Bad Cats

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Game design: 7.268

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Sounds/Music: 6.736

Other Aspects: 7.631

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7 months ago
Let's say a slight little la-la-la and pretend that tiger ramp shot isn't so easy to repeat and doesn't throw the game balance off...

This is a VERY fun game, too cute and funny, and I love seeing a backglass animation on a game that wasn't made in the 60s. "Meow meow meow meow!" I love the odd sort-of-vari-target. The seafood table could do without the "spin again," but that's a minor quibble.

Prices on these seem to have gone up a lot over the last few years, but I guess that's true for most of these. On the wishlist.

*Wife approval* "Whoa, this game is about cats!" No further comment needed.
10 months ago
My bad cats is bolted to the floor will never leave my collection. This game rewards you for well aimed shots and it’s just plain fun. Wish they did a dog pin to go with my bad cats.

Bad cats is just plain cool, mew.........
11 months ago
Meow meow meow meow!
1 year ago
Bad cats is in our house cos we love cats and the thing looks beautiful. If you want a retro attractive piece of art for your livingroom, this is it.

Feels good. A bit unbalanced, very cheap drain. But that's ok. Fun to play once in a while when you want a quick game. It is one cool cat. Family will not let it go!
1 year ago
I was shocked to see Barry Oursler designed this one dimensional game.
1 year ago
I played this machine at the Pinball Museum in Bologna, and liked it. It has a lot of satisfying shots, and even without multiball, I love it. Unfortunately it suffers from a really bad made ROM, making the score really unbalanced. Examples:
1) progressive jackpot up to 20M, an enormity for an alphanumeric (final score depends mostly on how high it is)
2) 20M Tiger Ramp on last ball with 3-5 tiger ramps in a row
3) mystery (seafood) always gives EBs or light jackpot
Then I didn't like music, too boring. Also software isn't complete: some things miss, like replay animation and tournament settings. This game needs a new unofficial ROM, maybe with a multiball kit, it would become nice.
1 year ago
I ran into this machine in NY. I had never seen it but, system 11? what the heck, I'm in. I liked it, different but that's no bad. Strange layout, rather open and seems to have been missing something in the middle. It was a VERY well cared for game. I would get one for 1K if I ever ran into one.
1 year ago
Plus: Interesting playfield layout. Cool and original theme. Nice backglass animation and the seafood wheel toy is always fun.

Drawback: A little shallow in the rules and scoring department. Asides from the left ramp there is not much more to aim for if you want to stack points. The call outs and music has very little variation to them, so this machine sounds pretty boring or annoying after a while.

Ugly cabinet color that will stand out like a dirt stain if you put this next to f.i. a Theatre of Magic, T2 or TAF. On the other hand; this theme would probably look great as a companion piece to "Mousin Around"...
1 year ago
Not perfect in any way, but the fun factor and ramp shots keep me coming back. For its time, it would have been a top 10 DMD game based on layout design and flow. It’s in my favorite Seattle barcade, and I rarely leave without playing a game or 2, despite 20 other higher rated, modern machines available. More fun to shoot than Addams Family or Funhouse in my opinion. Comparable to Taxi as an 80’s DMD lower-end classic with plenty of flow for its time.
2 years ago
Classic sys11 game- not on par with diner, taxi or WW IMHO. Sounds and music don’t do it any favors even for 1989. Tough to find a nice one just like all sys11’s. The game seems to have its niche following- but the pinside ranking pretty much says it all this time ...
2 years ago
Fun odd game, has 3 ways to score big. Jackpots, 10x max fish bone-us for 5mil (if the vari target works. rebuild it so works perfect on mine) and last ball 20mil shot.

2 things I would have liked different is a fixed jackpot and not have the jackpot as an award from the seafood wheel.

Rocking consecutive shots on both ramps is a lot of fun.

Edit: found out that you can disable the jackpot award from the seafood wheel.
2 years ago
Some people say "so all you do is keep shooting the left ramp?", and yes, that is how you score the most points but there are other fun things to do on it too. SEAFOOD wheel is pretty cool. I actually really enjoy the theme of this game and I absolutely LOVE the music. Art looks really good too. Not my top sys 11, but it's one to take a look at.
2 years ago
This game is a blast! Great theme rules and art. A lot to look at and a lot to do. There are many strategies to get a high score and you are not locked in to a set path.
2 years ago
Super creative game with awesome artwork.
Game play flow seems choppy.
I love the music and sound.
2 years ago
this is my game this one is a time machine for me,
the backglass is problably the most beautyfull one u are in the cats 'stupidities routine the playfield atrwork the backglass all the sounds just loop the loop perfectly and show u that u are playing a none multiball piece of work
2 years ago
Have been wanting to play this game for years and finally got some time on this deck.

