Black Knight 2000

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Game design: 7.447

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Found 136 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 136 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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41 days ago
Action packed sequel to The Black Knight this time with its own theme song. Very catchy theme song with call outs. Unique upper playfield and magna save like the original. Lots of inserts that are dizzying and fun to see. Fast
45 days ago
There isn't much depth to this game but it sure does sound and look great. Nice smooth shots that don't make the tight lower playfield feel cheap or make it difficult to get to the upper playfield. Fun to play once in awhile but I suspect it would get old pretty quick in a home collection.
87 days ago
BK2000 has the best soundtrack of any pinball game (for it's time). It's mesmerizing, and I can hear it in my sleep! Love the callouts too! Steve Ritchie at his finest. I really like the dual playfield, and getting the ball and keeping the ball up top is a challenge. I like the frequent opportunity for extra balls and bonuses, but on a strict timer. The Magna save feature is cool, but hard to get. Getting the ball up to the top and keeping it up there is a challenge. This is a game where nudging is essential... especially to get the ball to the flipper past the "WAR" dropouts on the upper playfield. I am still playing and learning the rules, but there seems to be a couple of different multiballs you get to in different ways. I really like the turnaround on the lower playfield. The Mirrored back glass is cool, and the cabinet is above average for the time. The lower playfield can be a bit difficult, but if you can keep it on the upper playfield it's all butter. Only criticism is, the game is very right flipper dependent. Solid game and strongly considering it as my first 80s pin.
89 days ago
Very fun and brutal game. Kings Ransom is awesome if you can get to it. Can’t believe a game of its time has that good of a wizard mode. Great music, and great shots. May get stale in a small collection like every other 80s game though.
5 months ago
Very right flipper dependent but who could go wrong with the soundtrack. The game is super fast on the lower playfield, I just wish there was more incorporated into the game to use the left flipper. Very nice flow is what makes this game one of the better System 11 games.
10 months ago
Just couldn’t get into it. The shots weren’t that fun. I really didn’t like the huge upper field...and I like upper fields usually. Made the lower field feel cramped, and boring. Half the shots disappeared under the upper playfield, and the other half bounced off the targets so fast they drained. Just not impressed.
11 months ago
The music, the lights, and the black night taunting you while you frantically try to “beat the black knight.” What a great machine. It’s not a deep rule set by any means, but it’s just pure fun the whole time.
11 months ago
An excellent game. Music and sounds fantastic. Only thing missing from the game is use of an autoplunger, which is definitely needed during 3 ball multiball.
11 months ago
A great alphanumeric pinball machine, with 3 different multiballs including the first ever wizard mode. I love the music and the sounds. Really great artwork for a 1989 pin. The only bad thing is that it's too easy to catch the ball with the right flipper when it falls from the upper playfield, making it too easy to get back up, and that ruins the game. They should have put that the ball would get on the right lane instead.
1 year ago
I know this machine has mixed reviews and while this machine can be very brutal and unforgiving, the high of having a good game is unbelievable. Keeping the ball on the upper play field is key and safer but you have to work below too. The left flipper is a little undervalued. I love the art, the light show, and above all, the sound and music. This game is hard to get a handle on, but once you find the groove, it’s intense and exhilarating. GIVE ME YOUR MONEY! Ha ha ha ha!!!
1 year ago
this was the first pinball i remember. its catchy and very fun if you only have a few quarters to spend. but would not want to own because as cool as the features are of magnasave and drop wall etc i always felt it didnt flow well, as though there wasnt enough playfeild and it was always about getting the ball up to the next tier, maybe needed a clear deck. i can see it getting annoying after a while. i didnt really get the story but its a future? knight on horseback holding a lightning bolt so maybe that all you need to know... overall its a fantastic spectacle to behold at least for a little while
1 year ago
Black knight 2000 is a very fun alphanumeric era table. Is plays very fast and has super awesome music during gameplay. The ball lock shot it tough and super satisfying and hitting the loop on the upper playfield is a blast. Overall a fun and fast game with good sound and music. Only downfall is there isn’t too much to do cause of the era but it’s still a fun shooter.
1 year ago
The BEST system 11, very fast and fun.
1 year ago
Great design and music. Easy to service with flip out upper playfield.
1 year ago
Lots of flash and awe here. The game is beautiful with a terrific light show and artwork, and could have the best soundtrack of any pinball game ever made. I'm not really taken with the gameplay though. It seems a stunted and claustrophobic. Pair that with the System 11 "simplicity" of rules, and the game is a bit of a disappointment. The upper "WAR" rollovers seem a bit out of place and clunky for a Steve Ritchie design, but points for originality. I really wanted to like the game, given its appearance and overall theme integration, but every time I'm left disappointed when I get to play it.
1 year ago
Fast and flashy, no pun intended, game. With LEDs installed, you could go blind with the amount of flashers used. The mirrored back glass is one of my favorites, simply beautiful and worthy of framing, glad its real glass too and not a translate, just seems to pop more. Upper and main playfield keep the variation going and the music completely sets the tone for the game. When my wife plays it, she instantly starts bopping her head to the hard rock sound track. It is without a doubt a fast game, and if you have your shots dialed in and maybe a little stronger coil on the R/H side of the game, it can be soooo rewarding to just getting a three ball multiball. The center spinner is a great variation to the game as well that generates random awards such as lowering the drawbridge or getting more points. Just a fun, beautiful game all in all. I prefer, which others do not, this version of the black knight over the original. The original is what I played in the arcades way back when, but this one is just so much faster and more fun to me than the original, which is great in it's own right.
1 year ago
The Black Knight is a medieval knight living in a future where some battles are fought with the sword and others are fought with lightning bolts. He wants to fight you and he wants your money. An unseen choir of angels cheer you on. What more can you ask for in a pinball machine?

