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Game Design: 7.569

Artwork: 7.883

Sounds/Music: 3.561

Other Aspects: 7.461

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There are 25 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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16 days ago
I really enjoy playing this one.

Especially in contrast to playing a more modern game it is very relaxing.

The layout is quite good and the spinner shot is by far the best shot in the game.

In terms of rules the machine is pretty good for its age. Lighting the spinner for 1000 points is a neat feature and is a very good way to start gathering more valuable points.

All of the artwork is alright, albeit that the playfield looks a bit basic for my taste.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable older game, with a nice spinner shot, decent rules and good artwork. This is one of the machines (in contrast to Star Trek (1979)) that makes me consider playing more older games.
81 days ago
Really fun EM. It’s up there with the top 5 EMs on my list.
Gotta love the spinner!
4 years ago
The playfield layout is OK and worth a flip. Probably not a theme most people would care for, but I dig the art most of all.
4 years ago
Fun EM game. Like the theme. Challenging getting all AZTEC targets for bonus and special
5 years ago
Very nice looking machine! Love the colours and artwork! Fun to play and mine is dialed in a pretty fast for an em of that era!
5 years ago
With its fast, simple gameplay, Aztec is fun to play a couple of games on. This is one of those games that shines in multiplayer games. The spinner shot is a lot of fun to rip.

When the ball exits the lane in the upper right, it often gets kicked right back in there by the upper right pop bumper. I'm not a big fan of that.
5 years ago
Horrible game - so ugly, plays slow, annoying playfield and even sounds bad. Avoid.
5 years ago
Pretty hard to rate this game as from a game to another, the score and time to play can be really different. It's easy to have at least 2 balls per game without having a chance to flip. Outlane can be really imperdonable.
This game is missing some drop targets to have more fun with. There's a shot on the top right were the ball is kicked back after you received your points. Unfortunatelly, it happens really often that the ball is reject directly on the wrong spot of the right bumper which return the ball in that place... sometimes you can get 3 or 4 times the bonus just because of the bumper.
Except of that, it's a pretty good machine. The Spinner is really fun to get throught and chimes are good.
The backglass is really nice, the playfield not as much.
This pinball is for sure over the average EM machine but there's a lot more machine you'll get more fun.
5 years ago
At the table I got stuck some time ago by chance. Ever since I got my Mata Hari home as the first pin and never imagined a pinball machine without a Multiball ever before, I was better informed!
Aztec has a pleasant ball flow with occasionally long and satisfying games. The Ballabgänge can be extremely frustrating I have read, with mine, however, these were manageable. It's always amazing how the same machines compare to each other.
The abstract design of the playing field has something simply refreshing. I'm not an absolute fan of it, but it did the rest and did not scare me off. For the few days I could play at the table he really liked me and I would want to play him again!
6 years ago
Great game!
6 years ago
Aztec is a great game, and it's not easy, which is actually a good thing. Some EMs are so simple once you get the hang of them, it feels like you can play forever. Aztec is a game that punishes you on the outlanes, and makes sure that risky center target is something you have to think about, rather than smack endlessly without concern for a ball drain. Could it have been designed a little better to avoid those easy drains? Sure. But should it be? A good game will hit you over the head now and then and remind you that life isn't fair, and I think Aztec does that. At first I disliked it, and felt like I was never able to play a ball for more than a few seconds. Once I got the hang of the game though, I realized that you really had to pay attention and react well to avoid the easy loss of your ball. I do feel it could have used a little design tweaking to dodge some of those unfortunate "unfair" drains, but in the end it's all part of the game, and you can't expect an easy ride all the time.

As a fan of spinners and kickout holes/lanes, I find the game design fun. You have a left-hand side spinner ramp that leads back to important rollovers, and you have a right-hand side u-turn kickout lane that can award big points over time. Both are fun shots, and enjoyable when you land them.

I'd say the only real issue with the game is the sound, which slams you over the head when you drain a ball and listen to your bonus points tally up. If you don't get the double-bonus during gameplay, each bonus level is 5000 points, which unfortunately was designed to ring for every 1000 scored. Your bonus level can go up to 50,000 during play. That's 10 levels. Now think about hearing that chime hit for every 1000 points as that sucker counts down. Yep. 50 times. 1-2-3-4-5, 1-2-3-4-5, bang-bang-bang-bang-bang... 10 times. It's a bit too much. You get to the point where you hate scoring high bonus if you don't get the double-bounus... because for every 10,000 you get just one chime. 50,000 points, double-bonus, 10 chimes and done. Sounds just right.

If you enjoy that rapid-fire chiming though, this game is perfect for you. I've learned to simply absorb it as part of gameplay, and finally love playing the game, but for some folks it's a bit jarring. Check out gameplay or try it before you buy it to make sure you like that sound and style!