-Python's artwork!! A standout among his already impressive games. The backglass is absolutely gorgeous. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the artwork.
-Ourlser outlanes are brutal.
-Lots of drop targets that are crucial to hit to nab the all-important jackpot.
-I like how the jackpot builds as people don't acquire it
-If you have a bad game, the outlanes will most likely give you an extra ball on ball 3. Nice bit of programming to let bad players feel better

-it's just.....boring. Hitting the 2 ramps over and over is how you score big points, and that's just not my idea of fun.
-the music isn't great. While I love Forden's sounds, the music wasn't nearly as good as his other efforts
-the mystery wheel takes FOREVER. Way too long of a "stop and go" with this feature. Just dump out a reward and let me play again!
-most games have that bash shot plunger stuck by now (the rubbers have deteriorated)

My takeaway is that this is a decent System 11 that probably could have been great with a bit better of a layout. Fair game, but nothing on par with other Sys11's like Taxi, WW, Diner...
2 years ago
Bad Cats is a machine I'm really split on. On one hand, I think the backglass art and the game logo make for a very stylish looking machine from a distance, but the playfield artwork is something I'm not as thrilled on. The wheel in the center is cool and hearing "Meow Meow Meow Meow" from the main ramp is a cute touch. The gameplay just isn't deep enough for my taste however. The lack of a multiball is very disappointing and extra balls are too easy to get. I've never really been a fan of the "shoot the same ramp over and over" mechanic in any pin. I like the machine for it's theme and quirkiness, but the gameplay can't back it up.
3 years ago
There is something special about this game, especially if you love cats. Great artwork and music, with some fun shots to make. While other games may have multiball, they don't have a seafood wheel! Of all the pins in my house, this gets the most play by everyone.
3 years ago
Meow, meow. Meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow! Meow, meow meow meow meow meow? Meow meow meow; meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow. Meow meow, meow meow meow meow. Meow meow!
3 years ago
I believe this to be one of the greatest Pinballs out there..Simple but fun ..Fun ..Great artwork..Backbox animation..Great shots to make and not even a multiball..A must have for any collection
3 years ago
Love this game!! So much fun - I want to play it again!!!
3 years ago
A fun table and theme, usually play on visits to the PHOF.


Hoping it hits TPA soon!
3 years ago
Meow - meow - meow - meow!
4 years ago
Way more fun than it looks!

So all the MEOW MEOW MEOW (and occasional BARK) -ing can get a little repetitive... but this game is so stupidly, light-heartedly silly you have to just chuckle and accept its wackiness. Which is easy to do when you can rip the Tiger Ramp and Fishbowl Ramp over and over... when you get in the groove it feels great. I don't understand how folks that like "fan" layouts (which are nothing but loop over and over and over) can grouse about "ramp shot" games like this one. Novice players will especially appreciate honing their skills on the fishbowl ramp which generously rewards with an extra ball for 5 consecutive hits.

Nice assortment of targets, drops, and scoops makes this an interesting shooter's game and the roulette wheel is a classic gimmick that somehow feels fresh due to its integration... a "curiosity spin" after your last drain just might keep you in the game!

For a random original theme, Python knocked this one out of the park and the art is fantastic. A nice atonement for flattening all those kitties in other games :)

Pinball can seem too serious, nerdy, pop-culture obsessed, or all of the above... this kitchy game is a nice throwback and a ton of fun. Some say the scoring is unbalanced and yes, the jackpot fishbowl can really seem cheap but if you forget about scoring and just focus on a game that's fun to shoot and experience, keep in mind: these cats love to play!
4 years ago
Didn't know about this pin, but stumbled upon one on location at D & D Pinball in Tucson, AZ. Of the 30 pins there today, this was my 'pleasant surprise of the day'. Super cool backglass, and neat shots. Oddball theme--not politically correct today, but a neat one in any event. No multiball, but I didn't notice that for the first 10 plays or so. Really enjoyed this, and would buy it if I came across one.
There are 57 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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