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Game Design: 8.497

Artwork: 8.404

Sounds/Music: 7.645

Other Aspects: 8.507

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This is "Avengers: Infinity Quest (pro)".
The other versions are: Avengers: Infinity Quest (Premium), Avengers: Infinity Quest (Limited Edition)

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There are 83 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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21 days ago
Un flipper incroyable, très beau caisse/plateau/fronton, le choix des couleurs est judicieux, le dessin est fin, le flipper est vraiment magnifique, la circulation de bille est excellente, les rampes sont fabuleuses, facile à prendre et avec Un tracé original, la rampe centrale monte pratiquement jusqu'à la vitre, celle de droite se prend des 3 batteurs et la dernière fait le tour du plateau, le lock dans la tour Stark est génial. Le son est bon, les animations sont finalement mieux que je pensais, le choix du comics plutôt que le film est bon, ce thème vieillira bien mieux et est bien plus jolie. Les règles peuvent paraître difficiles à comprendre, mais il n'est pas nécessaire de toutes les comprendre pour avancer quand on est novice, donc un novice prendra du plaisir sur ce flipper.
Pour moi le trio de Tête : Avengers, JP, Godzila, ce sont tous trois de totale réussite, des flipper avec une circulation de bille incroyable.
29 days ago
As an Avengers fan(who isn’t?), I enjoy this pin. Sub woofer really makes this game sound great. I’m an average player at best and Thanos gets the better of me every time. Keeps me coming back though.
29 days ago
It looks nice, has some cool light effects. It's not a game that you can walk up to it and after a few games know what to do. There are some gem modes that are really hard - nice for the tournament type players. This is a tournament friendly game. I learned quite a bit about the game, but still have a lot more depth to explore. That's normally ok, but the "fun factor" starts to run thin as you get further into it (in my opinion). The sounds and callouts are ok but could be better. The music is pretty terrible and doesn't really pull you in. Some of the animations and graphics are good, but others are like a cardboard cutout puppet show. The extra features that the Prem/LE have make the game more fun. I would prefer the movie assets, art, sounds, music, over the comic-based theme, but understand the licensing limitations. Not really a fan of the pro, prefer the prem/LE.
46 days ago
I traded a TMNT Pro for AIQ Pro, and when I first brought it home I thought I had made a mistake. There is a learning curve with this game, and some work to get it dialed in and playing well. The ramps are steep and require good shot placement to get up and around. The rule set is expansive, and at first overwhelming.

That said, the game grew on me. I'm now running it with 1.30 code and Insider connected installed and I'm really enjoying the code. Multiball plays great on this machine with this layout, and there are plenty of opportunities to do so. Modes force some sharp shooting as the orbits are tight on this game as opposed to the satisfying ramps that can be hit from either flipper. Upper flipper isn't terribly useful, but KE seems to like them.

I like the playfield, art blades, and backglass on this game. The cabinet is ok. Stern was limited with the assets available, so the animations are lack luster. Call outs are OK. Music is adequate.
51 days ago
While this game didn’t last long at my house it wasn’t because it was bad. I would actually like to own this one again in the future. The layout on this game is amazing. It shoots very well and has excellent flow. I myself loved the deep rules and challenging of getting all the gems. The tower shot was very satisfying. This game is a Elwin masterpiece as far as I am concerned. It’s a great pin for a home environment.
61 days ago
I love this game. I'm not a huge fan of the Avengers (more of a DC guy), but the art by Zombie Yeti on the playfield, backglass, and cabinet are outstanding. Particularly the playfield; the detail, scenes, interest and colors are killer. The flow and playability of the game are equally great. It has a very open playfield with lots of breathing room to react and make adjustments on the fly. Most of the shots are long with a good variety of easy to difficult shots and everything in between. The flipper action is solid with plenty of precision and power (similar to some of the great 90s Bally/Williams games). You can really get in the flow on this game, with good pace hitting shot after shot, with plenty of rapid fire combos to aim for in the process. I like the cartoonish animation in the digital display screen. The voices and callouts could be better for sure, though I don't find it annoying or repetitive so although fairly mediocre, for me it doesn't distract from the gameplay or overall game experience. Overall, in my book this is one of the best games I've played.
61 days ago
I don't mind this game from time to time, it's reasonably fun, and I can see the appeal. However, at the end of the day, it just isn't for me and does little for me unfortunately.

