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Game Design: 8.542

Artwork: 8.449

Sounds/Music: 7.508

Other Aspects: 8.531

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There are 112 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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19 days ago
Shoots well but the theme doesn’t do much for me. The fact that I could not stay awake through the long and boring movie might be a factor here. I kind of feel I lost interest in Marvel movies about a 2015 - that is when either they stopped being good or the novelty had worn off - the last really good movie was Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and it has been all downhill from there. Movies like the Iron Man series were on a whole other level compared to the recent trash which feel like they are phoned-in. Same for the pinball games.
37 days ago
The pro is missing the pop up disk scoop and subway, which is a cool part of the premium/le. However, it is also missing the Captain Marvel inverse gravity custom wireform ramp which rejects a lot of shops unless the machine is really dialed in, so in this case I think the pro is better.
43 days ago
I must admit, the first time I played this game I didn't think much of it. I wrote it off because I only played 1 game on location and it went quick. Then today I wander into a location near me and they had it and I decided to give it another try and wow, was my first impression wrong. This is a really fabulous shooter and its a ton of fun! The soaring ramps are cool and the tower lock is spectacular! I have never seen an Avengers movie but know the characters and the theming seems well done. I would like to know the rules better, but no matter what it's a great shooter with a ton of flow. I wouldn't mind owning one.
46 days ago
Great layout
Good artwork
Rules are interesting and fun on a basic level, BUT

Bad: Rules are too convoluted & playing well involves too much memorization.
63 days ago
Avengers is a decent game.

It is one of the weaker Elwin layouts as many shots are clunky. And to me the right ramp that leads back to the upper flipper feels a bit pointless. Nevertheless, making some shots especially the Stark Tower feels good. I also like that the game is quite hard to play which increases replayability a bit.

The rules are pretty convoluted and to me it isn't clear what I'm really supposed to do here. If I spent more time with the game I'd most definitely get it but to a beginner this is very off-putting. A ruleset doesn't have to be difficult to understand in general in order to be good. Just look at everything Lyman Sheats has made, the basic rules were seldom complicated.

The artwork is outstanding and the best about this game. It's really relieving seeing that Stern is making more and more games with artwork like this.

Overall this is a very complicated and challenging game. It is not my sort of game because of the clunky shots. But generally it is probably ideal for a more experienced player (who doesn't bother about the shots) as the rules are quite difficult to understand.
75 days ago
An absolutely fantastic shooting pin. You can can combo shots for days on AIQ. Love the ability to press your luck and build up portal locks before beginning a quest for a gem. Love the Avengers theme like the way that each character is integrated into a different shot. The rules are definitely complex which probably makes this game more suited to a home environment so you can learn all the nuances. I will agree with everyone that says the animations and call outs are pretty underwhelming and repetitive. And I wish that progress on a gem wasn't lost when you drain. Definitely makes this a difficult one to progress far on for the average player! Despite these minor quibbles, I always end up thoroughly enjoying AIQ when I play it on location.
86 days ago
Quick thoughts after a handful of plays: I enjoyed the layout and game play, but the "toys and gimmicks" were lacking. Feels like a game I could ding in a bunch of areas but still rate high for overall fun and enjoyability. More than the sum of its parts. Will update review when I have more time on it.
3 months ago
Definitely a game that I do not enjoy at all. Layout is clunky, rules are convoluted, and the game just doesn't make me want to play it. Art is still good, as it is Yeti, although it's not his best. Honestly prefer the original Avengers game by Gomez to this one.
3 months ago
I think this is the best Stern game. Complete package: Coding, Art, Layout, and Callouts. No it's not the movie but it is a full package as where the movie assets would not have been complete and lacking context. For example...Lady Death.
4 months ago
Best-shooting game ever. The layout just feels amazing, even if that right orbit can be a bit tight!

