Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Game Design: 8.232

Artwork: 7.824

Sounds/Music: 7.967

Other Aspects: 8.34

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Found 352 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 352 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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11 years ago
A really beatiful addition for any collection. If well maintained, the adding of multiballs and boni is fun for hours.

Even when the rules are just basic and the difficulty is quite high.
11 years ago
Well, this is a machine that you either love or hate... Or is it love and hate? Not a pretty backglass ( more wynona ryder less decayed Dracula would have been appreciated) but cool sounds and music that suit the dark theme. The gameplay is challenging , often frustrating and sometimes rather rewarding. The teeeen 20 and 30 million quotes can really give you a rush. The many multiball modes and the use of magnets and sound in the misty multiball are impressive and get you hooked. Needs strong flippers to create a flow.Not perfect , but can certainly find a place in a modest collection and in your heart, if you give it a chance. It will often bite your neck though so be carefull...
11 years ago
good game. Myst multiball is cool. Just seems to be lacking in something - playfeild a bit sparse? Good allround pin and well worth a play.
11 years ago
The best of the best for me ! Are you forgetting something :=)
11 years ago
Another game were the first ball is very important. Score a high bonus and this will be carried over from ball to ball. I managed to get 9,9 billion in a 5-ball game because the huge amount of bonuses and jackpots (240 million).
11 years ago
dont waste your time, or money on this one.... decent bang for your buck, but much better titles for similar money.
11 years ago
This pin is often underrated and its a shame because behind the unpopular theme, the gameplay is top-notch. The art on this game is ok, and the mature theme will mostly be appreciated by movie fans. Notorious for being a challenging game, BSD is a shooter's game. A novice batting the ball around will drain quick. Shooting castle lock targets in single ball play is suicide. Pros will love the game for its emphasis on ball control and skillful shooting. The goal of the game is to become a vampire hunter, vanquish Dracula sleeping in his coffin, and defeat his evil minions. It's not going to be easy! Features include a great light show, good dot animation on the blood-red dot matrix, an eery musical score, and Gary Oldman VO ("THIRTY MILLION"). The video mode can be equally challenging as you participate in a shooting gallery. Shooting werewolves awards points, but gives million point bonuses for shooting them when they are about to bite (the closer they are = the more points you get), Finally, the game allows players to stack up to three different kinds of multiball & features one of the coolest toy events in pinball, Mist-Multiball. Players witness a ball being carried across the playfield and have to shoot the ball during travel. Game can be very brutal, but with good play can award a ridiculous amount of points; ensuring lots of randomness and long life in a collection. Very affordable machine & a great multiplayer game. Great pin to add to a collection, or start one.
11 years ago
Great Dark theme, awesome fast game play, Mulit-multiball is great feature - Mist multiball, well new players are blown away first time they see it. Highly under rated and under valued - grab one before the prices climb
11 years ago
I think this game will hone your flipper skills as you will need them to sustain a lengthy game on this pin, I found myself constanly passing the ball across or generally battling to stay in play (it's a fast game no doubt) there are a couple of frustrating ball drains (straight from the pop bumpers down the middle & straight off the centre targets) music is dark & game is quite dark but very more'ish, the 3 targets infront of the centre drain are badly placed and are probably best avoided, animation is quite good and lighting effect are cool, this is a nice looking pin with a unique mist ball feature which is neat, otherwise shots are limited and difficult with only two flipper bats, with all that said it does make you want to throw your money in it which must be good, thought I would move it on in a hurry but it's a keeper & deserves it's rating position.
12 years ago
fun game but not all that great
12 years ago
This pin can be very frustrating and I find its game play very challenging. Only ever seen 3 of these machines, strange because of its highish production run numbers. Absolutely love the Mist multiball too. The theme of this pin to me feels very dark it is not a family game. Definitely a winner, great licence , great gameplay.
12 years ago
a very good pin , fast, quite deep rules and challenging shots..simply and very fun..9,5/10
12 years ago
Playfield does not play very smooth, has the cool mist ball but the flow and other aspects of the game are not very impressive. This game is rated too high and my guess is because it has the mist ball. Nonetheless the mist ball does not make up for a poor playfield and a game that does not flow very well. Much better pins out there such as Frankenstein
12 years ago
I just love the colours in this game. To me its a beautiful game to look at. Its entertaining and very fast. Lacking a little overall on things to do to keep me coming back for more, still alot better than Frankenstein.
12 years ago
The magnet drag is a very cool feature when it is working. But that is still not enough to put this machine over the top. It is lacking in too many areas to be the top pin some claim it to be. It is a beautiful looking pin I just can't seem to get into playing it extensively.
12 years ago
A game I used to hate at first, but it grew on me and being an avid fan of the film simply had to add it to my collection. Enthralling visuals and a deep rule set.
12 years ago
Only Iron Man makes for a better tournament game. I wish the art package was a bit better.

Fantastic video mode. Great theme integration.
12 years ago
I don't really like the flow of this game (I've owned it); but I must say that the Mist-Multiball is one of the coolest things invented in pinball EVER!
12 years ago
I've owned this game twice now. this is my second one and the condition of my current machine is great. All the red is bright, everything works including (the hard to find working) mist multiball function. I enjoy the Drucula theme and all the sounds from the movie. Enjoyable game especially when you get both the castle multiball and coffin lock multiball going at the same time for big points. Plan on keeping this game for awhile. Also for such a good game it's a very reasonable price.
12 years ago
This Pinball will never leave my collection!! Wicked,wicked game that seems a little hard an unfair first time playing but after the initial breaking in its an absolute winner.
Fantastic dot matrix animations and a creepy cool lighting show!
12 years ago
Good pin. Buddy picked one up. A bit to dark for me. Has a lot to take in. Basic rules though for a more advanced game.
12 years ago
Didn't like it the first time I saw it, but then I played it more than twice and got hooked.
Fun, fast, smooth, the coolest toy ever in "mist multi-ball"...however, whats the point in using the slightly smaller flippers?!?!
Oh yeah....and no Keanu was a life saver for this game....his image plastered all over Johnny Mnemonic killed that game.
12 years ago
I was disappointed by this machine. The magnet that drags the captive ball across the machine is a unique idea, but you'll be lucky to find one not owned by a collector where it actually works as designed-- it seems to be one of the first things that breaks. The multi-multiball concept is interesting but doesn't really add to the overall fun, in my opinion. I found myself skipping over this machine for older machines a few weeks after seeing it for the first time.
13 years ago
GREAT pure pinball but you may need anger management classes after this one. 6 billion one game, 10 million the's friggin' infuriating. I have a love/hate relationship with BSD, everyone else in my house just hated it so it didn't last long. I'll play this one every chance I get though. 30 mmmmiiiillllllliiiiiiooooooonnnnnn!!!
16 years ago
Simple, fun and difficult to master. If you can face BSD without fear and stay focused on collecting rats/bats and stacking mb's, it can result in scores in the billions. Failure results in low to average games.
There are 352 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 14 of 15.

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