Black Spider-Man

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This game ranks 3rd in the game group "Spider-Man". The group itself ranks #19 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game design: 8.327

Artwork: 7.71

Sounds/Music: 7.625

Other Aspects: 8.257

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Black Spider-Man".
The other versions are: Spider-Man (regular version), Spider-Man VE

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4 months ago
Fun game with lots to do, finish all modes and then complete battle royale and you have a chance to beat the game in hero mode. Overall a fun pin which in my opinion is the best superhero Pin at the moment.
6 months ago
I realize that this version (playfield wise) is the same as the regular Spiderman, except for the fact that it's chromed, limited to 500, shaker motor, the cabinet art is unique along with the mirrored back glass. Nonetheless, this limited look really makes it standout. The gameplay is great, fast and exciting. Easily the best super hero pin made and one of Steve Ritchie's best.
11 months ago
This is a fun pin worth trying, but it gets buried a little bit by better comic book themed pins in my opinion. Maybe it's the bad taste that Spiderman 3 left in my mouth. There are enough shots to hit and things to accomplish in this game that it would probably be way more fun once I figure them all out, but the question is whether or not I would continue to play it when it's lined up with a bunch of pins that are a bit more enjoyable. That said, it is Spiderman, and Spiderman is one of the coolest superheroes of all time. I almost wish we had a Spiderman pin based off of the 90's cartoon series.
1 year ago
I’ve owned this for a couple months and can testify that it’s awesome. The Venom ramp is one of the most satisfying ramps in pinball and the other villains are all great to bring down. When you have multiball and the Green Goblin/JK Simmons callouts going..that’s about as good as it gets. Great ramps, great code, if you get the color DMD great everything.
1 year ago
This is definitely my S.A.M favourite. Flowy, fast, varied gameplay, funny callouts, very good sound (with the right hardware :-)). If there only would be drop targets at the Green Goblin. :-)

You've won an extra, extra, extra ball.
1 year ago
Fun great shooting game! The black edition is beautiful
2 years ago
Mayhem Meets Strategy!
Very fun adrenaline filled game, with a lot of shots.
Game flow is very good. But some shots are tight: when you are on there is great flow, when your ramp shots are off not so much. So the game is a mix between downright crazy, skill shooting (Ramps, Orbits, Doc Oc) , target bashing (Goblin and Sandman targets) and rule based strategy and you adjust depending on how your game is going.
Modes are stackable and can be added during Multiball and the Octo Multiball...this leads to total craziness as the shaker and all various call outs and lights kicking in... one shot can lead to several scores. I think the center post adds to the strategy also, it can hurt you as much as it helps.
Overall the artwork on the Black is fantastic. The DMD animations aren’t that great,but some of them grow on you. Music and call outs are cool, and there seems to be different call outs very often.
Overall very fun and well themed game.
3 years ago
Black isnt worth the extra money at all!!! Game has good flow but rules have no depth. Game is best suited for arcade location not home environment in my opinion. Callouts and music is low quality. Overall a fun game but not one id want to own (friend let me borrow one)
3 years ago
Fun in a dark and evil kind of way, decent layout, gets going pretty fast, and always worth playing if it's around.
3 years ago
Great game. Can't see how it could be rated lower than the pro. Cost isn't one of the measures to rate it on.
3 years ago
Fun game but not for have it at home, and is not a beautiful machine FOR ME.
3 years ago
Really? Derivative doesn't begin to capture how boring this machine was to everyone I've seen evaluate it. I wonder sometimes whether folks are paid to give the numbers on a few of these machines because on no planet would anyone honestly say this is a game that is enjoyable over and over or has good sound or lighting.
3 years ago
Not sure why we need a separate listing for the Spiderman Black Edition. It is the EXACT same game as the top 20 Spiderman game listed on Pinside. The black and chrome cabinet is much better looking in my opinion, making this a more attractive cabinet than the standard.
3 years ago
A great looking Pin and a great playing pin.
Wish I never sold mine.
What more can I say.
3 years ago
Yes, I've played one of these Black Spidey versions several times. This is a pin I would play at a location every time I go, but the "Lastability" of it as a HUO game would probably not be that long for me, except that it is pretty rare. The game design is ok, but wish there was better theatrics or better modes or something to keep my interest better. I like the theme and others would play it just for that. Maybe some extra modes can add some excitement/eye candy rewards. I do like the artwork graphics better than the original version or VE version. I like the pin, but it would get old after the honeymoon love period for owning one.
3 years ago
Best superhero themed pin. Fully developed theme, art, sounds and rules are well rounded. Backglass looks spectacular.
3 years ago
I'm not a big fan of comic book themed anything, but this machine is super fun to play and gorgeous to look at. Superb light show and great variety of shots. The magnet locking feature on Doc Ock is really really cool.... best toy on the machine. Sound is decent (the again, I haven't upgraded the speakers). Callouts have decent variety. If you get several ramps or combos in a row, Spiderman yells "Woooooo Hoooooo!", which I love. Hahaha. I have owned this game for about 2 months now and do not regret buying it. I play it every day, and definitely has a "one more game" factor. Bottom line: GREAT game, even if you don't like comic book themed games.
4 years ago
One of the Best Games out there. Fine example of modern Stern twist on a classic title. Out of all the marvel pinball games this is the best. Includes all three Spider-man movies. I just could not wait to include this into my collection. I just really get charged on adrenaline while playing. An aggressive pinball to play. In general I like the fighting style pinballs most. This is another level of excitement! The music, sound, and lighting are choreographed beautifully. A shaker is a must although the "BSM" already has it included.
4 years ago
Love the lighting of the play field
5 years ago
Very fun and quick game with many tight ramp shots and the Sandman right in the middle. Graphics on DMD are great. Game is well lit with no dark or hidden spots. Just an all around nice Stern layout.
5 years ago
I was expecting a lot out of this pin, and was a little underwhelmed...It just didn't wow me; playfield layout is very cool, with a lot of variety...But just didn't click with me after about 5 plays.

