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Other Aspects: 8.534

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Found 241 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 241 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 days ago
best batman pinball game.
13 days ago
Great game. Underrated IMO. The theme is well integrated. Videos are well timed and coordinated. Weird toys and a very old school vibe despite being jammed with modern features.
62 days ago
This is a very interesting game.

In terms of layout you can quite clearly see George Gomez took his old Batman: The Dark Knight layout (which I like very much) and added/improved a few features. I think the second ramp is a much needed addition and the turntable in the middle is a nice and a unique feature. In general this layout has more flow but somehow the "original" layout felt more balanced out to me. I especially miss the "Path of the Dead" thing on the right.

The gamecode is excellent as to be expected by Lyman Sheats (RIP). My only real (minor) complaint would be that the scoring feels a little unbalanced.

In terms of artwork this game is good. In comparison to newer Spike 2 games it looks a bit out of place though. But at least it is better than the 2008 original. This playfield looks much better.

All in all this is a very good game with a lot more flow than its 2008 predecessor. Personally I prefer the original version but that's probably only because of the theming and the non-existent "Path of the Dead". Every fan of Batman 66 will be delighted with this game and it will be fun to play for beginners as well as advanced players.
72 days ago
Batman 66 is a near perfect 2 flipper game!

The rotisserie is a great toy that adds variation to the game and a the magnet is used well in the game mode and TV episodes.

The callouts by Adam West and Burt Ward add a really cool experience, especially for the fans of the Batman series from 1966-69

Stern did a great job incorporating the campiness and whimsically of that Batman theme. The joker laugh for Caesar Romero is perfect and never, ever gets old.

The rules, as everyone knows, was rough at the beginning and perfected Lyman. It's a game with lot's of depth that has lastablity and addition of the minor villains adds unique ways to stack and play to build up points. Jack Danger and many others show various ways to add Shane or Mr Freeze to maximize and 2x, 3x, 4x...this game to oblivion.

I've learned over the short years of loving this hobby the theme goes along way with loving a game but the rules and layout help make it a keeper and extend playability. This one has all of these and then some.

I'm hopeful stern, much like they recently did with Jurassic Park, will do a vault of anniversary release of this game. It would certainly sell and the addition of code additions would be great but the code is amazing as is; well so was JP.

The near impossible topper is a great addition, if you can find one. Much like the Star Wars topper.
88 days ago
This game has a lot going for it. I love the theme (camp works well in pinball and you can't get much campier than the 60's Batman TV series), the art is fantastic and the video is well chosen, varied and fits in with the game play. On the other hand, the layout and shots are just so-so. The rules and software are quite good, except that the scoring can become unbalanced due to the way multipliers and the use of certain minor villains can affect it. I like the inclusion of the minor villains, although it's sometimes easier to defeat one of the major villains than a minor one, which is odd.

Despite my quibbles with it, I love it. It's one of my favorite games. Objectively it probably shouldn't be, but it is.
3 months ago
My wife feel in love with this game playing on location. I loved the TV series growing up. Found one to buy local and now have had it for a few months. Love the game, love the theme, very fun to play. Graphics, sounds, artwork are top notch. There are plenty of interesting shot to make. Rules are deep enough to stay challenging.
3 months ago Batman 66 is a dream theme for me. This is just a rock solid pin. I have around 20 plays on location and am by no means an expert...but I want to own this game. The ruleset and integration are amazing...what made Lyman Sheets a legend is on full display in this pin...the modes are varied, challenging and the depth of code on this machine are truly great.

