Baby Pac-Man

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Game design: 6.911

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Other Aspects: 7.213

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There are 36 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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19 days ago
Overall a really fun experience, it has an ok arcade game and a meh pinball feild, but it somehow manages to make them work great with each other. Other than the lame art and a few other small grievances, I think the game is amazingly unique and great.
9 months ago
The playfield is difficult and fast pace due to the small overall size. Great theme if you grew up on pacman. Overall a boring game but unique how the game switches between pinball and arcade. Definitely a collector's item for the pacman fan.
2 years ago
EDIT: I scored my own Baby Pac-Man and owning this machine is WAAAAY better than the rare times you see it in the wild!
Baby Pac-Man has extreme replay value. It’s not a game I play every week, or even every month. It’s the type of game you sit down and end up playing it several times a week for hours on end. It’s a uniquely addicting game: you could suck and get demolished by the brutally hard ghosts for 10 games in a row and want to give up, then you get to the pinball portion and suddenly light EVERYTHING score an extra baby and the game just takes OFF! When you lay down the law on Pinside (ba-dum-ts) the video portion becomes an entirely different game!

After having Baby for 9 months, I can honestly say that it has just grown on me more and I cannot imagine parting with it anymore.
The funniest piece is how the artwork has grown on me over this time! I really wasn’t too fond of the weird pac-baby and the odd playfield art, but after seeing it everyday I started loving it. The best part is the bezel, the ghosts and fruits with pax-Dots. I wish the original Pac-Man featured art like this!

I finally got a chance to play Baby Pac-Man a few weeks ago and I played it probably 8 times in a row.

Baby Pac-Man is addicting and cruel, and I love it.

It's a game you either love or hate.
I love the unique quirk to it. It's such a weird, awkward, strange game the someone comes together and plays wonderfully!

The video portion is so insanely hard it draws me in. Good luck clearing the first maze. If you're good you might make it to the 3rd one.

The pinball portion is very very smooth and somehow the half-sized playfield really is a dream. It has an incredible flow and really helps the game immensely. The strategy and technique is all in the pin.
Done with LEDs the playfield looks beautiful.
My only complaint is the left flipper shot to the right upper post sends the thing SDTM and it pisses me off. On my last game I hit that twice in a row and immediately drained the ball... that really ruins the mood pcassionally.

I really loved this game so much I'm currently on the look out for one!
2 years ago
Hated it when it was new, had a chance to play again recently, and I still hate it. Boring game, awful design that exploited the Pac-Man craze of the early 80s.
2 years ago
a rare cabinet but super fun!
3 years ago
I really get a kick out of this game! It is so weird that I immediately want to play another game. The pinball portion of it it is kind of lame, but married with the video game it is awesome!
3 years ago
Good fun game, I enjoy playing this on the rare occasions I see it. A really fun combination of a video game and pinball. Proper sized flippers and ball but a much shorter playfield with less on it but most of the time you will be playing the video game which is what you should be doing, it is Pac-Man!
4 years ago
I want one!

First off, the video mode is wicked. Those ghosts are not friendly...much harder than Pac Man itself. Got through 2 levels and thought that was a miracle.

THe playfield is also nice considering the size. Great satisfaction going from side to side hitting the FRUIT lanes. Also like the Godzilla radar-like shot in the middle. Always enjoy hitting those even when they aren't that important.

