Big Bang Bar

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Game Design: 7.912

Artwork: 8.528

Sounds/Music: 7.325

Other Aspects: 8.044

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Found 86 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 86 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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61 days ago
It is a fun game, but for the money it costs, you can get a Stern Premium!
7 months ago
Finally had a chance to really place one. This game is incredibly enjoyable, and just beautiful to look at. Capcom’s best. It’s a shame it never got produced by them.

Big Bang Bar has a lot of satisfying shots, and great rules, albeit sometimes difficult to discern until you really study the game.
Big Bang Bar is incredibly beautiful, it is a showpiece on its own, the colors pop in any collection.

Just a beauty, and a game I look forward to owning someday.
11 months ago
A must have in every good collection
1 year ago
This game is rare…not a great game, just a rare game. It IS a really cool original theme and Capcoms best looking package overall. Too bad they didn’t continue to make games. By modern standards this game doesn’t really hold up. If CGC were to get ahold of this license and expand the code like they plan to do with CC I might be interested in owning. As it stands now it’s a cool collectors holy grail and that’s about it.
1 year ago
It is too bad that there are only around 170 games out (Capcom and IPC).
This is a typical 90s game with great atmosphere and gameplay, funny and fast, and crazyyyyy !
The build quality and technic is stunning for its time as all titles from Capcom. No GI, all lamps are switched over a double matrix with 128 controlled lamps. A colorDMD fits perfect and the fluoroscent effects are a great idea !
For me a keeper.
1 year ago
Just ok expected much more.
2 years ago
...a lil bit to the right...
2 years ago
Very unique. Not for me though
2 years ago
The problem with this game is its price. Other than that, it’s probably one of the best game ever made. The animations are outstanding, the build quality is much better than any competiters, a lot of innovations for its time even with the 16 bits CPU. Capcom guys were serious with this game. Even the voice actors is really well done with many voices, like 10?
I understand that due to its price, the rarity, people feel a bit angry. I myself only play this game the first time in 2011 in a french pinball festivall and didn’t thought that the game was crazy at first mainly because I was there to buy my first pin and was not even yet a pinball enthousiast. Now, after a lot of plays at home, I could say that this game is a keeper and they are reasons than so few are for sale.

At the same time, spending 15000/20000 dollars for a pinball is crazy for me but we can’t judge because of that. I can’t understand the people who own this pin, sell NIB or with less than 200 plays on it after so many years. This pin was made to be played, for instance in the bar to get a big earnings and probably a huge success for Capcom at last.
Rules are a bit shallow, it’s a bit easy, but who cares. So much fun when you play it, it’s really really fun. Isn’t pinball is made for that? Fun? I think Capcom designers got that for sure. I’m really happy to own this game thanks to a trade and it’s not leaving anytime soon.

If’you have a chance to try it, jump’on it, it feels different and a new experience comparing to the other pins from this era.

I honestly think that even mass produced, due to the art, build quality, animations and so on... it should rate really high anyway like the top WMS.
3 years ago
What a great game! Completely worthy of the praise it receives. Beautiful and fun to play. I haven't flipped all the Capcom pins yet, but I bet this one will remain my favorite.
4 years ago
Again I get to leave a review thanks to a collector who has been gracious enough to invite me over to enjoy his amazing collection. The first time I saw BBB standing alone away from the other pins in his collection, I was very new pinball. I had no idea what it was (or how lucky I was to be playing it) the first time I flipped it. I've since had several goes on it and I am alway drawn to it. Not for the novelty of flipping such a rare game, but more so because of the art and the fact it's just fun to shoot.

I'll admit the second time I played it (after some research on the game), it was about the novelty of playing a super rare gem. But every game since then has just been because it's a blast. It's a fast game with some quirky stuff on the playfield (like the neon ball return and the captive ball setup). Capcom did a great job of applying the theme to every square inch of the game and making it very cohesive. I would love to see someone go in and really polish off the code/rules (like adding a wizard mode) because this game deserves it!
4 years ago
This game is a real looker, but the gameplay doesn't match the great looks. If someone were to update the code this pin could really be something. As it is it doesn't have a great amount of staying power, but it is very fun to watch. The tube dancer is one of the best toys in all of pinball!
5 years ago
Cool game with a wacky theme.
I really like the left ramp lighting (flat LED strip under clear ramp) more games should use this effect, plastic dancer is also unique.
5 years ago
Pretty cool game wish they made more of them I would love to have one in my collection it plays very well the tube dancer is funny they look really cool with led lighting hope they remake it a third time
5 years ago
Great machine, great artwork. Great shots. Love this machine, would add this to my collection without hesitating.
5 years ago
Most pinballers fall into two categories, those that covet this machine and/or want to play it for the first time because of its rarity and nostalgic history, and those that think it's overpriced status symbol and not worth anywhere near what it commands. Both have some measure of truth.

Regardless of your opinion, it's hard to argue against an excellent original theme integration, which combined with a incredible story of a bankrupt pinball company and one man's dream to finish the machine, resulted in pinball's modern holy grail. It is a work of art to see, with the UV reactive glow in the dark cabinet and tube dancer that almost obnoxiously moans throught the game... fortunately this can be turned off in the settings. Mine is never leaving, I overpaid for it but don't care, even if its remade.
6 years ago
BBB ....whoahh what can I say.. Ya got one...You are Badass !! The
6 years ago
Love the theme, but was let down that there is no wizard mode. Some cool features i haven't seen on other machines, like the captive balls, and i like the neon tube. Simple rule set. It would be fun to own as a novelty machine, but definitely wouldn't be my go-to machine in a collection.
6 years ago
Finally got the chance to play Big Band Bar at Pintastic 2017 and was pleasantly surprised by how it played. It is colorful, great artwork and plenty of shots. It showed where Capcom was going if they stayed in the business and it is a shame they left. It is certainly one of their best machines.
6 years ago
Really enjoy it. Great colors. Didn't feel as sturdy as some more modern games. I'd want one for the adult theme but the price is out of my reach for sure.
7 years ago
I love the artwork, theme, music, sound and overall fun of this game. This game is fun, its downfall being is that it would not be a good game in a small collection as far as gameplay. It is fun but not deep in the least.
7 years ago
Very nice artwork and a decent layout make this pin to be an above average experience but not much more than that. Ramps, drop targets, captive balls, 3 pop bumpers, its all there. The flow was so-so. Overall the graphics are better than the game play. Nice machine to play at an exhibition but way to expensive to own. For that kind of money there are more fun machines out there.
7 years ago
Fun pin!!!
7 years ago
Was really looking forward to playing this at Banning. Boy, what a let down. Not a bad looking pin at all but the gameplay was very average.
7 years ago
Thought there would be more substance to this game. Did not really excite me while playing. Although it has some neat features, not much for gameplay. Really cool theme but I felt that it just was not stimulating. It's as if people buy this game just to say they have it in their collection. I have just as much fun playing older Data East games. At a fraction of the cost!
There are 86 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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