Batman 66 (Stern, 2016)

Batman 66

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Game design: 7.779

Artwork: 8.823

Sounds/Music: 8.172

Other Aspects: 8.197

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Found 90 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 90 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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19 days ago
Cinderella of code for gameplay. Fantastic Game!
22 days ago
A good pinball with the theme close to the old show, a fun game to play but would it last ?
24 days ago
For a kid who never grew up with Batman---the Adam West Batman---this is the ultimate theme. Stern went all out with clips from the show, fantastic art and sound and game play is simply unmatched, in my opinion. Might be my all-time fave machine and I think I need one in my collection. Perfect.
27 days ago
I've waited a LONG time to rate this pin. At first the code was so sparse that I really regretted buying the game, and it took months and months to even begin to turn that around. For those of us foolish early adopters, it was a long walk in the desert with little to appreciate other than the fantastic art. The shots in this game have always been fine, very Gomez-ish that can feel clunky at first, but with basic code there was just wasn't much to do, though the crane and rotisserie have always added interesting variation to the shots.

Now, we've more or less reached the promised land and the code has made this game. There simply isn't a better utilized license in pinball, which has resulted in great audio, video, and so much variety to the modes that there are alternate modes for the main villains in addition to 3 seasons of minor villains and side modes like the bat parachute mode. These can all be stacked and, again thanks to code, a player can easily switch between stacked modes using the action button. Lyman Sheets has really made this game special.

At first, I was annoyed when people reviewed this pin before the code was done and gave it such terrible scores, but as time passed with little code improvement I began to realize that Stern deserved those low scores for releasing such an unfinished game. Nonetheless, I wanted to wait before I reviewed it, and I can say this has become one of Stern's best games as a whole package.
35 days ago
Great code - goes without saying with Lyman at the helm.

Fantastic use of LCD.

Very good theme integration.

If only the game shot better - clunk, clunk, clunk.

Still, it is a fun game to play, just could have been better playfield design and better use of the big main turntable.
44 days ago
Played it and had fun. I’m really not a Batman fan so the theme just doesn’t impress me. The game played well enough that in the future I would add this to my line up if the price was right.
52 days ago
At first I did not like this game when i’d Played it over a year ago,As the code got better the game got better and better and it was time to add this to my collection.the game play is very good only one problem sometimes you can get a very long ball times .as me personally is not a fan of long ball times.I have the Premium which I have completely modded out and it looks better than the more expensive LE.I find the SLE decals the best looking.but not for the $15,000.this pin will definitely become a masterpiece.
52 days ago
Finally, we get the best Batman and Robin of all time in a pinball machine!
71 days ago
The code just keeps getting better and better, by the time it (finally) gets to 1.0 it seems worthy of a top 20 position.
74 days ago
Batman '66 Review

Summary and First Impressions

My introduction to the Batman '66 pinball table was at an Atlanta area pub called Manuel's Tavern. From afar the first thing that struck me was the color display playing vintage footage from the old show, complete with the music and SFX. Talk about a blast of nostalgia! On closer inspection, you could see the game was a real labor of love when it came to the theme. The artwork, callouts, the bat phone toy, etc... The game itself has grown on me over time, especially as the rules have been updated.

* Spinning Dynamo - I don't know what else to call it, lol! The spinning mechanism with the bat phone and other toys is really cool to see in motion. It also changes the available shots in interesting ways. Neat toy!
* The Crane - I know it's technically stolen from the Dark Knight but I like it in Batman 66 more. The combination of the crane and the spinning dynamo make the playfield dynamic in a way that most pinball games aren't. Shots change in this game; which is cool.
* Theme and light show - The theme is implemented very well. At its heart, Batman '66 is, like the show its based on, about defeating the titular hero's most iconic villains. While the player does so clips straight from the show play on the display. The player can use Batman's gadgets to help him catch villains if those gadgets have been collected. Before all that though, gotta answer the red phone!
* The minor villains, when defeated reward some really interesting bonuses that can change the way you approach the game.

* Accessibility - It is somewhat hard for a new player to get to the "cool" stuff; the multiball modes, in particular, aren't straightforward to trigger.
* Doesn't do any shot or playfield thing exceptionally well; there weren't many shots that I found particularly satisfying.


Batman '66 does it's theme great justice while also providing a decently shooting pinball experience. It's got some great toys (one original one not so much) and the light show is pretty good. The latest code update (0.9 at the time of this review) also provides some relatively deep rules to play with for the enthusiasts. I've grown quite fond of Batman '66 and I think if you give it some time you will too!
75 days ago
This game is growing on me. Every code update adds more stuff, more fun, improves the game. The first time I played it, meh, but now... this is quite a good game. Good shots, lots to do, I love the stacking of the villains to add buffs. Sequence matters. There are lots of ways to play this game.
85 days ago
If you’re looking for one game to buy that is fun, exciting and a blast for the family and friends that come by to play, this is it. We have weekly family tournaments using the green tournament button, which makes for compelling competitions right in our own home.

Update: Now that Batman 66 has reached .98 coding, it is an awesome game! Quite deep coding and amazing what Lyman has done with the playfield of that table. Those people who bailed early may be regretting it. I know it was rough at first, but quite refined now and who doesn’t like Batman 66? It has universal appeal worldwide. The theme integration of that table exceeds all others in the TV/Movie genre. Call outs all by original actors. Music is original. Tons of show video. The small table TV needs improvement although. Currently a slide show that needs to have villain taunting happening instead of just a slide show. Game design after Lyman coding is a winner. Table is on the hard side though, because most all the shots are at the back of the table. I know it’s made me a much better player now.
Early code was not good, but now Batman 66 new code really sings! Truly a keeper if there ever was one. Deep game play for pros or can keep it on the simple side for newbies. If the Bat themed music is too repetitive, just kick in a villain mode to change songs. Code keeps improving with every release(.98 as of this writing).

