Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Game Design: 8.229

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Sounds/Music: 7.952

Other Aspects: 8.324

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Found 355 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 355 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 years ago
Very fast, brutal game and unforgiving similar to Elvira. It's takes me quite a few games to have a good one, but that's what make it so rewarding. Mist multi ball is very cool. Great animations (color DMD is a must), sounds and call outs. Love the theme. Playfield could use some additional lighting. The coffin mod is a must as well. Will own this one someday soon.
4 years ago
BSD is a lovely pinball with great sounds and music which complement nicely the spooky theme. Stacking multiballs is very exciting and pretty much the only way to get high scores. So you are trying to almost start 3 different multiballs (mist, coffin, castle), then start one and hope you can hit the items to start the other ones. The pop bumpers play a big role in this game, not only for keeping the ball action interesting, but also to reach the bats and rats bonus (which can be lucrative). The mist multiball feature is genius – this seemingly simple idea requires a lot of hardware to make it happen. In general, with several VUKs, additional metal ramps and a ball lock on a ramp this game seems to have lots of toys and mechanical devices which probably aren’t critical for gameplay, but enhance the game experience. The right ramp entrance rises to reveal the virtual coffin multiball lock – hitting this yields a particularly satisfying clink of ball against metal – (sometimes the real sounds in pinball are nicer than those coming out of the speakers) - the ball then goes into a VUK, rolls through the coffin and is then placed right in the middle of the three pop bumpers.
BSD has a reputation of being a very difficult pin and I think this is justified. So what makes it difficult? For one thing, success in this game depends on being able to nail the left ramp (loop) repeatedly, because only this way will you activate mist multiball (except for the consolation mist multiball on ball 3), castle multiball and extra balls. I find hitting this ramp repeatedly rather difficult and I don’t know why. This game also has rather brutal outlines (somehow this is typical of Barry Ousler games) – another clink of ball against metal in the right outlane – less satisfying. The 3 stand-up targets front and center in this game are to be avoided, if you hit them the ball can fly anywhere at high speed including sdtm. So frequently I find myself almost having a good game, almost having started multiple multiballs, but not quite – and not quite means really low scores, frustration and an itchy finger to push the start button again.
4 years ago
I’ve owned this game for a year or so and I don’t imagine ever selling it. Artwork is tremendous and game play is super challenging. Turn the lights off at night and fire this baby up for a great, spooky game. Just a tremendous game all around. Blows away most, if not all, pins in the same price range.
4 years ago
I've owned this game for awhile now and no matter what no game pulls me in like BSD. Sounds are deep and draw you in. The modes while not deep provide challenge and no game getsyou heart going like when you stack all the multiballs and cash in. The call outs and voices are perfect. Along with the new color Dmd it adds an updated level to the game. There's a reason this is the next big game. Great gimmicks, voices. Best video mode. Has it all
4 years ago
Want your ass kicked? For realz? This is the master.
4 years ago
It has taken me several encounters to appreciate this game. I think the theme is well done and really enjoy the flow. The left ramp shot, which looks juicy, can be surprisingly tough to hit under pressure (aren't they all!?).

I was in a room with 8 pins, including a Game of Thrones LE, Addams Family, Star Trek Next Generation and this pin is what I played for 2.5 of the 3 hour session. Enough said!
4 years ago
It took me a while to really appreciate this game. Once I got a better understanding for the rules I began playing it more and more. Stacking the multiballs is the only key to success. The lightening flippers don't help anything, as the game was probably difficult enough without them. Still, I can't get over the feeling I get when I play this game. The theme is implemented perfectly and you actually feel like your are inside Dracula's Castle. The mist multiball is one of the coolest features of the game. The artwork might not be for everyone, but I think it only adds to the experience. More and more people seem to be pushing the game up on their list. If you can find one for a good price, grab it.
4 years ago
Dracula is just a great game. There are shots from both flippers, the rule set is simple yet challenging, the sounds are good, the art package is good, and the mist ball traveling across the PF is the best. There really isn't much to not like about this pin.

Dracula is a hard game but when you get the multiballs stacked things get crazy quickly. This is the only pin we have had so far that my Wife asked me to hold onto, that kind of surprised me as it is a challenging game.
5 years ago
Utterly brilliant and brutal at the same time. Love it to bits! Lightning flippers are hard to master however. Sounds a little tinny, but everything else is a winner! Quotes from the movie are very well timed.
5 years ago
Great art, great flow. I laugh every time I see Keano in dot matrix. . . Soundtrack is great, Three different multiballs is great for the year it was produced, yeah, just yeah!
5 years ago
Just a perfect pin. My personnal favorite of the Bally Williams 90 era.
5 years ago
I have a hard time describing quite why I like this game so much. It certainly isn't a deep game. Additionally, I think it's fair to say there isn't even a high level of shot variety. 90% of the time your shooting for one of the two ramp shots. Perhaps you might need to shoot a target to light the locks for Castle Multiball, but it's such a dangerous shot. My basic strategy is to use Coffin Multiball get close to starting Castle Multiball. This all sounds fairly negative, yet it's one of my favorite machines. Stacking the three multiballs is just such a rewarding task...30 Million!!!
5 years ago
One of my favorite games of all time. It is such a special game. However it isn't perfect. The rules are a bit shallow, however here they work perfectly. Mine has been setup many different ways over the years. I've had it easy, I've had it brutal, and I've had it in between. I think the best spot is towards brutal, but not all the way. Triple Multiball should be a rare and special happening. That way when you do it, you feel like a pinball god. Great game.