There's probably too much that I love about this game to cover it all. First, I'll say that themes make a big difference for me in how much I enjoy a game. I can still appreciate a good game for what it is but when the theme clicks with me and the gameplay is great, it makes for an awesome experience - and that's exactly what this game does for me.

BK2K has been high up on my wishlist since I first played it. I was definitely drawn in by the music, as I think many others are. I soon saw how perfectly the music complimented the gameplay, theme, and feel of the game.

The biggest highlight of this game for me is the drawbridge multiball. I have it set so the drawbridge goes back up after each lock, making it a little more challenging to get all three locked. I love the buildup, lights, and fanfare when its finally complete. I think its one of the best in all of pinball. I also love that there is an easier multiball, the double knights challenge, that's simple and fun for any level player to complete.

I've heard some complain the game is all upper playfield and to some extent it is because it is safer to keep the ball up there. Having said that, it is challenging to maneuver the ball on the upper PF and to get successive loop shots and RANSOM letters. If you spend the time on the lower PF, it provides its own unique challenges (though maybe not as rewarding) - keeping kickback and magna-save lit are difficult (but necessary since outlane drains are hard to prevent) and spelling BLACK is a tough one to complete as well.

Having said that, there are some aspects which I would love to change. When you do spell BLACK, I feel like the reward is not commensurate with the effort (one timed 1m skyway shot). I'll also say that I don't care for the sound when the drops are hit - it reminds me of a cartoon character getting hit on the head. Were they trying to go for armor/sword clashing?

The other minor gripe I have is on RANSOM mode. I think it is awesome to have a feature like that which carries over from game to game and I love that you can make it quite difficult to get each letter. The buildup to it - music, lights ("Everything is lit!") is amazing - and I like that it's timed. I only wish there was a setting to make it not carry over so it would be more of a true wizard mode. I feel like it is more challenging and rewarding (especially in a home setting) to have to spell RANSOM in a single game.

This is definitely a game that I cannot imagine parting with. It is one that keeps me wanting more and makes me smile every time I play.
1 year ago
I don't get it. They updated "Black Knight"...but the game doesn't play better or sound better. The theming has been nearly replaced so that the game feels less like facing off against a Knight and more like you're playing a weird version of Pinbot. The center "sword" has been replaced with a weird light "disc" that lights up in a "spinning" manner as you play. Once again, the upper playfield is back -- with one freakin' flipper which doesn't make a whole lot of sense and makes the upper playfield borderline pointless since there's no opposing flipper to keep anything in play for long. Once the ball goes downstairs, good luck getting it back up to the top again. Not a great table.
1 year ago
This game is a strong improvement over the original Black Knight. Although the playfield lacks depth, it doesn't lack enjoyment. The upper field seems to have a distinct purpose in play and creates a unique fun gaming experience. I recommend it.
1 year ago
I hate doing negative reviews, especially on pins which some consider "classics". BUt I played this game over the weekend and I just don't get how its rated higher than many of the classic games I grew up playing in the late 80's early 90's...
1 year ago
Excellent audio in this pin, and a multi-level playing surface adds to the enjoyment of this game. It gets the adrenaline pumping with the music and Black Knight taunting you. If you see one, play it! It's pretty awesome!
1 year ago
Yes, the game is light in terms of rule set. Yes, you are constantly trying to stay on the upper playfield. Yes, you tend to use the R flipper more than the L. But you know what? WHO CARES?

Bottom line is this title is lightning fast (pun intended, but sincere), the soundtrack while dated fits the theme perfectly, the callouts are exciting, the art package is a timeless classic, and the game is pure pinball fun in a way that only Steve Ritchie can deliver. The upper loop shot is incredibly intense and being "Loop Champion" is just as gratifying as "Grand Champion". Multiple paths to multi-ball, Magnasave, Drops, Horseshoes, double playfield - Gang, this deck is packed.

This is the only game I own that regularly gets the player to pump their fist in the air and taunt the portrayed antagonist back. This is a game that never disappoints. If you have not played it do your self a favor and try to "beat the Black Knight"!
1 year ago
I understand that this pin was ahead of it's time but after playing it and comparing with newer pins it just does not stack up.
2 years ago
If I was ever to lose a hand or arm, this would be the machine I'd buy.
Virtually no need to ever use the left flipper.
I just don't understand the love for the machine.
2 years ago
The best system 11 for me, very fun.
There are 136 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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