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Game Design: 8.539

Artwork: 8.506

Sounds/Music: 7.65

Other Aspects: 8.579

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This is "Avengers: Infinity Quest (pro)".
The other versions are: Avengers: Infinity Quest (Premium), Avengers: Infinity Quest (Limited Edition)

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There are 58 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 days ago
A fun Keith Elwin game with a good theme. The progression makes sense and the shots feel good to make. The thing that kinda kills it a bit for me is the spinning disk. I've never been much of a fan of the disks, such as the lamp in TOTAN because they just block the shots you want to make. I understand people enjoy that challenge aspect of the disk but to me it just leads to annoyance when the shot I need is blocked. On a positive note, the right ramp is super fun to shoot and repeating it from the upper flipper is fun. The rules are deep enough to encourage lots of replays. Overall it's a solid game, but I prefer other recent sterns over it.
13 days ago
Shoots great. Awesome artwork. Music is good. Callouts are 50/50, some great (Thanos, Ebony Maw, Black Panther) some not so great (Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel). The rules, while really well thought out, are what hinders this game for the majority of players IMHO. It’s just that one degree too far in complication that the top 5% of players may enjoy, but that will leave the rest of us scratching our heads. You may not need to know what all the gems do, and how to use them, and which Avengers they work best on to play the game, but you’ll never be able to exploit them like the top 5% do for the big scores either. To paraphrase Dr. Ian Malcolm; Your (Rules Designers) Were So Preoccupied With Whether Or Not They Could, They Didn’t Stop To Think If They Should.
34 days ago
Got the gc at on location my third game. Still don't love it. Liked it though.
58 days ago
This game has such rad bones but just doesn't pull me in with the theme. It's all about high-energy shots and combos, but the drab callouts, overly serious music, and super complex scoring really detract from the longterm enjoyment for me. I'll drop coins in it on location all day for the layout alone - it's incredible and I'd rate it higher than 5/5 if I could. But I feel it's not used to its full potential on a theme that just comes off flat.
76 days ago
Fun pin. Ball lock is a cool feature. Shots were apparent on playfield.
3 months ago
Avengers assembly
3 months ago
Edit, it's definitely growing on me
4 months ago
This has got to be the worst pin I have ever played in my life. Didn’t even keep it a week in my collection. If you are not a master pinball player who can trap everything and post transfer etc. don’t bother. An absolute drain monster, constantly goes down outlanes and every time I play it I am more frustrated than the last. I was honestly worried I would punch the glass out it was so bad! Rules are overly complicated. Not fun at all.

The real kick in the nuts, was the fan! Even when you’re not playing the game the fan will come on and it’s not quiet! What the hell! I have the pinball in my theatre and there’s no way I want that jet engine of a fan turning on when it’s not even being played.
4 months ago
This game is truly a home game for serious pinball players. Does not resonate with casual players. I have TMNT next to this and no one plays it but me. There is way too much to do with grid, combos, portal, avenger collection, and hurry ups going on that it’s hard to follow sometimes. If you want a game that you can play for a long time this is it though.
4 months ago
(This is for the Pro)

It's a good game, but it isn't a great game. I was going to buy one, but after playing it more, the game just doesn't have what I'm looking for.

First, it is a "flat" game. Sure, it has wireforms, and the ball does go into different levels, but overall when you step up to it, it really feels and looks like a single level game. Everything that comes up is ramps or wireforms.

I do like the shot to the right orbit, how it goes up and comes down if you hit it cleanly, but really I'm shooting that when it is lit for a gem.

Thor is always there, and I find myself running towards Thor if I'm behind in a game. The shots to start Thor Multiball feel pretty safe, so if I was behind in a tournament, I'd be smacking the Thor shot over and over, trying to get it to feed to the right orbit to make it even safer.

There are a couple times the ball is held just a bit too long, with no opportunity to bypass the cut scene. And in this same vein, the drop out of the tower is a bit odd. It comes screaming out of there. The timing is a bit of a wait, the flashing, and the drop, but it feels difficult to time the next shot from the upper flipper.

Don't take this as an insult, but the game feels "cheap". Again, it is a flat game, and the weight is light. So you definitely want this on rubber feet, because on tile or wood, you will push it all over the place. Not all current Stern games feel like that. In fact, Deadpool feels downright chunky in comparison.

A friend of mine has said the game feels "soulless". And I'm not able to totally disagree with him. It's missing something, and I can't quite put my finger on what it is. It's a game that I play, but then just sort of wander away from. And that feels strange to me. Of course I enjoy it because it is pinball, and all pinball is awesome. But if there is another game next to it, I will probably gravitate to the other game. Once I saw a bunch of this one, it just didn't bring the whole package for me.

And don't take that as anything against Keith. He is an amazing designer. But this game doesn't suit me. That is all, nothing crazy.
4 months ago
Great game, tough, deep rule set. Some great shots, but also a lot of wasted energy on two ramps. Will all the gems ever be collected?
4 months ago
I bought this game without trying it before, and i do not regret my choice! An amazing pinball that plays great, great flow, a LOT to do, challenging but not crual even for a poor skilled player like me.
5 months ago
Great addition to my collection. Had a hard time deciding between Premium and Pro, ended up going with the Pro after watching some streams on both and talking to some fellow owners of the game, no regrets going with the Pro. You get the complete game, and even one of the defining features of the Premium (the subway) is covered pretty well by the shallow subway (lights vs ball trough) on the Pro. As for the game, my whole family loves it, the other games are currently collecting dust in favor of AIQ. It's a great game for a casual play, but the very deep ruleset along with a couple of very tricky shots makes it a players game too. It's probably one of the best 'home' games too - because the lastability is through the roof - I feel like I haven't scratched the surface of the rules after a month. The artwork on this thing is phenomenal - the playfield, translite, and cabinet tie together perfectly. The only downside is that some of the voicework is kind of lame and the music isn't the best (still 'good enough'). I see this one staying in the collection for a long time - at least until I convince myself to upgrade to a Premium!
5 months ago
The shots and ball movement are beautiful and flow well.
Love the upper flipper shot as well as the unique design of the upper right ramp that you can hit from all 3 flippers.