Video mode could have used some real color. This is kinda greenish...reminds me of the crappy atari port for Pac Man back in the day.
4 years ago
A very bland pinball machine and an equally bland video game. The pin/vid hybrid was a great idea, but Baby Pac Man fails to deliver. Also, owning this game is not advised for people not well versed in arcade machine repair. They are known to be very problematic. Hopefully, someday, a kit is made that will both enhance the game as well as make the electronics (particularly the Vidiot PCB) reliable.
5 years ago
Not a great pin... not a great video game. But if you put them together they kind of work. You need to realize that things you do in the pinball part have much to do with what happens in the video game part.
5 years ago
Neat little piece of history. The ghosts in the vid section are unforgiving! I restored one and it'll always be a special game to me because of the work I did on that one cabinet. :)
5 years ago
This is the most unique machine in my collection. It's a bit hard to rate as purely a pinball machine as it's a video game + a pinball machine. The video game part is Pac-man with different three different mazes and very fast and pretty tricky ghost. The cool thing about it is there are no power pills as they must be earned by playing the pinball part of the game. You can also increase the fruit values and tunnel speed on the pinball side of play. I always clean up some dots and go for the pinball part as soon as possible (via tunnels on the video playfield). The table is short so play is somewhat different from a full size pinball table and takes getting used to. If you are not a fan of video games, this one is not likely for you. Some of my non video gamer friends just can not play this game very well at all. So far my Baby Pac-Man has been reliable(cross fingers). Very unique and interesting game.
5 years ago
A fun game, but hard to give a true rating since it incorporates pinball and an arcade game. From a nostalgia factor it's a great addition to the game room, but game play is hard do to unrelenting ghosts and the pinball portion is pretty uninspired. With that said it looks cool and was a great concept, especially back in 1982. I wish this game had the arcade game truer to Pac-Man and the pinball side had a little more to offer. Slings that were active, instead of passive would have made a big improvement in my opinion.
5 years ago
I feel like this game would be an absolute classic if the ghosts weren't ruthless killing machines who show absolutely no mercy.
5 years ago
First of all, if you are not BOTH as lover of Pacman AND Pinball, then this game is not for you, move on. However, if you are passionate about both, this game is one of the best, most difficult, and entertaining games ever. That being said, once you develop a feel for the basic strategy of the game, it can feel repetitious. The key is to have a score goal in mind. Pacmam and pinball lovers a like love a good high score challenge to achieve. Take for instance, my machine has a personal friend of mine's high score of over 3 million points stored on it. That is a hell of a feat in this game IMO. So I am literally addicted to this game because of the challenge it presents and the overwhelming sense of satisfaction when you achieve a very high score (1.5 million plus IMO). So, if you are looking for a very difficult, but addicting game, that will keep you coming back for more, than this is the game for you. I love it!!
5 years ago
Sorry, but I'm a sucker for a pin that combines a video game in with it. See Caveman!

I really like this game for what it was. It was a decent blend of both worlds. Playing the pinball section was some fun as was the maze section. What pissed me off was the ghosts were faster than you in this as opposed to other "Pac" games, so you'd die quickly. It was tough trying to finish a couple mazes. But still, this was an overall fun game to me. = v )
5 years ago
PAC MAN PINBALL!!! neato, so so fun...
6 years ago
I keep this game in my collection and play it every great once in awhile. If I could just skip the video portion and play the pinball I think it would be more fun. The graphics are very washed out and gameplay is extremely hard. It would be nice if an updated game rom surfaced making it more enjoyable. Playfield is simple but fun.
6 years ago
Cool idea that fell flat on its face. It seemed like when I was little, almost every arcade had this hunk of junk. Unfortunately it probably holds the record for both worst pac-man game and worst pinball machine simultaneously.
6 years ago
If I just played this game in an arcade, i would probably hate it. its hard. But since i own the game, i absolutely love it. its challenging but when you get into a good game its amazing. out of all the pins i have owned i have had the most fun with this one.
6 years ago

The strategy of this game is kind of a sleeper. Once you understand the playfield, it all makes sense. This game is kind of a masterpiece, IMO. Scoring high has everything to do with doing well on the pinball section of the game.

I love this game. It's fun. The video game part isn't great, and the pinball part isn't really that good at all, but somehow, when you put them together, it's great fun.
6 years ago
This game is brutally hard on the factory settings (but I never tweaked them.. I like the challenge). It's easy to see why it wasn't a success in the arcades since it chews up and spits out every casual player that plays my machine. BUT, it's a beautiful game package and a unique and fun game. Just be prepared for the challenge.
6 years ago
Great combo of Pacman and pinball, unique game, Ghosts are ridiculously hard.
6 years ago
Not a big pacman fan and the pinball is basic but somehow the combination works for this hybrid game and my whole family loves playing it. We are definitely keeping it!
7 years ago
Baby Pacman is one of the most ambitious combinations of pinball and video to hit the arcades.

The Pros:
The PF is incredibly well packed with shots to make as well as orbit to orbit flow. Game Plan could have taken a pointer or two from this team for their tabletop bar games. The spinners are awesome when they rotate as they should. Getting that ball across the top arch is always satisfying! The vid plays like the real pacman game. Margaret Hudson was the perfect artist for this package.

The Cons:
The way to high scores on this game is to never finish the first level of the video game. The game just gets too hard to play after that and since it's a video game up there... you have no control of the environment or how fast those ghosts move. The balance is a tough one on this game... Calling mystery programmer! The flippers seem to be miles apart.

The Takeaway:
The best and most common of all the pin/vid hybrids ever made. I know some people who think that this is the best game ever! It's not the best game ever, but it is a great deal of fun and considering the tech and ruleset of the time, quite an achievement in my eyes. Pac+pin... an interesting novelty, and not anything more... in the annals of arcade history.

Escape to pin!
There are 36 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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