Batman (The Dark Knight)

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Game design: 7.907

Artwork: 7.699

Sounds/Music: 7.008

Other Aspects: 7.917

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Found 187 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 187 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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69 days ago
Great game. Stern picked a great theme to do a pin for. This game has great theme integration. I like how it has multiballs for joker and scarecrow.
6 months ago
As a new player, I was not able to enjoy or dig into the ruleset. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the game for a superficial play and played this a few times with greater enjoyment each time.
7 months ago
OK. This is a LOTR in a different jacket . It's just as good or almost. Yes I like LOTR better but not by this much. It's one of sterns better machines. And with some ad ons a keeper for me
1 year ago
I haven't seen a heap of versions of this game but mine is pretty dark & hard to see all the shots. I think adding pinstadiums to this would be a great addition. straight off the bat this game reminds me of LOTR with the PATD on the other side and the same tower shot in the back right - the multiballs also play out similar. really good game but i would probably like it more if i didnt already have a LOTR.
1 year ago
One of the better Stern efforts, I had to play it considering that Batman is my number one superhero, quite good flow, scoring seems fair, playfield toys seem better built than other Sterns. A nice looking machine.
1 year ago
Great title from Stern. Sound and playfield layout are integrated well with the theme here and bring a atmosphere that would fit a modern Gotham City game version. Fast play with varied shots and a very entertaining use of a swinging crane arm with a wrecking ball on a chain. Multiball here is a blast and the call-outs from Batman/Joker frame the playing experience perfectly.

I think this table is comparable to many of Bally/WMS best pinball games from the late 90's. My main issue here - the only real one- is the fact that the playfield contains the faces from quite a few actors from the 2008 Batman movie, which I did not like at all. But this cosmetical flaw does not change the overall quality and playing experience. This table would fit well in any 3-6 machine lineup where you want at least one pin with an action theme.
1 year ago
Always enjoyed playing this, so when one came up, I grabbed it. Has not disappointed. Came with a different sound package, so I do n have anything to compare it with.
Game play has a deep rule set and is challenging. Easy to get a good score, very hard to get huge score. When it does all come together, it is brilliant.
1 year ago
This is a solid game. The Scarecrow’s crane is one of my favorite toys, adding a ton of challenge and replay value. There’s a lot going on above the platform, but without feeling cluttered. Solid.
1 year ago
Underrated pin is easy for beginners and guests but deep enough for more experienced players. Shots are fairly easy to make, which may not present enough of a challenge for some. Strong theme, well integrated. The upgraded sound package is a must. Once you have that, the cabinet, dark color scheme, toys, and creative shots make this a fun pin to play or own. Has the original crane toy redone in BM66. Lots of multiball modes (at least 4) keep the action busy. With LEDs, game looks great. Just a very fun, easy to understand pin with cool, dark theme and some cool gimmicks. Music is pretty good and the cabinet looks fantastic. Playfield artwork is so so. Overall, a very good pin somewhat better than its rank because early sound package was pretty bad. Fun mods too. Not to be confused with the "home" version Stern tried to sell at Costco for a whopping $700 discount. They removed 3 of the main toys (the upper playfield, the Batmobile teeter-totter and the rotating biscuit barrel). They only made 48 of those, but I saw one at the Chicago Expo this year. It's much simpler and less fun. That was Stern's solution to the pinball lull of that era, strip down a game and offer it for a few hundred less? Genius.
1 year ago
I'm not good enough to get bored on many games, but this is one of them. It's a great theme and the shots actually feel pretty decent. Somehow though, I just get bored while shooting them. I'll play it on location, but would never want one in my home setting. Even on location, I have to make up my own rules and challenges because going for points becomes boring after awhile. Perhaps a redo of the rules could revitalize this game.
1 year ago
Excelent looking cabinet and translite and soso playfield photoshop art, game plays fast and furiously, the crane is a cool toy that can change the gameplay dramatically. I think alot of space was wasted on the giant joker cylinder and the right side pathway.
Overall a fast fun tournament game that is visually appealing.
1 year ago
You haven't truly laughed until you hear some voice actor hack yell "JACKPOT! YEAH!!!" in Christian Bale's insane Cookie Monster Batman voice.

