Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Game Design: 8.229

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Other Aspects: 8.324

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Found 355 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 355 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 years ago
It's tough but fair. But I guess this makes you a better player too. With lightning flippers, playtimes can be short.
I like the flipper and gameplay feel the most on this era (Fliptronic). Later WPC-S feels a bit strange.

Theme integration and mood/atmosphere is excellent. I like the (blood)red DMD. Ruleset is not very deep, but there is enough challenge for an average player to try to stack those 3 multiballs.

Very nice art. Only exception maybe being the backglass. But that's not bad either.
3 years ago
I don't get the hype. Shots are too tight, way to many SDTM shots and too much chaos with very little chance to gain ball control. Theme is well integrated but does nothing for me. I just cant get into this one.
3 years ago
Hard game but very rewarding.
3 years ago
This game is absolutely brutal, with what would seem to be a relatively simple rule set, but sometimes that's all you need. There's no wizard mode, and stacking the three multiballs doesn't seem like it should be nearly as hard as it is. Getting there, though, can be so amazingly satisfying.

This is the kind of machine on which a billion-point game can easily be followed up by a score under a hundred million. The Bats and Rats bonuses can make or break a score, and a quick ball 1 is hard to recover from.

That said, the sound is absolutely hypnotic and immersive, and blowing it up is a rare and wonderful feeling. It's an absolute blast to play, and I think this one will stay in my collection for a long time.
3 years ago
Bram Stoker's Dracula is one of my all-time favorite games. BSD has a simple rule set yet isn't simple to complete. I've owned a few BSDs and each one played a little different depending on the set up. I like the lighting flippers because it makes the game a little tougher to play. The Castle ramp shot is very difficult on my current BSD and is nearly impposible to be consistent at. BSDs with regular flippers make this shot much easier and take away from the designer's intent. I recommend keeping the lightning flippers in the game to maintain the difficulty. Open up the outlanes to make it even tougher. Great music score that is very eerie. Along with The Walking Dead and Tale From the Crypt the horror factor is there. This is a keeper for me!
3 years ago
I'm biased on this one. Mist is a treat! Both coffin and castle jackpots are fun and the dmd animation of both are spellbinding. The game is brutal and it feels like Dracula is personally laughing at you at times. But oh those 30 mils! Once you get the 30 mils and are able to control the multiball the game cuts you with its callouts. The game grabs you when you're on a good one. Easy to get angry at this machine, but it keeps you coming back!
3 years ago
I'll never understand all those folks that only play modern pinball games and say that this pin isn't fun because it doesn't have long ball times or varied deep modes or rules. That's silly. This game is an absolute blast to play, plain and simple.
I'll admit, I have a bit of a love of System 11s and simpler rule sets, so it's clear to me why the rules here are appealing.
But I've had plenty of non-pinball players visit and play this game "just one more time" b/c it's very addictive.

Great music and sounds.
Excellent color and mood.
One of the best toys ever in the mist.

It's hard! And this is a plus, b/c an easy pin is nobody's friend. It'll make you play better. Stacking the 3 multi-balls and keeping that going is a rush. Screaming out "30 Million" along with the game as you hit another ramp.

If you can only complain about 3 three stand ups in the middle making the ball come back SDTM, you need you analyze your risk/reward shots and just don't aim up the center. It's there for a reason. Don't feel like looping multiple times to unlock coffin lock? Hit the targets quickly!

I wouldn't ColorDMD this title as it should stay blood red, nor would I garishly blue-led everything on here either.
Keep it clean, keep it simple, and this game will reward you with punishing pleasure.

I agree with one poster that you should put this next to a long-ball game, and when you get bored/tired of that game and you play this you will be refreshed!
3 years ago
Ive over looked this one....and never understood the appeal. I am so glad to have given BSD another chance. The rules arent that deep, but the game play is just outstanding. The coffin lock is my favorite.

Games plays fast
Great use of dots
Music gets a little old
Callouts are great
Art is weird, but the backglass is awesome with leds
Satisfying shots

I would reccomend this pin to own
3 years ago
Love IT, its diferent!!
3 years ago
In full disclosure, I might be a little bit biased towards this game because it is the first one that I have added to my burgeoning pinball collection. I love the them, music, and call outs. The game plays very fast and you can have an exciting match with loads of points or drain 3 balls instantly. This is one machine that keeps you coming back for more and I love it. It's the dark souls of pinball machines!
3 years ago
Do you enjoy getting kicked in the junk!? Then you will love BSD! All jokes aside this game will humble you fast. It's super fast with great flow but not so deep. Stacking the 3 multiballs is a rush and can be one of the more satisfying experiences in pinball imo but getting there can be a painful experience. One of my fav pins for the difficulty, speed and flow. Mist Multiball is so unique and not repeated. This pin has a great eerie all around feel to it that can't be matched! If you make your shots you will do amazing but miss more than 1-2 and you will drain super fast. Can't stop myself from coming back to it for one more game.
3 years ago
I just LOVE this game. Easily in my top 5. Yes, it's a brutal unforgiving game with short ball times. But so addictive. There is no other game that has me hitting the start button before the last ball has drained. The music and callouts are awesome. Very creepy atmosphere. Not many negatives really. Backglass could be better. Rear coffin looks like it was an afterthought. This is an absolute classic though. It's a simple game but the geometry is just perfection.
3 years ago
Want your pinball soul crushed? Play this difficult and captivating pinball. It's unforgiving and addicting. Games don't last long but you always seem to want to play one more.

