Black Knight Sword of Rage (Premium)

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Game Design: 8.188

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Sounds/Music: 8.374

Other Aspects: 8.363

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Black Knight Sword of Rage (Premium)".
The other versions are: Black Knight Sword of Rage (Pro) (regular version), Black Knight Sword of Rage (LE)

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20 days ago
This table surprised me. The pro was fun and spent a good couple hours on it, but when i found a premium...I had a hard time getting off it. So much so I just purchased one. The upper playfield truly takes this game to the next level, i love that upper playfield loop and multi ball shot. The old school multiball sounds are amazing, don't know what multiball it's called, but it's on both pro and premium. Visuals are some of the best i've seen and the music is absolutely perfect.

This theme isn't one i thought i'd like as i gravitate to "themes of nostalgia" but this brought be back to the Williams era where it felt like they had a theme, and built the table around it. The shots are very rewarding. The rules are easy to follow, but difficult to execute. Honestly one of the more "fun" games to come out of stern the past few years...(second only to Dead pool ;))

This is far too low of a ranking and a very underrated game in my opinion.
46 days ago
Owned the premium. Premium suffers from the upper playfield in my opinion. Initial thought is BK must have the upper playfield for nostalgia's sake but it just doesn't work in this application as it disrupts gameplay and makes the game easier than the pro. If I were to add to my lineup in the future, it would be a pro.
66 days ago
Wonderful game that gets better with age. This game can be dialed in to have a good difficulty level for experienced players.

I have played the Pro and LE versions about 50 times each now, TBH, I like them both equally for different reasons.

The layout of the Prem/LE is a true successor to the Black Knight series. If you like the originals, you'll like this one, as each pays homage to its predecessor.

I really enjoy the rules on this game, as when you make the correct shots, you are really rewarded quickly. Like most Steve Ritchie games, random or missed shots will punish you.

The media package for this title is mind blowing, considering it is not one of your typical licensed IP titles. Everything comes together in a cohesive fashion, Visual Art, Sound/Music, Playfield. Everything is so well done.
77 days ago
Great pin but for new players of pinball could get frustrating at first but a fun one to play n challenge your self I enjoy it
89 days ago
Black Knight Sword of Rage is a great game but ultimately if I were new to Pinball and played this in a commercial setting I wouldn't play it much. For new players its very unforgiving and you'll ultimately gutter ball on your first few games while you get used to the unforgiving lanes to land your shots. Professionals will deny this is a problem but likely don't put themselves in the shoes of newbies. I love this game with the voice lines and smack talk from the Black Knight I just wish the lanes were a bit more forgiving to my feeble Pinball skils.
3 months ago
This game does a lot of things well, but like a lot of Stern games, I found the playfield lacking in the sort of shot satisfaction that I personally find in the Williams and Bally games of old and Jersey Jack games of new. Additionally, I don't love the busyness of the monitor, and it reminds me more of the ill-fated Pin 2000 era games, where there's too much going on, but none of it is that great. The graphics and concept and such are done well, and I see why a lot of folks like this game, but it's not one I ever seek out.

Pros: It looks unique, interesting, and the demarcation of the playfield fits with the theme, shots for the most part feel well laid out.

Cons: The gameplay is lacking for me. The getting to the duels and stuff is fine, but there isn't any shot I remember. I remember the style of the video screen more than any gameplay.
4 months ago
One of the games I always come back to! Love the layout and the flow! Must have in the collection.
5 months ago
Very fun and typical fast Steve Ritchie game. Lots of fun, reminds me of the original!
5 months ago
Amazing pin! Fun fun fun
6 months ago
In my opinion a very under rated and un appreciated games. This game should be higher on the lists. The rules are easy to I understand and very enjoyable to play. Nostalgia is a big factor black knight first pin I ever played. And SOR first pin I ever owned and was the gateway to my new world of pinball
6 months ago
Surprisingly fun game. Not one I would have thought I would like so much. My son absolutely loves this one. Funny speech and callouts.
6 months ago
Challenging, but fair game. Can be very frustrating, but also very exciting and satisfying when you lock into focus while playing. Working your way through the modes - defeating the Black Knight’s various minions is a blast, so are the callouts and animations. This can be a drain monster if you don’t learn the shots - a wall across the mid-playfield sends a lot of shots right back at you at high speed. It feels like you’re doing battle with the Black Knight, which is the point. Upper playfield is a bit simple, but adds a couple of cool elements with the catapult ball lock and mini-loop. Soundtrack is amazing, never gets old. Upgrade the speakers! The retro mode is great, so are the other multiball modes. Very little to criticize on this one outside of the difficulty level that might turn casual players off. A great home game that will take a lot of time to master, and may eventually be considered a classic.
6 months ago
Having played the Pro and the premium/LE, I believe this game needs the upper deck. It does not feel like Black Knight without it. The bash Knight is cool and the artwork is terrific. The animation is pretty good. The topper is excellent, maybe the best topper out there, too bad you can't get it and the cost is ridiculous even if you could.
7 months ago
pinball icon, black knight is the strongest name in the pinball world! strong, rough and difficult game, do you have the courage to face the black knight ?!
7 months ago
Fast, brutal, and hard.

