The Big Lebowski

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Game design: 8.43

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Other Aspects: 8.633

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There are 69 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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19 days ago
Cool game. Mostly well done and fun, but The code still needs work. It crashes, it has ball dead spots be ready to take off the glass and - or reboot.
Probably too high of rating for a problematic machine, but love the theme.
37 days ago
No doubt I enjoyed the movie and have watched it a handful of times.

When I had the chance to spend some time playing this game I thought it did an excellent job of tying in multiple moments from the movie -- great theme integration. Pinball naturally works with a bowling theme and I could almost smell the cigarette smoke as the game took me back to nights/weekends I spent at the alley. The characters from the film are well represented and the video clips that accompany each "hit" are very complimentary.

I have to say that the creators of this game put a lot of thought and detail into the pin and I really enjoyed every ball of every game. Multiple options for multiball were nice, and of course rug mode has no other match (to my knowledge) in pinball. Upper playfield with the car bashing definitely made me smile.

I'd love to own one of these games some day, but right now the price point is more than I can spend on a single pin. I suppose a guy can always dream. . . or maybe just sell off half of the current collection!
45 days ago
Awesome friggin pin. A must have!!
54 days ago
Personal I think the game is just plan fun.
64 days ago
The theme on this games just does it for me.
69 days ago
this pinball machine despite its long waiting time to get it (which makes it so rare and exclusive) is really the most fantastic pinball machine that I have ever seen and played ... it has been over 40 years since I play pinball and I have owned a lot and this one for me and the holy grail ... everything is perfect, I can only advise ...
78 days ago
If you see it, you gotta play it. If you can afford it, congratulations you must smell terrific. Really fun game, I hope Dutch Pinball can sell a lot of these and make more games based on this machine. The call outs are great, the playfield is really creative.
3 months ago
Its the one game I can't seem to get enough of. Its a theme about a rebel, on a rebellious device (once illegal in the parts fo the U.S.) for a rebel at heart. Fantastic music, abstract, off the wall theme beautifully integrated and oddly peaceful to play over and over again. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it!
3 months ago
Hard to rate as I've been waiting for many years for my EA game to arrive. I have to say, after playing it the other day, it is everything I hoped it would be. Theme integration is one of the best ever!
4 months ago
for me it is one if the best new pinball machines currently. so much love put in the details. the shots are not very smooth always; but it is really great fun to play. the theme is great, the gamedesign is great, and the gameplay is also very nice. two thumbs up!!
5 months ago
It took me a long time to track down a TBL, and it was worth the wait. I spent an evening at a friends playing and probably only was able to play 5-6 full games. There were lots of issues with the build quality from Dutch: lots of code issues that led to lockups when we were trying to play 4 player games, a flipper coil fell off during one of my games, and the weirdest one was a friend causing a full reboot of the game with just a little bit of static electricity charge.

