Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Game Design: 8.269

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Sounds/Music: 7.899

Other Aspects: 8.357

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There are 380 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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11 days ago
Bram Stoker's Dracula is a very special game. I think the rules are more complicated than on any other WPC game of this generation.

The layout is quite good with the loop ramp providing some flow and the center scoop shot being the most difficult shot within the game. Shooting the standup-targets gets a bit annoying after a while though, especially given that the Castle lock is only timed. And in general I find it hard to really feel the entire flow of the game, it's a very stop and go based gameplay.

The Mist multiball with the ball levitating over the playfield is creative, awesome and a toy which wouldn't be though of today anymore. This feature makes the game replayable on its own.

The rules are as previously mentioned some of the most complicated of any WPC machine. I love that you can collect Jackpots with all three multiballs activated that potentially boost your score easily over one billion points. And in general I think the three multiballs are quite hard to start, which makes it really rewarding.

The artwork is good on the entire game, as to be expected from Williams. I only think the backglass looks a bit out of place. But the playfield is very nice to look at in my opinion.

Overall, Bram Stoker's Dracula is a good game, with decent gameplay, very nice rules and a world class toy. As it is quite hard to play I think it's a game for players of various skill levels.
13 days ago
I was really looking forward to this game. I played it at a local arcade finally after it was repaired. There were some fun shots and I liked that you got punished for bad shots. The backglass and theme are bad but I don’t care about that much as I like playing pinball. The mistball is really cool, I liked the playfield art as well and the video mode I enjoyed. I think where this game fails is in the rule set the bats and stacking multi-ball are boring and one dimensional. Maybe it will all come together for a game but that paired with the lighting flippers which suck for a multiball game make this a terrible pin. This cabinet has a bad Theme, Poor Lighting, Flawed Code and is just stupid. I love a tough game like TWD but I can control that game more this you can’t as much and you need to get lucky. If the code was changed in this pin it could potentially be a good game.
68 days ago
Fun machine to play. Cool to reach all multiballs at once but that's it. the mist multiball is fun to see but it is not a game with a long lastability. For me a fun machine to play but not to own. I think they could've done more with the game play and maybe even make the game a little bit more special with some easy changes. The artwork doesn't do to much for me aswell.
68 days ago
This is a polarizing game, and you need to understand what it is and isn't before going in.

You can have a great game, and you can also have some quick brutal games, because of this the "one more game/replay" factor is very high.
While there are modes, the most important goal - and one you'll constantly be trying to achieve is the triple multiball/30 million.
Simple straightforward rules, tough but fair gameplay - This is a shooters game which will require muscle memory to make crucial shots with consistency.
Combine all of this with a great theme across the art, music, and animations and you have a game that checks all the boxes for me. The game oozes personality, taunting you the whole time and praising you when doing well. Play it with the lights out and enjoy!
3 months ago
Played at Pinball Arcade Bar in Prague.

I was very excited to spend some time playing BSD as I'd routinely seen it mentioned in the same breath as Fish Tales, my favourite pin of all time. This is largely due to the era (early 90s), lightning flippers and short ball times.

Compared to Fish Tales, I must admit to being... disappointed. The backglass is horrible, although the playfield has nice cartoon art. The 'shooting wolves' video mode isn't as charming or entertaining as 'look, pa, waterskiers' on Fish Tales. I didn't even really notice the 'mist ball' until I read some reviews on Pinside afterwards. Yeah, there's a magnet. The ball moves around really slowly and you can't help but hit it with the ball to start multiball (shrug).

Unlike Fish Tales, which has some wonderful looping shots for all abilities (with a wonderful 'whoosh/whoosh' as the ball flies around the boat), BSD felt very stop/start. Like some of the 80s pins, there's a lot of 'qualify this multiball by shooting this bank of drop targets'. No one in the right mind would shoot the targets directly, as they're in the middle for an insta-drain, so I ended up shooting the various holes/scoops instead, for something to do, while I waited for the ball to bounce around enough to qualify something.