It takes you right out of the game...which, to be honest, isn't much. It's Stern at its worst: amateurish voice work, sloppy PF layout (with another goofy bunch of faces pasted into multi-colored triangles, reminiscent of those themed Monopoly game boards), crappy, generic music that doesn't even come close to matching the booming, epic tone witnessed in Nolan's three films. The shots aren't really satisfying and the DMD animations leave much to be desired.

I understand that there's a different audio pack which "fixes" the audio heard here. I have not yet heard this audio. Hopefully, those who swear it makes things ten times better are right.
1 year ago
Good game but I tend to lose interest quickly. Do not like this photoshopped art style that is so common with Stern
2 years ago
With the alternate sounds installed the game is fantastic. Original sounds are not great, but the alternate sound is outstanding. Changes the entire vibe of the game. Its my new top stern. Very unique shots and a great looking game overall. Its batman and the best portrayed joker theme machine out of the others.
2 years ago
The crane is cool, but otherwise this game doesn't do it for me. It has wide open, easy to hit shots if you like that, and it's a very, very long playing game in my experience. Batman '66 takes what's good about this game and makes it better in just about every way. Not a game I care to play much.
2 years ago

-Fun Toys and it has more then one
-I like the layout of the game
-Fun game
-Very lit up Pf with many spot lights
-Awesome Joer, that turns into the city and changes back, very cool, very unique.
-They did a good job with the batman theme translating into the game
-Smooth shots, smooth game, smooth hits, just plays so nice
- A lot of shots to shoot for and several ways to get multi ball
-Cool ramps, and Batmobile. Very creative.


- Call outs. Not very exciting. Some snore factor.
-Music isn't the best
- single ball is a little boring, multi ball is much more exciting and the WOW factor.
2 years ago
This is a fun game, mostly because the shots are fun to make, the crane is cool, and the batmobile shot is fun to make. The modes and mini games aren't very intuitive, the lighting is always dark, and the joker toy really has no point to it. I'd like to take one home and put some brighter lights into it though. It would be a pretty good one for home with some modifications.
2 years ago
The dark knight is such an excellent and fun game. There is a lot to do on it and it's really fun to complete everything on it. It looks great and the music is really good. The Multi-balls are really fun to stack. I would definitely recommend this game.
2 years ago
It's as if Stern had a theme-less playfield layout and set of toys/gimmicks laid out before choosing any theme, and then chose the theme and tried to force it to fit what they already had for a playfield and toys, rather than the other way around. As some other commentators have said in the ratings, this game is nice to play on location or at a show, but it doesn't seem like a very strong candidate to own. It's fun enough for an afternoon; mostly thanks to the crane feature and the Batmobile ramp.
2 years ago
Batman is fun game always was one of my favorites it has great toys and good music I also like the rules of the game.
2 years ago
Batman is an action-packed adventure but the game lacks lastability due to the fact that it is easy to score big. The ramps and toys are good fun, but the artwork and lighting are average.
2 years ago
Really enjoy the game. Love the stacking's BATMAN!
2 years ago
I would feed this pin a few dollars to play it on location if found. It's fun, but not fun enough to want to own it. The theming is good, but the layout/toys are just "ok". Love to play it at pinball shows as those are usually in really good shape.
2 years ago
Played several games on this. Really wanted to like it. Fell pretty short. Cheep looking, cheep feel.
2 years ago
With this theme i was expecting a lot more.
The music is good and the sounds are good but the speech is pretty ordinary.
The layout is not that great in my opinion. I think the teetering ramp and upper playfield really slow the game down and don't add much to the gameplay.
The crane is a great toy and the joker mech is enjoyable.

Overall it's enjoyable but it is a game that could have been better in my opinion.
There are 187 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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