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Black Knight Sword of Rage (Premium)

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This game received 58 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.300 /10


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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Black Knight: Sword of Rage". The group itself ranks #37 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 8.084

Artwork: 8.422

Sounds/Music: 8.286

Other Aspects: 8.23

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Black Knight Sword of Rage (Premium)".
The other versions are: Black Knight Sword of Rage (Pro) (regular version), Black Knight Sword of Rage (LE)

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Found 18 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 18 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 days ago
Owned this game for 6 months and have no regrets letting it go. This is a great game to play on location, but not good for home use. It is just too repetitive. The music and callouts are super fun and the Topper is the best (would rate it as a 10). But the gameplay and lack of shots are what brings this game down. Modes do not feel at all unique. It is the epitome of shoot the flashing lights. With the upper playfield stand up that spots a shot, there is no reason to hit anything but ramp, stand up, ramp, ball lock. Seriously, it makes this a 3 shot game. The throw back modes are great, but once again, there is no clear objective once you start it. Hearing the BK2K music every few games is not worth owning. If you love the theme, I would recommend owning either BK or BK2K or both instead of this game. So disappointed. I really enjoyed this game on location, but couldn't wait to get rid of it from my home.
69 days ago
Love the game where it is you vs the game. The trash talking knight that you are doing battle with makes you want to do battle again and again.
3 months ago
Great game. Very harsh but oddly fun. When you're nailing your shots, this is an incredible game. If you're bricking every shot, this game is infuriating.
4 months ago
The music is epic and the artwork is stellar. I love the theme too, but I'm not sure if it has that "one more game" appeal for me.
4 months ago
Black Knight Sword of Rage (Premium) reminds me fondly of the original game of 1980. The music (I use the alternate soundtrack), the colors, the lighting, the call-outs, the game play -- this game has it all.

This is one of the few times where I think the Premium is worth the extra money. Maybe it wouldn't be worth it for the extra playfield, but it is worth it for the extra multi-ball option.

I think the design of the game is great. The only problems I have is with some production issues. I have had numerous plastic pieces come loose, and the playfield is experiencing excessive dimpling.
5 months ago
I think I let to many of the bad reviews when this first came out put me off about this game. I finally got the chance to own a premium and I must say WOW. Now i didn’t grow up playing the first two so i had no preconceived notions on this one or what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when i started playing this how much fun it is and how good the code seems. It definitely is a game where if you don’t know whats going on or what to shoot for if could be boring. But man when you even semi learn the rule set this game comes alive.

The upper playfield gets some hate and i agree having the 2nd flipper would have put it over the top but i have learned to play that rubber and actually grown to love the upper playfield. It has some fun harder shots and in some of the modes that spot target can become quite valuable in helping complete it quickly.

The animations are on par with the theme and extremely well done. I just get drawn into this game and really feel like i am in a battle with the black knight. It is definitely not the greatest game ever made but it sure is fun and exciting and gets that blood pumping.

The addition of the 2nd sound track option is very nice as i can only take so much of the original sound track in a night. I love the call outs but that can get to be repetitive but none the less some great one liners.

Im not sure if you consider the black night a toy or not but either way he sure is fun and help adds to drawing you into the game. Having him fight back is a cool feature and oddly enough the shield shot when open is oddly satisfying.

All in all a great game option to be had, i couldnt imagine having the game without the upper playfield it just adds another level (no pun intended) to the gameplay and helps keep things wild and crazy.
7 months ago
I LOVE this pin. So much that I have upgrade my impressions on the original BL and BK2K. Otherwise, it’s the same game as the LE. So I have nothing more to add.
8 months ago
I rated the Premium version of this game a little bit higher than the Pro for the upper playfield & ball lock its not the greatest upper playfield for sure but it adds something that makes this one play different
8 months ago
This is a really fun game to play 3 or 4 times with a group of friends at a bar. It's challenging and fast, with perfect music and callouts. The knight toy with the rotating mace is really unique, fun, and intimidating.

This is one of the few games actually gets my heart rate up!