This is definitely a great pin for solid horror fans, but I MASSIVELY prefer Fish Tales, TNA (and Iron Man) as short ball time machines. Iron Man, in particular, has a very dynamic playfield that shoots the ball back at you, rather than it sort of aimlessly richocheting about the lower playfield. Even Flash Gordon (another short ball time machine) is more dynamic than this.
3 months ago
I wanted one for a long time and finally got a project during Covid lockdown. It wasn't in a pretty state but brought it back to life and got it working. Quite a dark themed machine, they didn't go for light hearted fun on this one. That, and the way it played, made it harder for less experienced players to enjoy it. But I kept coming back to this.
It is now in many pieces being cleaned and I can't wait to get it back together in prime condition.
3 months ago
I could not enjoy this at all. I didn't really understand the modes for quite a while. It was a little boring and confusing and the shots just didn't feel good. I think I got bored with it before I could understand what was supposed to happen. The backglass looks terrible and everything gets so washed out so easily. I've never seen one of these in good condition. It's just overall ok. Maybe I'll give it a chance again in the future but I really didn't like it.
5 months ago
One of my best pinball machine. The rules are very beautiful, I love when there is something ike "Mystery". The multiball are really complex: you can do single multi-ball or 3 multi-ball in same time to collect a lot of points. Left and right ramp are perfect. Mystic multi-ball with zombie-ball are good idea. Probably coffin of "dracula" are better with some mod with motorized movement. In addition to the normal score record you can also get the record for the loops
6 months ago
Truly an underrated game. Yes the code is a little shallow but for its time, it’s on par. It’s just a fun game with some cool tricks you really don’t see anymore. The call outs are fun, the artwork is perfect for this game. It’s an excellent shooter that can be brutal, but if you get into the right rhythm you can really blow this game up, which makes it so much more fun. Then your next game you get slaughtered. They don’t make games like this anymore which is a shame because it’s pure fun with a spooky quality to it. This is one I will never get rid of. If you never played it or it’s been a while, give BsD another shot, you won’t be disappointed!
6 months ago
I have not played it often but it always kost me every coin I had. Would like to play it very much again goal would be the mist ball
7 months ago
Not feeling it at all. Zero.
7 months ago
Am I overrating it? Maybe, but play a well-maintained game in environment where you can hear it, and after it beats you down and takes your money, play it again until you can keep it in play long enough to get a castle or coffin multi ball, or one of the coolest features in pinball, the mist ball appears. If you get really good, you can stack these on top of one another. Listen to the game, it's menacing and moody, his laugh as you load the coffin is superb. Watch someone else play, if they're good you'll see a good show on the DMD, even better if it's full color. Even Keanu Reaves terrible acting in the movie can't ruin this pin.
9 months ago
This may not be the most balanced or absolute best playing game. HOWEVER. The voice acting, sounds, and music push it over the top. Despite the lackluster quality, I think it’s the complete SFX and music package. There are leitmotifs throughout the soundtrack and you can tell there was passion put into the voice acting.

Whenever you kill Dracula and get the Coffin Jackpot, the machine plays a loud fanfare and lets out a glorious blood-curdling scream. Seriously one of the most satisfying things in all of pinball. The animation makes it even better. I have also noticed that the volume automatically rises during major events, e.g. starting Castle and Coffin multiballs, scoring a jackpot, or completing Bats and Rats. It’s a small but amazing touch and I get goosebumps whenever it happens. The replay sequence is also stunning, along with the DMD animation. When you lock a ball in the coffin you get a deep, echoey thud, and when you collect the bonus you get a loud lightning strike. With better speakers and/or an subwoofer installed, you FEEL IT. Absolutely incredible and visceral. Again, the quality isn’t great but that doesn’t matter in this case.