It somehow hits everything I think should be in a pin, great shots, great art, gravitas but somehow doesn't come together as a whole for me; the game seems good on paper but ends up feeling soulless. :(
69 days ago
I almost bought this as my first machine...so glad I didn't! I love Marvel comics, so this theme is perfect for me. The rules? No fun at all. The gameplay, mostly boring. I don't get why this game is rated so high. I play it whenever I'm on location just to see if I'm missing something. I always walk away confirming that I'm not.
3 months ago
This is my third Elwin game. The theme was the least enticing for my taste but it actually works extremely well. The art is stunning, vibrant and fun. Where the game really shines though is the layout which is next level with some superbly satisfying and interesting shots. I love both the main ramps (the gauntlet is genius), plus the right orbit that goes up the ramp at the back is just so fun. The tower shot too is exemplary and combos are heavily rewarded within the code. Talking of which the sheer amount of thought and the detail of the code here is about as good as it gets with pinball. A measuring stick by which other games should be compared. The game is far more simple than it first seems but there is huge intricacy and detail there if you want it. Essentially there are gem quests, character collecting/levelling and super modes. There is a massive amount of nuance to all this however and I am blown away by this aspect if the design. It's kind of as complex as you want it to be.

Overall I went in expecting it to not measure up to Iron Maiden or Jurassic Park, both of which are stunningly brilliant pins but ended up not sure whether AIQ might even be better. A superb game that I can't recommend enough.
3 months ago
One of the best PRO versions of a machine ever. I absolutely like the pro over the premium on this table.
awesome ramps, lighting, sound, code along with excellent animations and action packed playing make this one to own. I only let it go for space and that my neighbor bought it so I can still play it often.
EXCELLENT pinball machine wether you like Avengers or not. Down right FUN!
4 months ago
A fun game with a lot going on, maybe too much. To me all the gem quests feel the same. I don’t care which I choose. It’s an undertaking to memorize where things are on the playfield.

The end of ball bonus screen looks like an eye exam.

All that said, it’s still fun to play.

The art and sound is a bit mundane.
4 months ago
I own this game for 7 months now and i am a "one pinball at a time" man. I have about 800 games on it and this is my first review on pinside.

TL;DR I clearly love this game!

The art is great, on the backglass, the playfield, the cabinet, AND THE SCREEN (think about EHOH, Iron maiden, meh...).

The flow is fantastic, I love left ramp / right ramp / small loop / left ramp / right ramp / small loop / ... The two spinners are really satisfying, there is a really tight shot (captain america) which is great to succeed and what about the right orbit to ramp?

The calls out are great (I am not american and i am not a fan of marvel's movies so I don't know the actor's voice), 'If you gona use brute force, at least do it right', 'You're not strongest, hulk's strongest', 'avenger assembled' ... The music follows the action right. You are really rewarded by music when you beat a mechant for example. And the gama ray mode music and light show stops time, nothing else worldwilde is important while it is on!

The code is nice and really deep, there is a lot of thinks to do : collect and level up avengers (6), getting the stones (6), get times modes (4), make combos, get trophies (30 I think), use the stones to easier do it all (space gem + mind gem for example - I only begin to master that right and that is insane!). Also to mention : the soul gem quest is really inovative whith the flip countdown.

The game is difficult, that's a fact. Left outlane can be brutal. My best score is about 500M after 800 games. To compare, I scored 1B on EHOH after 3 games, 600M on godzilla on my first game...

It is clearly a pin to have at home, it takes a long time to understand it right and to master the flow, and that is a force, the replayability si excellent! It is the pin I have kept the longest without getting borred of.

I now have ordered a godzilla pro (because it is the last chance to buy it before a nth price increase) but I feel I will let it in the box for a while to play my avengers a bit more...

Good Job Keith!
4 months ago
This is one of the best examples of just an all-around great game that appeals to a really broad audience. It's based on the Avengers (obviously) but you don't have to be an Avengers fan to get into the theme, and figure out what all is going on with the stones, the battles, etc. The rules are very deep for those that like that, but you you can play fine without understanding them if you just want to play pinball and not worry about deep rules. The artwork is excellent everywhere. The sounds are really well done with clear callouts and exciting music and sound effects. I scored the 'Toys' category of this review a bit lower, but that is really in comparison to the Premium/LE that has some cooler gimmicks and toys, but the gameplay is comparable (although the Pro plays faster with fewer things to pause gameplay).
5 months ago
The playfield is very fast and forgiving. Lots of fun activities for skills across the range. The right side of the field is improved on the Premium, IMO.

