Batman 66

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Game Design: 8.136

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Sounds/Music: 8.416

Other Aspects: 8.472

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Found 197 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 197 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 years ago
A very fun game
2 years ago
Awesome variety of shots love the crane and the spinning phone and bat console s targets anr love the muliballs
2 years ago
Batman 66 is theme integration done right. Tons of clips from every episode of the show tied to over 20 modes based on main and minor villains. I didn't play this game early on and I'm glad I didn't as the code started out very weak. It has now been polished to the point where it's very balanced and there are lots of ways to approach the game. Shots are tight and can be a bit clunky at times, but are fine once dialed in. This game has great lastibility and is great for a small collection.
2 years ago
I'm a lifetime fan of the 60s Batman and when this came out i couldn't wait to play and i was so sure i was going to buy this until i played it and although the sound, video clips, speech were cool the gameplay for me wasn't and in the end avenged up with the Great TZ
2 years ago
The rules with the vilains are not well builded... ever the same to do if you want to do good scores. Boring to do the same after 2 months. I was waiting new code updates to change the vilains rules but they dont come...
2 years ago
I was shocked at how much I loved Batman! It is a top pin!
2 years ago
Played this game with my friends at the Asheville Pinball Museum. It was really fun and we all agreed it was one the five best games in the place. I especially liked the wrecking ball and the challenge of hitting it.
2 years ago
I was a big fan of the original Batman this based off of and they improved it. This just has everything going for it. The art is good, but it is filled with faces, which could have been better. Te color scheme is fun, but I prefer the darkness of the original.
2 years ago
Pros: Challenging at all levels. A great pin to learn/practice shot making and ball control. I often just practice the cat woman ramps/combos- lots of fun (not high scoring).
Deep rule set with continuous updates- last update just a week ago. Minor villains and clips added as well as tweaked.
Fabulous artwork and call outs by Adam West and Burt Ward. Great original clips and great animations.
Music: Initially I was tiring of the constant nananananana Batman, but then I reached different modes and levels- music is actually fabulous, period and show correct, and quite varied.
I can easily play this pin for 2- 3 hours and not get bored. Maybe if my shot making gets better that might change! Some people claim that this game is clunky. I know what they mean- if your shots are just a little off this game is unforgiving- multiple bricks in a row. But when your shots are on- fabulous!

Cons: After two weeks, the turntable device would not turn and would bind. After multiple phone texts to the seller and a pinball friend we figured out two screws had fallen out from the lane diverter apparatus. This happened to at least one other pinsider. Fortunately, that is fixed and the game is spot on.
Lighting- very dim. However looks amazing with pin stadium lighting, but that is an extra cost.
Price- No basic pro version.

Overall: Fabulous family friendly game that is challenging and fun. My son and I have played all of the standards (MM, MB, AFM, TOTAN, etc) and many new games including the JJP tables. I have absolutely no regrets making this my first NIB purchase, and my son (excellent player) loves this game. Disclosure: I watched the series when I was a kid so the theme was definitely important- Stern nailed this one.

Update one year later. I now own 10 tables and have access to over 100 private tables. This is the one I still play every week. Pinball friends all want to play this as well. I thought I would get tired of the theme and game, but there are several games in one- and very challenging. Currently I am working minor villains as well as maxing points for the major villains. Machine has held up very well to my many verbal abuses.
2 years ago
This game is an absolute blast. Fantastic code. Variety. Depth. Just an amazing game
2 years ago
I played this pin and somehow got three free games in a row, which really made it awesome. I felt like it just needed a little something more than what it had. That said, it's a beautiful machine and still very fun.
2 years ago
This has become my favorite pin. The code is phenomenal and still has ongoing updates. Lyman is crushing the code! The theme integration puts it over the top. I’ve been wanting one for awhile after the code updates started rolling in. If you haven’t played one in the last 6 months, play it again, you’ll be glad you did.
2 years ago
an amazing game
2 years ago
An easy to understand game for casuals with a deep enough code to keep the best coming back. Tremendous theme integration with tons of different modes to complete. A great family pin and a keeper for any enthusiast.
2 years ago
Great theme, love the call outs, pin art looks looks amazing in person. Code / gameplay is very fun keep you busy and makes you come back for more
2 years ago
I love this game. It’s so much fun. I am a huge Batman fan and it reminds me of my childhood. I added a bunch of mods including some hot wheels toys. The helicopter looks insane. If you love Batman, get it.
2 years ago
This game is great...the shots are well lit and identifiable. This game has flawless theme integration with full tv show assets, which tie into the gameplay seemlessly. The code is incredible...deep for advanced players, and approachable enough for beginning players. While some of the missed shots can brick, it seems to add to the risk/reward of shots. Overall, great game...won’t ever leave my collection
2 years ago
First of all, I love the theme. This is my dream theme as I'm a huge mark for this TV show. I would race home every day from school to see Batman re-runs on channel 5. The integration of the theme, from artwork to sounds to the great use of all of the video (one of the benefits of having a huge catalog of material say compared to a movie) makes this a wonderful experience if you loved the show. The game is deep and challenging. The shots are tough for me (this isn't AFM or MM) and the game can get frustrating at times -- but this is why I love it. The wizard modes are tough to get to (for me), but achievable. Holy Robin Multiball is my favorite and exhilarating when it happens.

