The Big Lebowski

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Game design: 8.208

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Other Aspects: 8.32

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There are 44 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 days ago
Looks good from a distance. Hope the last batch plays better than the first ones. Could have been better.
3 days ago
Great pinball with the theme executes very very well.

The music is iconic and full use of videoclips and sounds is just awesome.

Game has a well thought layout. The bowling alley is perhaps the most complex assy ever built in a pinball but has only 2 modes.

Game rules are understandable and keep you busy but could use polishing and some more depth (version 0.52 at moment of writing this).
5 days ago
tBL and pinball combined. My 2 favorite things. It looks amazing it plays great. But there is something lacking. Maybe not enough development. As it is I personally find the game to be to slow. Do want one. But at these prices. No thank you
29 days ago
This is truly a masterpiece. After about 80 games I was concerned about the “just one more game” factor, but it has me there every time. My only concerns are with the bowling alley and the LCD. The bowling mode is very cool although.. it is hard to see without leaning down very low. Not a huge deal but slightly annoying when entering that mode. The screen was my next issue... thinking it has more to with the software then the actual LCD itself.. but it’s def not a deal breaker. This game is wildly cool and the theme integration is brilliant. I could only imagine what DP would think of next if they can get their business model under control. Go get one!!
4 months ago
Loved playing this game at Tilt in Minneapolis. Table is fast and fun, and the theming is on point for the world of The Dude. Excellent game.
4 months ago
Wish I had the money to own this. It tops my wishlist. My only problem with the game was that I got to play on early teest models that had the authentic Lebowski soundtrack and WAY WAY more speech and call backs from the movie. Those early version didn't have the mode worked out yet. When I next got to play it the situation had reversed it's self. The loss of some of those great voice and call backs really damaged some of the fun of the game play, especially the boom of John Goodman's voice swearing at the player..... hilarious. I seriously hope that the makers of this game can get their shit together and make a thousand of these. There ought to be one in every bowling alley in america.
4 months ago
Wish I had the money to buy this pin. A blast to play and barely scratched the surface of the rule set. Some challenging shots got a bit easier after several games but by no means easy. Love the call outs and video scenes. This was on location at Tilt pinball bar in Minneapolis so was seeing lots of play time. Fllippers acted a bit funky at times and a slingshot was acting up so durability may be a problem.
4 months ago
One of the rare cases where a truely great game is enjoyable because its actually a great game and not just rare. Simple enough rules that its easy to understand but a difficult enough wizard mode that its hard to reach. Good balance in scoring. Itd easily be a top 10 if more units were made.
5 months ago
Love the film, so I'm bais. I do think its a perfect movie pin tie-in
5 months ago
Fiiiiiinally got to play one.
Thoroughly enjoyed it overall.
8 months ago
Be careful if your kids are around when playing. I must have played the adult version because it quoted Jesus saying he was going to f—- you in he a—-. I was shocked at that but the game is awesome. It even has a carpet that rolls up when hit to tie the game together.
8 months ago
The best pinball ever based on one of the best movies ever. The sound and music selection on this game is incredible.
The callouts and the film clips go along well with game play. It has a ton of modes and a very fun game code .
The playfield layout and shots flow well. The bowling bottom playfield is fun.
9 months ago
I would like to buy a copy of this game because I really feel like it would bring the game room together. But man, that is not an option. I will just have to settle for playing this awesome game wherever it can be found. Man, if those dudes at Dutch pinball would just get their shit together, than we could all play whenever we wanted, man!
9 months ago
Unfortunately, these are very rare and incredibly expensive. If those two weren't the case, this would be a top 10 pinball machine.
Awesome theme with great artwork and gameplay. 3 playfields, tons of toys, great video clips, and top notch sounds/music.
There are truly no flaws in this game aside from rarity and price.
If you can afford it, get it. If you have the chance to play it, go for won't regret it.
12 months ago
The best pinball of all time that no one (unless you were lucky or you are rich) can ever own. Got to play many games on one of these on location and just loved every minute. The best "world under glass" implementation and theme integration I have ever seen. So so sad that this project is dead. The game shoots great and has a fantastic design. The bowling alley lower playfield is perfect. It never even got "complete" code and is still among the best pins of all time. Someday I hope to be rich or foolish enough to spend the $20k for one or I hope that someone buys out this project and starts up fabrication again...demand is there! So painful that its out of reach!
1 year ago
The crappiest part of The Big Lebowski is its availability. At this point, in late 2018, it is still looking like an uphill battle to get the pre-paid games into the rightful owners’ hands, let alone any additional production. It’s a terrible fate for such a well designed game to be offered by a manufacturer that has so far been unable to produce as many units as was planned or sold.