The flow is fantastic, this machine is approachable and fun for the novice to flip, but also has some seriously difficult shots and modes as well. Its an all around great machine and I am kicking myself I don't own it!
3 months ago
I played it when it first came out and just hated it, re played with updated code recently... it sure was more fun to play...good flow, shoots well, pretty smooth, love batman and robin but I would not want to own, but will play a good working one on location when I see it...not overly impressed..if I owned it it would get a game reminds me of star wars open lower playfield, shots in the upper part of the playfield..
3 months ago
I really like this machine. Would like to play it more but from what I have played I enjoy it.
3 months ago
Lucky to have one on loan for 3 months, didn’t want to give it back. Love all the modes with very satisfying shots, the family want to get one.
3 months ago
IMHO Batman 66 is the best of the four new era games...while Avengers: Infinity Quest, Godzilla, and Willy Wonka are also very neat&addicting...Batman 66 is still a level above them...unsurpassed because of...(1) its cool toys: Penguin Crane, Gadget Button, Mini-Turntable with Bat-Phone, Batcave, TV...(2) Lyman's brilliant, challenging, & fun rulesets/features: Collect-or-Continue Bonus, Battling 2ndary TV Villains, Multiple Multi-ball Modes...(3) flawlessly incorporating the character/feel of a classic show into a new medium...(4) including a magnificent selection of callouts, video, music, and sounds...(5) involving Adam West and Julie Newmar by attaching Batman trading cards they autographed adjacent to the playfield...all of those...along with getting to see Frank Gorshin shine in his Emmy nominated role as The Riddler...puts Batman 66 right up there with Twilight the top of my pinball pinnacle...
4 months ago
I personally think this is Lyman’s best coded game. The layout isn’t the best but it’s fun and challenging. The code is really what makes this game and there’s so many ways to attack this game which makes the game feel fresh and not repetitive. This has become easily one of my favorites
4 months ago
If you’re an old school Batman fan or fan of the ‘60s…this is the pin for you. I personally loved the old tv show, and I love this pin. It’s a complicated pin to step up and play but once you get to know the main rules…fun fun pin. If you can find one…I’d recommend it.
5 months ago
Played again after code update and what a difference, the channel selection and depth in this game now is amazing. I found myself going back again and again.
5 months ago
WOW, drain champion, but one of the best of the best. Put to 5 balls and you hardly can stop to play and try again....
5 months ago
Once again Mr Gomez did it! Batman 66 wasn't a theme I would jump straight to. To be honest I was very reluctant to give it a try at first, but it's a George Gomez Pinball, how can I ignore it? Thank god I didn't because I had a blast fluttering that machine! It's fun, it's hilarious, the whole "world under glass" is something palpable with this one. Im impressed how much assets, video, music, callouts got into the game. It's perhaps one of the most complete games I ever witnessed that not only serve justice of the source material but also gives an beautiful homage and representation of the brand. The art package it's just GORGEOUS! The music, even though it's kind of repetitive for me, nevertheless didn't stop me to have a great time! The multi ball is amazing, the crane is chaotic fun, the villains are super cool to defeat and the whole journey of batman through episodes/missions are extremely rewarding for the casual and pro player. I never thought I would walk out the game thinking I wanted to go back again: To the batmobile!
8 months ago
This is not a game I can walk up to a have a high score every time. It is rare that I have a great game on it. But when I do, it's fantastic. Getting in the flow of BM66 is a special experience, but when you're not hitting every shot it is still awfully fun. And I grew up watching the TV series so the theme resonates with me. The most striking thing about it is the colors - it is gorgeous in its comic-book art. And the way the designers worked in the TV video clips with the game play was brilliant. It really comes together well. And there is a lot of depth because of all the villain modes. Plus, I dig moving targets like Count Dracula in Monster Bash. Here, the crane is a moving target and it's a nice challenge to activate it and hit it. Well done!
8 months ago
Love this game, I can play it for hours. Shots are varied and interesting with a few that definately are not easy to pull off every time. The code is deep and can stack mode on mode with bonus upon bonus. I personally love the theme and think the table as a whole captures the campy sillyness of the TV show perfectly. The music can get repetitive but it never wound me up or annoyed me. SFX and callouts are generally good (excepting the bat turn... <shudder>).

Can the ball times be a little long, possibly, can the game suffer from the "right" order to do modes? yeah, for sure. Do I have fun playing it. Yep, it's a blast... every time...
8 months ago
This game is very well themed, including the onomatopoeia (thwack! pow!) from the original TV series. Many different paths make game play a blast and lastability strong.
9 months ago
Just an amazing game. The modes and people you get challenged with is awesome.
9 months ago
Wow what a machine! There are about a million ways to go about playing this machine, and it is one of those that all you need is one good ball and you can really blow it up big time. Theme integration is definitely the best Batman theme pin, and the flow through the modes is amazing. The animations are perfect for pinball, and with each shot you "hit" the villian you're fighting with the onomatopoeia in the background. The rules and code to this game is almost flawless, again there are a million ways to go about playing it and all of them can make lots of points if you do them right. Definitely top 10 for me
9 months ago
Possibly my all-time fav. Fantastic code, killer artwork. It's very forgiving for a terrible player like me which helps. Patiently waiting for the next Kapow release...
9 months ago
I fell for the hype that this game had the greatest code of all time!But who cares when it sucks to try and make any shot.
It’s just not fun to pay.
Just a beautiful game that an average player can’t really enjoy from the terrible layout.
Was happy when it left my collection.
9 months ago
Played on location.
The spinning mech was lame. And the machine just didnt seem to offer much. Seemed empty and unfun. Maybe ill give it another shot someday but not for $1 per play. No thanks dude.
10 months ago
Im not going to say alot except i love it. Its one of the best players around with a deep ruleset that always leaves more to explore. In my top 3 pinballs of all time
There are 241 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 10.

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