Black Knight Sword of Rage (Premium)

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Game Design: 8.011

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Sounds/Music: 8.138

Other Aspects: 8.15

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There are 58 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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41 days ago
Black Knight Sword of Rage is one of the most unique games Stern has ever brought out. It feels like something Midway would've produced and is based on one of the most iconic original pinball themes of all time.

The Premium/LE model has good flow as a result of the u-turn's opening up frequently during gameplay. The game is very much relying on the use of the right flipper but it makes the game stand out whilst also paying homage to the classic Black Knight 2000.

I do not think the mini-playfield is a worthwhile addition to the game. Mostly the ball just drops off the playfield and on top of that after many games it does look quite ugly due to getting scratched. The only major advantage over the Pro is the Catapult Multiball and the ramp's red illumination.

There are a lot of dangerous shots within the game like the flail, knight target and kickback-shield. The incorporation of these shots leads to a better replayability.

The most satisfying shots of the game are the right shot behind the shield, the ramp and the left VUK.

In terms of rules these are probably pretty basic when it comes to a relatively new game but it fits in very well with the classic theme. My favorite features are the Hell Hand, Black Castle and the two Black Knight multiballs. The inclusion of these two makes the gamecode feel a bit more complete and getting the Black Knight 2000 mode is very hard on normal settings.

The taunting callouts on the game are the best I've experienced so far. I'll always love hearing "Prepare to get slapped down", "Where is a worthy challenger?" or "You will never win!". It's just perfect.

There are only a few games with such amazing artwork as this one. I absolutely love the look of the playfield, cabinet and backbox. And on top of that the LCD screen is used to the maximum on this machine. You can see that a lot of effort has gone into the creation of the Black Knight's minions.

Overall, this is an excellent and unique game, with a lot of flow, very fitting rules, much replayability and world class artwork. It's not an easy game but I think it will still appeal to beginners and casual players just like advanced players.
6 months ago
Nice action fast play
6 months ago
This is a fun BRUTAL pin. Its just a cool experience being taunted by the Black Knight...but you never have to endure that very long...because...damn...its HARD. This is one I will have to re-evaluate once I have more plays on it...I'm like 20 plays in (which took like 10 mins...yeah I'm that bad). I love what I see and what I have flipped...but gotta play better to see more.

If you are looking for a challenging brutal shooter...this is the one for you.
9 months ago
A decent game, ruined by Stern’s addiction to cost-cutting
9 months ago
Fun theme, enjoy the knight and callouts. Music is great. The upper playfield is not my cup of tea but I respect the consistency with the original. Tough kickbacks makes this game have a steep learning curve to progress
10 months ago
Great shooter game. its fast, fun, and scary.
1 year ago
If i was a good pinball player i would buy this game, the music , callouts , theme, music, all is amazing, except that the shoots are very hard to make, and is the game that i loose the fastest in all pinball machines i ever played.
1 year ago
This is a great game. It it like a battle that fights you with the fast play. I also love the talking smack when a ball drains or you hit the knight. Great animations and all.
1 year ago
A really good game. Fast and punishing, but fair.

Played the premium after many games on a pro. I’m not a fan of upper playfields in general but it feels like it belongs on this one. The pro still feels like a good machine without it however. I really like the back glass on the premium.
1 year ago
UPDATE 29th April 2023. Increased my rating after playing again at The Pinball Office. This is a tough, but satisfying, pin. There are several ‘locked’ shots (the flail, the shield) low down the playfield, which increases the difficulty. But, once you make those shots, it’s very satisfying to shoot.

Really fun theme with Warhammer-esque graphics and monsters. Love the Black Knight on the playfield. The upper playfield is, sadly, a disappointment with only a ball lock and lock shot there. It would have been nice to have standup targets, lane guides or similar.


Played a couple of times at The Pinball Office in London in a line up with some JJPs, a Spooky pin and a couple of American Pinball pins.

I’m a huge fan of BK2000 and was excited to play this. It plays very much like an update of the original Black Knight pins and I really enjoyed it, despite the amazing music being inaudible in the arcade.

Sadly, I didn’t get much chance to get very far into it as the shots are quite hard, but I’m keen to find another onsite somewhere.
2 years ago
Not an easy pin. You get punished for missing your shots. Very good callouts, some of the best in pinball. Overall a pleasant surprise, still a very much underrated machine. Just needs more code polish, let's hope Stern realises that one day.
2 years ago
Its fast. Its Furious. I f......g. love IT. Great multiplayer game.

