Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Game Design: 8.234

Artwork: 7.794

Sounds/Music: 7.936

Other Aspects: 8.336

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Found 361 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 361 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 day ago
i have had BSD on my wish list for a long time. Well I finally found one, in perfect shape. it looks brand new. Cash on the glass. BSD is everything i had hoped for. Great shots, great music, fun art and a little whimsical. More to come
58 days ago
So grateful Keanu was not shown on the game. He darn near ruined an otherwise great film with his ludicrous British accent.

This game is confounding for me. Rarely have good game.

The layout is a bit average, a lot of games from this era are similar, but it still has something special. The floating ball is cool.
60 days ago
I love BSD but I do not think I would want it in a single game collection. It is hard, very hard, fast, and brutal! Which I like it for but if I couldn't switch it up from time to time, I think it would oppress me.

Love the mood of this game, feel it's one the few horror games to really set a horror mood (HWN too). Thus, it nails the theme.

It's ramps are very smooth and satisfying to hit and repeating them especially when getting 30 mill!, Is such a great feeling.

There is really one one thing to do in this game if wanna blow it up, and that's 30 mill multiball stack! Which is fun but limited (depth/code wise).

Oh and do love me some mist ball! Very ahead of it's time.

A simpler game, but a real punisher. I love it for what it is and would not want it any other way!
4 months ago
A fun pinball machine to play. I like the part that it is a super fast pinball machine and try to combine the 3 multiball's
5 months ago
Probably one of the best "B" games out there and an excellent addition to a small to mid-sized collection. This game can be incredibly frustrating at times with outlanes that make you want to shoot it with a 9mm. However, when everything is clicking and you have 2-3 stacked multiballs going, it can be one of the best experiences in pinball. This game is getting harder to find in decent shape. Prone to planking playfields and horribly faded cabinets. I've owned it twice and it isn't leaving.
5 months ago
Great dark theme, you want to play it again and again as it is challenging though not too diffícult to learn the gameplay
6 months ago
I can't describe my feeling... I've not understand this pinball.
8 months ago
Probably one of Barry Ousliers best games, though a few others top this game in my opinion.

Pro’s: Game has great shots and fun factor that keeps the games coming.

Artwork is well done throughout.

Call outs don’t get too repetitive.

Music is decently done.

All 3 multi balls are very fun and creative.

Con’s: Game feels a bit basic code wise, even for the time. Almost plays like a late 80’s game in that sense.

Related to the last con, the game is far unbalanced, making multi balls the whole point of the game, with nearly everything else (except Bats and Rats) pointless to go for.

Left ramp can be a bit overpowered if you can get in a groove on it.

Sound quality is a bit behind the times.

Overall, a very fun game, though very much with it’s flaws. I completely understand the hype, but personally think other games from the time are a bit better.
10 months ago
One of the better pinball machines on the market. Fun to play.
10 months ago
One of my favorite pins for tournament play with friends (not a long player ;-)).
I have to add: not only for competition.
The game keeps pulling me in. It often takes a few attempts, but then the perfect and fast multiball game starts… Absolutely exciting! In detail: Three unique multi-balls you have to qualify for in very different ways. And when you manage to stack all three multiballs and you manage to get the super jackpots (sounds, animations, points!!!) - this is one of the most satisfying moments in pinball from the early 1990s. Simply great!
11 months ago
Good game. The ball moving across the playfield and needing to be hit to start a multiball is a cool gimmick.
11 months ago
I have had this game for a while and love it. Gameplay can be a bit tuff but when you have a good game it can be really enjoyable. Being built in 1993 I wish they would have included more to do on the playfield but it understandable. Great call outs during game play. Theme is great and the shots blend into the theme great. One of the best parts of the game is stacking all three multiball and hearing the 30 million call out. All this will be started when mist multiball go into play. Great game. A must play if you can.
1 year ago
I think this is a pretty overrated game. The theme and atmosphere do not speak to me at all, but that's just personal preference and I know that's part of what draws people to love this game. Trying to stack all the multiball modes is fun and challenging, but then once you do it there is basically nothing else to do other than a few side modes like bats. The floating phantom ball is cool and unique, and the shots can have some decent flow. Overall though the game is a little shallow for my taste, and I don't care for the theming so much on this one.
1 year ago
1 year ago
Owned one, sold it, about to buy another. Connect this to a sub and the thumping bass pedal point in the soundtrack is phenomenal! Here's what I love about the game. Sure the artwork is a little bright given the theme, and initially it looks like it could get repetitive. But the gameplay is the perfect balance between difficult but also fair. One of the biggest things for me is that there's no lag, no ball hold delays, no animations that hold the ball until they're over with. You're always playing. Something I hate with newer games is you can spend half your time twiddling your thumbs as it goes through all the bonuses you just got. Especially between balls. I don't need to see the tallying up, just give me my next ball! Drac serves it up immediately and so yeah, your actual ball time is like 99% of the time. I can have 5 games under my belt in 10mins (because I suck), then have a killer game and really get a lot out of it. The rules are simple, the mist is of course epic, and Williams games easily have the best flipper feel of them all. If you're on the fence about this one, JUST GET IT.
1 year ago
At first I didn't like, the shots felt weird, but it ended up being one of my favorites. So difficult, a real challenge, I just keep coming back for more.
1 year ago
It's a classic game with good build quality and easy rules to understand. Stack all the multiballs and listen for the famous 30Million call outs!!! Mist multi ball never gets old. What a game...
1 year ago
Tough game that keeps me coming back. Not my favourite but great in tournaments especially stacking multiball and getting those big jackpots. Great themeing too.
1 year ago
I like a game that challenges me - Dracula can be a mean game, especially if set-up steep and played with lightning flippers. Games can go quick, leaving me to want to have just one more go to try and defeat Dracula and hope to hear "30 Million!"