With all the bad out of the way, I can go on to the good. For me, this a grail theme, and I think with time and coding updates this could be a really great game. Dutch was very very ambitious with this project, and it shows. The upper pf is a lot of fun and the main pf has a ton going on. Whoever did the covers of the music tracks did a really nice job of making them sound like the originals. The lightshow on the Nihilist mode is great and the music for the mode fits really well. I had a lot of fun playing the game despite the persistent issues. I'm sure if I spent more time, the lack of code would start to bother me, but didn't in this first session. I'm looking forward to playing TBL again in the future, and seeing what Dutch can do with the code.
5 months ago
STOP STOP STOP , take a second and reach out to Player 1,Jersey Jack, Stern or Chicago Gaming. Do not throw your money away on a made in China quality pin ! I was over the moon excited when I first heard there was a Lebowski pin. I was even more excited when I was able to get my deposit down on a unit! That is about when my nightmare began and I got in to the loan a sketchy start up pinball company 20k for most of a year business. I was told to pay the remaining balance 18k and change, and that my game was ready to come off the line it would ship within a few days(by end of work week) I paid in full on my credit card(thank gawd I bought with my visa) ... A week goes by, two weeks go by three weeks go tracking number delayed and vauge responses from the retailer....1 moth goes game TWO Months goes by, Three months arrive...I finally get word my game is shipped...The retailer claimed Dutch was waiting on parts and my game was on hold until then. I later found out units did leave the factory but I was put on the back burner AFTER THEY HAD 20K OF MY MONEY FOR THREE MONTHS! SOOOOO, game arrives I have multiple people come for an unboxing party (mid summer, I paid for the game in full in March) Plethora of issues.. and just an insane amount of poor workmanship and corners cut wherever possible.. If you turn the volume up over half way..the speakers distort..back and bottom of cabnet are particle board...Game was unplayable and after the 3rd game, a coil on the lower playfield caught fire lol and filled my garage with burning plastic smell and shock from all that attended. The ramp was drilled in the the playfield, broken plastics all over, scratched lockdown bar out of the box. It looked like it had been on location for a while then sent out.....Decals were peeling off the cabnet, the back head was creases due to overstrapping...I could go on and on...The retailer placed blame on me for unboxing it (WTF) I had to threaten to get Visa involved to get any kind of customer service from the retailer. They blamed the manufacturer and then passed me on to them to try and rectify the situation.... After a bunch of back and forth (a better part of a month with an unplayable game in my garage) The retailer/manufacturer agreed to have me send the game back and send me a new game. I was gauranteed that my game would be the next one out, I asked Barry(head of Dutch) to sign the backglass) (this was to ensure he gave it a once over before it left the factory) I had posted a completely honest review on pinside about my game and was asked to take it down because it had caused people to change their deposit to another game(whomever I saved from this pile of junk, you are welcome, lol). I obliged, so the waiting game began, one week, two weeks three weeks 1 month, two months...responses not sent to my inquiry on where my replacement game was...THREE MONTHS go by, games have gone out..just not to me.....How crazy has this got, I paid 20k, I now have no game in my possession, paid over 20k and am getting ignored by the manufacturer....Complete madness.....I get told by the retailer"oh, Dutch is now moving their shop and this has caused the delay" I then asked for a refund untill my game arrives or another game to use of similar value ....
Neither is obliged .....I finally(8months after paying in full for my game) Get somewhere with speaking with Visa, they agreed that I made every attempt to reasonably rectify the situation and that I should be refunded .....The retailer gets notified of this and like a gust of wind I finally get a response, they will send me my money back. Lol, and like a true relic , they send me a cheque in the snail mail... absolutely bush league.... AVIOD this game and company at all cost.

Above is a small condensed version of what happened, feel free to reach out if anyone wants the complete story !!! BUY FROM PLAYER 1, JERSEY JACK, OR CHICAGO GAMING...AVOID DUTCH AT ALL COST! I

I bought one brand new and it has been a nightmare. I will post complete details of the nightmare I had dealing with Dutch. If you want a quality game buy a Jersey Jack. Game is made of poor quality materials, wherever corners can be cut they have been cut. It is not worth more than a Stern pro at best. AVOID this game!
7 months ago
It´s a bummer, man !
Beautifull pinball machine. Yopu see that Dutch Pinball LOVES pinball. No "redesign" of a good payed gamedesigner from Stern or JJP. A group of dutch people loving pinball and found that very very special theme ! I am happy that nor Stern or JJP catched this up.
The story of DP is a story full of ups and downs. Right now I beieve this story will find a good end and looking forward for other titles by DP.
I have a Archiever Edition, therefor the perfect illuminated and integrated apron. It is a beauty !
The pin is a "Wpc95" style machine, typically for the end of the 90th. Wonderfull !
It plays like a WPC machine !

