Batman 66

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Game Design: 8.145

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Other Aspects: 8.48

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There are 197 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 months ago
Played this the other day and was really unimpressed. Hard shots, very slow moving. Confusing rules. I'm glad I didn't add this to my collection.

****update March 19 2021*****

Been playing this game alot. Have one on order. This game is great. Great flies, shots and rules...its so cheesy its ifvmy favorite games can't wait to get my own.
11 months ago
The theme is perfectly executed and fans of the show will be impressed with the level of immersion this pin delivers. There are tons of video clips, plenty of humorous call outs, the light show is impressive, and the artwork is bright and colorful. The crane is a fun toy and it's integrated well into the gameplay. The turntable is another cool toy that adds variety to the shots. The shots on this pin aren't too terribly hard and ball times can be long, if the game is played with a bit of strategy and caution. The software is amazingly deep and there is so much content that after months of playing this pin, there's still so much to discover. In my opinion, this is a top tier pin that's fun to shoot and has a great theme.
11 months ago
Having played this on site I a fair few times I was excited to finally get my hands on one at home.

I have to say I was hugely disappointed.
The shots just don't feel 'natural', that is the angle of entry to the shot doesn't match the trajectory of the ball meaning most shots rattle their way round, especially the left loop.
I was looking forward to experimenting with all of the combinations of the minor villains, but realistically the only strategy worth pursuing is the Hatter/Freeze combination with additional Tuts to follow. Everything else just pails into insignificance in comparison.

It was fun for a few days, but then didn't turn it on for the next 2 weeks until I was due to return it.

A shame
11 months ago
Simply put, this game is awesome. The crane arm that moves around the field blocking shots is one of the coolest gimmicks that really adds to the gameplay. I'm not sure if the crane arm is random...but at one point I kept saying "Dude is that thing trying to get in my way". The joker laughter makes it all the better.
Shot after shot after shot was just being blocked by it and there was a second or two of frustration followed by laughter.

I'm a huge Batman fan, but not so much of Batman 66'. I find it too campy and I like my Batman stories dark, realistic, and gritty. That said, I was easily able to put that in the back of my head once I actually played it. It's just so much fun. I went with a group of friends. Batman 66' and Monster Bash got the most attention out of all the tables they had. They had some really awesome pins too.

Over all I can see this game having some real lastability. I could see myself playing this a few hours a day for at least a few weeks before getting bored.
1 year ago
Batman 66 is one of the most underrated games in pinball. I love this game and the rule set just gets better and better.

I have had this game for a year or so and always come back to it because it truly is a great game.

Love the minor villains and the 4 major ones that you get to battle against.
1 year ago
Just a great theme based pin with some great shots as well
and who doesn't like Batman right
I just keep going back for more
it's a keeper for sure
1 year ago
When I bought this one, I was worried about the sound becoming annoying. Not the case. I think the show was a campy riot, and they captured that perfectly with this title. It was nice to hear the extra call-outs from Adam West and Burt Ward, which really tied the machine together.

My biggest issue with this machine was the clunky loop shots. Given the ball lock is on a loop shot, that was frustrating. A little tweaking on the machine helped that problem, but it was unfortunate that it wasn't tested a little more.

All in all, the music, theme, and replayability were all there, and kept me coming back. I'm sure I will regret getting rid of this one!
1 year ago
Games played: >300 on

The turntable is very innovative mech (although it seems to have some issues every now and then) and the the crane is still very cool.
The rest of the shots are kind of bland and pretty tight. Feels like a lot of the shots are there for the sake of having a lot of shots - or because there isn't really a better way to put both mechs into one game.

The variety in important objectives makes this one of the best rulesets.
There are 8 different main modes with multiple stages and a ton of side modes with important rewards.
Multiple wizard modes give a good incentive to get though the modes quicky instead of optimizing for points, so there's a good amount of decision making in this game.

The lighing effects are well done.
Each of the modes/features has its own color so it can be very difficult to keep track of what is lit when there is only one arrow per shot. The only way to see everything is to cylce through the channels with the action button.
This ties into the display. Many different things can be happening at once and each of them gets its own little tv screen. This provides some interesting rule features like multiplying the main tv.

Although the shots are pretty tight they can be comboed pretty easily.
The two target banks on the turntable (tv and phone) and the batcave are a bit clunky and not fun to hit.

Good art overall. Looks very comicbook-like. The words with ! all over the art are a bit silly but oh well.
The crane looks pretty good.

The catchy music is fitting for this game. Each mode has a track on its own so the music doesn't become repetitive while playing.
Sound and callouts are great and go well with the music. There aren't any funny callouts, but the self referencing (e.g. "holy chromium sphere") are pretty neat.

I'm not really familiar with batman as a theme, but superheroes fighing against villains in a not-so-serious way makes this game good fun.

Unfortunately setting up a good feature stack takes quite a while with bookworkm, freeze, batturn, egghead and all of the multipliers. Therefore it might not be the best game to play regularly.
For shorter playing games it is a lot of fun to try all the different main modes and side modes and try to complete them. This quickly turns into a game of who can figure out the best strategy for easy points when playing against others.
1 year ago
I actually like the theme from the old TV series. I think that makes this game fun for people that grew up in watching Batman. I could see those that didn't may not like it as much but the game play is still fun regardless.
1 year ago
Borg phoned in the playfield design, the art package is good, however the lyman ruleset and the theme integration including all the amazing video from the original TV series make this a classic. Shame it is a bit expensive.
1 year ago
This is shooters game. There are a lot of fun shots and the game set and rules work well. Love the magnet. The crane is great and makes for some fun shots, but it obscures the right lane a little bit.

