Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Game Design: 8.234

Artwork: 7.828

Sounds/Music: 7.968

Other Aspects: 8.341

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Found 354 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 354 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
Incredible machine, it is one of the machines with the shallowest rules, but its game is concentrated in 3 multiballs and hold and play there all the technique, the music and the sound effects are incredible, the whole set of this machine I love, like provided it is in good working order
1 year ago
Only had this one for a few months. Restored a rough routed game with every intention of keeping it. Ball times are pretty short and it plays brutal fast which I like a lot. Mist is cool but I wish the game had some extra type of toy on it. I love the playfield art, especially with tasteful LEDs, it really pops. DMD animations are solid and the music is really well done. Wish I had more time to play it but had on of my grail games pop up and it had to go...
1 year ago
Owned this one for a while, very moody, creepy , cool game. Simple ruleset but executed well. Mist multiball and video mode are amazing.
1 year ago
Bram Stoker's Dracula is most probably in my top 5. The playfield art is ok but not out of this world. Backglass looks good. The eerie music is what gets me. It sets you in the right mood when playing this game. Always go for starting the 3 multiballs at the same time which is a tough thing to do. The mist multiball is a really great feat. Skill shot can be deceiving if the target upward isn't functioning right. Video mode is rough to get all targets atmaximum scoring. I most definitely would like own this pin.
2 years ago
Very simple rule structure but so amazingly fun! Getting all three multiballs going all at once is challenging and so incredibly rewarding. The '30 Million' call-out is one of the best. The theme integration is very well done and immersive. It has one of the better video modes in pinball IMO. Iconic game - simple and lots of fun! This one is a keeper for me.
2 years ago
Awesome game and creepy love it. Worth owning for sure so i sourced one and bought it. Crazy multiball.
2 years ago
Great shooters game. One of very few pins that punish for shooting up the middle. Stacking multiballs and hitting ramps are soo satisfying.
2 years ago
Playfield is a bit sparse, and the code can be easily manipulated... But, its still a fun game. The art package... It's not bad, but its not the prettiest machine. But, its a macabre theme and so it kind of fits, and I like the lighting effects with the color. The bats and rats bonus can really change the outcome of the game and really all you need is one good ball for the first ball, and then not tilt on the next two.
Still, I think it shots well, even though not a lot of shots on the game. Really only 5 main shots... But, it plays fast, and it works well for the type of rule set.
I think the sound, callouts, and music fit the theme. Animations are really nice. I think it has one of the best video modes out there. And the mist mb is one of the coolest MB starts ever.
Has at least 2 other MBs and those are fun too.
I like this game. Its fun. Not a good movie, but a good pinball machine. If I had a lot of space, then I'd love this to be part of my collection one day.
2 years ago
I own Dracula for three months,I can't say nothing unless it is awesome!!!! I don't agree about the evil drain and outlanes,of course,if you hit to the middle you are going to find a lighting instead of a ball straight to the middle,but my balls use to last several minutes in overall.The music is the best I have been able to hear in my short pinball fan life, the game is fast,simple,but you always want to repeat. I owned Freddy Kruegger in the past,and now I own this and Tales From The Crypt in relation to horror theme, Dracula beat them too easily.If you like modes,forget it,but if you love excitement and amusement as if you were a teenager,chase and find it!!!!!
2 years ago
I love everything about this Pin. It is 10/10 in every aspect. GREAT GAME. Hard, fast, challenging and unique.
2 years ago
Brutally quick game. The mist ball is awesome, but I always wished tbey did more with the rest. I feel that the vampire toy could be so much better.
This is a strange game for me in that I like to play it, but I can't imagine playing it on location (other than in a freeplay situation), and I dont think it would be good in a small home collection (only if i had 20 or more pins).
2 years ago
A really good machine, a bit brutal with the drains, but it makes you want to a have a another shot to do better. Love the mist ball, the animations are just ok, but do their job. Nice lighting and artwork, with the gameplay rules it might seem pretty basic at first, but it has enough variety to warrant continued replay and mastery.
2 years ago
Exceeded all my expectations luckily I got a mint example this game is fast the ramps are cool the music is the best I've ever heard on a pinball it has a real old feel to it this game has hypnotized me like no other
2 years ago
A fast but not brutal game with a real entertaining horror theme och some very neat playfield toys. The mysterious MIST multiball, that slowly rolls along a magnetic trail under the playfield, is a invention just as cool as the trunk in ToM or Sanctum in the Shadow. Call-outs and music are very atmospheric and eerie. This is a good example of a horror game that delivers the show much better than the cheesier efforts by Data East ( Tales from the crypt) or Gottlieb (Elm Street). I particularly like the two parallell upper loops and those effectful bumpers that individually activate a different sound effect when hit.