Update May, 2021: BSD has left my house. It lasted about 9 years here, which is a stunningly long time. In the end, it happened. Just like all games, eventually you hit the point where you are bored with playing it. The amount of time that takes varies between different games. But for me, 9 years is crazy long.

I can honestly say after owning it that long that BSD is an exquisite game. It has straightforward rules of the 90s that just captured the good stuff. Set yourself up to do the Thirty Milllllliooooonnnnn shots, and then rip the hell out of it. But it would always fight back, and BSD had that edge that works so well. Killing Dracula was always a thrill, and castle jackpots were a blast. I honestly wish I had never owned it... because then I could buy one and feel the same thrill of how good a game it was.
5 years ago
Love this freaking game. I'm a fan of open middle PFs, so this one nails everything I like as far as layout is concerned for me. Deceivingly simple and bare, but not at all in reality. I'm a sucker for Oursler layouts. Tough shots from far away & some of the best rules in pinball, to add to that. Really cool music and sound effects.

Sample quality is a little rough, even for the time period, but the samples picked are great. Great animation. Nails the theme perfectly. It definitely immerses you in its world. And tough as hell too. What's not to like? I guess if you aren't very good at pinball, this one might not be much fun. So not a great game for casual players, but for ownership, kind of a no brainer. I'd grab one in a second if I had the $.
5 years ago
There's just something about this machine. It's mysterious, it's creepy, it's tough as nails, shots feel great, theme is odd in a good way, etc. Not too deep but plenty to do and lastibility. One of my favorite things about BSD are the call outs, sounds and music. One of those games that will stick with you.
5 years ago
I love the theme of the game and playfield art work. A lot going on, with the toys and sound, but I didn't find myself loving the game despite its high rating. Perhaps it grows on you, but I was only able to get 2 games in. The rule set reads to be deep, and multi variations seem cool.
5 years ago
a good pin and quite challenging with easy rules to understand. artwork is average+
Some outlane drains.
the difficulty is to stack the 3 MB and need a little strategy to manage to play them all together.
i'm not sure it's a keeper, a bit repetitive to my taste, not fit in a small collection even if it gets the one more game factor.
5 years ago
This game is hard as balls. To get big scores on this game you need to do a lot of work in order to stack the 3 multiballs in the game. It requires making a lot of very difficult shots. It can be a very rewarding experience when a good game comes together, but it is one of those games that is prone to making you pull your hair out.

The theme, animations, and sound along with the very difficult gameplay are what make this machine one of my favorites. The animations are second to none. A classic machine.
5 years ago
At first I was just like ok whatever about this game, then after giving it more plays and understanding the rules, I was instantly hooked. I had to have one. Found one and I play it multiple times a day. It's a keeper for sure.
5 years ago
A beautiful pin, except for the weirder than weird translight. This is one tough game, the risk on a couple of shots does not equal the potential reward. Easier to avoid those shots and shoot for the ramps or up the middle (well, left of middle--SUTM will give you SDTM). Mist multiball is a great trick. As with the rest of the game, it isn't an easy shot to make--but rewarding when you do. Ron Jeremy in the coffin is super weak. I would have done something different with the coffin altogether, like having the lid fly open when all the balls are locked rather than just having Ron take a snooze. I really like the theme of this game, but the game play is so tough I would think twice about owning one. Heck, unless it was on free play I wouldn't drop quarters into it--they go fast. Lighting is dim and dark, but that fits into the theme of the game. Music is pretty good, as are the callouts. If you are looking for a tough and dark-themed horror pin, this is probably the one you seek.
5 years ago
Great Fun, brutal game that makes me keep on coming back to play!
5 years ago
I had only played this game on Pinball Arcade before I bought it and didn't like it very much. After owning for a while, I see that it's a great game. Very tough and not for casual players because of the quick drains, it keeps you on your toes and you constantly have to be ready to save the ball. The music, sounds, and lighting are very atmospheric. The art is very good on the playfield and cabinet. The backglass is a little weak but with the right lighting, it can work. The rules are great and coupled with the difficulty, makes it feel like a significant achievement when you can stack all three multiballs.
5 years ago
The backglass is very unique looking and stands out in an arcade, but it was a swing and a miss. They tried to do gothic and dark, but the design is just ... weird. The playfield art however looks great, especially the gothic building sculps for toys. However, the main feature toy, the coffin, I always thought they could have made a little more interesting/animated and give more detail to. As for the playfield layout, it is very unique and difficult, which works with the Dracula theme. You should have a hard time defeating Dracula. However, after a while you will learn the unique shots on this game (including the difficult right ramp shot) and the ruleset on this game is on the shallower side, so the game can start to feel repetitive as you master it.

One of the few pins from this era not to have any original callouts. The sound clips from the movie do work when you make your shots (and the sound effects are awesome), but they do get a little repetitive. Never was a fan of the music on this game. It sounded too electronic and dated for the game's time period, and it's just a little dull and repetitive.

If you are looking for a fast, challenging game just to try to put up a monster score with stacked multi-balls, this game is for you. If you want a game with more flow and lots of objectives, go for another title. If you need another darker themed game in your collection, can't go wrong with this one!
5 years ago
Pinball by the horrible theme for a game, too sad and gloomy, in those years Williams has produced all its best pinball, both in design and in the game, this did not give the best of himself
5 years ago
Dracula is a fast game, I like the theme, but am a bit annoyed by the sounds. The rules are not that difficult. The mist ball is a real nice gadget, also video modes are a nice addition. Personally, I do not like the backglass. The game is a solid machine, good rules, you can't go wrong with this one. Not one for my collection, for now.....
There are 355 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 5 of 15.

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