The gimmick has to be my all-time favorite in pinball, with a ghostly ball traveling across the playfield.

My only complaint is the artwork - the playfield has some odd-looking illustrations of Gary Oldman, but not one of old-man Dracula with his goofy hair and iconic red robe, nor does it feature him in his warrior outfit. Both would have been welcome substitutions. And who can ignore the goofy-looking dracula figurine?

All that said, it's fun. The rules are straightforward - try to set-up 3 multiball modes. The video mode is one of the best in pinball - set it up fast and mean and it's over with in no time.
1 year ago
Seemed a little dark visually. Was not an immediate attention grabber...
1 year ago
Love my dracula I played one 12 months ago an ever since I saved an saved an .... Saved $$$ an finally brought one an not sure what a better review is u play it u like it u buy it an it will never leave just mirror blades an some tasteful LEDs an it's a home run love dracula
1 year ago
Super fun machine. Not a walk up and have fun instant from a non pin head, but one game with video mode + mist ball, people are sold!!
1 year ago
Dracula is one of those games that seems so simple in its tasks, but can be extremely challenging to execute. The combination of a challenging and well thought out playfield/geometry keep you on your toes with this one, and the lightning flippers make sure of that. Want to become a better player? Add this one to your lineup.

Where this game "lacks" in depth, it more than makes up in shot satisfaction, challenge, lastability, replayability, and fun. It is straightforward, but extremely rewarding when you stack the three multiballs, and start getting double-triple jackpots, and the famous "Thiiirrrttttyyy Milllliiiioooonnnn" call-out for hitting shots.

The game itself can be a little on the challenging side to shop out (ramps HAVE to come out for access to the back of the playfield), and the Mist mechanic can be tricky to dial in, but it's all well documented at this point, and shouldn't scare a potential owner. Game is beautiful when it is freshly shopped, and all the lamps are crisp and clear.

Thematically, this is another one where the game has transcended the movie it was based on, and has become a stand-alone "Dracula/horror" theme, and it works great. The music, call outs, lightshow, and DMD animations never grow old, and while simplistic by today's standards, do a great job of getting the adrenaline pumping. There really isn't another game like this one, as it isn't loaded with campy humor, and it works well.
1 year ago
BSD is a great game. Good playfield layout, themed well, with good artwork, and incredible sound, and some of the best dmd animations. The game has a true personality and soul that’s not also found with branded pins. The rules set is fun and intuitive. The toys and plastics are well designed and finely crafted. The mist ball feature is innovative and well choreographed with sound and dmd animations. Playing this game in your dark basement at night surely makes ones hair stand on end. A game design classic. Scoop one up if you get a chance.
1 year ago
A true gem of a pinball machine and one of Barry Oursler's best ever! It doesn't have a deep ruleset like some of the other 90's era Bally/Williams pins but this one keeps you coming back for more. The Mist-Ball feature is without question the coolest toy in all of pinball and there are 3 different Multi-Ball modes and a nice little video mini-game on the DMD too. The game has great flow and the shots are satisfying. Destroying Dracula is always fun as is the 30 Million point shots. You can really rack up great scores on this pinball machine and when you do it's really gratifying because this game might be one of the most difficult pinball machines to do that on consistently. The outlanes on this pinball machine are absolutely brutal....NO MERCY! If Horror Themed Pinball machines are your thing this one ranks right up at the very top of the list. Can wait to see what Barry Oursler's future games are at Deeproot.
There are 361 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 15.

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