Batman 66

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Other Aspects: 8.531

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There are 216 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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68 days ago
My friend picked up one of these and let’s just say I’m jealous! It’s a great machine and some may say it’s over the top, but since when was that a bad thing? Love the open playfield.
84 days ago
I had high hopes for Batman 66, but felt let down. Wonderful artwork. Great theme, but not implemented terribly well. (A real surprise, to be honest.) often a challenge to get the ball under control. Would often have games where Balls 1 and 2 drained quickly, and Ball 3 scored a lot of points or triggered a multiball. (Not sure how, though.)
3 months ago
Great beautiful and fun Stern with an old school touch love the atmosphere
3 months ago
Wide open playfield with some vicious drains.
3 months ago
This is my favorite to play right now. Once I figures out the rule set it was game on. Being a Batman fan as a kid, this game brings the memories back when the cut to scenes from the show. Wish I would of bought the LE but our Premium will never leave.
4 months ago
I really like it. Some say its too much. I enjoy the challenge others just want to bang it around mindlessly.
4 months ago
Love the theme and thought I’d like it, but no. Maybe expecting too much, not sure what code I was playing.
4 months ago
I really wish Stern would do Batman right!

While this pin is their best attempt at doing a Batman pin it still falls short. They really could do sooooo much more.

Lyman saved this pin. It's another overpriced pin with a couple ramps and turntable that's mediocre.

Stern should thank the theme and Lyman for any sales. Layout is very boring.

It's a fun pin but gets old and ya just wish there was more.
5 months ago
IMO it might be the modern day IJ:TPA. Batman 66 integrates the theme perfectly and the rules/code might be the best of all time. However, like IJ:TPA the playfield layout leaves a lot to be desired. The left ramp and the orbits are not smooth. The spinning table is great, but there is quite a bit of real estate on it that is basically dead. The game just isn't a smooth shooter.

Despite not being overly smooth the game is still a ton of fun. The rules are brilliant. The stacking of minor villains. The manipulation of the multiplier. The theme integration. The callouts... really everything is perfect with the exception of some weird angles and ramps on the playfield (like IJ:TPA).
5 months ago
Batman 66 is one of those machines where for me at least the rules and code are great really fun game. I enjoy the progression aspect of it. The artwork and theme is a great one. Toys are limited but enjoyable. The rotating bat phone shot is great, the crane is enjoyable albeit something that appears on a couple of previous stern machine (dark knight) the only thing that lets this game down for me is the ramps and shots. The ramps feel a little clunky and not particularly satisfying to shoot. As is the scoop shot to qualify jackpots is kinda a bummer. Overall this game just has a few things holding it back from greatness
6 months ago
Love the Them & looks of this one.
6 months ago
Possibly the best stern ever, with theme integration and rules unmatched.
The ability to stack multipliers and lock them in is not replicated in any other game, with a few ways to tackle the game and of course large risk/reward. Shots are satisfying, theme is integrating perfectly.

I've had heaps of sterns and cant see the equal
7 months ago
Really solid game since the code has been completed; many were trashing it early on for incomplete code (and I don't necessariily fault them). Deep rule set that is challenging for the seasoned player, but might be a bit intimidating to the average player; however, the casual player will still find this fun to play just by shooting around at things. Love the Franchi artwork all around. Music was OK; it's too bad that Nelson Riddle's music couldn't be added, otherwise this would have been a home run (Full disclosure: I added a Riddle track on one of the modes using PinballBrowser, and it fits like a glove!). Some shots are rather easy, while there are others that are somewhat more challenging (the left ramp and the right orbit immediately come to mind), but otherwise it's a pretty good shooter. As Stern has completed making these recently, good luck finding one for sale now, but if you do, you're going to have to pay a premium for it. Great game, and I'm glad I got mine when I did!
7 months ago
It's a fun game, but pretty easy so I get board
7 months ago
This is the best modern stern.
It has everything: toys, cool theme, cool music.
Real locks, the turntable dynamic shots, magnet capture.
The crane that causes dynamic gameplay.
Excellent ruleset.
Fun callouts.
its totally modable.

if you can have only 1 pin ever. Get this one
8 months ago
Often play this game when we stumble across it. If you grew up watching this show the game will likely resonate with you. Great attnetion to the them in terms of artwork, callouts, and game play. We have a limited collection at home and probably wouldn't put this in the roundup, but certainly enjoy playing it on location. Enjoy the turntable, can take or leave the crane, fun multiballs which are very reminiscent of the frequent chaos of the tv show.
8 months ago
Great ruleset. Unique game, especially fun for people who used to watch the TV show. Moving to season two in the game adds Batgirl and Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman to the fight sequences.
8 months ago
An excellent game! One of my favorite new sterns overall, and one of the best George Gomez games.

Pro’s: Playfield design is great, with tons of variety and fun within the shots.

Game nails the theme: can’t really think of a way they could have better executed it.

Callouts and sound are well done.

Art is very well done and consistent throughout.

Code is excellent, and keeps you coming back for more. It’s simple to grasp, but hard to get everything done.


Turntable, while fun in it’s own right, can be rather clunky and at times borderline frustrating.

Game is, admittedly, a playfield rip off of George Gomez’s other game with the Caped Crusader: Batman: The Dark Knight. However, it’s feel and code differentiate itself from the game.

Cabinet artwork, while consistent with the rest of the game, could have been more fleshed out, as it’s a bit lacking in excitement.

Overall, just a really fun game! Not the best game out there, though definitely up there! I personally believe it to be a Top 25 game for myself.
8 months ago
Great game, not a perfect 10 but doesn’t need much improvement.
8 months ago
Perfect theme and perfect game.
11 months ago
Very cool game. With great animations. Playfield is a shooter’s game as everything is at the back of the playfield.
11 months ago
This is not a good table, and frankly it fails the theme. Gameplay is basic, the playfield is a fail, and Stern missed the mark.

Sometimes, you play videogames where they oversimplify mechanics to reach a casual audience. That feels like what Stern has done here. I can imagine someone who doesn't seriously play pinball having fun, but for collectors - this table doesn't have substance. Just a real disappointment.
11 months ago
A very nice looking game, except for the crane in the middle which reminds me of Last Action Hero. Not the best shooting pin, but a fun one for sure
1 year ago
b66 sle the nicest cabinet ever done! fun fast and very good integration of the theme
1 year ago
Super engaging pin. Had one to myself for over an hour and didn’t want to stop.
There are 216 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 9.

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