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Big Guns

Pinside rating

This game received 101 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 7.065 /10


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This game ranks #261 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.042

Artwork: 7.47

Sounds/Music: 6.486

Other Aspects: 7.039

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Found 57 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 57 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 months ago
It’s an 80’s game so you need to take a step back from all the new flashy stuff and lower the bar a bit when rating a game like this.
Appreciate it for what it is.
- the artwork is something akin to a where’s Waldo book with all kinds of new discoveries to find if you’re analyzing the small details. That’s attention to detail you don’t see anymore.
- the back box is taller than normal because Python didn’t want to just fit his game into a generic box, but rather build the box around his game. He’s got his priorities straight.
- the upper playfield (if you can call it that) is fun with all the drop targets, 2 hidden shots, and center.
-the gimmicks are the pachinko style toy in the backglass and the 2 firing cannons. Both are cool.
The downside would be how symmetrical the playfield is which kind of leaves you with half a game in that sense.
Still, it’s charming and does best in a larger collection.
4 months ago
Love it. Awesome 80's game music. Cannons are a great innovation for the time. I love the game because it's different. No bumpers, wierd medevil in space theme, part of game in the translite, great art, etc. It can't hold up to today's games. But in a large collection it's a great piece of 80's pinball.
5 months ago
Awesome art package. Great game and effects for its time. Cannons take up to much real estate on the play field and create a bottleneck. Most difficult skill shot ever. Still awesome!
5 months ago
Wow they really went all in on the sound :o
1 year ago
First played this at Funspot and was drawn in by the amazing sounds of this game. Shortly after had the opportunity to buy it and jumped on it. It is the second pin we've owned. Amazing soundtrack and seems it laughs at you when you when you fail :) Shooting cannons are revolutionary, locking balls to save the queen is exciting. It could seem like a one trick pony, but the upper playfield is fun to defeat.
One of the hardest skill shots in pinball. Good in a big collection.
1 year ago
This is a well designed play field that keeps the ball in play and has a great feel. The whole machine is very tightly made, and functions well. The downside for some might be repetition, but this is a great staple pin, and teaches skills well without a lot of random drains.
1 year ago
This game is criminally underrated!

The artwork is simply gorgeous! Python Anghelo was really at his absolute best here. The backglass is tall and imposing. This pin really stands out in a lineup and has that "WOW" factor. It is quirky and unique.
This is a pin that really comes alive with LEDs. I never really fully appreciated all of its nuances until I switched them over. Stunning.
The toys are also really cool. 2 cannons that shoot pinballs in the air across the playfield! Wow! The bagatelle inset in the backglass is a really fun element as well. The upper playfield mimics a mini playfield.
It is well built, beautiful, and fun. If there is any drawback for would be the sound. It certainly has its charm, but it can be repetitive.
It is shocking these aren't priced higher. Get one before people start to find out about them.
1 year ago
This is a fun and unique game. Love the oversize backbox and not one but two shooting cannons. The game seems to be a lot of shoot to the upper playfield, then kill the orcs and launch the ball. I don't really understand the rules to this game fully yet, but I always have fun playing it, and the ball times are relatively long. I could see this making it into a large collection, but I don't see this as being a real earner on site. This seems like the type of game that would be a blast to have for part of a year and then move on to the next one. It does look like it would be a beast to move and check your ceiling height before buying one.
2 years ago
I really enjoy this game. It's not one I'd need to own, cause I think it would get old really fast, but it's original and quirky and fun to throw a few quarters in. I absolutely LOVE the artwork on this game, and the fire the guns gimmick is cool. Solid game.
2 years ago
Cool game with neat gimmicks. Love the cannons and the free ball shot in the backglass at the end of the game - A free ball here is a godsend.
2 years ago
Got the pin in a trade. Was hesitant at first because of all the bad ratings. Now that I’ve got it I think it’s a lot of fun. Very happy to have it for the family. I have owned a lot of system 11s and this is one of the better ones in my opinion.
2 years ago
I just played a bunch of games on Big Guns and I must say I think this is a sleeper hit that just hasn't found it's market. If for no other reason, this game is a treasure due to it's absolutely gorgeous backglass/playfield art from Python Anghelo. It's weird, wonky, sorta scary and quite a sight to see in person. It's a monster of a machine with a giant backbox and two cannons that throw the balls across the upper playfield into wire ramps of speedy glory. Many "pro" players seem to hate the game due to it's weirdness and seamlingly "too easy" gameplay... but I must say that though the goals are limited, this is not "too easy" of a machine. Just check out the high scores on any you find out in the wild and that will show you that truth. It's much faster than you think, crazy in it's execution, bizarre for it's overall theme and one of the most unique System 11 games out there. The pure creativity behind this game, and the fact it came from one of the most talented pinball illustrators of that era scores it high on my list.
2 years ago
Drugs are bad for you... even if you do design games. While the theme is nuts the gimicky nature of this game can be fun in between breaks of playing other games.
2 years ago
This is the second time I have owned this game and I like it more than I did the first time! I think the reason behind this is because I came in with lower expectations and I also have a larger collection than the first time. This is not a top game by any means but I have fun playing it and enjoy the two gimmicks it has (cannons & bagatelle). Just like any game, a cheap upgrade is hooking up a powered sub to the cabinet speaker. That certainly enhances the explosion and gun sounds! The game can be very repetitive so I think having it in a collection of 5+ games would be ideal. Classic 80s game and I love system 11 games which helps as well!
2 years ago
This game was more fun than I expected. It has a pretty cool playfield design and some good shots. The theming isn't particularly memorable but the artwork is great.
2 years ago
It takes some time to learn all the rules. I found that the playfield is easiest when split in half. When I’m in the top half, I try to get the multiplier as much as possible. The lower playfield is all about loading cannons. Once in multiball, loading the correct cannon can be tough and saving the Queen is always a challenge! I played the machine on old rubbers and now that I’ve shopped it and replaced every rubber and rebuilt the lower flippers it plays completely different very challenging and fun.
2 years ago
A good quality Williams build, but the gameplay just isn't there for me. It was fun for a couple of months, but the way the playfield is setup, there just isn't much to do. Load the cannons, hit the trolls, and nail the top VUK to see how many sheilds you can light up in the backglass... and repeat. The backbox is huge on this machine! It's priced reasonably, just not much to do here. The sounds are typical 80s, and I never did figure out what the hell he was saying half the time.
2 years ago
To me there’s just too much backed into the play field.
3 years ago
Finally got this one running after it sat in storage for a year or so.

