The Big Lebowski

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Game Design: 8.673

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Sounds/Music: 8.595

Other Aspects: 8.807

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Found 180 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 180 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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17 days ago
When it comes to Theme integration in a pinball machine, this game has it in spades. The layout of the playfield gives the player a classic pinball playing experience with the enticement of modern rules and lighting effects with the hilarity of the The Big Lebowski movie. All the assets are here and at the end of the day if you want, you can just go bowling. Awesome game, that has you coming back for "one more game".
27 days ago
This pinball machine would deserve to be n1 next to the Godzilla
The quality is to be compared with the Williams years and the game play is just fantastic
One key point of this machine is the quality of the music! Just excellent so surely no pinsound!!
37 days ago
56 days ago
Great game. Keeps me coming back. Sound quality is amazing!
56 days ago
One of the best integrations I’ve ever seen—it really takes you into the world of the movie and the layout is 0% wasted while not feeling the least bit crowded. It’s just fun all the way around, with unbelievably great sound and callouts for a heck of an immersive experience. Rules are easy to understand and provide plenty of options of attack. If I habe one gripe, it’s that the multiballs seem rough when you have more than two on the playfield—it feels like they’re always bearing down on you and you can’t really send a ball or two somewhere while you deal with the others. That could just be lack of skill though, I find the upper playfield and pops-finding orbits impossible to hit with so many balls in the way.

Extra kudos to the programming… being able to just bowl a game or play the wizard mode just for fun is so awesome. The toys in this one really switch things up and help TBL add up to more than the sum of its parts. Really great game in my humble opinion.
68 days ago
I love this game! Just traded an IJPA for it and I'm not upset at all!
These games are built like a tank!
One of the first games that I've had where I'm not chomping at the bit to put a set of pinstadiums in.
All 3 levels to the game are great! Love the different ways they use the car. Bowling level is a blast and fun that you can just go bowling.
The call outs are well used!
It did come with the music mod which is great.
Has the feeling and flow of a willaims game but can whip the ball around like a new stern.
This game keeps me coming back for another!
71 days ago
Dutch Top quality!
75 days ago
hello I played at a friend's house who bought it I am not a fan of the theme so the sound and video animation atmosphere I find it rubbish the games are rather cool good flo on a pinball machine at the price the capture on the left could have made the ball on the ramp like a scarettiff would have been cool too bad otherwise I don't really like the bottom of the board which I find ugly (color) the pinball is very well built and of good quality the upper floor adds a lot to the game the mat that rolls out is nice the mini booling is beautiful and adds a lot to the aesthetics of the game even if you have to bend down to see the kills of the font and the game is just an imprecise gadget the price of this machine is indecent at 14k eur for me you have to wait for buy one so that the price is more in line with the competition which offers limited
76 days ago
I think I've been super lucky with almost every machine I've owned - almost every one of them has been amazing I don't think I've ever owned a machine I didn't think was at least a 9/10 (I know my OF score was 8.8 but it SHOULD be over a 9). This one is no different.

First Impressions:
The game is HEAVY! Wow moving it in here wasn't easy. The backglass alone weighs more than most Sterns. The polished chrome lock down bar and rails are beautiful and suit the game to a tee. The playfield is exceptional - artwork is just perfect for the theme, and that bowling alley under the PF is just insane. Starting up a game, the sound just booms out - lovely deep bass and great quality, and the screen looks fantastic - kind of like a cross between a DMD and an LCD type screen I wouldn't mind if other games used a similar system.

Shooting the game is just so much fun, the 2 ramps are great, the orbits are super smooth, but needed some dialling in. It's VERY similar to shooting a BW form the 90s and that's a great thing - really sets it apart from Sterns/JJPs/SPookys. The upper playfield is one of the best and actually gives Spooky a run for their money - it's just so much fun to get the ball up there and go for 2 of the best modes in the game (bowling or car modes). Cool ball lock that gets activated by diverting the dude ramp and it's probably the most satisfying shot on the game as it whizzes in there.

