Black Knight Sword of Rage (LE)

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Game Design: 8.044

Artwork: 8.758

Sounds/Music: 8.18

Other Aspects: 8.203

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Black Knight Sword of Rage (LE)".
The other versions are: Black Knight Sword of Rage (Pro) (regular version), Black Knight Sword of Rage (Premium)

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10 days ago
Might be a simpler layout in the play field but still a lot of fun to play this game. If you're looking for a simpler game this might not be the game for you, Super hard which I like . For someone who has just bought this game ,must spend some time to tweak the sound effects just right to hear all the awesome sounds and that get drowned out by all the music. Overall I'm glad I bought it. Play field , cabinet Art is just beautiful. Just hope Stern does another update so the mystery shop has more to offer.
18 days ago
Wonderful game that gets better with age. This game can be dialed in to have a good difficulty level for experienced players.

I have played the Pro and LE versions about 50 times each now, TBH, I like them both equally for different reasons.

The layout of the Prem/LE is a true successor to the Black Knight series. If you like the originals, you'll like this one, as each pays homage to its predecessor.

I really enjoy the rules on this game, as when you make the correct shots, you are really rewarded quickly. Like most Steve Ritchie games, random or missed shots will punish you.

The media package for this title is mind blowing, considering it is not one of your typical licensed IP titles. Everything comes together in a cohesive fashion, Visual Art, Sound/Music, Playfield. Everything is so well done.
27 days ago
Black Knight SOR is the pinnacle of the Black Knight Trilogy! Steve Ritchie has returned with probably his best pin ever IMHO! The game is perfect! I don't care what folks say about the upper playfield, I've only had mine for a week now, (I could only play the Pro at my local arcades) and within a week I find the upper playfield an absolute must have. You can stack the Catapult multiball with the three knight multiball and quickly get 6 balls on the playfield without having to make a bunch of impossible shots through some long story line. However, this can be difficult and dangerous as the BK playfield is unforgiven. The videos are second to none... the great verbal abuse is wanted and enjoyed. This is the next Medieval Madness, just wait 10 years! My Favorite Pin... and my only LE!
32 days ago
Not a game that I want to keep coming back to. Likely need more time to see of it grows on me but for now not impressed. Pirates of The Caribbean and Jurassic Park had me from the first play.
47 days ago
I’ve only got about 25 games in on this, but I really dig the challenge. It’s notorious for its short games, and that notoriety is well deserved. But the theming is excellent, and for some reason I can’t get enough of the BK taunting me. His position on the playfield matches this perfectly too, and his offensive demeanor and toys are likewise a great marriage. This one really sucks me in to the battle, which I always lose miserably, but I have fun doing it. The upper playfield seems well implemented but isn’t my favorite gameplay. It just seems a little disconnected. But down low, I love fighting the Knight and enduring his insults as he tears me to shreds (usually). It’s a fun one, but not one I can stand at for very long each visit… the losing takes its toll pretty quickly and the BK takes my quarters in turn.
3 months ago
This was a game that wasn’t on my radar. I played it at my local Pinfest in Newcastle Australia and found myself really enjoying it. Some great shots, good throw back to the original with a mode that takes you back to the eighties. Beautiful artwork and layout. Unique with the flail and that Topper. Taunting you as you play. I really like the game and find I come back again and again.
4 months ago
Having played the Pro and the premium/LE, I believe this game needs the upper deck. It does not feel like Black Knight without it. The bash Knight is cool and the artwork is terrific. The animation is pretty good. The topper is excellent, maybe the best topper out there, too bad you can't get it and the cost is ridiculous even if you could.
5 months ago
Fun game but didn't have the feeling that I wanted to keep coming back. A lot of the shot lanes are at the same distance from the flippers.
6 months ago
The upper playfield seems off to me. Obscures a lot of the playfield and doesn’t really fit with the lure fan layout and flow ball below.
7 months ago
Didn't think this game was great at first. Then started to play it more and just got the LE and updated the new code. Should be in the top 10 for sure.
8 months ago
8 months ago
This game does not get the credit it deserves. The pro is lacking. Especially if you played the pro before any of the code updates (you couldn’t even defeat the creatures in the early code). The premium and LE models are wayyyyy better than the pro, and the game should not be experienced otherwise in my opinion. Best video of any Stern game ever. Awesome music and callouts. “You’re mother wears army boots.” Awesome art and theme. Plays quick and fast. It’s got that right balance of tough, but not impossible. Lots of unique shots and concepts. I personally can’t think of a bad thing to say about this one.
9 months ago
This is a good fun game. After playing this game I sought out the other Black knight games.
10 months ago
I was late to this title. Did not get me first. Took a full year before it got me. Really like the animations, the gameplay, the art on backglass and cabinet. All great. Less great is the playfield art. Also the music can be repetitive but you can set it to an alternative one. Which is really nice. The code is also very straightforward. It is ok. I love the old black knight mode, also last chance. It could use one or 2 extra modes. But the modes are ok. Overall very fun, fast game. With a real great topper.
10 months ago
I was able to find an LE on route. This is a really cool looking game and when looking at it it looked like it would be super fun. I dig the theme and haven't had a chance to play the earlier game this is based from. However, it's a fan layout that I don't like.
10 months ago
I dont get the dislike? The game is fun and shoots well. The artwork is great on all three models. I played the pro and bought the Le. Both are fun, but black knight without a upper playfield is just wrong. My only complaint is the virtual ball save on left outlane. Should be kickback for the price of le or premium.
Updated: i had to up my rating. I have had it for a few weeks now and it is my favorite Stern machine they have ever made to date. It is just amazing with the topper and a great game.
10 months ago
Very fun game the call outs are funny music is great theme is cool it’s shots are tough the graphics are really sweet the optional topper is fantastic really adds to the game play
1 year ago
Ritchies finest - Never okayed the original but the new one is amazing, I have the stern topper as well which I must say is probably one of the best toppers ever made.

Hopefully another code drop soon will make this pin jump another level!
1 year ago
Similar to the Premium this game is better with the upper playfield. I don’t think this title ever got the day in the sun it deserves. It is a very exciting and challenging game with lots of things to do and definitely needs some strategy to blow up scores. The animations are great and the black knight trash talking you it a great add. Definitely a game with one more game feel on it. Code as definitely come a long way to improve this one and I know Tim will keep this code updating continuing to make this a awesome game
1 year ago
an amazing game, tough, fun but oh do you want just one more game. LE/Premium is the one to go for because of the upper playfield, when that black knight music starts kicking off though b00m! its so amazing!
1 year ago
Had to redo my review. I’ve learned to love this game. Once you can hit your shots, it changes the entire game. I have a love hate relationship with this one. The music is awesome but too repetitive. I love the taunts. Not many toys unless you count the shield where you lock balls and the ramp spinner. I do like the cannon lock on the upper p/f.
1 year ago
Better than pro
1 year ago
Awesome reboot of the black knight series.

I was impressed as to how they made the game modern and it still feels like black knight!
1 year ago
Just got my topper from stern for my LE and love it! This game is probably my favorite pinball to date out of 50 I have owned and 150 that I have played. Great job Steve Ritchie and Stern!

I love the upper playfield! Hitting the loop over and over is a great way to score while being safe. Hitting lock target help defeat monsters. Locking balls is easy enough to do fill-up multiple times each game for me. Love the lower playfield and the 3 various ways to get multi-ball. The retro multi-ball is awesome to experience! Topper integration is the best. Love the new code with more sounds and voices. What a total package!
1 year ago
Great game! Another Steve Ritchie classic.
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