All that said, I don't get a "one more game" vibe from this plays fast and drains fast, and it's just running 10/10 the whole time. But I always put a few quarters in when I see it.
9 months ago
I didn't think I'd like it at first, but was most impressed in how fast and fun this game is.
9 months ago
The best pinball machine i have ever seen.
10 months ago
I have to say when this pin landed I did have a dose of buyer’s remorse. I played the PRO at Allentown and thought it kicked ass but when I got one home, I was like, “meh.” But! I gave it a chance and in my opinion this is a player’s pin. Maybe not intuitive for the novice. In order to eke the most out of this game you really have to know the rules. Sometimes you don't have to be rule savvy to enjoy a pin; this one it is a must. Once I got a handle on what I needed to do it quickly became and remains a favorite. The Black Knight retro mode is cool and the multi-balls are fast and furious. If you can stack Knights Challenge with Catapult then you are in for a mb treat.

As far as art goes, well, I hope you like red because it is a dominant color. I actually like the art package on the PRO better than on my Premium. The upper playfield is worth having, although I think the PRO plays well without it. Catapult multi ball is a lot of fun and you can earn a lot of points on the UP loops and stationary target (which also will help you complete a mode faster).

The graphics are OK, I guess. They are functional for the modes. I don’t have a problem with the placement of the magnetic save button but if given a preference I would have liked a second “flipper” button on the right side to activate the save. It’s not a show stopper. I also have a Grand Lizard and just used to having the magnetic saves as buttons on the sides of the cabinet. The music has a heavy metal vibe.

Steve Ritchie does lay on the taunts but no profanity that I can recall. You can lower the insult intensity if you want. Me, I like when Steve reminds me that my skills are at best pedestrian.

Black Knight had a very brief flavor-of-the-month-heyday before Stern released Jurassic Park and then Elvira, and soon Stranger Things. I think it sort of became yesterday’s news way too fast. It is an excellent pin and remains an absolute blast to play.
1 year ago
I played this before I played the original Black Knight.
I love the call outs, the theme and the gameplay.

Whatever you do don't forget to lock that ball!
1 year ago
Man, I really want to LOVE this game. I just don't LOVE this game. It's fun. The knight toy is amazing. It's fast. The music is awesome. The modes are great. The animations and voice work is excellent. Somehow, for me, it just doesn't come together in a comprehensive way that makes me want to keep coming back, and I can't put my finger on exactly why that is. Maybe it's because the upper playfield is kind of a waste? Which for a BK game makes me sad. Not sure. Good game, just not what I was hoping for.
1 year ago
I played the premium at Pintastic and was hooked. The game is very fast and flowy, and the fan layout is traditional but fun to aim at and shoot. The upper playfield was challenging, especially the 3-ball lock shot. The mode monsters range from Dungeons & Dragons to Dune to Ray Harryhausen movies. The animations are stupendous, in the tradition of Iron Maiden, but with more variety. The theme is adversarial, fighting opponents, and the game makes you feel that you are battling these guys -- lots of rage and danger and a dash of humor, with fantastic light shows. There is also a cool retro moment that takes you back to the original Black Knight (art and callouts). The rotating flail shot provides a lot of variety, since it spins both directions under its won power and at different speeds. It takes the ACDC bell shot to an all new level. Magna ball save on the right outlane is a nice feature, if I could only remember to use it. The game provides some mercy ball saves, but it is not a drain monster by any means. Color coding for the mode shots helps a lot with completing modes. Today I was lucky enough to play a game with King Steve Ritchie. Our best balls were both #3, but his was 100 million better than mine!
1 year ago
I got this game after seeing some videos come out. I put my deposit down and then figured I'd decide down the road if I'd be getting this, based on everything else I heard. Most people seem to love it. There are some outliers that don't like it, and want the world to know they don't like it...... Over and over. I'm here to say that so far it is freaking awesome.

