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There are 84 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 months ago
Bought this game for a bargain at $4400 Canadian about 3 weeks agai and was pleasently suprised. Perhaps this game gets a bad wrap due to theming and I assume mst gamer/pinball fold are not into hunting so it stunts this games attractiveness out of the gate. I enjoy the call-outs, the geral themand the artwork. I wish t he lighting was a little better but how can anyone complain about this game for its price point!?? I mean its a 10 year old STERN SAM title that goes for half the price of those NIB ! Don't really have any complaints about mine and for me it is a keeper in my smaller line up of 5 pins. To each thier own but I for one recommend checking it out if can be had at a reasonable price.
10 months ago
I think this pin has been going under the radar for awhile now and some are starting to realize how fun it is. It's one of those pins that has a sort of cult following and it's easy to understand why. There are some good shots and a bash toy for those who really enjoy them. I'm not crazy about bash toys as much as most people seem to be. However, the moving deer works quite well, especially for this theme. This is a fun player of a machine with some unique shots and it has a certain charm to it.
1 year ago
this isn't a title you see very often but if you get a chance jump on one & flip it , in a word its Different , a shooting gallery/hunting theme with pinballs & humor , I enjoy this game more than most people & wouldn't mind owning one someday
1 year ago
fun game , good for a larger collection. theme and sounds are what holds this one back.
1 year ago
Really tacky game. The deer is so plastic that it hurts. Boring theme. Waste of time playing it...
1 year ago
I really didn't expect to have much fun with this game at all because the theme is not appealing to me in the slightest but I have to give it to them: that deer toy on the playfield is a great hook. Easy to see, pretty easy to hit, but a challenge to get all the shells lit to start the big buck multi ball. It's a pretty great hook. The ram kickback was pretty awesome too with a nice growing reward for hitting it multiple times (most kickbacks just give you the kickback -- I like that this one had some added value in hitting it). The layout gives a lot of side-to-side movement and high potential for quick drains. It's not a very complex game but the challenge of getting a gun run going kept me coming back. I'll have to re-examine it if I ever encounter this game again but for my first real experience with it I was pleasantly surprised.
2 years ago
Good pinball!
2 years ago
Decent game. Could care less about the theme. Not much there.
2 years ago
"Big Buck Hunter" LOOKS good but plays horribly. You shoot at the deer and hit a ramp. And that's it. Luckily, the deer is easy to hit. But you have to hit it five times a piece to get a "multi-ball" function -- and that's IF you're lucky to get a working deer bash toy that actually registers hits. Even if you hit that deer and light up every single Elk Light on the board, you're lucky to get away with 10 million points. The call-outs are weak with the same guy just shouting random hunting lingo and phrases. Remember the game "Baseball Stars 2" for the Neo-Geo arcade with that announcer that never seemed to shut up? That's how this guy feels. Additionally, this game drains pinballs like nobody's business -- and the damn ball gets stuck often which just adds to the malaise. Three games and I had to call the owner over so he could get a ball out of a jam on the right side of the machine. Another Stern failure.
2 years ago
I recently added this game to my collection because I got a great deal on a HUO with low plays. This game is fairly simple, funny and looks good. I personally like the art and use of primary colors. The callouts are cute and silly. The game is lighthearted, especially for a hunting theme. I would say I bought it despite the theme, not being a hunter myself. I know people have complaints about the rules. Perhaps I haven't gotten good enough or gone far enough to find the problems. I think the game is simple to play, easy to understand and yet, not easy to score well. This is a low-scoring game that requires careful ball control to do well. Ball times can be quite short. Not a great pinball machine by any measure. But the fan layout is decent, the deer scooting across the playfield is a nice gimmick, and it is challenging. The ramp is easy to hit, but the ram and bird shots are harder, and the spinner shot is very hard to hit. Most games I never hit the spinner once, which is unfortunate - I like spinners. It does suffer from some odd shots and shallow shot variety. But it looks nice up north in deer country! Would look and play great next to a Fish Tales. Holy suffering cats!!! A better game than I thought based on reviews. But then again, I like IJ4, CSI and Shrek. To each their own. Those games are a bit better than BBH, but this isn't a bad machine, and for a hunter/outdoorsman, this would be an ideal theme. I may keep it for a few months and then find someone who would appreciate the theme!
3 years ago
I haven't played this game much but as I put in the quarters I knew I was going to love this game. this game is really great!
3 years ago
This game was fun to play. The theme is really uninteresting. But then I'm not a gun person or a hunter. But there are some good shot and gimmicks to this machine. Even though there is nothing original about the buck target sliding across the playfeld (ala Monster Bash and Rolling Stones). It was still fun to bash the target.
3 years ago
If it was just the odd provenance of the theme (a pinball based on a video simulator?) or its essence (killing animals, not just whacking gofers, but slaughtering them) I might still have an overall positive impression of this machine, as the toy and the incorporation of the concept of "shooting" pinball/bullet is at least consistent and there's a modest amount of originality. But the flow isn't there; there's too many weird random drainouts; the sequencing doesn't quite do it. I almost, *almost* am disappointed by this because I like to see designers encouraged to take chances, and this isn't just another rock and roll or motorsports theme. But the execution wasn't quite there, in part perhaps because the inspiration wasn't exactly there in the theme to begin with. FWIW.
3 years ago
Big buck hunters moving buck is a cool toy and the game has good rules but what I don't like about big buck is the theme and artwork.
3 years ago
So far the most boring pin I've played.
Sorry all hunting guys out there :-)
3 years ago
I don't recommend picking this up because it not a good game in my opinion
4 years ago
Big hunter had potential but it falls miserably. The shots are dry and even when it seems like you're doing something productive you're not.
4 years ago
This is a love-it or hate-it pin for most, and this is solely related to the theme. I am not a fan of the Buck Hunter video games and generally dislike this theme. That being said, this pin is very fun if it is set up properly, especially for non-pinheads.

