Black Knight Sword of Rage (Pro)

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Game Design: 7.686

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Other Aspects: 7.764

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This is "Black Knight Sword of Rage (Pro)".
The other versions are: Black Knight Sword of Rage (Premium), Black Knight Sword of Rage (LE)

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4 days ago
Played a lot of this on location. Great game for competative play, fast flowing shots keep you shooting through modes in a more focused way as opposed to the Prem and LE.
42 days ago
I am a huge Black Knight fan, but unfortunately I bought a pro and very much ended up regretting it. The playfield was empty and I got bored with the game very fast. Love the art, animations and sound, but it could not save this pin. Steve Ritchie is one of my favorite designers, but Black Knight SOR pro is his worst game by far in the last 15-20 years.
66 days ago
I thought that not having the upper playfield would make the Pro a bit boring, but that is not the case at all. This game stands on its own by being fast and fun. This game gets everything right: the shots, the speed, the art, the lighting. The shots are great, especially the backhand from the right flipper into the ball lock. This game never gets old.
3 months ago
I took a chance on this game after being told it was just "okay". I started asking around about the pro because the upper playfield looked like it was very barren and really only functioned as a ball lock for the most part. I asked people that enjoy the same kind of games I enjoy. I love fast and challenging games, and this hits the mark for me. The classic theme also really hits home for me as I really love older tables.

In my opinion, not having an upper playfield really helps this game flow so smoothly, shots feel great, and it doesn't clunk around like some other modern Stern games. The fan layout is classic, but there are some very dangerous shots. Hitting The Knight straight on is a recipe for a drain down the middle.

Speaking of the knight.. I LOVE the knight toy!!! This is by far one of the best toys in pinball. I feel like I'm really fighting The Black Knight throughout the game, and while a lot of people are divided about whether this game is really a Black Knight game without the upper playfield, I feel it absolutely nails it as a sequel table.

I like the modes and the rules for them, I just wish some rules were a little more clear, for instance how to collect super jackpots is not really spelled out for you or obvious, and you don't even know it's active unless you are paying close attention to the screen. I feel like having bigger font, or calling more attention to it in game would be better. Hopefully this will happen in a code update, but I kind of doubt it since both designer and coder have moved on to Led Zeppelin and Black Knight is probably complete. That's really my only gripe with the game.

Music is good, and there are two soundtracks with the newest code updates. One for those that enjoy metal, one for those that enjoy something a little more cinematic. The soundtracks can be switched between on the fly through the adjustment screen. Both are good and work with the game, so it's just going to come down to your specific tastes.

Overall, Black Knight Sword of Rage is worth a place in my line up, and I'm happy I took a chance on it. Is it worth a place in yours? Do you enjoy fast games that flow really well? Did you enjoy a game like Iron Man? The Getaway? or other Steve Ritchie games? Then you'll enjoy it.

Since it's not tied to a movie or music license, I feel Black Knight SoR will become somewhat of a pinball "hidden gem" down the road. I'm interested to see exactly how many of these were produced once their run is officially over since it hasn't been a big hit. If you're interested in it, don't sleep on it. It's never leaving my collection for sure. Now if only I could get my hands on that topper...
3 months ago
Rented this pin for the office for a month. Couldn't wait until it was time to swap it out. Very basic layout and not a whole lot visually to look at. We had the pro and to me I wouldn't spend 2k on having it in my collection.

I won't go on and on, but just wasn't a big hit at the office.
3 months ago
The playfield on the Pro is a little sparse - I’d like to see another wire ramp. This game plays FAST - when you are in the zone and hitting your shots, it is a blast. A few misses can quickly end your game. The call outs and taunts from the Knight are funny - especially when he calls you a baby and starts talking baby talk - LOL!
3 months ago
No upper playfield seems sacrilege but Ritchie’s original themes are very appealing regardless.
4 months ago
I didn't think I would enjoy the Pro at all and find it repetitive. I have to say after playing close to 80 games Ive found this to be a tough game. It's fast and it really hones your shooting skills trying to hit those narrow lanes and the short distance from the flippers. That being said, the music, graphics, and Knight toy are fantastic. I can see why the upper play field is desired however the pro makes up for it with the quick flow. Black Knight throwback mode is another plus to the game.
4 months ago
My first and possibly only pinball purchase, so I knew I had to be extremely picky. I was looking at early 80s to present and Sword of Rage just checked off all of the boxes for me. I wanted a fast pace challenge and this game delivers. If you aren't making those difficult shots, then the ball is either draining or firing right back at you. The shots are makeable though (time and practice with me) and you feel a great sense of pinball wizardry when you do, aweing anybody nearby watching.

The music is awesome, never gets old, as I feared a pin with a band I liked would do real quick.
I love that Black Knight smack talk, he is a fantastic opponent that makes the game that much more immersive. Battling him never gets tiresome.

The playfield artwork is gorgeous, the lighting effects are dazzling to watch, each creature you battle having their own light show that matches the feel of the music and creature. The back glass art is eye catching and I was happy that the pro model had the black knight with his flail since that is what he is wielding in the game and the player is wielding the sword of rage.

The magna save is a lot of fun and having it in the middle of the lockdown bar just adds to the challenge. Having to take ones hands away from the flipper, even for a moment, is a scary action to take.

The animations are well done and fun to look at. I enjoy the slicing of the hydra heads, the roar of the Lich Lords and the creepy stare of the hand.