I will stop now with my comment but will come back later:
The software is not finished yet, DP has to fight with some smaller issues and a software about 85% ready. Some bugs are also in the actual software. But this game is right now ... a bummer. And will be a keeper in the future with 100% software !
7 months ago
This is the best implemtation of a theme i've ever seen. The love to detail is just incredible. I only wish it would be a bit easier, it's really unforgiving, hard game. You need to be in controll of the ball at all times or it's gone. This is not a beginners game.
9 months ago
Dream theme that has the best implementation of any modern game. Video clips that have the actors voices. Upper playfield, lower playfield, two bash toys , diverters, and the soundtrack. I see why this game is so sought after. I may have to empty my piggy bank out.
9 months ago
Beautiful game with really perfect theme integration, sound, music, call outs and art. It’s bright and easy to understand what to do after just a game or two. Fit and finish is good, especially for a new company. The code isn’t finished, but it doesn’t feel shallow. There is enough to do for most players, for now. Hopefully it gets an update at some point. The toys and creativity are excellent. Overall, it’s a really fun game with terrific video clips and movie integration. It’s not a bummer, man!
1 year ago
I decent game but not sure it would be in my collection as the playability isn't there for me. Sidenote - played two different machines and both have had issues with upper playfield. Durability / build seems like an issue.
1 year ago
Simply an amazing game. Love the movie and the theme integration in this one is top notch!
1 year ago
A lot of people are grabbing this game because it is rare. I want to say that it is also an amazing theme and great fun to play. The toys are just enough and unique, the game play is quick and once you know the rules very playable, the sound is amazing and so are the call outs, there is nothing I would knock on this game. It is not as deep or involved as the JJP POTC, which I still have ranked a 10 out of 10, but it is in a close second place. Great title and a must have.
1 year ago
It’s a great game with one of the best theme integrations I’ve seen. The playfield artwork is top-notch that blends items and people from the movie perfectly. Oddly, some of the rights were not granted from certain brands (ie, Folgers/Kahlua), where they’re either blurred out or generically named, which is kind of amusing in and of itself. The game rules are solid for the most part, but it could still use a little more depth and polish. It plays nice and fast, with a lot of that “one more game” appeal. The call outs are spot on, and it still cracks me up hearing/seeing the different movie quotes/clips (although, I wish the family mode didn’t simply drop the cussing, but instead inserted different phrases into it [like tv’s “this is what happens when you find a stranger in the alps!”]). The music lends itself flawlessly to the game, and while they’re only covers of the songs from the movie, Dutch Pinball still nailed it. As far as toys go, the bowling alley is very unique, although it doesn’t add too much to the game other than visual appeal. However, the upper play field is pretty fun. I’m thrilled these games are trickling out again...this is easily the crowd favorite in my collection, from both veteran and novice players alike. An absolute A+ game with a manufacturing nightmare of a tale behind it.
1 year ago
I love this movie and the pin almost feels like watching the movie. The theme is amazingly integrated and the toys feel extremely unique and perfectly on point with the theme. Fun factor is off the charts for me. Variation of shots is good though I felt a slight clunkiness. That is my only negative. Well...I'm off to sell a kidney or two so I can this pin.
1 year ago
The under playfield bowling alley is a really fun idea!

It's a solid built pin with great artwork. The mini playfield is cool; although I find the shot difficult to make to reach it.
All-in this is a top pin with some original toys.

1 year ago
Perfect theme and great play.
Play field layout is spot on, no expense spared on the build quality, feels tight like a mint Bally Williams machine.
Dutch have integrated the movie perfectly for mine. Always the first to get game play out of my line up and constantly laughing at quotes and clips some of which are new months into owning.
Great job and top 3 all time machine.
1 year ago
Great pinball with the theme executes very very well.

The music is iconic and full use of videoclips and sounds is just awesome.

Game has a well thought layout. The bowling alley is perhaps the most complex assy ever built in a pinball but has only 2 modes.

Game rules are understandable and keep you busy but could use polishing and some more depth (version 0.52 at moment of writing this).
1 year ago
tBL and pinball combined. My 2 favorite things. It looks amazing it plays great. But there is something lacking. Maybe not enough development. As it is I personally find the game to be to slow. Do want one. But at these prices. No thank you
There are 69 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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