Integration with the clips from the show is great -- sometimes it's too much fun and you get distracted and miss the ball in play. Attention to detail with the clips is great. It wasn't just slapped together. When Bruce and Dick run to the batpoles, it's from the actual episode that kicks off that mode. It makes a difference (e.g. Holy Cowabunga for the surfing episode).

I love the fact that you have so many different ways to play -- there's so much variety between the minor and major villain modes. And for newbies, there's the Joker surfing mode which is a quite easy.

I had a bunch of kids over for a family party a few weeks ago and this was the game they all gravitated to the most.

Fun, fun, fun game and it's a keeper.

I'm greedy and want a third version of each of the major villains! Lyman: I'll be your best friend if you want add more to the code :)
2 years ago
One of my favorite newer games
2 years ago
I know, I’ve never given a game all “6’s” before. But this game is THAT good now that the code is up to snuff. I was 5 years old when Batman was new on TV and I couldn’t wait to see the next episode each week. And in color too! I was very disappointed when BM66 was originally released with the lack of code. I was really excited before I played it but walked away with the word “turd” in mind. Fast forward to today - I have a premium that is modded out to match a SLE (everything except the topper and side art). Now this game is everything I was hoping for when Stern announced it. I love every aspect of the game.
Last night I got into "one of those games" like I get from time to time on TWD - where everything starts stacking and the points start climbing and you start getting to new wizard modes . . .
What a rush! During the "Batusi" wizard mode I had 6 balls in play for around 3 minutes. I got 8 Billion points in that mode alone, ending up with an 18 billion point game. It was amazing! My hands were shaking for about ten minutes after I was done.
2 years ago
Great flow, but very quiet game and not very engaging. Big turntable toy gets old quick for me. If I have to answer the phone one more time... Penguin crane was fun with the moving target. Played alongside Iron Maiden and Deadpool which were much more fun in my opinion. Code updates could certainly improve and make it more exciting.
2 years ago
I am updating my rating after having the game for another yearn and having purchased a number of other games to compare it with.

Here’s the original comments:

I picked up a Batman 66 LE with a bunch of mods about three months ago. Saw it as a great opportunity given that only 240 were made, but honestly, I wasn't really sure if it would be a long-term part of my 10 pin collection. I like the theme and saw the show many times in reruns as I was growing up, but I wouldn't consider myself a fan of the show.

After playing it for three months, when I think about which pin would be the absolute last to leave my collection, this is it. Why? Because it is so fun and so deep. The integration with the show is incredible and deep. Every time I play, I can look for something new to do with a goal of putting up a high score for one of the 8 major villain modes (there are 2 of each - hold down the right flipper and then click to the alternative mode for each of the four villains before you plunge the ball) or for one of the many, many minor villain modes. No other game that I own even comes close to the variety and fun that this one provides. I've got MMr, AFMr LE, WOZ Ruby Red LE, Ghostbusters LE, IJTPA, TZ, CFTBL, Beatles and MBr. So many wonderful pins, but this is the ultimate keeper of the lot.

I can't recommend this highly enough. You will not regret it. The depth is just amazing.

Here’s my update:

Over one year later, I still love this game. However, its lastability is not quite as good as I thought at the time. I have MMr, AFMr LE, WOZ Ruby Red LE, Ghostbusters premium, IJTPA, CFTBL, Beatles, MBr, TSPP, TWD LE, JP LE, WW CE, TZ, Stern SW, and JJP POTC CE.

The biggest drawback to the game is its layout. It is fun, but can get tiresome. I’m a good but not great pinball player, so getting deep into the minor villains is very difficult for me, so although the variety is amazing it is not as amazing.

In the scheme of the games I list, JJP POTC CE and JP LE are the best by far. Batman 66 fits comfortably in the upper 1/2 of the games, but that is mainly because of theme, theme integration, and great rules and way less so as a result of layout, which can be a bit clunky at times. If it was just on layout, I would actually list it in the bottom third of the games I list.
2 years ago
I was gonna buy this game when it came out initially, as I grew up watching this show religiously, cross legged , in front of the old school TVs on the floor....
Held back as I was told it was a dog...
Picked it up based solely on the new reviews as code was updated....
The conclusion....?

This puppy is getting modded to the extreme as it's getting bolted to the floor along with my TWD..
2 years ago
I really didn't want to like this game. But, I must admit I really do enjoy it... What I don't like is though, I think its hard to get into MB... At least for me... It has a nice ruleset, but its a deep one... So I think for bar use... You don't have much time to experiment and try to go deep. You gotta find what works and just mine points. For a home use game, I think its perfect. Lots of villains video clips and they did a great job getting that feel of the old show. Maybe one of the all time great incorporation of a theme. Until I played it, I thought it looked bad the use of video clips, but no, it works. The one downside is the silly crane... Its a cool toy, but it has as much to do with Batman 66 as it did with the Dark Knight. The other toys like the spinning batcave, phone, and tv are cool. Nice feature. This is a fun game... But, I think really it be better at home then a bar. And one day I hope to own one, and I really didn't think I would be saying that. The art package is really nice. Playfield art is the weakest though, as I'm not a big fan of big heads on playfields. But, it still ooks nice.
2 years ago
Update: Purchased a Catwoman edition. Like the 1.70.0 code with minor/major villains and love the ability go for multipliers. Another game saved by Lyman's coding genius.
There are 197 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 8.

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