Batman 66

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Game Design: 8.145

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Other Aspects: 8.48

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Found 197 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 197 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 years ago
Got this game NIB after the recent code updates (on version 0,91 as far as i remember) and after the first week i was totaly overwhelmed and never really knew what i was shooting for. I knew how to start the major villain modes, all the shots were a lot of fun but the intricacies of the code only started to make sense after a few weeks of owning this game. As i read quite often on pinside, after you start to feel the loops and make shots regularly this game really opens up! The strategies you can impose are endless, just watch some of the excellent recent PAPA tournament videos if you are on the fence of buying.

Combined with the awesome artwork, great music/callouts and the best theme integration on any pinball machine (there must be like 20 minutes of unique video content) makes for a intense pinball adventure that will only get better with even more code updates! Simply a blast to play!
3 years ago
Too much of a recycled playfield from the Stern Dark Knight . Software very poor to start. Again the crap Spike system. The colour display was a nice change. Poor value for money.
3 years ago
What a game! This game is very enjoyable and has enough challenges so its not ever boring. The art and theme are so well done.
Its a perfect representation of the the old tv show.
3 years ago
As an NIB LE owner BM66 was a complete turd for the first 12 months of release but with Lyman on code it is now a completely different game, the rules are hugely varied with some innovative and unique rules to learn and master, while managing to keep them accessible for beginners with enough depth more experienced players can venture deeper into the modes as well as the corresponding episode.

Artwork is phenomenal Chris Franchi knocked it out of the park on this one and the sound and video package utilised throughout the game are fantastic, along with the custom callouts by the late great Adam West himself as well as Burt Ward and you find yourself pulled into the BM66 world, theme integration at its best but mainly due to lymans code and very little to do with the layout.

BM66 biggest real issue is it’s great but it should have been amazing, there’s always that feeling that something is missing and it’s because it was a reworked layout and rushed out to meet a deadline. Recently I received an AIQLE and after 4 months of owning Avengers I started to realise that AIQ is full of fun and interesting shots and BM66 simply has none! The shots and layout on BM66 are fine but that’s the problem there isn’t a single memorable or feel good shot they just feel ok.

Overall BM66 is a phenomenal game but that’s due to Lymans code and the complete library of audio and video assets have been placed into the game along with the rules and shots making you play all areas of the playfield in order to progress small sections of the episode, it is simply one of the best coded games in pinball but the layout and shots let it down.
3 years ago
I waited a long time to leave this review. Full disclosure. I am an owner of a Batman 66 Super LE. I spent over $15K on it and would have given it a bad review if I had not waited. I'm glad I did because this game will go down as one of the best of all time.

Game Design: The playfield layout is great, but not the best of all time. Two ramps and a very cool turntable with multiple shots. The rules have improve to a point where I feel they are balanced and intuitive. The toys and gimmicks are the best on any game other than TZ that I have ever see. It is an engineering marvel. Bottom line is that it is fun and challenging to play.

Art: What can I say? It is the most beautiful game I have ever seen in person. The cabinet, playfield, backglass and toys are amazing and all fit the theme perfectly.

Sounds and music: Again, a perfect 10. If you grew up on Batman, you will love the sounds, music and callouts.

If you have not played this game, give it a chance. By 5 or 10 plays, you will be hooked.

I know that early code sucked, but this game has come a long way. Jim
3 years ago
Just played about 20 games on location and holy crap is this game fun. I drove an hour to play a Dialed In to make sure that my next game purchase was a solid choice but it wasn’t on the floor. So they had a Houdini, GOTG, JJP Potc, SW Premium, and Batman 66 all lined up next to each other. I’ll save you the details but Batman 66 was easily the best shooting and funnest game on that wall (SW is great too). Theme integration is off the charts, lots of neat modes, beautiful sounds and artwork, Lyman on code, it’s pretty much got it all. That Dialed In is not the shoo in that it was yesterday. Well done.
3 years ago
Bat66 is the best because BatDavo the emoji champion of the world says so.
3 years ago
Theme integration is absolutely fantastic and it is one of the most beautiful games ever made to look at.
3 years ago
To date this is the most fun I’ve ever had playing a pinball machine.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Batman 66 start was really bad, bud today it's on the way to the top - 1 of 3 all time best !
3 years ago
Like so many have said, the code updates are turning this into an epic Batman homage. It really feels like playing the show, in the same way TWD evolved. My score is also based on the fact that the code is not at 1.00 yet, but is going to just keep getting better and deeper, considering the coder involved.
3 years ago
AMAZING GAME! I cannot believe that this game is not finished, code wise. It is a thrill ride already.

