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38 days ago
I got this game about a week ago and really gave it some time before rating it.first off I love the Playfield art and backglass truly top notch for the era.gameplay is quite fast if set up properly.i could see it getting repetitive in a small collection but all early data east are like my opinion this is very underrated and worth every penny I spent on this game.i dont see it leaving my collection for a very long time. Hopefully cpr will make a Playfield for it bc I will buy it day 1.
4 months ago
Although not the most sophisticated game, this is a lot of fun to play and it is true to the 1989 movie with Jack Nicholson as the Joker in one of his many great performances. I have six Pins in my home collection and whenever we have a party, this is the one most people love to play. It may not be complicated or terribly difficult but everyone knows who the Batman and entertaining.
The cabinet artwork could have been better; even brand new, it looks used and worn but other than that, it's a great game!
8 months ago
Beautiful artwork very fun game fast paced great sounds and lighting.. good transition from the movie which is my favorite from the Batman series.
1 year ago
I realize that this game really is a product of its time and not that much better than Back to the Future, but I actually enjoy playing it a lot despite its short-comings. My buddy had a very nice one that I was sorry to learn he sold before I could afford to acquire it myself. This game would be on another level if they could have really had the actors voices included, but not having them doesn't detract too much from the experience. I think I would get a little bored with this game if I did own it given the other pins in my collection, but perhaps someday I'll find one to my liking (I can't go with Batman 66 because Michael Keaton is by far my favorite Batman).
1 year ago
I owned this pin for about a year, I got it for a good price and moved it on after becoming bored with it. The game play is good and the shots are mostly easy to achieve. there were three ot four shots required to keep the flow going and after this was mastered it became repetitive and no longer a challenge and whilst it was still fun I found I started playing it less and less. Definately worth playing if you get the chance but not a good first pin to buy and not a keeper. The Batman theme will always be popular though I would suggest the Sega or Stern options if you have to have a Batman.......
1 year ago
Data East Batman is literally a one-shot game for the most part -- Shoot the Flugelheim. The "Flugelheim" is like the visor on Pinbot, and opens after hitting it 6 times, or completing the skill shot. Once it opens, hit the ball in there to start a 2 ball multi ball. Lock both of those, and start a 3 ball multiball, where you (again) shoot for the flugelheim to open it up again, and get a jackpot. The more Jackpots you earn during multiball, the bigger the value (5 million, 10 million, then 15 million).

The playfield is pretty basic. From the left, you have a scoop that lights something that is earned by hitting the batcave ramp (1 million points, instant multi ball, 10x bonus, etc). The Joker Ramp, the batcave ramp (and 3 pop bumpers under it), then on the right is the Flugelheim. There are also 3 stand up targets on both sides "old jack" and "new jack".

The soundtrack is pretty good in this game, as with most DE games in my opinion. The call outs can get a little annoying, but aren't as bad as some other games.

If you can find a Batman on location, definitely try it out! You don't see them often. It's a great theme, and not a bad game... but wouldn't last in a small collection in my opinion.
1 year ago
Not a bad data east game just gets old quick. Centre ramp dominates the playfield and is kind of useless. Lighting and multiball are ok.
Bought and sold within 6months.
1 year ago
Love the theme , sounds, and the artwork but thats where it ends. The game plays very clunky and not much fun. The middle ramp takes up to much of the playfield.
2 years ago
The theme is this game's strongest attribute. It is a decent game that is initially fun to play. But the playfield and game design seem a little lacking. More plays might better determine the true quality of this title.
2 years ago
This machine is a classic. Looks great and plays fast. However to really experience the best with this machine you must have the pinsound board installed. All original sounds from the movie with the Prince and Tim Burton soundtrack. Absolutely elevates this game to the next level and makes it a keeper. My kids love this one and after playing the other three Batman tables, I have to say this one is the funnest!
2 years ago
The artwork on this machine is one of the best of all time! I'm a Batman fan going back to my childhood with the comic books but still! Call out are fantastic especially the Joker! If you like Batman or a fan of the original movie you'll like this game! The only negative is that its not a longtime keeper. It is very fun for a little while then starts to get a little repetitive. I would give it a 7.5/10. Its a better game than it gets credit for. The sound is great and was ahead of its time! In 1991 this game would have been in the top 10. I personally wouldn't go over $2,000 for one even though I paid $2,300 for mine. They don't come up very often especially in good shape.
2 years ago
Batman is a fun game rules are decent it has some cool features but my favorite part is the artwork I just think the game is beautiful looking.
3 years ago
This game hasn't really stood the test of time. It feels very cheesy and dated. The worst thing about it is probably the layout, which is a shambles as the Joker mech takes up the entire left corner, the batcave blocks everything and the museam takes up everything on the right, so there's no flow aside from hitting the ramp over and over (though i do like the way ramp shots aren't indefinite because the game flicks the ball off the ramp after a few, that's good). The themeing is decent, suitably quirky for the original film, but there are so many instances of Batman in Pinball, and this is definitely the weakest of the bunch.
3 years ago
Unusal layout for me with an easy to shoot at central ramp. Had a lot of fun on this one recently with plenty of free plays at the end.
3 years ago
One of my favourite DE games, awesome theme with superb artwork and I just love the way this game plays!
3 years ago
Excellent artwork and sound... Decent de pin has solid backglass and playfield art. Better then some worse then most. Gets a bad rep but for the price you can't go wrong.
4 years ago
Def underrated. This pin is funny and has an amazing playfield and backglass
4 years ago
It's a very funny Pinball and easy to play and get credit. I changed it for another and we miss it !!
4 years ago
Fun nostalgia pin awesome artwork on playfield and back glass
4 years ago
The original 1991 Batman is somewhat clunky, I prefer Batman Forever from Sega.
I have found this machine to be very prone to broken parts, because the nature of the ball shot angles.
It seems like everything is made out of cheap plastic (the Bat Cave is always broken).
Not really a good challenge in terms of gameplay, and game design is below average.
Artwork is average.
It uses recycled sounds and music from other period games like Star Wars and Tales from the Crypt, which really brings the quality of the game down.
The bottom line is there just many better games out there.
4 years ago
I couldn't really get into Data East's Batman. The multiball is pretty damn easy to start, and there wasn't much depth at all to the scoring. As with many other Data East games, the sounds can get repetitive & piss you off after a while.
4 years ago
A truly bad game in my opinion. The "skill shot" area at the top of the playfield is random, and the huge Bat Cave in the middle of the game blocks a large portion of the upper area of the game. I just don't get it.
5 years ago
Wonder why this is ranked so low? Tons of shots all over the playfield...pretty good modes. I like the artwork. Huge ramp on this one as well. I will try and play this one more, maybe even buy one!
5 years ago
I love this machine being it is awesome! This table is like playing a flipped over comet pinball, With an added freddy boiler. The ramp is fun shooting the main ramp loop until the diverter changes the flow causing a break in the infinite center ramps that could be shot. Spelling batman with the bash toy door is fun, And then starting 2 ball multi-ball then reloading the building to add 1 more ball feels rewarding, especially when you get the jackpot! The music is super cool, just like in the movie. The playfield art is great, they used a lot of images and it is very full.I am pleased this is in my personal pins.
5 years ago
Just know that this game is fairly placed here on Pinside: in the 200s. It's just not that good! The skill shot isn't as much about skill but dumb luck, the bat cave is right in the middle of the playfield (which means it obscures the field and inhibits viewing certain areas), there aren't any great shots, and it just plays poor. If you dig Batman, maybe you'll like this, otherwise I'd steer clear.
There are 39 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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