Last thing - I LOVE the cabinet artwork. Just well done, and unique. People always notice it, and comment on how cool it looks, even kids.
7 years ago
It looks like a blah machine, just nothing to see. But playing it isn't that bad. At first i didn't care much for it , maybe the looks gave me a pre-judgement on it. But it plays fine and had me going back and playing it more. You can crank that spinner. Not a bad machine just nothing to look at.
7 years ago
Thought I would really enjoy this game, I love recovery from shots, spinners, and loadable 'jackpot' shots like the right kicker, but am a bit disappointed. When I originally saw the game online I misunderstood the double bonus, thinking that it was a sequence of needing to go in the kicker and the spinner in order, but instead it's just going in either one after getting a lucky bounce. The targets don't give a fun 'recovery' when hit, they just drain. Kicker shot would be fun, except you're lucky to get it worth more than a lit spinner, and it's more dangerous too. Spinner is way too easy to light, especially once you find the mark to plunge it. My spinner is worth 30k+ off a good hit when it's lit, and if it's not lit? Well you better shoot the spinner to get up top and light it. At least on other games like Hot Tip there's at least other things to shoot at that are semi-worthwhile aren't just death.
8 years ago
Aztec is one of my favorite EMs. Great layout with a mix of easy and hard shots. I love the backglass, bright vibrant colors that matches the theme and the era of the pin. Top of my EM collection
8 years ago
A fun theme game from Williams. I really love the flippers on Williams games from this era as compared to Gottlieb. The game itself has nice features, including a spinner and a kick out. The one issue with this game is that it is pretty easy to nudge the ball back into the kick out alley multiple times, making game scoring pretty simple. Otherwise, a great game with a nice combination of features.
9 years ago
DC pops move quick, multiple scoring options (on an EM!) in A-Z-T-E-C or spinner.
9 years ago
Just finished a lengthy shop job on an Aztec. The DC pops and slings really kick and this one was pretty fast for an EM. When waxed good and the switches made sensitive this is a fun table. The right "J" gate is cool and ripping the spinner is always a lot of fun. Add a point for a unique theme with colors that pop and this is great late model Williams EM.
9 years ago
In my opinion, this is the best title for Williams' EM's for the 1970's. Great flow to this game, and lots of features for this era - Extra balls, Specials, ally shot with spinner, center extra ball target, double bonus. The game features 6 digits on 4 players, with a max score of 999,999. That means there are 20 total score reels in this game (plus 4 dummy zeros). That is a lot of score reels to clean and adjust if you are restoring this game! The back glass art is kind of funky (why is the woman being sacrificed fully clothed in a dress?), but the play field looks nice around the bonus scoring area (another unique feature is that the bonus scoring is by 5,000 points each, and 10,000 for double bonus). One thing I will never forget when I restored this game was that someone who had it prior put in a digital sound card to try and make the game sound "modern." It was terrible (beep-beep-boop), and they hacked the points relays in the head to wire it in. I was quite a challenge to restore the wiring back to the chimes unit (look at that 35 year old wire - is it green/blue or blue/green?), but it was worth the work. This game is now in Australia as I sold it to some Aussies here in California for a vacation (it was put in a shipping container with some classic cars I was told.)
10 years ago
Aztec is decent. The DC pop bumpers make for a FAST EM!
10 years ago
Simple game. Not too many interesting shots. The right kickback lane is one of them. A problem is to avoid multiple repetitive returns to this lane by bouncing back on the right bumper. Overall, a solid table, but not one I am coveting...
11 years ago
A solid title from William's during the mid 70's era. Hard thing is finding one in decent shape. Just restored and clearcoated the playfield in 2022 on mine and wow! Extremely fast playing EM that will test your reflexes!

For novice players 5 Ball is recommended but for good players set it to 3 Ball, Extra Ball. Now that's a challenge.

For the highest scores hit the Z ot T target to light the Double Bonus, then hit the spinner rollover or ball capture.

To score the extra ball you have to hit all AZTEC targets, and that aint easy, then hit the center target and try not to drian down the center.

Just a great looking pin and a great playiing pin!
11 years ago
Aztec is a fun EM game by Williams from the mid-70's.

The Good:
Nice action with the pops and if maintained properly, deadly fast. Super accessible and the top arch offers great nudging over the top rollovers. With over 10k made, should be easy to find one for a good price. The Christian Marche art package is solid.

The Bad:
There are 2 shots in the game. The orbit on the upper left and the kickback lane on the upper right. Everything else is rebound/chaos death. The upper right kickback lane better work or this game stands still.

The Takeaway:
This game is alright, but there are better options from this vintage from Williams (Grand Prix and Space Odyssey/Mission) to keep you a happy pinhead.

Learning how to light the double bonus (Z and T standups and then the kickback) makes dangerous shots necessary when you need the win. Often these targets can be hit off the slings. 25-50k from the kickback is very worthy and a lit spinner can easily award 20-40k when the spinner is slick and the shot rips. double bonus of 100k is king though. The table needs to be set up to be nice and tight with the tilt or it will roll very easily. A good game in tourneys, but I find it to get old really quickly unless it is dialed in just right.

I got my hands on a nice copy and helped a friend tune it up. This game now in the likes of FishTales and Alien Poker as games that are skillful challenges. These games are not deep (yes I know... Aztec is an EM) but they WILL make sure that your game (and a bit of luck) is on point. Get the T and the Z and the upper middle lane and your life is going to be a happy pinball dance. DC pops and flippers mean that this game is deadly and FAST! Williams made over 10k copies of this deck making it the most heavily produced game after Space Mission/Space Odyssey and Grand Prix. This game plays well and sucks quarters quickly. Find one if you can and get ready for battle!
11 years ago
We owned an Aztec for years in my childhood. I have played better EM pins, but it isn't bad. Unfortunately the parents sold it. One of my favorite features was the ability to light all the letters creating the high value shot to the right of the machine. When fully lit it awarded 50K which was a very large amount. Difficulty wise I would call it moderate or slightly below. I kept coming back to this machine and didn't get tired of it for years. I love to own one again.
12 years ago
I can't say i don't like it because it's an old slow EM machine.. cuz there's EM's that I really like. I played it because it was there, not because I went there to play it.
15 years ago
Played this game on Saturday nights as a teenager. Great memories of my youth more than 30 years ago. Really exciting game for the time! Would love to own Aztec myself.
There are 25 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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