Batman 66

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Game Design: 8.145

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Other Aspects: 8.48

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There are 197 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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42 days ago
I just picked up a Batman 66 Catwoman signature edition. I went to the bowling alley near me to play it a bit before deciding to buy one for my collection. The first few days I didn't really care for it but once I got into the ruleset and got multi ball and the penguin crane I really started enjoying it. Do yourself a favor and watch Youtube videos on Jack Danger showing you the rules. Once I knew what I was going after it really started getting fun. I think this is a great game with long last-ability. Kind of pricey plus I added a ton of mods but I really enjoy the theme and layout. Lyman Sheats did an awesome job like aways on code. Stern needs to release more toppers for this since they are doing another run this year.
3 months ago
Super engaging pin. Had one to myself for over an hour and didn’t want to stop.
3 months ago
I've played this game enough now that I feel comfortable rating it. Great game, challenging and rewarding. Great coding, great theme, lots of ways to play it, a good all around game. Art work and sounds with clips from the TV shows are all well integrated. I'm lucky to have a good variety of games to play in my collection, this is one I keep coming back to play again and again. Its not leaving, ever, its that good.
4 months ago
This has some fun rules and a couple cool aspects, not one that pulls me to play, but definitely a good game worth some time if you have it
4 months ago
I'm a fan of BDK. And it's for that I wanted to try BM66. When it arrived, I was disappointed. I was yet in the BDK! Then, I read the rules, and played on it...And, I discovered a phenomenal game!
This game has a very deeps rules like TSPP or JP. To me, BM66 has the best multipliers of the world of pinball. If you like to play to make points, this game is for you! You can play this game in different ways. Choose a goal, fail the shoot and find an other idea to make points.
This game is a pure STRATEGY!
I'm not a fan of the tv series. But, it's fun and there are a lot of videos, musics and humor. I discovered and I like it.
The layout is very good. Even better than on BDK. The two ramps are very pleasant. The carousel is a beautiful mechanism. The spinner works perfectly. The crane is the same of BDK.
This game is very addictive.
I m lucky to have found a Catwoman edition. I will keep it for a long time!
4 months ago
The is a great machine, find one if you can
5 months ago
Stern nailed the theme on this one. If you're a fan of the classic Adam West Batman series (who isn't?!) this one is a winner.

The gameplay is above average but not much. It can' be pretty unforgiving on standard settings and frustrating for new players or not enjoyable but the long game is really fun and I appreciate the challenge.
6 months ago
First pin I bought when I retired
6 months ago
Excellent game for all skill levels; nice use of old Batman themes, video and callouts; nice use of tricks and varied shots, and just plain fun.
6 months ago
Overall, I like this game. I tend to find a lot of things to like about modern Stern games - and that is the case with this one. But, in relative terms, I don’t gravitate to this game as much as I do others when I have several options. I’ve never been a huge fan of the 60’s Batman TV show - I just never found the kitschiness to be very funny/entertaining. I don’t have to love a theme to love the game - but in this case, I don’t love it - I just like it.

You know what they say about wife loves this game. Also, it seems that the code is pretty deep - so maybe if I had it at home, I’d appreciate it more. With a theme I’m not drawn to, that isn’t likely.
6 months ago
Another great Stern pin. Countless hours of fun.
7 months ago
I wanted to like this one more...but just ends up being...ok.
7 months ago
Even better than advertised. The video integration, the music, the shots - it’s all awesome. You don’t have to be a fan of Batman to love this game, but I am, and it does the show and pinball justice.
7 months ago
This is a perfect game. Art, playability, toys, effort, everything. George really shines here with the design, and Lyman worked forever with the code to perfection. It's like there's something new discovered everytime you play it. Adam West, the original and greatest Batman, Rest in Peace, he did an amazing job here with the callouts and is all through the game. The Super LE is the best version of the game but they are all incredible. Thwapp!
7 months ago
One of the best themes ever. This theme screams pinball. Lots of great shots and call outs. One of the best pins of all time. Top of my wish list.
Easily a top 10 Machine.
8 months ago
Excellent theme and ruleset. PF innovation w/ rotisserie is one of a kind.

Variation of multi balls, stacking of modes, Major / Minor villain playability, integration of gadgets into game play, and geometric difficulty make me come back for more plays. Only downfall was standard PF lighting but w/ stadiums the machines colors radiate!

#1 pin in the collection even w/ others rated much higher on PS. This one is bolted to the floor.
8 months ago
This is the game that I always go to in a local arcade line up of only 7 pins. It's just so smooth and fun! It feels good to play. I don't really care about Batman and I usually hate big screen pins like this, but I strangely really like the theme and the screen isn't distracting like other newer games. Getting to choose villains and then sub villains is a clever way to give this game a good amount of variety. I'll probably never buy this game, but I'll always spend an hour on it wherever I see it.
8 months ago
Great theme. Good lcd displays. Game play and rule set nothing special. I had really high expectations on this one. Code did get much better. Beautiful game but playfields dimpled to beyond belief.
9 months ago
Updated my rating after getting more playtime.

Like the theme. Playfield is very open. Penguin crane is fun. Would like to see some pop ups.
9 months ago
For me its perfect theme with the tv clips in the game. Fun shots but some of the music can be repetitive. Overall a fun machine
9 months ago
This is a very fun pin, but man is it annoying! While true to the original tv show (I grew up watching it), the sounds and music in this game from the beeping telephone to the theme music is really hard to take.

As for the game itself, I think the rotating area with the bat mobile and telephone looks pretty cheap, but the engineering and interest of that mech is first rate. I also really like the crane.

Game is more fun the longer you play, but the longer you play the more annoying the sounds and music are. Can I give one rating for having the game on mute, and another with the sound on?
9 months ago
I find Batman 66 more enjoyable than Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park has a large variety of shots, but just isn't that immersive, compared to Batman 66. The rules are phenomenal in BM 66. A lot of choices, but it stays focused once you make a choice.
10 months ago
The theme doesn't appeal to me so i was shocked how fun this pin is to play. The layout feels unique. Love the left orbit, it is so far away it looks like a tough shot but is actually pretty easy to hit, so rewarding. The crane is a nice toy too. Like how the villains from the TV series are incorporated. I don't think this will find it's way into my collection because of the theme but I will play it every time I see it on location.
10 months ago
A lot going on and no clue what to do. It seemed like one time it did one thing , then it did another the next time. Hit the phone? Hit the penguin? Pick something on the screen.... What does it do?

Flow was not good. Choppy and inconsistent.

Also don't think the theme was great. Could have been simple and great. They went to complex and tried to include everyone who was ever in the show.

I wanted to like it more... After multiple attempts to play and enjoy it, I just walk by it now bc I don't think I will.
10 months ago
It’s a great machine for all skill levels. It’s fun, and attainable to lock away one villain, or get a multiball if you’re a beginner. If you’re a more skilled player, you have lots of choices to make: what minor modes to do when, when to use your multiballs, which shots you give multipliers to, and more.
There are 197 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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