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2 years ago
interesting rule set - unfortunately most people have never seen it or haven't played it enough to appreciate.
2 years ago
One of my all time fav's, I was a big BMXer back in the day so this game is rife with nostalgia, and it's fun on top of that!
2 years ago
A fairly straight forward game. Complete one of three target banks to light a bonus sprocket. Collect the bonus by shooting the upper saucer. High scores are achieved by repeating the upper saucer shot. There is a bit more to it then that, but that's BMX 101. It's hard to rank BMX without mentioning it's sister game, Hardbody. There is probably little debate that BMX is the more universally popular theme. Also, because it was first, BMX probably compares more favorably to it's piers. Both machines share a great two tier layout and I like both games, but with current prices, I think Hardbody is the better "bang for your buck".
3 years ago
I'm not keen on the BMX theme, but the pf has a decent layout and the shots are okay. The raised pf with the flippers and drops / stand ups is between a BK and maybe Flash Gordon, but there wasn't much else going on to give the game special appeal. I played it, nodded to it, and walked away with no hesitation.

I don't think I'd ever put this on my wishlist - mostly due to the theme (but I really dig Banzai Run, so...) but I'd recommend giving it a shot or two to nearby passersby.
6 years ago
BMX is a game that a great look to it, but was more of a lead into other later designs by Ward Pemberton.

The Pros:
A great layout and a lower pf that demands full attention at all times. The lack of gates to the inlane/outlane requires mastery of your flippers and 4 instead of two buttons on the side of the cabinet. The art package reminds me of Skateball. Thank you Mr. Freres.

The Cons:
The reflex inlane/outlane is not always reliable with getting the ball to go back to the flippers. Ball times are brutally short even with a generous setup. Lower PF feels kind of useless. You better have strong flippers or you'll never get back to the upper pf.

The Takeaway:
A good game that punishes bad play... to the point of demoralization. If you can work it, you have definitely earned it. Between this and Hardbody, I'd give the edge to Hardbody.

I got the chance to play a really nice copy of this game (#2) that worked as it should and to my surprise, the game was much easier than I remembered. Although I didn't care for the droning bg sound, it can be turned off. Dropping the bricks at the top with the timer quickly passing gives you the opportunity to shoot for the extra ball. It's not an easy shot. Another nice surprise was the magnet under the sprocket that randomizes the path of the ball on the upper PF when the ball exits the 2x lane. However the best was yet to come when I figured out that the saucer at the top of the PF is a bonus collect! Build and collect... it never ends. This may be software adjustable (would an owner please let me know if this is right or not) but the copy I played did not set the bonus back to 0 once it was collected. Could be unbalancing and make the upper saucer the only shot worth making. Could not tell if the 2x/3x PF score affected this. The owner of the game also told me an interesting bit of trivia. The game was originally supposed to be E.T. (kids on bikes) but the license fell through. So, big upgrades to the scores on this table and while I don't think I'd want it in the collection, I'm putting it on par with Hardbody for fun and enjoyability. Find one if you can and play on!
There are 5 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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