Dracula is a really good game. Maybe not as stuffed with gimmicks as other WMS/Bally titles from that time period- but definitively a solid and challenging pin.
2 years ago
This game should be way higher in rating.
Personally a top 10 pin for me.

It’s unlike anything else out there.
It’s dark and ominous.
Mist multiball is freaky the first time you see it.
It’s hard. The game requires you to stack multiballs which isn’t all that easy, and you will usually not get a great score, but those times you are really on your game and nailing shots it just feels SOOO good to take in those huge THIRTY MILLION shots.

So what are the negatives?
Backglass is something people criticize, although I like it.
It doesn’t really have any toys at all. It’s a shooters game. But the lack of toys doesn’t hurt the game at all.
2 years ago
Hard and fast! Dangerous shots and sometimes it’s a little too rough, but it keeps me coming back. The theming is great, I LOVE the pop bumper orchestra stabs and voice work.
2 years ago
It's a really nice looking game. Very close to the movie for any funs. Nice game play however I believe that its lights are poor. Last but not least its price is very reasonable for what this pin has to offer.
2 years ago
All my reviews are going to follow a simple formula for those reading.
Number of shots to make - Pro's - Con's - Must Have Mods - What To Look For When Buying

Number of shots - 5 - below average

* The sound package is one of the best in pinball
* Mist ball moving across the playfield is very cool
* Stacking multiballs is a good challenge
* Animations are very good

* The left ramp shot over and over again gets tiresome
* Lack of modes
* Brutal outlanes and short ball times

Must Have Mods: (Note I will not include things like LED's, Color DMD, Invisiglass or Speaker Upgrades unless it's really badly needed)
* Coffin shooter lane light mod
* Mezelmods coffin headstone torches
* Clear speaker panel for colordmd

What To Look For When Buying
* This playfield is notorious for planking
* Faded cabinet art is common
2 years ago
A great game I would love to own one day.
2 years ago
Love Mist Multiball on this game!
2 years ago
Not a deep ruleset but very effective. Lightning flippers means you have to make your shots. Great art, sound, and magnet toy. Hope to find another someday. Try it if you havent
2 years ago
A few “firsts” on this machine, and judging it against its period it really did move pinball on a little.
The DMD games are a lot of fun, and by Werewolf level 7 it’s getting very frenetic indeed (I failed this level on the one time I got there!)
I may well own it again one day.
3 years ago
Fun pin feels to me like a very unique transition pin between the simpler pins of the 80's and the more complex pins which came later. Good, if rather simple, rules and a very hard pin to master. Good flow, smooth ramp shots. A bit on the simple side in terms of shot variety, but it's a good design. Captures theme well. I agree this is a nice pin to add to almost any collection. One of best horror pins.

Update- finally own one. Love this game. Great rules with fantastic, stackable multiballs and very rewarding jackpots. This pin rewards shots made and punishes missed shots like few others. Just an excellent early DMD game that should probably be rated higher. Only the artwork is average. Music, theme, video mode, you name it. This one is a keeper.
3 years ago
Dark theme I just couldn’t warm to this machine,game play is fast and brutal,but on the plus side stacking the features produce high scores and the floating ball is pretty cool.i owned this machine but moved it on as it got a little repetitive and the call outs started to grate on me.
3 years ago
It's tough but fair. But I guess this makes you a better player too. With lightning flippers, playtimes can be short.
I like the flipper and gameplay feel the most on this era (Fliptronic). Later WPC-S feels a bit strange.

Theme integration and mood/atmosphere is excellent. I like the (blood)red DMD. Ruleset is not very deep, but there is enough challenge for an average player to try to stack those 3 multiballs.

Very nice art. Only exception maybe being the backglass. But that's not bad either.
There are 354 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 15.

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