The Big Lebowski

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Game Design: 8.567

Artwork: 8.683

Sounds/Music: 8.52

Other Aspects: 8.705

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Found 112 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 112 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 day ago
Found this machine in the wild, much to my surprise, and in solid working condition at a local brewery... The game is fun! There are some challenging shots and tasks (especially for a novice like me) and the pin is absolutely locked in step with the movie.
Would love to play it a few more times to get a better feel but I had a blast the half-dozen times I played this past weekend.
16 days ago
I have played Lebowski on location many times but held back from leaving a review until I was able to get one in a home setting. After 15 months of waiting Lebowski came home last week and I can tell you that it was worth the wait! This is by far the best theme integration I have ever seen in a pinball machine. Built rock solid and I agree with what others have said about it feeling like a mid 90's Bally Williams but even better. The code is indeed a little shallow but I do know they are working on releasing a code update in the near future. I HIGHLY recommend this machine and I do not ever see this machine leaving my collection.
26 days ago
This is the Holy Grail pinball. Not as fast and flowey as Godzilla but it’s the best theme in pinball and an incredible game. Totally unique and Williams like. Amazing toys. Also the best looking pinball I’ve ever seen. The best.
33 days ago
Dutch Pinball nailed it.

I'll admit I enjoy the movie but don't love it so I was nervous on purchasing this pin for that reason.

Theme integration this pin absolutely nails it. I'm not sure if there is better theme integration out there. There are other great pins that integrate theme but Dutch nails it.

Layout is fun and simple. When I say simple it's easy to understand what shots are needed and what to do.

Playfield art, toys, and gimmicks are IMO amazing. These are very subjective I get as is this review lol I really enjoy the light show especially the attract mode. Something about the yellow/orange lights on this pin excite me.

I've had zero issues with my pin so far and when this pin is between your hands it just feels like quality. To me how it feels adds to the experience.

I'm excited for the code release to come and make an already fun game even better. Yes things like music/call-outs could be improved but that's true on almost every pin that is released.

Very excited to see what Dutch Pinball does next.
37 days ago
Great Little game here with some great original shots and game play. Not the prettiest game in the world and is lacking quality build parts in areas. Great theme and some great call outs. I do not think it is a top 20 pin of all time and the current market value is ludicrous for what you are getting. Fun pin to play on location, own maybe not.
54 days ago
It is a really beautiful pin! The theme is epic.
Three skill shots available. But my absolute favorite is the one where you start bowling
The one with the bigger points probably is the rug.
I really don’t mind the music is not original. They did a great job with it. And well, the Dude doesn’t like the eagles lol, so it’s great.
The Donny shot is killing for me. Maybe we need some adjustments because it’s almost always a drain through the middle.
Also love that the game comes with the rug. Not a real Persian quality though. We hanged it on the wall beside the machine to keep it intact.
This pin is not going anywhere for the upcoming years :)
63 days ago
Pinball integrated into a theme has never been so well done in this pinsiders opinion
70 days ago
If only it had the original soundtrack... Code can be a bit shallow.
77 days ago
A fun game with some good shots and gimmicks. But what makes me want to come back to it is the theme integration. They absolutely nailed it, but yeah, that's just my opinion man.
81 days ago
Great, easy-to-follow rules, with an outstanding theme. Cabinet is a work of art. Call-outs are the best I’ve heard since The Addams Family.

Apparently about to receive code update that will make it even more fun to play.
82 days ago
Awesome game, so fun, so cool to look at, amazing theme, played it a few times and decided I will own one (that's a rare event)...
3 months ago
Playfield is a little dark and the rules aren’t very deep.
3 months ago
probably the best themed pinball of all time, amazing design, great flow, cool video and sound. The negative is this is the most temperamental pinball I have ever played. It's constant work to keep the thing running for shooting right. buggy software as well. Rens at DutchPinball does provide amazing customer support though =)
3 months ago
The dude needs about 100 more hours of code.
3 months ago
Man, when I went into this game I was expecting something good, but this is ridiculous! This might be my favorite game of all time if I’m going to be honest (next to Godzilla).


The layout is great. None of the shots feel unsatisfying or poorly made.

The toys are great: I love the rug and the Bowling lower playfield.

This game is absolutely gorgeous: the lighting, art, ambience and animations all come together to make an amazing package.

The rules (though incomplete) are still easy to understand, but hard to master.

The sound quality is great: they clearly used high quality products.

Theme integration is just spot on: well done Dutch Pinball.

The feel of this game is just incredibly high quality: props to Dutch for making this just feel great.

Con’s (More like Nit-Picks):
The Dude (left ramp) while a good shot, feels like it should be backhandable, but isn’t. Not really a big deal, I just wish it was.

The fact that call outs play every single time you hit a flipper button in attract mode is a little annoying: wish it was every once in a while.