Perfect implementation for the feel of the original 60's show. Adding the mini villains harkens back to the eccentricity of the show and each villain (represented by a different former TV star). I have already learned to groove the two ramps in ever increasing combos. Game has great toys with the moving bat cave and the crane, etc. Sounds are superb as is the LED-changing lighting.

Cons? VERY few. Not a huge fan of final score screen...mystery graphics are meh. Otherwise, this game is so deep and incredible.
3 years ago
Releasing games with little to no code is bad form. I know it's getting better but yuck.
3 years ago
I’ve only just started playing BM66, but I was pleasantly surprised with the smooth gameplay. I feel the colors and art are great, and the campy videos, callouts and theme are perfect for this title. It’s easier than the new Star Wars, and more straight-forward. It’s almost simple, except for the cool crane, borrowed from BM Dark Knight, and the spinning wheel supercomputer. The spinning wheel toy is silly, but I’ll admit it works on this game. I didn’t experience the odd angles or difficult shots others have described. I also didn’t get my ball trapped anywhere. I feel the shots on GB are much more difficult.

I need to spend a few more hours on this one, but my initial impression is good. It’s a silly, campy, family-friendly game that isn’t especially innovative, except the spinning wheel target is a nice touch. It’s a beautiful looking game, and the one I played had the latest code update, and I must say I am impressed, if not blown away, by this fun Stern title. It’s definitely worth an hour in an arcade from time to time, and it may be a decent pin at home, especially for a family. (I need to learn the rules and depth of code). The new video screens are fantastic too. Both on BM66 and SW, the size is perfect and the image quality is outstanding. There is more quality here than I expected, but I wouldn’t say this one will become a classic.

The bat-phone ringing to start you off is immersive! The quality of the final code will really determine how this one is respected. It’s got the looks and features to be a keeper. *update. Played another few rounds on this one and I do see where people feel the game is a bit cheap feeling. It feels like the cost of the amazing digital tv screen may have required less money for a solid-built game. The new Star Wars, which I played right next to it, feels similarly cheap. Don’t get me wrong, they both have ALOT going for them, but Batman is a very plain, fan layout with cheap metal ramps and flimsy materials. The new Walking Dead, also by Stern, lacks the new tv screens, and feels much sturdier and higher quality. IMHO. It looks great, it feels and shoots just OK.
3 years ago
Really enjoy this game more than I thought I would. Really like the clips they use. Game us fun and entertaining.
3 years ago
A nice machine to look at but not much fun after that.
- the videos are repetitive and boring
- the ball gets stuck a lot in that rotating thing
- the layout is uninspiring, 2 ramps, a couple of bumpers, that rotating thing and a crane all packed into the upper field
- lacks flow
I played a few games but couldn't get into it.
3 years ago
We got a chance to play this game and we loved it! The theme and gameplay are great. The revolving target and the crane are awesome toys. We liked it so much we added it to our collection.
3 years ago
Batman 66 is a great theme and the artwork on this game pops like crazy and it’s awesome. I love the sound effects and fallouts that are in the game currently. Not the deepest code, at least not yet, but it shoots well and is a good time. With some updates this will be a fun game.
3 years ago
more people need to play this game. it's a great game. most people dog it because of early code. this is a sleeper game because everyone wrote it off early
3 years ago
Everyone needs to give this game a second chance. Its getting really deep, ton of risk reward and the overall package is amazing. At first some of the angles and shots will throw you off but a game or two and you'll love the flow
3 years ago
Best theme and game from Stern hands down!
3 years ago
very fun game. one the best sterns. i'm not sure why so many people hate it. Keeps getting better 20th code updates
3 years ago
New .81 code great and game will be a 10 when it gets to 1.0!
3 years ago
After the new code, I needed to make a new review. Lots of extra sounds and modes. Its a pretty solid game.
There are 197 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 6 of 8.

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