The games shots are tough and unforgiving. You can't just wildly flip and expect to accomplish your goals. Stacking the catapult and 3 knights multiball is insane and also very challenging to collect the massive points. The upper playfield is necessary on any black knight. Some say it slows the game down but I actually love it. You MUST learn to nudge or you will never accomplish anything upstairs. This is making me a better player. The actual modes, along with the animations, are great. I'm not a heavy metal type of guy but I still think the custom soundtrack is perfect for this high speed game. Most of the time there is so much going on so fast, that the pace goes right along with the music. It is a great combination. I also reached the retro mode. That was a nice touch. I've always been a fan of the black knight games so that was a nice add to this game. Build quality seems very strong. Are they using newer cabinets? Everything is solid and I only had one issue with setting up. The upper flipper wasn't moving freely. That was an easy fix. As far as playability, I really have to force myself to stop playing at night. This game makes you keep wanting one more game. It gets your adrenaline going and I usually can't fall right asleep after playing it. I'll report back in a few months but don't believe the haters on this one. I got my Monster Bash Remake LE two weeks prior and Im not even playing that game much. To each their own but I recommend going the premium/le' s a lot of play. Learn the rules and learn to nudge. This game is freaking great and will probably keep getting better! I highly recommend.

UPDATE - I still really like this game, but since jurassic park premium came home, it's not getting much play. It definitely is not as good as jurassic park but is still a solid game that people ock to at my house. I have adjusted my rating.
1 year ago
The first part of this review is based upon the pro version of this game. The second part specifically deals with the preem/LE.

Black Knight v.3 is fast and furious. What didja expect? It's a Steve Ritchie game!

The Pros:
This game is FAST. All shots flow and the center ramp is surprisingly easy and smooth. Backhanded shots are king to the ramp and the 180 degree lock saucer. The rules are going to make this game. So far, they are pretty good. The sound and animations on this game are way sweet! From the first plunge, the game is FAST, furious and true to Steve's philosophy.

The Cons:
Not the most creative fan layout designed. Feels like No Fear v.2 meets Got v.2. Narrow shots missed absolutely punish less accurate shooting. No mercy to the point of no return. The center standup that has to be hit is a purposely dangerous shot to The point of being cheap.

The Takeaway:
A solid playing game that has benefited from iMaid with its less deep/moar wide ruleset. Do not be fooled. This game is not for the timid or the SJW-love-peace and treefrogs crew. This is a manly man's man of a man... man's game. Play better or lose.


Update v.1:
Yeah, already. And unfortunately not for the better. The layout is becoming less endearing to me. All raised lanes lead to the right inlane. I am sure this will change with the preem/LE, but for now this lopsidedness is disappointing. Can't wait to play this game with the upper PF now. Two spinners on adjacent lanes is not something seen too often and the VUK where the lefto orbit normally would be is interesting but also feeds to the right flipper. Rinse and repeat. Artwork on the translite looks muddy. That works with the theme, but I expect better from this team. The animations though... Incredible!

Respect must be given to the TimBawlz application of the Elwin'd "breadth" of rules as compared to "depth" of rules that are still clear and not confusing. The OG BK sound mode is a total hoot, sounds awesome and is the highest point opportunity in the game. Spinners ripping, YAY! Unbalanced scoring... not so hot.

We shall see what happens in the future with this game. Once again, this is only going to get better as time goes on. I look forward to the day when the rules of this game exceed the quality of the pinball layout. Scores reduced accordingly.

Preem/LE addendum:
THIS is the game that should have been EVERY BKv3. While most Stern Pros have as much if not even more game in it than preem/LE's, this game (just like the other two) has an upper playfield. This upper PF is not complex, but it is very well designed. The entrances from the lower PF become evident in relation to the reductive choices SR had to make for the BOM of the pro to exist.

I get it. This is part of Stern's business plan.

But for me, THIS is the BK v3 to play! The game plays and flows as it should. Starting a multiball and then stacking another one on top of it FROM THE OTHER PLAYFIELD, is what Black Knight is all about. you can start a multiball with 3 flips from the upper pf. Learning how to nudge the rubber on the left hand side of the upper pf means that you are manipulating this game from the work GO!

The rules, almost the same
the shots on the lower pf, almost the same
the upper PF makes this game.

This version is the one to get!
1 year ago
The third Black Knight in the series stays on theme and offers a deep dive into the magical world of the Black Knight. The upper playfield is a must on any machine with the black knight name so I can not recommend the Pro version of this title. Don’t get me wrong. The Pro is fun, but it’s missing a key component in the upper playfield.
There are 18 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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