Baywatch (Sega, 1995)


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Game design: 8.107

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Other Aspects: 7.828

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There are 77 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 days ago
David H’s big head on back glass is annoying. The play is fun. Shots are fun.. I would be interested in owning Baywatch someday. Maybe not a keeper forever—— but we will see. I definitely would put a color DMD in. The game pops with a color DMD.
78 days ago
By far the best bang for your buck machine I can think of. I have owned one for 5 years or so and still have it and play it to the day. Awesome layout and good rule set on a less than spectacular theme. But in the end it works and is a really underrated game!
3 months ago
Seriously pinside?
This game is awesome!
Ok the Hasselhof face on the back could be a bit smaller and soundquality is not always as good as it should be, but this is a fun and great game.
Gonna find me chads code to make it a straight A top 50 game.
Now running chads code, top 20 pin!
4 months ago
perhaps the best sega pinball !
5 months ago
One of the most underrated pins of all time because of its code BEFORE Chad fixed it. With the new code, this game has totally been upgraded and is very enjoyable. It is much deeper than I thought it would be and the Dots are amazing, especially with the color dmd. By far the best dots I've seen in a game.
6 months ago
I have had Baywatch for almost 2 months and have put over 200 games on it and am thrilled with the new code and gameplay. I have owned over 70 games and this one is in the top 20 for sure. Great DMD dots and call outs and music are good. Theme kept me from getting it for years which was a big mistake. This pin should be in the top 50 for sure. Total fun.

Update after 600 games . I said before this pin should be in top 50. I was wrong should be top 30. So much fun.
6 months ago
Underrated due to the theme. Great layout and rules. One of SEGA’s best.
6 months ago
Underrated game. Deep rule set, lots of fun shots including the tower and ramp, shark flip is nice when adjusted properly.
9 months ago
Fun "B" theme game. Lots to shoot at, and overall a great flowing game. Good ruleset. I love the dolphin sounds. Artwork is ok. Music is decent for the time. Definitely underrated
9 months ago
I sold mine and I miss it, great game with so many shots and a cool ball lock (the tower). Yeah the backglass is not good but you can change it, Dolphin sound effects and the variety of modes make this game a blast to play. I really like the ball launch above the playfield and the thin metal sides of the playfield that make this game feel like a wider game. New fan code fixes problems from original. oh yeah 6 ball multiball!
10 months ago
For years I was in the majority. I didn’t want a Sega game and was turned off by the theme. I had played one at an arcade that had weak flippers and incandescent bulbs. Then, after watching some videos and hearing that Chad redid the code, I was interested. So I picked up a really nice example and it’s even better than i thought it would be. There’s so many shots and rules and good flow. If you don’t think Baywatch is an awesome game, I would recommend you play one that works well. Definitely a “one more game” pin for me.
1 year ago
Baywatch is very underrated. It's not the best pinball ever, but it's much more fun than what people give it credit for. The theme is why most people don't like the game, but in all fairness, there is MUCH worse theming out there, and the theme integration is fantastic. There are a variety of shots and all of the modes are fun. The wizard modes could have been better, but I can live with it. a 5 ball multiball is frenetic and catches new players off-guard. ChadH's code is a must have!
1 year ago
Chads new code really transformed this game from good to great! Balanced scoring and many bug fixes. It deserves a spot in the top 100.

I've played this machine several times before and I finally got my hands on a nice one. Baywatch is the ultimate cheese factor for me. The cabinet is colorful and lively instead of the usual black coffins which is always a head-turner imo. Baywatch is probably Segas finest machine, it has loads of shots and ramps, target banks, drop targets, spinner, VUK, and the rules are decent. It's usually repeated ramp shots to collect a letter or start a mode, somewhat like the fan layout machines like Monster Bash or Medieval Madness. But some of them can be really difficult.

I've always liked the hand-drawn artwork on DE and Sega and this is no different. A bit boring center playfield and dark but the rest is pretty nice. The theme keeps it together well. 90's cheese with the Hof and Pamela Anderson is a ok in my book.

