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Bobby Orr's Power Play

Pinside rating

This game received 56 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.293 /10


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This game ranks #206 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.355

Artwork: 7.583

Sounds/Music: 4.675

Other Aspects: 7.46

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Found 31 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 31 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 months ago
A personal favorite for me; especially on theme due to the fact I’m a huge Chicago Blackhawks fan!
8 months ago
This is a classic from the late 70's! Many may disagree with me but the play field, while somewhat simplistic, (especially compared with post Millennial offerings) is deceptively difficult! I will readily admit my bias for this machine as this one was the one that I really learned how to play pinball on! A machine like this is a perfect learning machine for anyone wanting to hone their pinball skills! It's a testament that, 40 years later, it's still the machine I remember from my college days!
9 months ago
I feel this game does not get the respect it deserves. One of 6 games I have in my collection and gets alot of play.......different and unique.
1 year ago
This one was (and still is to some degree) all over the Northeast USA growing up, and I assume it's prominent in most areas where hockey is popular. Really fits the definition of "solid but unspectacular." Two banks of drop targets which are accessible from all four flippers, a kick out hole up top, two lanes of rollovers, and a post that comes up between the flippers, kind of representing the hockey powerplay. Top flippers are nice to mix things up but are limited as I don't think you can get the lanes from them. Love the little tune it plays on the bells.
1 year ago
Another example of a older solid state game that actually is quite entertaining and offers relatively fast and exciting action mostly due to well thought-out playfield setup. This is one of the few older games with a symmetric playfield that doesnt slow the ball down or render the game onedimensional.

The opposing target banks, with an additional set of small flipper fingers and the star rollovers on each side of the horse shoe lane makes scoring and play surprisingly fun, compared to other titles from this period of time.

Like Harlem Globetrotters; the cosmetics here arent great or spectacular. On the other hand its a fitting picture for the ishockey theme and this older type of cabinets in general. Some people might perhaps hesitate to put this game, with a picture of a giant indian in the center, in their home as a strict matter of taste.

As expected with a 1978 game the sound has it’s limitations, but that hockey anthem tune, like the artwork, works rather well with the overall package.

Power play is clearly above average among the early solid state games and worth checking out. There is possibly not enough lasting power here to make this a wise choice for the small home collection.
1 year ago
There was one close to home while I was growing up invested a lot of time invested a lot of quarters. Truly money well spent.
1 year ago
Upped flippers only really aim at the drop targets, but these can be hit by the main flippers. Plays fast, great chimes for music. Nice colour scheme. No spinners, but a post at the bottom. Complex machine inside being on the cusp of SS.
2 years ago
From the first time I played this game, I was in love with it and I wanted to own one. It's simple a simple concept yet difficult enough to keep me coming back over and over. I would play it on location as much as possible and finally I bought my own. No toys, no animations, no real music, just fun pinball. Being a Blackhawks themed game makes me love it even more!
2 years ago
As a Blackhawks fan, it has it's appeal visually. Pretty boring layout, everything is symmetrical and there's just not a lot going on. I like to play a few games, its ok. I do like the little flippers to shoot the drop targets in the center though.
2 years ago
Very lucky to get a chance to play this on location. Love those chimes!
3 years ago
A real snooze fest of a game... totally uninspired.
3 years ago
very tough game to master. only big knock on it is that Bobby Orr isn't in a bruins uniform.
3 years ago
Typical early Bally solid state game, however, there's nary a spinner to be found, so I'm not sure how to properly situate the game. Similar in layout to Six Million Dollar Man, but that game does have the dual side spinners. Here we get two upper flippers, which I don't seem to use much in the game, I instead use them to direct the ball back down to the main flippers and set up my shots from there. The theme is fantastic, and the art is matter how odd it is to see Bobby Orr wearing a Blackhawks jersey. This game gets lots of love for the theme, but those wanting a nice example of a period Bally in their collection could look elsewhere and get a better playing game overall.
3 years ago
Bobby Orr's Power Play lacks any sort of ingenuity in its overly symmetrical and dull design. Gameplay suffers because of the lackluster design, and there's no reason to put a quarter in this Bally.

Pretty much just a game for hockey fans to momentarily oogle then walk away from.
3 years ago
The theme is fairly well executed for this era game - it plays fast and the slap shots to the targets are fun. The center post (a goalie of sorts) adds a nice strategy element to the game and keeps you on your toes. The rollovers are well positioned to make the game interesting.

I'm generally not a huge fan of perfectly symmetrical layouts, but considering a hockey rink I suppose it makes sense.

The starting tune is fun, but overall the chime sounds are mediocre - they are a bit hollow and tinny when you compare them to Gottlieb chimes.

The drop targets are frustrating when shooting from the lower flippers since they often don't drop, but soon you you get over this annoyance and realize that side flipper shots are more reliable, although challenging to time correctly.

Although game play is repetitive, it is definitely not easy and it is fast, so that helps a bit with lastability. And there are a couple options for game settings, such as completing one or both sets of drop targets to earn bonus multiplier.