Art, sound, theme - TBL freaking nails it. The rules need to be refined and built upon for the game to achieve greatness, but that seems unlikely in the current ‘Dutch Pinball’ climate. Still a very enjoyable game with a lot to do in it, utilizing all shots on the board.

Our TBL is set up with super bands rings, except on the kickers and flippers, which have white Marco and red Pinball Life respectively. That upper playfield is suppose to have a large rubber ring to keep the ball on the upper playfield, yup, but not on ours. We removed that ring and put two 3/8” OD rings on the posts up there, so if you don’t make your shot in a collected way that ball of yours will spill down onto the lower playfield. I also unplugged the ‘Light Trampoline’ stand-up switch, and covered its respective light, so you’ll never re-light Trampoline after the first is used, nor know you were able to re-light it. Oh, and lightning flippers.

Get this game built for those that paid for it, so we can all go back to taking it easy like the Dude.
1 year ago
I love this game when it's working. Unfortunately, the one local machine seems to be down often. I would add it to my collection if I could find one for a reasonable price.
1 year ago
This is one of the best pinballs i’ve Ever played to bad this company failed because this game is a home run.

Why do people flag a rating just because you give the game a 10? This is my opinion not yours! This game has incredible toys, amazing layout, great artwork, clips from a cult classic, lower playfield, upper playfield, what is the game missing? Can someone explain, I think the game has really incorporated the theme of the movie to the best level possible and someone has a problem with my rating. Ridiculous! This game is incredible. I think its the best themed game ever made. It's amazing.
1 year ago
I had the chance to play this wile visiting Salinas, .CA for work. I've never seen the movie. But I have to say this was a really fun machine to play. Fun call outs and really good flow. It def kept me coming back for more.
1 year ago
Had the opportunity to play 5 games on this machine at Orange County Pinball three weeks ago and really enjoyed it. The cabinet seemed to be built OK but the finish work on the exposed edges of the wood wasn't that good, might be because they were trying to get the game out ASAP. I don't see that as a bad thing really as all the other aspects of the cabinet and art work were nice.

The game play was very fun, lots of fun makeable shots, with good sound and quotables that accompanied the game play. Each game I played I was able to progress onto higher levels/challenges, but honestly did not play it enough to rate its depth of play, but I will say it was a lot of fun.

Would I add this game to my personal collection if and when it becomes available again, yes I would. Although I think I would wait until some feedback was available from those who had played the game long enough to validate functionality, code, workmanship and overall quality. Would I buy one of the original games (from DP) if one were available, yes I would, it was that fun.
2 years ago
Very interesting game. Cool features and gimmicks. The sounds are good quality but there isn't much adrenaline excitement - seems very low key. The under field bowling alley is pretty different. A lot of stop and go, which normally doesn't bother me, but it seems to drag on to me maybe because of the lack of adrenaline rush.
2 years ago
wow! very very cool pinball, loved to play every second
2 years ago
Great game had Many cool features and good sounds and music.
2 years ago
Looks like a great game with massive potential...but , lets see when they ship. Holding my breathe. The ModFather
2 years ago
The rug really pulls this pin together..
Beautiful pin! Wasn't expecting much with this being next to some higher rated pins- but this was the pin getting played the most. The movie was ok for me, but it does help to appreciate this pin. Music and sound were smooth, mixed with the play- like drinking a White Russian. There were a couple of malfunctions, so not sure if would buy. But if you see it somewhere- definitely play a few. Should be higher in the ratings.
There are 44 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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