Theme wise - it's about as perfect as you can get for a movie fan. The game is constantly throwing quotes at you from EVERY character they are all represented in some way which is mightily impressive. ALL of the memorable scenes are in here and the central feature is the rug which is a great mech in itself and is responsible for starting all the movie modes on the game. The car and the bowling alley are also featured heavily. Brilliantly done - hats off to Dutch Pinball, it's excellent guys.

The rules are pretty simple on this one - complete movie modes by bashing the rug and starting scenes, and complete car modes by bashing the car. Sucessfully finishing bowling modes reward you with bowling balls for each character, which then increase their jackpots during multiball. Characters are collected by shooting their corresponding shots a number of times. Once collected they will be added to the main character multiball. There is also another main multiball started at the dude ramp.

It's pretty simple but you do have a lot of choice as they packed the game with modes based on each mech, and each mech is amazing fun to hit or interact with. There's a little nuance in the way the character MB is scored - you can keep collecting characters or effectively "cash out" and start the MB with the ones you have lit. You can also go for each characters bowling ball to increase scoring.

Overall it's a good rule set - one of the more simple ones I've played of late, but sometimes super complicated code just isn't required.

Some shots did require adjustment - the Jesus shot often rejects with a strong/perfect shot and the orbits weren't returning to the flippers, ofetn careening off slings or stand up targets. I still have one or two issues with airballs (I need to replace the dude standups with stronger reinforced targets - these ones bend back so easily), the car sometimes stops responding to hits, and the bowling alley is a little off but I believe these are all switch adjustment issues, so nothing major.

Overall - it's amazing. there's no one area on the game or shot that you can single out - but thats because it's all equally great. It's just pure fun to play. It's a truly amazing machine with superb toys, full movie assets, great sound and some fun inventive shots. Can't recommend it highly enough.
83 days ago
You don't see them come up often, I was really excited and was hyped up. Sadly I wasn't as impressed as I thought I'd be. I really wanted to love this one.
83 days ago
The pin is kind of confusing on just what needs to be done to advance, though it should be a very beginner friendly pin based on the theme, is kind of tough for people to excel at right away. I think it’s just okay, there is nothing great or disappointing here, a totally average pin with a legendary theme behind it.
83 days ago
played this game with the new code.. its a damn masterpiece
84 days ago
Great game too much multi ball for me
85 days ago
I think I am going to come off as a bit biased, as The Big Lebowski is probably my favorite movie of all time. Most definitely a Coen Brothers film, its quirkiness very easily stretches to the absurd, and it is most certainly a niche film.
That being said, I think that TBL pinball delivers on its theme very well; the game tasks, callouts, artwork, bash toys, video, and music all combine to evoke the world of The Dude under glass. The first few times I played it, it reminded me very much of a 1990s B/W game; it is built rock-solid (and it weighs a ton!), and the shots flow very nicely. Lots of tasks to accomplish, and each of the main characters has their own shots to complete, along with a car mode, rug mode, and let's not forget the bowling alley that is located below the playfield. You can shoot at Nihilists, collect white Russians, collect bowling balls, and even bowl a regulation game. So many great things to do on this pin, and it will keep you coming back for more. Fair warning: the callouts are very adult, but if you have seen the film, this should not be a surprise, so make sure if you have any little ones around that you don't want to hear adult language, either don't start a game, or switch the adult speech to off (which, IMHO, takes something away from the game). If I were to mark it down on something, it would be the music, only because they apparently were't able to secure, or more likely afford, all of the artist clearances that would have been needed. However, what was included are excellent non-vocal versions of the easily-recognizable songs from the film, plus there is a music mod that you can very easily install (thanks to Pinsider jyeakly!) that restores all of the original music, and some extras (music and callouts), bringing this game to near-perfect status. A great first-effort by Dutch Pinball, and overall, I think one of the top games of all time.
89 days ago
One of the best pins ever - and if you have the sound mod, it‘s the best !
3 months ago
Fantastic and beautiful game, funny quotes, great music... Plays like a 90's Bally Williams game. Looks and feels very high quality built. This is a great addition to my collection. My only complaint is that gameplay can be quite clunky at times. But it scores 10/10 on all other aspects.
3 months ago
I have wanted this game for years. Wow!! Amazing quality, cabinet is well built, beautiful backglass!! Game shoots like an older Bally/Williams game. Theme is cool. Great video integration. Rules are cool with lots to do. Mechanisms are really nice. Rug and car mechs. I am glad I was able to add the game to my collection. I cannot wait to see what this company does next! Rumor is Back to the Future! We shall see!
3 months ago
I recently played the big Lebowski, and really enjoyed it. The variation of shot types, the diversity of tactics available, and the difficulty is just right. The bowling alley playfield is also really fun.