This is a super fun game and the call outs are great
1 year ago
We had this at work. I played it daily for 6 months. I love the theme. The ramps are boring. And the the shots are not very satisfying.
1 year ago
This game is fun! Fun to play, fun to mod, fun to look at, and fun to listen to. Being able to have so many different champions makes it fun to compete!

I am the target customer that watched all of the seasons back in the day. The gameplay and screen clips makes you want to play and see more. You get into character and start flipping with a POW! This show was so light and campy - the gameplay enhanced with sounds and Character call outs will put a smile on your face while playing.

The Hallmark ornaments, animated bat copter, bat signal, all of the Bat vehicles, and of course the Batman and Robin Topper with beacon make for some great mods! It is fun finding another cool thing to do to this game.

I had a few screws come loose and the wire on the crane flasher broke early, but easily repaired. Overall I would say the Quality is very good.

Code 1.05 is great! I never feel let down by the code. I play differently for fun or points or just to become a champion of something - lot’s to do for any mood of gameplay!

Expensive game, but I would say worth it as it is one of the best!
1 year ago
Owned the game for about a year and feel it's worthy of being a top 20 +/- pin based on rules and theme integration - BUT the playfield layout is well below average. The turntable takes up a ton of real estate with minimum return and causes ball hang-ups, and the rest of the playfield is uninspired. The left loop can also be very clunky machine-to-machine, and the machine (cabinet in particular) feels cheaply made even vs. other modern Sterns. For me a great playfield layout can cover a number of sins but not vice-versa.
1 year ago
Owned it for a year, and just recently traded it for another game. I like think I've put enough time on this pin to give it a fair review. Everyone talks about how amazing the theme integration is here, and I have to disagree. Yes, they have loads and loads of footage, and it's used in so many awesome ways. But the playfield itself doesn't scream Batman. What does the crane have to do with anything? And although the turntable does catch your attention the first few times you step up to it, after a while you realize it just takes up a lot of real estate where something really memorable could have gone. You look at something like LOTR, and you see how the game feels like you're in that world. Batman doesn't do accomplish this. The code, although plateful, seems like it could have been better if there was a main wizard mode where you feel like you're trying to save Gotham or fight some villain. Instead, it's 3 choices of a 6 ball multiball orgy that really doesn't seem to have a purpose. It might sound like I'm knocking this game, but the reality is, I absolutely enjoyed playing it, but I just think it could have been done so much better.
1 year ago
I am surprised when I look at my rating score how much I like this game.

I traded with a friend for it and for a good week I was like "What have I done??"... but slowly it grew on me... the rules started to make sense, the minor villains and strategy started to come together....started to get great scores. And then I realized, damn, this one's really fun!

Make no mistake....I don't know if this is the type of game you could walk up to in an arcade and really have a fun time on. Takes practice, and the rules are quite deep. But after you get to know them, wow, it's quite fun.

Add to the fact that the theming is top notch, the playfield is sexy and the animations are fun too (surfing joker anyone?!?). There is lots to do as well - this game is very, very deep.

Anyways I could go on and on, but suffice to say while this one does have it's feels like there should be *something* else.... it's actually really fun when you get to know her. I've heard people complain about the crane as a toy - I LOVE it! Unlike most game, here is a toy that actually changes game play.... hitting it certain ways causes drains, choosing when to deploy gadgets on it can affect strategy when also battling a minor villain with time running out.... etc, etc.

It's a great pin for a collection. TOP NOTCH! As a walk up to game though, I think I would be frustrated. It took me a good 50+ games to really start loving it.


Edit:. Almost a year later this is probably my favorite game. I sort of get tired of the dadadadadadada but at least when you're playing villains or in another mode the music changes.... I've played every game in the top 50 id take bm66 over most of them. Pinball is subjective though.... But this one is a huge hit with most of my friends who aren't into the hobby so that tells me something. This, mmre, and potc are the 3 pins I'll likely never part with.
1 year ago
This is a very good game. I think It has a good amount of shots. The rule set is great. I really like the music in the game. The artwork is really good to me. The only thing I don’t like that much is how it’s the 60’s Batman which is not bad but not my favorite though.
1 year ago
From the animations, to the sounds and way it looks, this is a top 10 game!
1 year ago
Love the Batman theme. this game takes me back to my childhood and they cover all that with this design. Great pinball machine
1 year ago
Sooooo glad I played this before I played the dark knight. Essentially the same layout between the two. One game is meh the other is fantastic. Love the show song, and all the throwback sounds and speech. So fun. Deep enough to keep coming back.
1 year ago
Pinball is a matter of taste. I grew up with the show and feel the game is an excellent representation. Deep rule set and great shots!
1 year ago
The more I play this game the more I love it. It flows very well.
1 year ago
A lot of clunk for sure. Many shots that bounce off nothing. That's the worst I can say.

The callouts and animations and video are the best I have seen so far.

The Artwork is beautiful. As campy as the original show.

The rules are good and deep, and there are more High Score modes to try and get than any machine I have played.

I'm guessing this will last a while. A good mate to my Munsters. I love 60s TV!
1 year ago
Second game of my start-up collection....AFMR being my first. This is an absolutely great game. My first impression was less however the more I played and understood the more fun it became. Proud to say this will stay alongside my AFMR for a long time.
Mod it up !!!!
1 year ago
Waited two years on buying this game. I have never been so disappointed after a long wait. Everyone raves about this game and talks it up but it just wasn't for me. I found it to be a clunkfest and very repetitive. Got bored with it after a month and sold it. But as a famous saying goes one man's trash is another man's treasure. Really like the theme and I love the show as a kid but it just wasn't for me.
There are 197 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 8.

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