The good:
- The buck is an easy to understand toy and creates some challenging gameplay
- There is a good variety of shots in the game
- The elk side flipper shot thing is neat

The bad:
- Code updates didn't happen; to finish the game is LITERALLY impossible
- The bird shot can be a SDTM drain, even with the added ball guide - I had to install a small magnet to correct this issue
- Ramp can be a SDTM drain too. I had to adjust it so the side post would stop this
- PF design seems a little off: left drain is brutal. Sometimes you don't get to touch the ball, even after the ball save
- Buck needs frequent adjusting, which is a PITA
- Crappy Stern skill shot
- Super cheap Stern quality.

Overall, this game was super fun for tournaments and rookies. Skilled players will find that it has good strategy and challenge as well. It's too bad Stern cheaps out in most ways with this machine, and the company abandoned the code early on.
4 years ago
Gameplay was decent. Not sold on the theme. At all. I'm a pretty big BH fan but I don't think it translates to the pin very well. The bash toy is great but I don't think you can create a pin around an arcade concept like shooting deer. The scoring was a little low for me too.
4 years ago
Hard game. You need to change the rules to make it easier and then it becomes a very fun game. Change the number of hits for bird multiball down a little. And a few other things like that. Still a drain monster but with getting multiball easier you can play longer and it becomes much more fun.
4 years ago
Fits the Buck Hunter Theme great. I bought this game as something a little lighter for visitors to sink their teeth into, and it so happens there are a lot of hunters in my family that really enjoy the theme. simple layout, but some challenging shots and a tricky left outlane drain to avoid. Shaker motor installed in mine makes it a lot more enjoyable when you're blasting targets. Stock lighting is a bit weak, needs some warm LEDs for GI. One single ramp, simple and generally easy to hit. lots of little toys around the playfield. ok animations on the DMD for animals in action. its a fun title, I dont think it pretends to be a seriously complex game.
4 years ago
I like this game, not sure why it ranks so low. The theme isn't for me as a non-hunter, but that doesn't mean as a pin it isn't fun to play. Cool plastic deer to shoot the ball at, multi ball is fast and furious. I would gladly add this to the collection.
5 years ago
The call outs are annoying but we always play it at a local restaurant, it makes waiting for the food a bit more fun but I wouldn't play it over most other machines.
5 years ago
Never considered this game before, but I played one the other week and I enjoyed it so I bought one.

I'm amazed that it only just breaks the top 300, it's a blast to play, great fun and very challenging.
5 years ago
Another video game-come Pinball which just doesn't translate well. It's fun for about 3 games and that's it, the one thing it does have going for it is its crazy multiball stack-ability but ultimately the theme is a huge let down and just fails to deliver.
There are 84 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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