' is a challenge. This game creeps me out just looking at it and it's the only one that keeps me coming back game after game. One of my favorites for sure.
7 years ago
Mist Multiball!!!! One of the coolest game mechanics in all of pinball. So awesome. This game is notoriously tough. There is NO wizard mode, so if deep rule sets are your thing, this may not be your game. It's all about stacking Multiballs to maximize jackpots. It has a great layout with very satisfying ramp combos. It's an basic but challenging machine. Those who love it, LOVE it. Those who don't love it... Haven't played it yet!
There are 353 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 7 of 15.

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