The more I play, the more I appreciate how much thought was put into all of the above, it feels like a lot of love when into this game and you can see it really shine, paying tribute to the old game when you enter KNIGHT mode.
In addition, being a new pinball with a 80s feel really scratched the itch I had regarding wanting something from that era, but not wanting possible headaches of an old machine or that some older games I liked did not have multiball (or limited).

Some constructive criticism, I would have liked the dialogue lines of the Black Knight to have all been serious, some of what he says is jokey, makes my kids laugh though. The same for some of the animations, some of the skeletons look silly.
Wish the Magna save was on both sides and the blue rubber piece on the left side looks out of place. I had to check to make sure it was actually supposed to be there and not a DIY from the store.

I also went with the pro model because I felt the upper playfield of the other models was not much fun or worth the extra cost. I am not a purist when it comes to pinball, so this did not bother me. In addition, I did not understand the art of the non pro models, having the black knight wielding the sword of rage, when that appears to be the players weapon in the game.
4 months ago
Having played the Pro and the premium/LE, I believe this game needs the upper deck. It does not feel like Black Knight without it. The bash Knight is cool and the artwork is terrific. The animation is pretty good. The topper is excellent, maybe the best topper out there, too bad you can't get it and the cost is ridiculous even if you could.
5 months ago
I have been looking forward to playing this game for some time now and it didn't disappoint! The game is relatively easy to figure out but never gets dull! I'm partial to Steve Ritchie's designs and this game is another in a string of successes! The Pro version doesn't have the top flipper like the other editions so I still have something to look forward to!
5 months ago
Really reeeeeaallly wanted this game to be better. Have it multiple tries.

This game mind of sucks. It just, didn't do it for me. I love the theme. Live the knight. Animations are like yes this is awesome!

Gameplay lacks so so so bad. It really just kind of.... Sucks. I'm going to keep trying it tho bc I want it to be so good....
6 months ago
I really enjoyed this machine too. I wish it had the upper play field, but I had a great time on this machine. I played 3 or 4 games on it. I was entertained. Fun music and call outs from the Black Knight. The ramp things that I was able to hit were smooth and fun. The Black Knight guy was fun to bash. I locked 2 balls behind the shield thing. I didn't get very far into the game. I think I fought the Hydra. I can't remember if I got a multi-ball, but I might have. I dig the Black Knight theme and wanted to keep playing the game, but made myself try some other machines. I wish the magna save was on the side by the flipper button.
9 months ago
Good solid game that you can beat relatively quickly. Easy, fast and fun.
11 months ago
I absolutely love the retro feel of this pin. This layout is a refreshing change from all the ramps and busyness on most modern pins. I love the theme and the callouts are entertaining. And man what a challenging game! Ball times are easily the lowest of all my pins and it keeps you coming back for more. The lighting is excellent and the design as a whole is exactly what you want and expect from a challenging pin. This one will definitely stay in the collection for a while.
11 months ago
Wow! What a fun game. Almost walked by this one and ended up playing for hours. Brought my son and uncle over and everyone really liked this game. Cool theming, battling the knight, and great modes. I want to own this one someday.

I then went and watched streams etc. I see even more that I like. Wizard modes look great, as well as the the other models (premium looks awesome with upper playfield). I appreciate that you can turn off the heavy metal for a traditional soundtrack theme if desired, though we did really like the heavy metal theme and groove. It could be a rush, particularly on multi-ball.

Overall, the playfield is fairly basic, but it is just a ton of fun. A fantastic job incorporating theme. It is like a dark heavy metal medieval madness jam. Fast rock n' roll fun.
1 year ago
Really glad I took a chance on this title. Superb game.
1 year ago
Fan layout that is very close to the flippers, deadly shots, miss a shot and the ball is down an outlane or SDTM faster than you can react. Clear proof that Steve Ritchie (like most Stern designers) doesn't play pinball. The knight toy is very cool.
1 year ago
This is a fun game, but it just doesn't feel like a black knight without the upper playfield. I definitely suggest going for a premium.
1 year ago
Machine with a classic theme, flashy visual, very fast game machine and strong sound that gives a great excitement. there should only be more toys besides the black knight, the focus of the game is only on the knight himself in the center of the playfield. I find the machine very beautiful and with a quick game, the animations of the monsters on the screen are a show apart that ends up compensating the lack of other toys on the playing field. I have in my collection this machine that I bought new in the box and I don't intend to get rid of it because it was my first new machine!
1 year ago
ok game at best. not one the better sterns in my opinion. fails to live up to the old games. the knight calls outs are not funny or cool. would have been so much better with just retro sounds and voices.
1 year ago
Played on location. Fun, interesting layout. Different than most pins, which makes it stand out.
1 year ago
There is no doubt that the playfield and cabinet are beautiful. It plays quick and is challenging. A classic/prototype Steve Ritchie style playfield. I believe it should/could have been better, considering it is the 3rd in the series. It should of combined what BK and BK2000 excelled at and made it better and unfortunately I don't think it did.

I was interested in adding this pin to my collection and after playing it a dozen times...I passed.
1 year ago
Black Knight part 3 cool music , pretty good gameplay but not a Great game IMO
1 year ago
This pin never gets old. Battling the black knight is great. The call outs are good and the artwork is amazing. I love the animations on the screen and the game is challenging. This will be in my collection for a long time. Great pin to play..
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