We’ve modded our table with some of the excellent mods from Mezelmods and the Mod Couple. Makes for an even more fun experience and increases the “wow” factor of our table.

Was sitting on the fence at first about this premium table making sure we made the right purchase, since this table purchased through the Stern AMD distributor is a high cost of $12,900.00 delievered. Unbelievable high pricing in Australia for a pinball table of any kind. They should rethink pricing. But if you want to play, they make you pay. Lol! Honestly, it could have been more fairly priced. Stern needs to take a hard look at what their foreign distributors are doing in the market place. AMD doesn’t understand that they’d sell far more tables and earn more money, if prices were even a thousand or two less.

Other than that, we love the table! Right up there in the top three of pinball lore, after new code and learning the rules. Can't understand why so many old tables are rated higher than this excellent modern table. Looking at you MB, MM, AFM, etc. It's like saying buying an old 25 or 30 year old car, drives better than a 2018 model! Can't understand why these old tables get rated so high, when modern tables are so much better!!
87 days ago
Batman ‘66 has come along way since it’s initial release
The code has taken this game from disappointment to triumph
Well done Stern
3 months ago
I wanted this pin for home, but the more I played it on location, the less fun I had. Reusing the crane toy from TDK is just lame. I still love the way it looks, but can't justify 8k for a knickknack.
3 months ago
I really love this game !!! Great artwork, and lot of fun !!! One of my favourites games
3 months ago
Love this era of Batman but the game doesn’t seem to be that immersive not addicting.
3 months ago
Great theme, super fun but feels a little cheap, specially when you know the price.
Super sweet for the eyes, and videos from the show are super cool. I hope the annoying telephone constently ringing has been corrected in recent code updates.
Too pricey in my opinion, but really cool table.
4 months ago
Got this game NIB after the recent code updates (on version 0,91 as far as i remember) and after the first week i was totaly overwhelmed and never really knew what i was shooting for. I knew how to start the major villain modes, all the shots were a lot of fun but the intricacies of the code only started to make sense after a few weeks of owning this game. As i read quite often on pinside, after you start to feel the loops and make shots regularly this game really opens up! The strategies you can impose are endless, just watch some of the excellent recent PAPA tournament videos if you are on the fence of buying.

Combined with the awesome artwork, great music/callouts and the best theme integration on any pinball machine (there must be like 20 minutes of unique video content) makes for a intense pinball adventure that will only get better with even more code updates! Simply a blast to play!
4 months ago
Somewhat clunky layout, made awesome by great theme integration and great Lyman software. Premium has the same playfield and software as the other two versions.
5 months ago
Too much of a recycled playfield from the Stern Dark Knight . Software very poor to start. Again the crap Spike system. The colour display was a nice change. Poor value for money.
5 months ago
What a game! This game is very enjoyable and has enough challenges so its not ever boring. The art and theme are so well done.
Its a perfect representation of the the old tv show.
5 months ago
As an NIB LE owner BM66 was a complete turd for the first 12 months of release but with Lyman on code it is now a completely different game, the rules are hugely varied with some innovative and unique rules to learn learn and master, while managing to keep them accessible for beginners while allowing more experienced players to venture deeper into the modes as well as the corresponding episode, reward those that venture deeper into the game with more audio and visual surprises pulled from the 320 episode series.

Artwork is phenomenal Chris Franchi knocked it out of the park on this one and the sound and video package utilised throughout the game are fantastic, along with the custom callouts by the late great Adam West himself as well as Burt Ward and you find yourself pulled into the BM66 world, theme integration at its best.
5 months ago
I waited a long time to leave this review. Full disclosure. I am an owner of a Batman 66 Super LE. I spent over $15K on it and would have given it a bad review if I had not waited. I'm glad I did because this game will go down as one of the best of all time.

Game Design: The playfield layout is great, but not the best of all time. Two ramps and a very cool turntable with multiple shots. The rules have improve to a point where I feel they are balanced and intuitive. The toys and gimmicks are the best on any game other than TZ that I have ever see. It is an engineering marvel. Bottom line is that it is fun and challenging to play.

Art: What can I say? It is the most beautiful game I have ever seen in person. The cabinet, playfield, backglass and toys are amazing and all fit the theme perfectly.

Sounds and music: Again, a perfect 10. If you grew up on Batman, you will love the sounds, music and callouts.

If you have not played this game, give it a chance. By 5 or 10 plays, you will be hooked.

I know that early code sucked, but this game has come a long way. Jim
6 months ago
Just played about 20 games on location and holy crap is this game fun. I drove an hour to play a Dialed In to make sure that my next game purchase was a solid choice but it wasn’t on the floor. So they had a Houdini, GOTG, JJP Potc, SW Premium, and Batman 66 all lined up next to each other. I’ll save you the details but Batman 66 was easily the best shooting and funnest game on that wall (SW is great too). Theme integration is off the charts, lots of neat modes, beautiful sounds and artwork, Lyman on code, it’s pretty much got it all. That Dialed In is not the shoo in that it was yesterday. Well done.
6 months ago
Bat66 is the best because BatDavo the emoji champion of the world says so.
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