One of my favorites.
2 years ago
This is a solid modern stern that appeals most to fans of the older black knight games. Some of the better original animations from Stern on their LCD display. There isn’t quite as much depth here as some other recent games, but there’s still plenty to do. Layout if fine but nothing that special. The upper play field is pretty bare and the ball kinda just bounces around up there. The black knight flail is cool in theory but a little annoying to shoot. The shield shot is fun though and the black knight being right on the play field is fun and immersive. Overall a solid game, but somewhat forgettable with Sterns other recent offerings.
2 years ago
The best Black Knight title. Stern outdid themselves.
2 years ago
I love the black knight theme, always a Ritchie fan but this...Stern really missed and honestly its kinda concerning that the premium has the upper playfield and you have to pay thousands more for that. Honestly unacceptablebut let me get to it. So the upper is really really bad, that clear plastic they used for it too... it just looks terrible, the plastic gets fuzzy after use too and it gets harder and harder to see the back of the playfield. The shot is just really unsatisfying and not really skill based? It just feels totally random. Need more of that Black Knight 2k music too, should've been more prominent. Stern cmon man, its black could've been a home run, but I feel like it got to second base and then struck out trying to steal third.

Call outs, theme, art, toys, amazing, hard and fast. But its gonna be a no for me. Big point reduction with that upper playfield feel and whole premium aspect to pay for it. Some cool modes associated with the upper playfield though.
2 years ago
This table surprised me. The pro was fun and spent a good couple hours on it, but when i found a premium...I had a hard time getting off it. So much so I just purchased one. The upper playfield truly takes this game to the next level, i love that upper playfield loop and multi ball shot. The old school multiball sounds are amazing, don't know what multiball it's called, but it's on both pro and premium. Visuals are some of the best i've seen and the music is absolutely perfect.

This theme isn't one i thought i'd like as i gravitate to "themes of nostalgia" but this brought be back to the Williams era where it felt like they had a theme, and built the table around it. The shots are very rewarding. The rules are easy to follow, but difficult to execute. Honestly one of the more "fun" games to come out of stern the past few years...(second only to Dead pool ;))

This is far too low of a ranking and a very underrated game in my opinion.
2 years ago
Wonderful game that gets better with age. This game can be dialed in to have a good difficulty level for experienced players.

I have played the Pro and LE versions about 50 times each now, TBH, I like them both equally for different reasons.

The layout of the Prem/LE is a true successor to the Black Knight series. If you like the originals, you'll like this one, as each pays homage to its predecessor.

I really enjoy the rules on this game, as when you make the correct shots, you are really rewarded quickly. Like most Steve Ritchie games, random or missed shots will punish you.

The media package for this title is mind blowing, considering it is not one of your typical licensed IP titles. Everything comes together in a cohesive fashion, Visual Art, Sound/Music, Playfield. Everything is so well done.
2 years ago
This is a great machine game play and classic callouts of Black Knight taking trash. The shot to the upper playfield can be hard if the flippers aren't full powered. But you can keep the ball on upper field with a little bump forever! Overall awesome game
2 years ago
Great pin but for new players of pinball could get frustrating at first but a fun one to play n challenge your self I enjoy it
2 years ago
Black Knight Sword of Rage is a great game but ultimately if I were new to Pinball and played this in a commercial setting I wouldn't play it much. For new players its very unforgiving and you'll ultimately gutter ball on your first few games while you get used to the unforgiving lanes to land your shots. Professionals will deny this is a problem but likely don't put themselves in the shoes of newbies. I love this game with the voice lines and smack talk from the Black Knight I just wish the lanes were a bit more forgiving to my feeble Pinball skils.
2 years ago
Updating my rating as I finally "get" this game. I think some earlier criticisms are still valid, but this has something a lot of newer games lack- tense risk/reward shots. The layout and individual shots aren't anything amazing, but the fact that it has very close and very important tight shots makes this way more like a Bally/Williams than a lot of the open games that often provide easy returns on botched shots. This one punishes you, and has more of a Fish Tales or BSD feel, though not quite as brutal. It's a harder game, and benefits from that.

Pros: It looks unique, interesting, and the demarcation of the playfield fits with the theme, shots for the most part feel well laid out. A simple strategy (mode start->multiball) makes sense, I also like that modes continue after draining, since there are a lot of dangerous shots. It's also nice that the basics of this with the ball lock and mode start are easy to understand but not easy to hit. It's not like Infinity Quest or Mando where half the points lie in knowing the code.

Cons: No one shot is that great here, the fan layout is meh, but it's an engrossing game nonetheless. I hated this one for a long time, but one game of executing the shots and strategy well changed my mind. It still can be a frustrating drainer, but the shots are there, you just have to make them.
2 years ago
One of the games I always come back to! Love the layout and the flow! Must have in the collection.
2 years ago
Very fun and typical fast Steve Ritchie game. Lots of fun, reminds me of the original!
2 years ago
Amazing pin! Fun fun fun
2 years ago
In my opinion a very under rated and un appreciated games. This game should be higher on the lists. The rules are easy to I understand and very enjoyable to play. Nostalgia is a big factor black knight first pin I ever played. And SOR first pin I ever owned and was the gateway to my new world of pinball
There are 58 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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