If Stockholm syndrome was a pinball, BSD would be it.
3 years ago
A real masterpiece. Can be very challenging, but it’s really fun. Rules could get stale in a smaller collection, but I don’t believe it would ever be not fun. Art is great, sounds and music is great, theme is meh but well integrated, dmd animations are great, and multiballs are fun and difficult to achieve. All round an excellent shooter, and definitely a game I would love to own someday.
3 years ago
Such a wonderful and unforgiving game. I truly miss mine and will jump at the chance to get another at a fair price. If you are looking for a very challenging but simple design pin this is the one.but I truly feel this is a game for the more serious collector with 5+ games in a collection bc I can personally say that with this in a small collection it will not be as loved as it will with more games too enjoy bc this game is so difficult .
3 years ago
Fun game to play with some excellent feeling ramp shots, especially the left ramp. Fantastic mist multi ball and great stackable multiballs. Non ramp shots are just ok. Really good blood red DMD animations and theming. Would be nicer with an alternative backglass, some different sounds and maybe a little bit different look (ie the coffin is a little cheesy).

The challenge is there... this is one that you will keep pressing the start button on.
3 years ago
The oldest machine I like. Simplistically perfect. I like that even a crappy game can be cheered up (and scored up) on ball three with multiball.
3 years ago
Probably the toughest BW game from the modern DMD era, along with Johnny Mnemonic. New Pinsound track option brings the movie score and upgraded shoutouts into the game. The original soundtrack is popular amongst enthusiasts but for me the tone background music is really dated, and the "Vampire Hunter's" theme from the movie was really missed, pre-Pinsound. I mean, this theme is as known in Hollywood as the Twilight Zone theme. Game is brutal with great multiball modes. A bargain even still on account of the lack of modes, beyond the multiball modes, but with the cool toys and replayability jacked up because of the difficulty, that may be changing fast.
3 years ago
Weird cult popularity to this game, perhaps apropos of its theme.

If I were to own one, I think I'd have to play it with the sounds turned off.

Decent value at current pricing ($2900-$3500 at time of rating).
4 years ago
This game is so bad ass! It's not very deep but that's an advantage IMO. The shots on the game and stacking multi-balls is so awesome! There are a lot of people who seem to think that a game's lastability and rating should be based on the depth of the rules. I don't always agree with that philosophy. I have a few very deep games that I love and I think that BSD is the perfect complement to those games. It's simple economics, why would I want two cheeseburgers if I could get a cheeseburger with fries for the same price? Variety is the key here. This game is a great addition to any game room regardless of size. Couple it with a deep game and you have a great two game collection.
4 years ago
Just Picked up one of these and im extremely happy with it. Now that I have played a bunch of games on it I can see why it is a cult classic. 3 multiballs stackable, the theme hits on a chilling note which matches the movie and yet has its own personality. It has the coolest multiball in pinball (mist multiball) and the best video mode ive played (werewolves). I just love it.

Its crazy if you read through these reviews. Its a true Love it or hate it game. I think if you like the theme and quick ball times this is a keeper
4 years ago
This is a hard one to recommend - there's no real modes. The key is trying to stack up the multiballs in order to increase your jackbox (30 Million) - two locks for multiball (castle and coffin). The mist feature is brilliant. The game plays well - it's fast to play but the game is hard - very hard. You feel a great sense of achievement when you play the game well and then the next few games I play terribly. If you like a challenge and you have some other machines in your collection it's worth getting and will definitely make you a better player. I absolutely love this pin - the sound and callouts are great and the whole atmosphere of the game is fantastic. But if this is your first/only pin and you aren't an avid player you might want to look at something a bit simpler.
4 years ago
This machine is solid as the ball flows throughout like lightning. The mist multiball is the greatest toy feature in pinball but this is where it ends w/ me. The overall gameplay is alright, as the shallow rules make this title lacking. The objectives are to acquire multipliers, shot for mystery award & hopefully stack all three main goal achievements. Killing Dracula is somewhat of a thrill, as the 30 MILLION callout is the end towards the main goal agenda.
As many have stated before, this is a very difficult machine for ballplay longevity. The playfield layout & short flippers were designed for quick ball play & higher profits on the routed Dracula machines. But to see/hear the constant visual & audio repetitious regimen, is the price that's paid time & time again if you can make it to the 30 MILLION callout grail. Overall, what this title had to offer is certainly not enough for that compulsive one more play fascination. This title only lasted a month in our lineup, as we traded this in for the much better machine ~ TFTC. I wish you well in YOUR pursuit for the perfect machine!!!
4 years ago
Barry Oursler's masterpiece. While the backglass is pretty weak and there could be better lighting on the playfield in areas, this is probably the best example I've ever played in terms of integrating everything into a theme that sets a mood. Dark and unique. Nothing else pulls you into the game like this one does.

Mist is the best gimmick of all time. Stacking multi balls requires smart shots and strategy. Playfield artwork by itself looks like garbage but works perfectly with the dark and edgy feel. Sound and callouts are awesome and every one of them matches the overall feel. The freaky-erotic moan when increasing the bonus multiplier is beyond awesome. The general sound during play is maddening repetitive but still fits well.

Very hard, very fast, very unforgiving. Game times can be really short, but when you put it all together for a long game and high score, nothing feels better. I've actually played this with mild-mannered friends that end up screaming and swearing at the machine out of frustration after a quick drain (for the hundredth time)... And then can't wait to push start again.

Best change of pace game out there. Get any machine with long ball times and put this one by its side and you'll never let it go.
4 years ago
Not very deep but its mean. Makes you want to come back for more. Love stacking multiballs.
There are 355 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 15.

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