The sound is as usual the weakest point with low quality midi music but the fx is good enough. This machine benefits from better quality speakers.

All in all, a very fun game with lastability.
1 year ago
Just a fun pin with a ton of shots to make. I just started to play so I will add more details as I play more. I just can't believe all of the shots there are to make on this pin. 4 flippers so you need to keep awake at all times. The shark flipper is pretty cool with the shark theme music after you hit the ball with.
1 year ago
Baywatch is a fun game it has good rules, good sounds and music, and it has cool toys like the shark flipper flipping by itself and the tower.
1 year ago
Not a bad title from Sega, lots to shoot for. Lower right side of playfield seems crowded. Automated shark flipper is a nice touch, even if it's ripped off from Addams Family. Sounds are ok, nothing special. Cab and playfield are nice, and the game benefits from LED lighting.
1 year ago
Good Sega Game. Good Rules. Only negative is The Hoff on the Backglas and the bad Sega Sondquality
1 year ago
How much you love this game depends on how you feel about the Hoff. My wife would love to hassle the Hoff, so she loves it. 4 flippers and numerous shots make this a challenging pin. Unfortunately the theme turns off a lot of folks so it does not get as much play as some of the others. This pin may eventually make way for another title.
1 year ago
The layout of the playfield, the wireforms, and the modes are among the best in pinball. Some of the shots are super tight but adds to the challenge.
1 year ago
Fun game, another typical Sega game. The shark flipper can go to hell though. Silly thing.
1 year ago
The shots are defiantly challenging and tightly grouped. It's very fun going for the multi shot combos. I actually like the music and theme. It's more of an ocean/beach theme and everything ties into that well. I had to adjust my lighting over this game as it originally had too much glare. It was hard to play light out because of the constant flashing. I would say that's the game biggest downer. Defiantly some small glitches/ bugs in the code too.
1 year ago
Probably the most underrated game I have ever came across, I used to see these advertised at very fair prices an never took any interest till I played it, this game is fantastic an really fun for the whole family, very easy to understand , the playfield makes great use of all the all shots, 3 things to do per shot , collect a guard letter , collect a lifeguard then start the mode, all modes are great an score well,the end is fantastic with some real graphic clips,some of the I've ever seen,great multiball where you have to save swimmers from the beach, honestly everyone that played this game really enjoyed it an for a grasp on what was going on with in a few games, if you find one at a great price I wouldn't hesitate it's one of those games that people walk past due to theme, but it's got a lot more going for it than a lot of games out there!!
1 year ago
Yes it's cheesy, yes The Hoff is quite present on the backglass (although Pamela is too!) but this machine is great fun! So many shots and different ways for the ball to travel. Especially like the VUK and second shooter lane on the right side! great variety of shots, interesting rules (horizontal and vertical modes, starting modes in different places), nice music and callouts.
Awesome pin!

Update: chadH codeupdate puts the icing on the cake! Every software glitch (there were a few!) is taken care of, modes are tweaked, new sounds and callouts added, the nerve wracking GI switching before multiball is removed, scoring is balanced,.... it‘s just become a lot more awesome :)
1 year ago
Walked by this game at a friend's house several times and refused to even try to play it. I mean, "Babewatch" seriously? Finally played it one day and by the end of the day bought the game. Liked the play instantly. Now that I own it and have played it for awhile, love the game, one of the best I have played. Plan to mod it out and keep it. This game is one thing: FUN. I now like the theme, although never really watched the show. Fast game with lots to do. Multiball is great. I am not a "collector" of any particular game type or brand or theme. I keep games I like to play, period. Have never owned a NIB game because money is a consideration. That being said, this game is affordable for most folks, especially compared with new pins or Top 20 so-called pins and well worth the investment. Play one if you get a chance - and smile back at the Hoff on the backglass.
2 years ago
A great game with an odd but fun theme for a licensed title. The layout is spectacular, and the ruleset is nothing to scoff at either. The art (excluding the backglass) is good and so is the sound. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this game.
There are 77 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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