Python was incredible, if not sometimes a very, very big risk-taker. Oh boy. This art package.

I'm enjoying it a lot so far but I can see where far more proficient players could tire of the somewhat repetitive nature of most of the shots. Set up to be a little difficult and with a waxed play field and new balls, though, my sorry ass can't keep balls out of the right outlane.

If you're a sucker for system 11 games like me, and have a decent-sized collection (mine is in a four machine collection of mostly C+/B- titles), pick this up if you see it for under a grand. Clean it up, turn it on, and tell me it's not surprisingly engaging. Then when you're tired of it just sell it for more than you paid for it.
3 years ago
Really fun game to play. Precursor to Medevil Madness.
3 years ago
Big Guns is not the most technically challenging pin and some pinball wizards may be able to master it too quickly, but for pinball peasants like myself it is just a BLAST to play!

Sound: The orders being yelled at you, the music of a military cadence, and the sound effects of sci-fi blasters and explosions make you feel like you are really in the battle.

Play: The rules are pretty basic. Take out the guards kill the trolls and load the cannons to start multi-ball for a chance to save the queen. For me it is challenging to make shots during multi-ball in the upper playfield while keeping balls from draining in the lower playfield. The skill shot on ball launch is very difficult and will reward you by loading one of the cannons. This game is not about the difficulty of the shots but about the excitement and tempo it generates while playing. Gameplay is fast and fun. I don't expect it will take years to master some of the shots but I do expect to have fun with it even after I have.

Artwork: Medieval Sci-Fi. It is beautiful. The bright colors, the giant back box and the lighting that animates the firing of the weapons add to the excitement. It is even fun to watch while someone else play.

"GET BACK IN THERE" and have fun with Big Guns!
4 years ago
I love this game. It is number (1) one my sleeper list. The only drawbacks are that it is victim of the sound limitations of it's day. The other is that the head is so high that it sometimes limits where it can go. We have restored many of these. I try to keep one in my showroom at all times. I have always been a sucker for an interactive back glass and this one is tops. Free the queen and defeat the king is not easy. It is wonderful in its challenging simplicity. It doesn't rely on a movie theme or television show. It is pure pinball design at it's best. It also reflects everything that was right with Williams. I feel it is so low on these ratings because it is not a game everyone has played. After a complete restoration the game just shines like it was new. That is always a testimony to the craftsmanship designed into the game initially. You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear, but you can make one out of and old one. I see that I keep getting more request for Big Guns as time goes on. It could be the slowest catching on pinball of all time. This machine is an asset to any collection.
4 years ago
Just picked up a Big Guns. I restored the game to better than new. Put some Leds in the backbox. Otherwise orginal. The game is really fast. I love the artwork on the translight. The cannons are so cool. This should be a higher rated game. For its time would say it is right up there with any of the other games produced. I recommend this game. They are very affordable and a good value.
4 years ago
My local arcade just put this pin out recently and I finally got to play several games on it over the last few weeks.

The first thing you notice about this game is that the back-box is BIG! I guess that was the point Williams was trying to make. The theme is kind of a weird hybrid. You have some sort of space story combined with a castle motif that almost looks like they tried to combine Space Invaders with Medieval Madness. The canons on the upper playing level are pretty cool and overall I found the game to be fun. To own it, I’m not so sure. It seems very repetitious with a limited amount of objectives. You spend your time shooting the ball to the upper playing field and trying to knock down the targets there, etc. I didn’t have any problems with weak flippers or SDTM drains. The Save the Queen feature at the end of my game was good.

I actually won a game on score the first time I tried it, so not incredibly hard to figure out. But…I do enjoy playing it so far. Every pin is different and you can see the identity of the table come through with a novel space castle concept and a huge playing field. Some more toys and a deeper rule set would have been a welcome addition, but this is a table made in 1987. In its day it was very state of the art.

When one of these came available locally I took my Chief of Staff (my wife) to check it out. If she likes a table, then there is a good chance I will add it. She thought it was OK, but not something that would pull her back game after game, so I passed. I really struggled with adding it, because I love the art on the back-box and it would have looked great in my collection. But my tables are based on play-ability, and I just didn’t see this one getting a lot of playing time.
4 years ago
The art & design on this machine is spectacular. Midevel space fantasy? Canons that fire the balls? Skill shot that requires skill? Huge back box with insane artwork? A table that rewards weak shooting with a drained ball? Hell yeah! This game is not like anything you've seen and it's a gem. I think you have to own it to appreciate it, play it with some competitive friends till 2am and you'll get it.
There are 57 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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