Batman 66

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Game Design: 8.145

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Sounds/Music: 8.422

Other Aspects: 8.48

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Found 197 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 197 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
Fun to play over and over again!
1 year ago
Beautiful game to look at and the music and video clips are great.Its fun to play and has a fair bit happening. It has plenty of rules so it's a bit difficult to just walk up and play.
1 year ago
The cabinet is fun, but the theme is what really makes it special. It’s just cool!
1 year ago
Gomez games always seem to be a tough sell for first. The odd angle he puts his flippers at seems to throw off my shots, and early on I always end up frustrated with his games. But as I find the shots I end up really enjoying his games, B66 included. I'm not sure there is a deeper ruleset on a Stern game (maybe SW), and that really helps ups the lastibility of this pin for me. B66 also has a variety of approaches one can take to score well, which again lends itself to lastibility. There is just so much variety built into the code that a player can play thousands of games, and if they choose to, approach them differently. The clips from the show are perfect theme integration, and the art for the most part is spot on (the cabinet seems a little bland to me unless we are talking SLE). B66 definitely a top 10 "I would own that game" for me.
1 year ago
I think I like it, or at least might do more in future. This game is far too expensive for what you get and as a result you very rarely see one, and when you do you get much chance to play it.

This isn’t the fault of the game though, and I can now finally say I’ve spent enough time on it to rate and for the most part it’s good. The rule set seems a little confusing for casual players, and I was caught off guard having played the dark knight hundreds of times not to be awarded with a multi ball for completing the crane. It’s not immediately obvious how to get multiball going like with the dark knight, once once you get the hang of it it’s fine. Layout is pretty fun, takes the best from the original and replaces the rest. Gomez is still not my favourite designer at Stern, I feel he’s never captured the magic of Monster Bash or Lord of the Rings layouts which are iconic to this day. All in all a great theme and good fun game but is probably more fun as a home game if you can afford it than a location coin eater.
1 year ago
great game, fantastic art and visuals. Tough but satisfying shots. the code is top notch and the theme integration makes you feel like you are in the show.
I really don’t like the crane, can be very clunky.
1 year ago
The backglass is cool the game is a bit hard and so is the rules but easy shots
1 year ago
It's a beauty. But as usual Stern took the easy road. I don't feel I like it beter than tdk. Maybe its a nostalgia thing. And for me tdk is more nostalgia then b66.
1 year ago
This is a fun pin to play and really brings back the memories of the show. The theme and integration are really well done. It is a bit repetitive, not sure how long it would last for me, in a collection.
1 year ago
Combine a brilliant theme with Lyman Sheets brilliant code and thousands of clips from the show and you get of the best games of all time.
1 year ago
Amazing code... BUT it’s only amazing if you love getting points. It’s not the epic adventure of WoZ or LotR. Still, code and artistic beauty are the reasons to get the game. Layout and in exciting turntable are what keep you away. Overall, a top 10 pin for me.
1 year ago
I’ve owned this pin for several months and when I first played it was somewhat disappointed. I then updated the codes and started really enjoying this pin for what it was meant to be just have fun and relax playing this. It has become one of my favourite pins in my collection making me smile everytime I play it. It’s challenging and if your a fan of the Batman 66 series you’ll love this pin but even if your not a fan of the TV series this is great pin to play.
1 year ago
Good overall game. Just not my cup of tea. Shots don’t seem smooth at all and feels like playfield is lacking some things. The art work is nice but the lastability for this game for me is lacking. Meh
1 year ago
Full disclosure: This is my first pin and currently the only one I own. When my wife and I decided we wanted a pin we played many, new and old before falling in live with this pin.

