Blackwater 100

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Game Design: 7.272

Artwork: 7.42

Sounds/Music: 6.247

Other Aspects: 7.033

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There are 17 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 months ago
This game is great, amazing unique shots which will throw off even pro players. Every time someone plays it they always wanna go back for another game
10 months ago
This is a very neat pin. It is unique as it has multiple levels of playfield. A absolute ton of different things to hit and do. It is extremely fast play and can be a ball draining game. So it is more for advanced players. If you are a beginner, it will draw you in, but than its fast play will usually leave beginner pin players to put it to the sideline for something else. It has a huge ramp along the whole pin which is fun. It also is a very unique game as you start with multi-ball. It reminds me of nintendo mario kart when you start. It has the gate that drops when it goes, red, yellow and green. You than hit the bottom buttons and it gives you points based on how timed you hit it when it turns green. Than you can lock two balls in the drop targets so you can play with one ball after it starts. But you have to get them locked before they drain. Over a very fun, fast playing pinball.
11 months ago
This machine is different and that’s good. In a world of 1000s of pinball machines it’s nice to have ones that are like no others. It might not have the best shots, or rules and that’s ok.

Each ball starts with a multiball and on the upper upper playfield(there is another upper playfield on the lower half of the playfield, crazy right?). If there is a such thing as a machine to train a player to not just stare at the flippers on the bottom of the playfield this is it, because every ball at some point there are balls high and low.

I don’t imagine there are many people who’s top hobbies are pinball and dirt biking. If you are one of those people seek this machine out.
1 year ago
The lower playfield orbit is ludicrously fast and needs a spinner or something as the ball will zoom around and SDTM before you can react. Could use a “super game” feature allowing you to select normal 3 ball. Somewhere between this and Banzai Run is a mythical hybrid game.
3 years ago
I really didn't care for this time. I'll give it credit, it's unique how it starts off with 3 balls each time, but I prefer to start with one ball and earn my extra balls like a standard multiball. The playfield is fairly underwhelming. In very little time it's easy to hit all of the shots and then wonder what the incentive to keep playing is aside from padding one's score. This is far from the weakest pin I've played, but nowhere near the better ones. That said, it is unique, and that does still count for something.
3 years ago
Grew up loving everything dirt bikes so was super excited to give this pin a try. I must say, I really really like it. If I had designed my own pinball, this is what I would have done. Five flipper fun. They used every inch of space they could. Love the shots to get up to upper level. White water type ramp on the left side of the PF is pretty sweet.
I would highly recommend giving this pin a shot, especially if you like dirt bikes.
3 years ago
A very original game . So nice and atypic
7 years ago
This game is based on a West Virginia race so its really cool for me and I do like it. It may not be a keeper for me but its fun.
7 years ago
This is a great concept - but in execution, it unfortunately falls short... The game relies on essentially a gimmick that doesn't really work, and therefore makes this game pretty unplayable after a couple turns.
7 years ago
A nice looking game and truly unique. I played several games at APE. So you start with 3 pinballs (motorcycles) that you race over the field.
I am not a big fan of multi-ball experiences. I know its a must for every pinball since the early/mid 80s, but still not my thing. Once you lose 2 of the 3 balls there's really not much to do. The split (lower & upper) play field layout hinders flow. So you have 2 small fields that both are not very exciting. I really wanted to like this game but it just wasn't meant to be.
8 years ago
It was over almost as quickly as it started. This is a terrible "on location" game, as you can't figure out what you need to do in just a few gameplays. Might be great at home, but it was tough on location...
8 years ago
This game may not be for everyone and the music is corny hillbilly but being from W.V.A where the race used to be held I can really identify with it.... I love the playfield design and the chaotic multiball start from the gate and the corresponding "hole shot" skill shot are pure Nordman genius it really emulates the chaos that was the start of that long ago motorcycle race / a fun game to play once you get into it ....quite challenging
8 years ago
Good use of theme with ramps and 3 ball starting gate.
8 years ago
I like a pinball that reflects it's theme well, and I must say this is one of the best.
I think a very misunderstood and unconventional game.
As mentioned above the game needs to set up and maintained properly.
My favourite 80's game.
9 years ago
Really neat game but the novelty wears off pretty quick, hard to find one without a lot of busted plastics, the balls really beat around on them hard in this pin.
9 years ago
Blackwater 100 is a very unique game. It also seems to be a very touchy and sensitive deck that must be precisely maintained to give you the game you are looking for.

The Pros:
This game looks great. The PF is a truly creative design. I think it is even more inspired than Banzai Run and leads me to the belief that Dennis Nordman is one of the most underrated and underappreciated pinball designers out there. The PF is incredible and even the insides of the cabinet are full of color and detail. The shots take you all over the field and then some. Some of the standups have to be shot by putting the ball up a small ramp and the targets face down diagonally toward the PF. I have never seen this on another game. The WH20 ramp on the left is a great way to get to the bottom of the pf where flipper #5 lives. Shots, shots, shots everywhere and don't forget... you start each ball with a 3 ball multiball. Revving the engine with the flipper buttons never gets old.

The Cons:
BW100 has so many custom plastics... some of them are bound to be broken and when the ramps are on that plastic... ugh. I'm not the biggest fan of the BG. Considering multiball is usually a goal in this game, and it gives it to you every ball... it doesn't seem to ever last that long. Finding parts for this table must be a career unto itself. If not set up properly, is completely frustrating to play.

The Takeaway:
A cool game that I'd like to get to know better. When I really have this one down, my ratings may change. In the meantime... I gotta go get to one that works as it should.

I got my hands on a nice working copy of this deck in Carnegie, PA. I really want to like this deck, but am having trouble finding the "flow" of this proto-Whitewater. I like the upper PF angled ramp to the three diagonally down facing standups. I had to look at the game sideways and from a kids POV to finally see where they were. Nordman's a trixy one, he beez. I love the ramp to the inverted lower apron PF. I just gotta get better at hitting those R-A-I-N targets for the playfield X multiplier. The lower horseshoe loop to light the ball save is a great example of risk/reward. No love for the lower right ramp to the upper PF. There just seems to be no way to make that shot. I also have not been able to make the upper PF horseshoe ramp/orbit. So much to shoot for, I'd just like to be able to make all the shots. Imagine that. A fun layout with great shots that absolutely has to be tip-top to play as it was designed to.

Update v.2:
Found a super cherry copy that has been pampered like no other BW100 I have ever played. Lots of fun to shoot and play. Do I want a game that demands high octane pin-fuel every day? Depends. I like this game more than I did before, but boy is it finicky. Flipper bats with long shafts. Stock up on them if you own this deck. Scores updated.
10 years ago
Good theme, nordman characteristics, dig the 3 balls to start with, dig the ramp graphics, dig the kick back on the draining of the 3rd ball, dig the sounds
There are 17 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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