The theming is great. It feels like a lot of care went into the quality. As others have said, the Walter ramp can be a little difficult to hit, but provides a fantastic challenge.

The thing I enjoyed most about the table was the feeling of playing a classic table. It didn’t feel modern or gimmicky. Feels well crafted and timeless.
4 months ago
This is a theme made for pinball, Dutch pulls it off with absolute brilliance. The theater under the glass they created equals a nice shooting pinball playfield. The code with a timed execution of those movie assets and light show is perfect for a fun-playing game. Even the music works, if not an official soundtrack package.

It all comes together keeping you challenged and smiles from those playing and to the viewers watching. a fantastic pin!
4 months ago
Plays like a classic Bally/Williams and looks better than most every machine out there. They nail it for fans of the movie and pinballers alike.
4 months ago
Love this game. It plays smooth, shots are great and it looks and sounds stunning! Code seems to be well evolved and allows for different gameplay approaches. The playfield art ist very nice, but the colors could have a bit more pop. Also I wish the game had more songs from the movie. The bowling alley is very well made and a lot of fun to play. I also think the upper playfield is super fun. Well done!
4 months ago
Fantastic, fun, loaded pin. Smooth shooting and cut straight from the 90s Williams mold, with one of the coolest toys every on the bowling mini game. Fantastic theme integration.

My only complaint is it's a bit straightforward, with no big risk/reward mechanics or dangerous shots. I could see it getting old in a smaller collection, though it'd take a while regardless because it really does shoot fantastically. Really just a brilliant game.
5 months ago
This game is really good.

I like the layout. Some shots, especially the Walter ramp on the right are very difficult to hit but in general all of the shots are satisfying to make. Playing the game feels like playing an "older" Williams machine like Fish Tales just with more sophisticated technology.

I love the modes and that they include the "Do you see what happens Larry?" scene. And using the rug as a mode starter is a very clever idea since it really ties the movie together. The character multiballs are also noteworthy as they kind of remind me of Medieval Madness' Madnesses.

Everytime I play the game I have a lot of fun and there are a many unique features I come back to this game for. For example the bowling alley or the Dude's car on the upper playfield. Dutch Pinball have really put some thought into the game's features.

Overall this is a very good, special and fun game incorporated with a lot of new ideas.
5 months ago
Build quality is great, good flowing game with exceptional lighting! Upper playfield is well utilised, the rug is innovative as well as the bowling.

This is a great pinball, the whole package is beautiful!
5 months ago
A good machine top to bottom. Approachable, simple rules, balanced scoring,good for novices. One of the better upper playfields ever made. A dream theme for many Achievers(mega fans of the movie).

Might not hold the interest of a hardcore pinball player for long. Maybe a good game in a large collection, probably not a good only game.

One wonders how long it will remain in production since it’s made by a smaller manufacturer that has had a months to years long backlog for quite a while. I also wonder if these would be one of the most common games ever if they were produced by Stern and sold at Stern premium prices. Ah, look at me. I'm ramblin' again.
There are 180 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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