Deep ruleset that you can keep playing and playing and never get bored.

Amazing animations and voice work that are synchronized beautifully and get the blood flowing every time.

The rules are not very intuitive and practically require a spreadsheet next to you while you play.
5 months ago
deep ruleset! keeps you coming back for more!
6 months ago
The artwork is amazing, the play is fun and there are many interesting shots. In my personal experience I loved the game at first but after a few weeks the amount of rules and difficulty wore on me and I lost interest. If you are an expert player and enjoy a large ruleset then this is the game for you! For the casual player like me, I think there are better games out there with more staying power.
6 months ago
For me this is the perfect pinball machine. It plays really fast. The ramps are well positioned to the flippers and games can be quite long and constantly entertaining. There are so many missions to complete, it will take months of constant play to get anywhere near the end... then there is trying to get Gold trophies for every mission.
6 months ago
Heard about the game but don't care about the theme. I think I will ever find the patience to view the movie but only because this game makes me curious about the movie. From a friend I heard this game is something else so I played it at his house one time. He has a LE version and although I hate most powder coated crapp out there I found this to be a decent looking table. I even loved it. The game appealed to me from the first time and I was able to set a decent score (I thought).
A few weeks went by and I was selling my TMNT i didn't care for. After selling it I ordered my Avengers PRO. (I'm a pro guy, prems and LE are way too expensive for what you are getting). This week it was delivered and the journey began. I added some mods to make it pop some more (invisi glass, shaker, mirrors, subwoofer, convolux and some other nicknags). But dahamn what a supernice table. I think this is one of Stern's best themes until now. I got a Guardians of the galaxy next to it, a Stranger Things and a Jurassic Park. I think the lineup is complete now.

So now after playing it I feel confident to rate it.

Great lightshow
Great sound effects
Great shots
Superb toys
Wireramps (I love those)
Deep ruleset
Not a drainer (unlike turtles)
Great game for everybody
Beautiful artwork
Much different multiballs
Really satisfying shots

Well, for me this machine has no cons. I can imagine that not everyone can understand what the hell is going on.
The pro lacks some great toys, the 180 degree ramp is epic, and so is the lifting spinning disc. And that hand of thanos with the gem lights i am missing the most. But hey, I cheaped out so I cannot complain.

Overall: this game is epic. The theme fits the table perfectly, execution is done really well and it keeps me coming back for more.

9/10 for me.
6 months ago
I think it is a little overly complex, but it has grown on me. I think if I play it a bit more I will get the hang of the rules. There are a good variety of shots, but not too much wow factor on toys and gimmicks especially considering how much they have to work with for a theme. Above average, and def a lot to explore. I would still recommend Deadpool if you like Marvel. Art and sound effects are really well done.
6 months ago
Excellent Game! We love it! I was waiting for the LZ to come out and when that disappointment hit I decided to purchase IQ Pro instead. Very glad I did. It's the whole package. Great Art on the Backglass, Playfield, and Cabinet. Flow and shots are really fun and satisfying. Fun for seasoned players and beginners. Pro is not missing much and the faster play removing the subway is a bonus in my opinion. Definitely a keeper and glad I had a another chance to own it when the second run came around.
7 months ago
One of my top 10 favorites, nice gameplay, nice set of rules, and just plain fun. Great use of ramps and other special features - plus it seems like a game that you can get a good flow going without constantly draining.
7 months ago
Another homerun from Keith Elwin. Great flow, fun modes and great art package. Just wish Stern games were built better. You can feel the difference in quality when you go from a Stern to a JJP or Bally Williams game.
8 months ago
After day one of this being in my house the neighbors and I are really enjoying it. Thr rules are some 50 pages long, so that will take time to learn but your still able to just jump on and have fun. The magnet lock ramp is pretty cool.
8 months ago
This game is has some very interesting shots and great flow. Great rule set and great use of the theme. The most important thing is this game is a lot of fun.
8 months ago
I really wanted to love this game. I read up on the rules and watched all the you tube videos. I am just not a fan of the music and call outs. It feels like I am being read a comic book, which is what the designers intended, but I think it’s a letdown. I just don’t get pulled into the game like I do when playing JP. The Tony Stark voice is cringeworthy. No great animations, just some comic book style images.

Now with that said, the layout is nice and the shots are all smooth. I can see very long ball times happening once you get a feel for the shots. It’s hard to tell if the deep rules are enough to make this a long lasting pin in a home collection because the shots, although not super easy, are definitely easier to hit continuously in comparison to JP or TMNT. Maybe the pin I played wasn’t level but I did notice more SDTM drains than outlane drains.

The pro version feels like there is a lot of empty space. Maybe I hyped myself up too much. If the sound and animations were better this pin would be a top 5 all day because of the unique rules. My guess is that it will hang around the #10 spot.
There are 58 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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