Overall, this is just a fantastic game. I hope I get more time to play this at some point, but I think this would be a collection adder if they fall to a reasonable price (if Dutch catches up on the backlog).
4 months ago
This is an amazing game. I really enjoy playing this machine because it is so relaxing to play a game on. A true masterpiece
4 months ago
The Good
+ Theme integration, art, sounds etc all nails The Big Lebowski. This was my main reason for getting it.
+ Looks - this is just one of the most beautiful pins you'll ever see, it is truly an art piece. This is another reason I got it.
+ Lots of things packed into this game - upper playfield that is actually important and fun and lots to do (bash car, start bowling, has its own skill shot), lower bowling is like a game of its own (but also is important to do towards getting scoring multipliers for characters, so great integration with the rules)
+ The Maude rollovers (5 of them!) is a neat way to earn a character
+ You can earn the ability to cancel character multiball (so you can wait until you get more characters and start it later)

The Less Good
- Reliability, issues i've had (latest version at the time of writing is 0.58) are all switches stop responding occasionally during play (requires reboot), half the bowling pins broke in first month of casual use
- Rules are pretty simple, could use a bit more depth
- The music is not bad the original songs would have been better (especially the Bob Dylan song). Metallica is a good example of a pin that has the vocals and still loops instrumental parts so that the vocals don't get too repetitive.
- More variety in callouts/clips would be great, literally any line from the movie could be a callout so there's a LOT to choose from.
- Family mode still has swearing and pretty inappropriate lines, could have had more fun with it and chosen completely different scenes for Family mode to be cleaner but totally capture the big lebowski. But it's possible there are no clean lines in this movie. But if it was done like this it might make it fun for you to play through normal mode and also family mode because of the variation.

Ideas for DP:
Real soundtrack would be great keep working on licensing that please
Family mode having its own unique truly clean clips/callouts
Maybe you can become a character when starting the game (like Stern Star Wars, X-Files) and the rules and callouts change for each character. Then you'll want to play as all the characters for variation.
The ability to cancel character multiball is really important but kind of hard to earn. Maybe provide more ways to earn it (like after every 2 white russians)
6 months ago
Best theme integration in pinball, so much fun to play.
7 months ago
Rules as basicaly sames as MM but theme animations, musics, are so good.
The mini playfield is really good. And le lower bowling, damned !!!! 2 games in one.
7 months ago
I finally played this this weekend. I would say that it is a great game. Lots of modes to shoot for. Some are easy and some are hard.
8 months ago
Love this game!
8 months ago
Best pinball ever play
8 months ago
Played a few times at FlipOut in London.

This is a fun pin with a strong integration between theme and mechanics. Sadly, I’m unfamiliar with the film, which means I can’t appreciate this pin as much as an ardent fan.

It is hard to put in a bad word for it, apart from the recurrent fault notice on the LCD screen and the fact it reset mid-game. The rolling rug in the centre that sets off ‘rug mode’ is very cute. There’s some kind of lower playfield bowling game, which I didn’t manage to activate, and an upper playfield with some thematic toys. The actual rug that sits under the pinball machine is a particularly cute touch.

It’s nice to shoot, cute and well meaning generally, and reminds me a little of an updated Bally/Williams-era machine. I, personally, wouldn’t be interested in tracking one down to buy, but I can definitely imagine a Big Lebowski fan doing so.
8 months ago
Splendid theme integration, satisfying shots, just an all around spectacular machine. If only Stern were able to get so many assets for their movie pins... Code is still early, yet there is plenty to do and see. Only con: Animations could be better. Along with EHOH, i think this is the pin that's never gonna leave.
10 months ago
I don't know if there is a better theme integration in pinball besides TBL. I do think part of the allure of the game lies in it's back story as well as the continued struggle and timeline to receive a machine. Rarity does add perceived value (whether accurate or not). I waited a year to received this game and have spent the next 3 months chasing down problems and looking for ways to improve design flaws or fix or prevent future problems from occurring. Dependability or lack thereof can easily sour my feelings towards a game. TBL has taken the the #1 spot of having the glass off more than on. I hope I'm at a place where this experience is finally over. All that being said, I absolutely love this game.

The game is excellent. It's absolutely goregous and everything is tied in so cleanly. The game is a masterclass in theme intergration and the code is still being developed. That is a good thing. The game is difficult as is and as they add variety to the modes (bowling ect) the game will just grow in popularity and gain the respect it deserves. There are so many call outs and things to notice that you may not hear unless you work to complete the modes and pause to listen to the dialogue.

Upper playing is excellent and entertaining. Challenging enough to not bore easily but utilized enough to make you proficient. I'm glad they included a skill shot that incorporates the upper playfield as it really ties the bowling mode into the game. They are going to add some variety to the bowling mode (splits) which is desperately needed. Main playfield flows very well. Jesus shot is difficult to make and difficult to get dialed in. A very narrow opening to make this shot. The way the vuk is lined up can create some very aggravating rejects. Dude ramp also has a difficult incline that can cause balls to roll back down if not landed with a perfect hit. They really need to change the slope of the dude ramp to avoid some of these issues. Playfield is excellent, gorgeous, and the colors tie the rest of the game together like few others. Soundtrack is phenomenal and really lines up with the music. With a little computer savy you can edit the music to include the orignal tracks with vocals. I highly recommend you do so.

1 year of wait and continued problems keeping this game afloat and I wouldn't trade it for nothing. Once the 1.0 code releases I think this will be one of the greatest modern games ever made. Can't wait to see what they do next.
There are 112 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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