With that out of the way I love how on theme this game is and the depth provided by the minor villian modes. The major villian modes are excellent and make the game feel like it has more shots than it does. The side lane drains are a bit excessive but perhaps my skill is mostly to blame.
1 year ago
A campy fun pin! Mod it up baby!
2 years ago
I freaking love this machine! It's bolted to the floor, never to leave. The code, the call outs, the video clips, all top notch IMO.
2 years ago
A good Pinball but like the star wars and ghostbusters very boring...
2 years ago
Like it more every time I play it.
2 years ago
OK so I have finally been able to spend some time with this game and since it was on a sales floor Im fine with that. paying .50 for a play is tough to handle. altogether I love this time of Television and Stern did a great job pulling us into it but where is the cool ball lock? some cooler bat cave ball lock would be a neat idea? The modes are wicked cool and easy to follow but there is something weak about the "action turntable" not much action. Why not put in a Swordsman bounce ball play field like Indiana jones? that could be the batcave? I get the cat woman edition but REALLY why her? Joker the Riddler are the best villon's of the show. I have a hard time with the cost on this one. there are harder shots on Deadpool and Munsters then Batmann 66. I will wait for those earlier bird collectors to sell their PINS when they relize it's not worth what they payed.
2 years ago
I love the theme of this game. Everything is nicely done. If you remember the TV show or reruns, you will love this game
2 years ago
This game is almost perfect, Theme, shots, and fun. The rules are great! The only thing that it "lacks" is flow. It's a game you shot, catch, and shot again. Rinse and repeat...
2 years ago
"Batman '66" is a decent Stern pin. The theming for the table is spot-on and Stern put more thought into this "Batman" then they did with their terrible Chris Nolan "Batman" table. The table is colorful and beautiful with Stern going all in with clips, audio, and music from the show. The lighting is nice and bright (I love the little "Bat" symbol" that appears when you light up the bottom slingshots) and the ruleset is pretty straightforward, yet complicated being that there are several missions to complete. I love the Batphone and Batmobile shots -- though, for some reason, the designers thought to put the stupid crane from "Batman: The Dark Knight" in this table. Why, exactly? Is this a homage to that game? It's just arbitrary and weird and doesn't seem to serve any real purpose. The gameplay is also fairly slow, which is odd. All in all, I like the table but didn't totally love it.
2 years ago
I wanted to love this game. I watched this show as a kid and loved it. But watching Batman and Robin on this pin isn’t as fun as I thought it would be. It was a fun, campy little show in its day, but honestly, surprisingly, I don’t really care now. Weird. Maybe I’d rather the machine get you more pumped up with the music or the action. But the game is like the show: campy, kinda fun, and maybe not as good as you want it to be.

I like the game. It’s a solid game, and the theme integration with the rules and all the movie assets is top notch. Although the recycled crane is there, why exactly? Because it’s a cool toy! Ok.

But I’m just not seeing how rad Lyman’s (now nearly finished) rules are here. They're good. There certainly seems to be a ton of stuff to do, but I’m not seeing depth and intricacy here, not to the level of AC/DC for example, which might be Lyman’s “Rules Masterpiece”.

And Ive had lonooooonnnnggggggg games on it, so I feel I’m seeing a lot. Maybe I’m just not unlocking the nuance, but what I suspect is that it’s not there. There are a ton of rules. But why are they so great? I want examples, and yet no one ever gives any.

And yes, it’s a little clunky. I’m hardly the first to say it. And so after long ball times and a long game I just feel burnt and definitely done with BM66 until the next time I see it on route. I’ll usually play a handful of games, because it’s a pretty, cute little game. But there are tons more fun games to play in the arcades I’m going to. And in my basement. So I’m not gonna gush over this game.
2 years ago
super cool color scheme that takes you back to the hipster lounge era. Solid machine. I would've designed more traps and ramps but that's just me.
2 years ago
Ive played about 50 games on this and love it. The theme, the flow, the music is awesome. This is a very deep pin. I have the rule set and it’s by far the deepest of the modern lcd stern. I have 10 pins and would reduce our collection if I could find 5 pins similar to this

Update - 150 plays and its still a favorite. If you played the old code, give the new code a chance. I was shocked that people gave this bad reviews but I heard most were from the old code. This pin is still amazing.
There are 197 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 8.

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