As a musician, I could go on and on about the SFX and soundtrack, no joke. One of the best in that category along with Addams, Twilight Zone, and White Water. There is a certain charm to pre-DCS Midway games that makes me happy.
11 months ago
My holy grail.
Added Pinsound with updated speakers.
If you haven't played it then you need too.
I Love it.
It's frustrating but when you get all 3 multiballs going and 30 million!!!
12 months ago
So much has been said about BSD and its polarizing nature. Either you love the simple brutality or you don't feel like abusing yourself for that 1 out of 10 great game. With 5 main shots, a couple timed switch hit modes, a video mode, and 3 multiballs, it doesn't seem like much on paper. But this game has IT.

One of the games that truly shine with Pinsound and upgraded speakers. A must upgrade for really making a mood. I've rated the game's sound and music based on that FYI. The original sound and callouts are pretty good for the time and worth turning on occasionally. Color DMD is nice but red suits the game fine. There's tons of various coffin mods that can really add to the creepy vibe and worth it if that's your kinda thing.

I've owned this game twice and if I had the room and the pin cash, I'd never sell it. There's really nothing quite like it. Turn the lights off, crank the sound up, and let this game wash over you with some friends. You likely can't beat it. Literally.
1 year ago
One of the most brutal games I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning! Friggin loved it! It has the most amazing creepy music, and best pop bumper sound effect to date. The art is cool and creepy too. I hope to own another one, just don’t want the headache of the cracking playfield. Hope to get the better version one day. LED’s make this game look like a modern day blood sucking machine!! Mutliball stacking is a rush. The mist multiball is an incredible sight to see, and is one of the best uses of a magnet in pinball. A great gimmick. The callouts are great! It has friggin Keanu Reeves in it! Such a great theme. Loved loved loved this pin, but I had to let it go to get some Modern ones. Now that I have them, I’d love to add Drac back to the collection. Must play, must own pin!
1 year ago
Pinball very complex
1 year ago
This game has almost everything you could want in a pinball machine. Great theming, engaging rules, great sound, cool main toy, great lighting, great shots. It’s a favorite among all pinball friends and always a fun competition game. The payoff for learning the rules is great too, and “doing the thing” for big points is never out of reach.
1 year ago
i have had BSD on my wish list for a long time. Well I finally found one, in perfect shape. it looks brand new. Cash on the glass. BSD is everything i had hoped for. Great shots, great music, fun art and a little whimsical. More to come
1 year ago
A good game but definitely a hard one, also, i just feel like it misses something. Imagine there was like a final mode achievable through the 3 multiballs. Anyway, not a game youd want to have in a collection with less than 3 pins, but still a real challenge for the above average pinball player!
1 year ago
So grateful Keanu was not shown on the game. He darn near ruined an otherwise great film with his ludicrous British accent.

This game is confounding for me. Rarely have good game.

The layout is a bit average, a lot of games from this era are similar, but it still has something special. The floating ball is cool.
1 year ago
I love BSD but I do not think I would want it in a single game collection. It is hard, very hard, fast, and brutal! Which I like it for but if I couldn't switch it up from time to time, I think it would oppress me.

Love the mood of this game, feel it's one the few horror games to really set a horror mood (HWN too). Thus, it nails the theme.

It's ramps are very smooth and satisfying to hit and repeating them especially when getting 30 mill!, Is such a great feeling.

There is really one one thing to do in this game if wanna blow it up, and that's 30 mill multiball stack! Which is fun but limited (depth/code wise).

Oh and do love me some mist ball! Very ahead of it's time.

A simpler game, but a real punisher. I love it for what it is and would not want it any other way!
1 year ago
Probably one of the best "B" games out there and an excellent addition to a small to mid-sized collection. This game can be incredibly frustrating at times with outlanes that make you want to shoot it with a 9mm. However, when everything is clicking and you have 2-3 stacked multiballs going, it can be one of the best experiences in pinball. This game is getting harder to find in decent shape. Prone to planking playfields and horribly faded cabinets. I've owned it twice and it isn't leaving.
1 year ago
Great dark theme, you want to play it again and again as it is challenging though not too diffícult to learn the gameplay
1 year ago
I can't describe my feeling... I've not understand this pinball.
There are 380 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 16.

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