Only off-nominal are the voice actors, IMO. I get that it's based on the comics and the stylized art is a MILLION times better than the photorealism of the old Avengers, but the voices just aren't right.
6 months ago
I think AIQ Pro is actually a more fun game to play. It shots easier, if a hard ass game can shoot easier,lol. I have owned both premium and pro, but like the pro more. Although I would own both and at one point did.:-)
6 months ago
Great going, though all the rules can get overwhelming
6 months ago
I still think this game deserves more praise than it got. I would put it up there with Godzilla in terms of fast/fun and rewarding shots. I still haven't come close to beating it so I'm glad I added it to my collection. It can be brutal at times but I find myself playing this one more often in my collection lately. I do agree with some people in terms of it being a little too complex, especially for a beginner but that gives it long legs in my opinion. There's so much to do here. My ranking in order would be Godzilla, Avengers: Infinity Quest, Iron Maiden, Deadpool, Jurassic Park.
7 months ago
Great layout…love the ramps and orbit shots. Battles and multi-ball are cool…design/flow keeps gameplay fun! Kudos to Elwin!
7 months ago
This is a fun game. The playfield is perfect. If the theme did anything for me I would probably own one.
8 months ago
Very deep game. Not for the newbie. One missed shot and you lose the gem and it is very difficult to get back on track.
10 months ago
I've played all 3 versions of the game. After playing the Premium version, I decided to purchase a Pro. While I like the premium model a lot, I went with the pro because I get all the gameplay with very little lost in my eyes at a lower cost. That said, the captain Marvel ramp IS cool, and the only thing I'd consider going premium for in the long run. Personally, I like the extra spinner, and it is very satisfying to hit. The Marvel ramp was occasionally "reject-y", but I got the sense that proper game adjustment and care would make it fine in a home environment.

I love the depth of the code. There is a lot going on. I like the modes are laid out in a way that I can chose what I want to do. It feels like a solid competitive pin that's feels flowy and fun to shoot with plenty of strategic choices to make. The Avengers modes, completed by repeating shots, feels a little wood choppy, which is my only complaint. I still enjoy the hell out of it though, and I think for players that like deep gameplay and rules memorization, it holds up, maybe even against Elwin's other games.

My causal friends and family likes it, even not knowing the depth. They find it easier to play in general, but the lack of major toy features isn't a huge boon for them. Even with the extra features from a Premium/LE, it just can't reach Godzilla/JPs mechs.

If you like a solid, flowy experience and getting into strategy, it's a game you'll enjoy. If you need mechs and big moments, I'm not sure this is the right game. I love it, but I see why it is moderately divisive against some of the other titles out, especially from Elwin.
10 months ago
This is another cool, creative layout by the Goat Keith Elwin, but layout is not enough to save this game. Let’s get a few things out of the way, the art is good, nothing spectacular or unique, but well executed as with all Zombie games. Music and call outs are acceptable to bad, this game truly has no soul. Rules are unique, but overly complex and flawed in one majorly unforgivable way.........because you are not able to go back and reclaim a gem stone, losing modes makes you want to give up and restart.......the rules are simply not rewarding in anyway unless you play perfectly. They should have considered making it so that once you secure the time stone, you could go back in time and reclaim any stones you lost........That would have completely changed the entire dynamic of the rules. This game in its current form isn’t overly fun, it’s more like overly depressing, because it constantly reminds you of failure, rather than achievement.
11 months ago
So many things to shoots at! Just scratching the surface with the rules, but I plan to have a lot of fun with it.
Update: After having the game for a while, I can still say this is a really good game. Its harder than Jurassic Park or Godzilla, and I get a little frustrated by the outlane drains that occur right when I am on the verge of something big. The rules are deep, so I would think it would be better to own and learn them rather than play on location and not know what you are doing. I get a nice score every ten games or so, so that keeps me coming back.
12 months ago
The premium is so much better for toys and gimmicks and stuff, but this is the one I bought so that’s why I’m rating it. lol Anyways, the gameplay is very fun and exciting. The magnetic tower is cool, I guess. It’s just that it feels like it’s missing stuff (‘cause it is, ‘cause it’s not the premium). lol
1 year ago
A fun Keith Elwin game with a good theme. The progression makes sense and the shots feel good to make. The thing that kinda kills it a bit for me is the spinning disk. I've never been much of a fan of the disks, such as the lamp in TOTAN because they just block the shots you want to make. I understand people enjoy that challenge aspect of the disk but to me it just leads to annoyance when the shot I need is blocked. On a positive note, the right ramp is super fun to shoot and repeating it from the upper flipper is fun. The rules are deep enough to encourage lots of replays. Overall it's a solid game, but I prefer other recent sterns over it.
There are 83 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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