Bow and Arrow

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Game Design: 7.649

Artwork: 7.486

Sounds/Music: 2.972

Other Aspects: 7.653

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Found 17 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 17 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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85 days ago
Typical Bally EM. Scrolling values at center target and top eject hole is a cool feature. Good game overall.
11 months ago
I love this game. I had one then sold it but missed it so I bought another. Ripping spinners or collecting a maxed out bonus for 10000 points a shot is always rewarding.
3 years ago
Had this game for a short while. Never found it interesting enough to keep. So so.
3 years ago
This is a double spinner game. I like the layout. Its fun to shoot. The theme doesn't really do much for me. The artwork is good, but I don't really care much for it. The rules are simple but fine. EM's are not for everyone, but I enjoy playing them. I think with a nice coat of wax and proper coil strength this game could be a lot of fun. Besides the two spinners there is a gate. Sadly the game I played the gate was broken. Not much innovation or toys in this pin. Some EM's had a lot of cool toys. But, with two spinners you don't need much. A fun game. And I think if you have the space and can find a working one. Might be worth it to add to your collection.... And I think it could even be a great candidate for a retheme...
4 years ago
First Pinball I remember playing when I was a wee lad. Loved it then. Just purchased a very nice solid example of one from fellow pinsider and it's been a blast playing again. Love the theme and the spinners. Just a great old EM that has always appealed to me. Little big man was one of my favorite movies when I was younger and this pin fits in the same vein. New rubbers and a good waxing and some leds and this machine rocks. This machine is a keeper for me.
5 years ago
First game I ever played...and played and played and played. I have a special attachment to this machine to be sure, but it is still one of my favorite EMs. LOVE smashing the double spinners and collecting the bonus. The add of the bonus gate is exceptional for the age. I'm a sucker for games with "special when lit" because of this machine. Having it on the outlanes is evil as I'm still a sucker to give up the score to hear it pop out a free credit.
5 years ago
This is a solidly good game. The spinner clicks are excellent. However, immediately going to the bumpers after a spinner usually means the ball rebounds and stops the spinner, darn it.
5 years ago
I recently had the opportunity to repair a friend's Bow and Arrow and got some games in during the refurb. Being a huge Bally EM fan of course I'm biased, but it is a really solid and fun machine. I think it is a prime example of a great late era EM that I'd be a happy to have in my own collection.

1. Double spinners
2. You can collect the bonus via the kick out and at the end of ball!
3. Colors are good
4. The continuous motion of the lights is like getting the Bally Skyrocket effect throughout the game on a smaller scale - way cool for an EM
5. Trying to shoot the darn gate is really hard - but fun

1. The theme - I really like the Native American backglass and artwork, but I have a hard time connecting that look with pinball.
2. The A, B, C, D thing is kind of different. I guess I would have preferred Bally drops down there on the playfield.

1. Play it
2. I'd add it to my collection
3. I see it come up fairly normally locally - I think I need one!
5 years ago
The double spinner is pure fun and for an EM pin it has a lot of gimmicks like the spinning targets, the gate and the 4 bumpers. Furthermore it has a very colourful backglas. For me one of the best EM pinball ever.
5 years ago
ABCD targets are mostly accidental hits. Making skill shots consist of timing the top kick out hole and perhaps hitting the bonus collect hole. Increase bonus by hitting the spinners, which is fun. Otherwise, I find the game bland, and my other EM's get more love. The artwork is really nice, however. Overall a decent EM.
6 years ago
While the double spinner is fun, the game lacks lastability for me.
6 years ago
Love the look of this game and the theme. Love the spinner! Not sure how long it will last in my collection, but good, simple 4 player EM. First played it at Pin-a-Go-Go and knew I had to own it for awhile.
7 years ago
Bow and Arrow is a classic. Love hitting the double spinners.
7 years ago
I owned one of these for a short while, I remember playing it as a youngster in the arcades. I loved whacking those spinners to get the reels clicking round. Not much else to this game otherwise.
8 years ago
Bow and Arrow is another solid game from the reliable and underrated designer Greg Kmiec.

The Pros:
Double spinners that will be seen again in the righteous Harlem Globe Trotters that lead to a very active garden of pop bumpers. The saucer in the upper left hand corner of the game is king for bonus collect as well as giving the player a moment of rest before the pinball madness resumes. Making the return lane is always satisfying. The art package is Christian Marche doing his non-pointy-people thing and making the horned poodle hunt look like an exciting event. 10 rotations of the spinner to add to the bonus means that ripping the spinners is fun, satisfying and worth the chaos in the pop bumpers that ensues after the shot is made. Build and collect bonus on the PF is always a great way to play pinball!

The Cons:
A-B-C-D targets seem to come to the player more by chance than by aimed shots. The B and D targets in particular are dangerous shots, so why take them if you don't need to? The Center standup is a sucker shot if I ever saw one. The return lane is accessed more often from the pops than it is from an aimed flipper shot.

The Takeaway:
A good, but not great game from Bally and Kmiecs team in late '74. Imagine what this would have looked like with a Dave Christensen art package?!? Find the SS version if you can!

I got the chance to play a REALLY nice copy of this deck and I have to say... I had a great time. This game once again cements my opinion that Greg Kmeic is one of the most underrated pinball game designers ever to have graced the silver ball. I absolutely love build/collect bonus games. If you can get the bonus maxed, you can just forget everything else that is going on with this table. I do wish that the bonus collect would reset the bonus to 1k. The little lip at the bottom of the left side from the saucer lane should tip the ball to the PF in an irregular manner/ towards the right sling, So you can anticipate the exit with nudging or take a chance with what the game gives you. Boy, those outlanes are DEATH! Lots of spinners and pops are loads of fun! Looking more closely at this deck, I see quite a bit of Harlem GlobeTrotters in the making.
9 years ago
I wasn't sure about this one. I loved the backglass but the game itself looked a little blah. Once I played it for a while I really like it. It seems well ahead of it's time. Lots to do that will reward you with point and like others have said, those spinners are more fun than they have any right to be.
9 years ago
My first pin. I bought it in 1979 and gave it to a boys club in Florida. A great EM that I miss terribly (along with my youth)
There are 17 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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