Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Game Design: 8.233

Artwork: 7.809

Sounds/Music: 7.955

Other Aspects: 8.332

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Found 356 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 356 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 years ago
No easy game.
9 years ago
BSD is another game that I think is good but no great. It's fun and will give you your pinball fix but aside from attempting to stack the multis it's fairly one dimensional. Shoot the left ramp. Doesn't mean it's not fun but there are quite a few machines I think should rank higher in the top 100.
9 years ago
This game gets better the more you play it and the more you understand the rules.
Stacking multi-balls is really fun.
9 years ago
Set up difficult with lightning flippers, I have a love/hate relationship with this game (I love how much it makes me hate it). The sounds on this game, especially the Castle jackpot screams, still make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. "Mist Multiball" is one of, if not, *the* coolest multiball starts in all of pinball. Make sure you set the video mode to "Extra Hard" for maximum killing enjoyment. Despite being based on a subpar movie theme, Dracula's gameplay keeps me coming back for more.
9 years ago
I'm not a fan of the theme and artwork, but it plays pretty good, including multi-ball. Some may not like it at first, but game play can grow on you w/ time. This is a game I would play a few games when seeing it out on location.
9 years ago
The first pin that I owned twice. BSD rocks!!! It's not deep at all, but it's brutally difficult if you don't hit your shots, and still maddening even in those ever-so-rare moments when you do. Stacking the multiballs for the "30 milllllllllllion" callout is one of the most satisfying feats in all of pinball. The "mist multiball' is hands-down the best 2-ball multiball ever (and you can stack it all the way up to 4 balls if you play your cards right). Bang-for-buck: the best DMD-era game out there, and one of the most addictive games ever made. This is an A-list-caliber game that can be had for B-list money. "It is a beast: a monster."
9 years ago
My first horror themed pin and I love it, creepy and fun......ZOD
9 years ago
B movie, A rated pin. Really good progressive multiball options, great sound and looks fantastic with LED's. The pin has challenging game play that keeps you comming back for more. The only take away is the L-bolt fillpers are a tad bit shorter than regular flippers and take a little bit getting use too.
9 years ago
Good overall game. A bit dark, but the machine is true to the movie. Great multi-ball modes. Mist multi ball is unique. I like the way the game scores and video mode is terrific. There are some small things / details in this game that keeps you coming back for more.
9 years ago
BSD is a very difficult game and one that takes some getting used to. I dont care for the playfield lighting much I find it to be very dark. I guess that goes with the theme somewhat but if you have a dark space the lower playfield can be hard to see. The game is very fast with lightning flippers and has some challenging shots. The mist multiball is one of the best gimmicks in any game and easily the best multiball start shot in any game. It has a good video mode and generally a straight forward rule set.
9 years ago
Huge fan of the movie, but actually wasn't blown away by this game at first, but I've come to appreciate it for the great player it is. Gets my vote for most frustrating game, especially when equipped with lightning flippers, not uncommon to kill it once then have it hand you your a##. The color palette is strange, but very effective, just not what I would have chosen based on the movie.
9 years ago
BSD is one of the best bang for the buck pins out there. This pin really has a strong draw for "just one more game"!

This is not an easy pin. Missed shots are usually punished with drains. Ball times are fairly short.

Stack all 3 multi-balls for the ultimate rush, as the sound effects really get your adrenaline pumping.

The playfield layout is about as basic as it gets, but it all works together very well. This is a shooters pin.
9 years ago
One of the best horror themed games, and a very challenging one. For getting big scores you'll need to get all three multiballs running at the same time. Mist ball flying across the playfield is a really neat feature.
9 years ago
Again, need more time on this one. Way hard out of the gate, not good for novice players and imbalance scoring system. Just came off to me as cheaply made, myst MB is very cool. Just did not hit me right, need to play more.
9 years ago
Dracula is eerie and fun! Implements the theme very well. I recommend playing in a dark room. Not a game for beginners. It's not really that fun unless you are able to stack the multiballs and score big.
9 years ago
This is a hard game to get into. It punishes you for making mistakes, particularly the castle lock targets. The rules aren't deep. Its not especially innovative. Its not packed with features and there really isn't a lot to draw you in, but give it a chance and you'll find an incredible pin. The main appeal for me is that this game rewards you with high scores if you can pull of the main objective of the game, stacking multiballs. Once you get a few multiballs going at the same time and start collecting huge jackpots and scoring you'll soon be hooked. Strangely all of my non-pinhead friends love this game, even though its kicks their @#$. I had played this game probably 10 times before I reviewed it the first time. I gave it another shot and I'm glad I did! Give it a shot!
9 years ago
Own(ed): Yes

Times Played: 100s

The atmosphere, sounds and feel of the game are excellent.
Mist multiball must be experienced by all pinheads at some point in their life! Hard as hell gameplay keeps it challenging.

Truly a "one trick pony". My biggest complaint with this game is that if you do not stack the multiballs, your score will be low. I hate playing a game and knowing that on ball 2 or 3, I will not have a chance to best my top score. Very unbalance scoring. Rats and bats bonus carries over from first ball. Not fond of the placement of the lock targets, as hitting them would often send the ball SDTM. You will often have 10 bad games for every good one. Sparce ruleset, not much to do within the game.

It is priced right. I would not advise anyone to not buy it. It is worth a try at the price they sell for. Just be warned, people tend to overrate this game as some sort of dark horse...Not for me, but , hey, you never may agree with the others.
9 years ago
Brutal game that keeps you coming back for more. Rarely is getting your butt handed to you so much fun! Mist multiball is one of the best "toys" ever made.
9 years ago
There are so many things going on with this game, from shifting ramps to werewolf attacks. Got it because it was a good deal, and not knowing much about it. Was a pleasant surprise.
9 years ago
This game is just plain fun. Multiball is the name of the game and it is fun indeed. Mist multiball is awesome. The shots are fun and varied. But if you accidentally shot the targets straight up the middle you are gonna get an instant drain.
All the blood, the moaning women, and dracula equal a perfect machine for men.
10 years ago
First time playing almost wrote this off because i thought it looked "cheap" after investing some time and learning shots, turns out it is very fun.
10 years ago
I've had this inmy toy barn for about 6 months. It gets the most play in my collection. The theme is dark, but you are on the Slayer's side. The mist ball has to be one of the most innovative of all playfield gimmicks. Shooting the creatures of the night in the video mode is wild and hard when you have its difficulty adjusted right. I only wish that the scoring in video mode could be increased to make that part of the game as rewarding as it is challenging. I'm not much on movie themed pins, but this one is a hoot.
10 years ago
Finally got to play one at the Koog. People aren't kidding when they say this game is brutal. Pretty much any missed shot will end in a drain. Expect very short ball times unless you are an awesome player. The moving magnet is a cool feature. The artwork and sounds are good. The video mode is fast, cool and fits the theme, even though it wasn't in the movie.
10 years ago
Very fun and very fast game! Now on my wishlist!
10 years ago
Very challenging game with some super tight shots. Scoring can typically range from very poor to extraordinary. Starting the various multi-balls at the same time is the key.
There are 356 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 12 of 15.

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