The game is really let down by its sound package & animations though, which just feel very... flat? Not exciting, very subdued atmosphere. The playfield & cab do look very pretty thanks to ZY artwork.

People moan about the complexity of the rules, but they're really not that complicated. In fact they're almost a bit too linear. There's only a handful of sensible ways to play the gems anyway. Pretty hard to get to the wizard modes, as with most modern Sterns.

You can tell that this game was a bit rushed and sadly didn't receive enough polish to its code. But boy does it shoot like a dream!
5 months ago
Great game for a pro..it has made me very interested in buying a premium...the pro has great flow and is very fun too play.. only have 25or more games played on it and will return for more play, it's just that there are so many great games out now...Im limited..
5 months ago
Top 5 game I have ever played. Learn the rules and you will agree with me. P.S - I have owned more than 40 pinball machines. I have never been fan of comic books ... This is really a great game !
6 months ago
Really fun game. I started out not loving it but over time really started to love it so much so that I wanted to sell mine to try out the premium version. The art and lighting are great. The layout is fun and the shots have a nice variety to them. Shooting the spinning disc is a cool feature because the post placement is different from shot to shot based on where it stopped rotating. ...which adds a nice variable to the game. The animations and shot callouts are not great. The callouts feel pretty empty and the animations I think could have done with some more movement and variety. Overall fun game
7 months ago
A fun game, with some fun shots, but I really don't like that Dr Strange shot that is needed to start all the modes.

**Played on location at Arcade Monsters Lido Key**
7 months ago
I love the open playfield, the wide right ramp I can hit with all 3 flippers, and the great use of the Avengers Infinity story. This game is easy to understand the basics, but has some of the deepest rules I have played in a pinball. I will not get bored with this table for a long time.
7 months ago
The theme is simply not for me so it is hard to connect with this game. Layout is incredible and rules are great, but the generic callouts are a pretty big turn off for me. I would say it's Elwin's second best layout to date.
8 months ago
This was the first modern pinball I had in my house. Played it for months and it was very deep compared to anything I had played before. Don't have the pro anymore because I am looking for the Premium!
9 months ago
I put this right there with Star Trek as a perfect league play. The code isn’t too complex that you are confused but it is super deep with lots of ways to stack and build. I’ve owned the premium and pro and this is one game for me where the simplicity in the pro wins out vs the extra gimmicks in the premium. Great balance between short and long balls. Fun for everyone.
10 months ago
Bored as soon as I played it, very little in it to do, rubbish quality over all, boring, boring.A snooze fest.
10 months ago
Had a good game on a routed machine. So many rules but the shots feel great. Lots to do in this one.
11 months ago
Overall this is a c+ type of game. I don’t think you need it for your home collection unless you really love marvel. The game could get repetitive quickly if you are a better than average pinball shooter. If they update the code for new fights that could provide some additional longevity. The magnetic tower ball lock is fun but the game feels a little kiddish if that makes sense for the pro. The premium isn’t worth the price for the rail special path as it isn’t the easiest shot to hit. I would skip adding this to your own collection if it is available by you to play.
11 months ago
This game is great!!! I really think this game belongs in the top 5 but it is what it is. Keith definitely knocked this one out the park as he always does!
12 months ago
This pin does not get the love that it should. Once you get the story and all the shots that are needed it's an amazing shooter. The flow is amazing and we like that you really use all the ramps and shots in the game. Plus on this one the topper lights actually interact with the game.
1 year ago
Played pro model at The Pinball Place in west Chester PA.
Took to it right away. Some easy shots and others more challenging
1 year ago
I don't get the love for this game;. I bought it without playing it based on community saying how great a shooter it is. Uh ya, not for me.

Terrible callouts (lifeless), ok shots, rules that you need an encyclopedia to get through... Been in my collection 6 months now, of the 8 games I have is the 3rd newest and by far the least played.

Truly shows how pinball is so subjective. I could never play another game of this and wouldn't care. Overrated!
There are 112 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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