Much, I mean like 100000% better than the pro. Not even close. The upper playfield is fun and engaging. It makes the ramps , lanes, and targets much more fun.

It is brutally fast. Lightning fast. Yet you can learn how to control the ball. The targets are tight. There doesn't seem to be any room for error at all. Miss at all and it's slamming back at your flippers at lightning speed.

The catapult is a cool target. The knight is a cool toy.

It is definitely fun tho. Much better than any other BK game out there.

If you play, make sure you've warmed up your eyeballs and reflexes first!
7 months ago
Fun game but could be better
7 months ago
Pretty much my all time favourite. Very fast and smooth with a soundtrack that gets you completely amped and I almost always get completely consumed by the whole experience. Cabinet art is a bit average and also think magma save button would be better located somewhere else. Love this game though.
7 months ago
I own a BKSOR Premium now for over a month and I've come to love it the more and more that I play it. Its always challenging and a blast to play for me and my family I think this Pinball will be a keeper for many years to come.
7 months ago
This pin is really a blast to play. The speed, flow, graphics, player/pin interaction, integration of the software with the past Black Knight. The sound track and call outs are also very well done. The intensity and quickness of play can frustrate, but it always cries out for one more game.

I find the layout different from past Steve Ritchie games, nonetheless, is is very well done. All in all the design team really out did themselves. I am sure that there are many hours of enjoyment to come with this fantastic pin.
9 months ago
Love the revisit to an original theme. The black knight toy, and upper playfield ball lock are great. I love how smooth the gameplay is, and even though it’s very difficult, I always want to try one more time.

I hate that the magma save is in the middle of the lockdown bar; by the time I press it the ball is long gone. I wish it were a second flipper, or something. I don’t care much for the backglass, or cab art, but I think the playfield art is great.
9 months ago
The fact that this is not in the top 10 is mind bending to me... I can not stop playing it. I have over 20 games in my collection and I literally go to this all the time...Addams Family is rated higher than this.....Like really???? Game is stellar, callouts are the best in pinball and it is just plain fun!
9 months ago
Fast paced, nice artwork, plays decent.
11 months ago
This was the first machine I bought for my home, and it is still one of my favorites. I think it's a drop-dead beautiful game, and the sounds, music, and call-outs are all absolutely first-class.

I like the game play, and have learned most of the tricks of progressing through the modes. One thing I figured out early on is that the upper playfield and the main ramp are the keys to making it through the various monster modes. You can follow the flashing lights and make all the shots that are supposedly required to defeat the enemies, or you can just shoot the ramp over and over and get all the hits you need up top. It does get a little repetitive--lock balls behind the shield (which is cool and satisfying in and of itself), then get up to the upper playfield and stack on the catapult multi-ball and build points.

I still get excited by achieving the "retro" modes. There is something really cool about engaging the original BKs from the classic games.

Despite the criticisms mentioned above, I find this a satisfying and really fun game to play. This is a tough table, and it will force you to learn ball control. Just banging the ball around will not work for long. Casual players seem to get frustrated by it quickly, but the better players find it intriguing.

I had a weird glitch involving the fuctioning of the shield, but posted a query on the Pinside forum, and quickly received a helpful message from Tim Sexton, the software guy at Stern who programmed the game. I was impressed that Tim jumped so quickly to help me out--makes me feel good about Stern as a company.

I also found that the little black screws that hold the plastic trim pieces in place needed a little blue loctite, and the same was true with the fasteners that mount the spinning flail. And I had to unplug and re-plug the connectors to the under-field node boards to correct a crazy lighting issue. But it's all good now, and with about 1000 games on the machine everything is working fine.

I like games with unlicensed themes, although I suspect we won't see many more from the makers, and I think this is a really neat theme. Bottom line--I don't think I will ever get rid of this game.
11 months ago
Owned this game for 6 months and have no regrets letting it go. This is a great game to play on location, but not good for home use. It is just too repetitive. The music and callouts are super fun and the Topper is the best (would rate it as a 10). But the gameplay and lack of shots are what brings this game down. Modes do not feel at all unique. It is the epitome of shoot the flashing lights. With the upper playfield stand up that spots a shot, there is no reason to hit anything but ramp, stand up, ramp, ball lock. Seriously, it makes this a 3 shot game. The throw back modes are great, but once again, there is no clear objective once you start it. Hearing the BK2K music every few games is not worth owning. If you love the theme, I would recommend owning either BK or BK2K or both instead of this game. So disappointed. I really enjoyed this game on location, but couldn't wait to get rid of it from my home.
1 year ago
Love the game where it is you vs the game. The trash talking knight that you are doing battle with makes you want to do battle again and again.
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