Would love to spend more time on it, as I feel the theme is great; cabinet art is boring; and the toys on the playfield could have been better IMO; time will tell, as would really like to spend more time with it.

Sounds were a little underwhelming compared to other SuperHero Stern machines like Avengers and Transformers.
5 years ago
Still the best and fastest Stern game. Fun right from the start and has enough for beginners to do without being overwhelmed, yet has a very deep rule set.
5 years ago
Stern Spiderman is a great playing game. I was just not as into it as much as other Stern gmaes. Upon recent review... this is changing. The more I play this game, the more I like it. As Martha would say... "It's a good thing..." and this is a really good pinball.

The Good: Artwork and theme are very well implemented. Bonesaaw! Great shot. Full on Steve Ritchie PF design! The ball does not stop moving until you get to the final wz mode. This game has FLOW! The integration of the theme is one of the best I have ever seen. Stack your modes and THEN hit a multiball for maximum playability. Double and Triple scoring shots are way sweet! This game is a players game and there is lots and lots to do. Stacking is king here and to get your first mode and then your Doc Oc... you pretty much need to hit every shot in the game from the start. The LE version has a rumble motor and the spiderweb flipper guards are perfect for this table. Kudos to Lyman and Co. for the revised (and revised and revised) code. Gary Stern... give this man a raise. Lyman and his like make your good games GREAT GAMES! The upgraded sound system on this deck makes a difference with how this game sounds in a big way.

The Bad: Sounds are tinny and thin. Maybe turning up the sound will help. Or maybe upgraded speakers? Considering SR did World Poker tour... I thought the Green Goblin would have had drop targets. Movie clips on the DMD are muddy. Hit Doc Oc over and over and over.... The ramp from the upper right flipper either is super smooth or I just can't seem to hit the damn thing. I like the translite design and colors better than this backglass (I can't believe I'm saying that...).

The Takeaway: A great design and a real players table. It took me a long time to "get" this game. Playing with some other pin-heads who I respected made me see even more great things about this deck. Sometimes the games can be long, but that's not always a bad thing. The best Stern games in my eyes: TSPP, LOTR, AC/DC and then Spiderman, WPT, Tron , Ripley's, after that, a bunch of games lumped together including: Monopoly, Family Guy, Iron Man, Avatar and X-men. The rest... I forget.

The more I play this game, the more I like AND respect it. This deck is a true player!

Update v2:
At the world championships I witnessed Jorian Engelbrektsson (Former PAPA champ and current world champ for 2014) utterly destroy this game with over 400 million on the first ball by hitting Doc Ock over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over... This qualifies as an exploit to me and after having played this game with that strategy (and having found it successful), I have to significantly reduce the scores on gameplay and longevity. This is a good game, but not a great one and because of that, it joins the ranks of Medieval Madness and just about every game JPop ever produced. It's a damn shame too. Can I still play this game for fun... yes. But when the win is on the line... I'm shooting for Doc Ock again and again and again and again and again and again...

So disappointing. This game is off the wishlist.

Update v3:
Now that I have gotten over myself and played more of this game, it's great when you play the entire game. Can you still Doc Ock all day? Yes. But double/triple the right ramp and hit super hero... big points! This PF design just FEELS right. I still wish there was more to do with the shot under the upper right hand flipper, but man... it is really hard to find much fault in this deck. I like this game a lot and have re-upped my scores on it's rating.

Spider Pig!
Spider Pig!
Does whatever a spider pig does!
Can he swing from a web?
No he can't
He's a pig
He is the spider pig!!
6 years ago
I find this to be an overrated Stern game. I want to like it more, Spider-Man has always been my favorite super hero. I have more fun with most of the other super hero games though.
There are 24 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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