So it's a decent, affordable game to have in a medium or large collection to add a little variety and a good game for beginners to practice their skills.
3 years ago
The upper flippers with wide open middle makes for some neat "hockey passes" back and fourth as you try to line up your shots at the drop targets. It is a shame this was made after Bobby left the Bruins, retheme it is you can, lol.
5 years ago
This is an early classic game I once owned. I am a hockey fan (GO SHARKS!!) so I got this. I like the popup between the flippers which simulates a hockey power play. Nice feature there. Targets to hit and simple enough for anyone to play. Collectible because Bobby Orr was great and he played most of career with Boston however this game has him in his last year as a Chicago Blackhawk so there are 2 big fan bases there to choose from. Backglass has Bobby Orr shooting left handed but in real life he shot right handed. This error makes it unique. In coin collecting an error strike makes that coin more valuable so maybe the same with this game. In any case I kept the extra back glass and made frame for it and have it on my wall. Very affordable classic target type game.
6 years ago
Great vintage bally game that tests your shot skill with targets on both sides. Also helps that it has the best logo in sports all over it. Chicago Blackhawks.
6 years ago
A very simple layout with some challenging drop shots required. The color is fantastic, along with the theme. It's perfect for a hockey fan, Blackhawks fan, or just a vintage pinball machine fan.
6 years ago
Back in 1977 Arcades abounded in London. Usually frequented by drug dealers, pimps and their lady workers, they were dark, smokey and seedy. As a 15 year old boy I loved them and spent hours and hours playing games like Bobby Orr in them.
You've got to imagine the game as new. I mean brand new. It was so fast. The resetting targets, the ultra fast bumpers the ko hole and the bonus multiplier to X5!! It was great and I love this game not so much for the theme nor artwork, but the wonderful memories it brings back. It is a fast flowing game and another winner by Mr. Kmiec.
7 years ago
Decent game overall...
7 years ago
It's ok, not a hockey fan, ok for it's time...
7 years ago
Classic early Bally SS, similar to many games they made during the period, but this one has just a little more going for it than the others. Guaranteed this would be a much higher ranked game if it had been done with a Boston Bruins theme, it still makes me cringe to see #4 in a Blackhawks uniform. But that doesn't stop it from being a really fun game to play!!
7 years ago
To start with, i am a Canadian hockey fanatic so i am sure that my review reflects that. This is a simple, symmetrical, early solid state game with great flow if not super speed.

Likes: The pop up bumper to eliminate the center drain. Love this feature. It is the goal to achieve this as soon as you have a chance. It prolongs your ball time significantly. Once that is achieved, its time to hit the drop targets. 4 flippers to go after 2 banks of targets (one on each side). I hate games with targets that simply award points when hit...i want the target to me that i am accomplishing something! The theme: Hockey...and its Bobby Orr! the greatest ever (begin debate now).. The art is gorgeous...excellent depiction by Dave Christensen (no B, B and B ?) and there is a ton of hockey and Canada references on the playfieild, cabinet and backglass. I like the perfect symmetry of the game...others may not. Getting the ball in the upper-kick-out is satisfying and something that accurate nudging can acheive...this lights the bonus rollovers on the left and right side.

Dislikes: Ok, the Blackhawk things sucks but lets move past that. Speed is not great, but flow is. It would be great if there were more toys or gimmicks...its a simple game, made in a simpler time. The sounds are all chimes...they are OK but would love to hear more hockey appropriate sounds. No mods , no upgrades, wtf!?

At our house, it is a favorite game for those newer to pinball, those who are nostalgic, those who love hockey, or are Canadian and those who prefer or enjoy an EM style of play.
After having recently acquired an AC/DC limited edition, the slowness of Power Play is even more evident. But frankly, it would be sacriligious to ever consider parting with this game. Its time to wax the playfield.
7 years ago
Bobby Orr Power Play is a great pinball game that in many ways could have been themed with anyone/anything.

The Pros:
Greg Kmeic kills it again with a great design. Lots of shots. 4 Flippers and 3 pops that are seen again in Harlem Globetrotters. A deceptively fast PF from so many angles. As always, the Dave Christensen art package is top notch.

The Cons:
Bobby Orr as a Blackhawk? Where is Boston? The Saucer must be adjusted to put the ball back into the game or it will bounce back into the saucer, making a big part of the strategy of this deck null and void. I wish I could set it so that both drop target banks would advance the 2x to special awards.

The Takeaway:
A great pinball game by a great design team that got caught up in the marketing machine of Bally. Good thing that the game is greater than a means to cross pollenate pinball and culture. Greg Kmiec and his team did a bang up job. Unfortunately, this was the last solid playing game that Dave Christensen worked on. Six Million Dollar man was not a Kmiec design and Dave never got to work with a solid designer again. If this game plays "eashy" for you... steepen it up. Wax it up and put fresh white rubbers on this deck. Just like the Ruskies says... Hockey, it's for real men.
There are 31 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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