Avengers: Infinity Quest (Premium)

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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Avengers: Infinity Quest". The group itself ranks #18 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game Design: 8.895

Artwork: 8.505

Sounds/Music: 7.773

Other Aspects: 8.758

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Found 136 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 136 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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19 days ago
Strong theme, fun game, great shots. Easy to know rules (collect stones by starting modes) hard to do! But a little knowledge on portal locks and careful use of Thor multiball to help modes along - can lead to big points. I’m certainly suffering super hero fatigue at the cinema, but this is the biggest brand superhero film, and the pin does it justice.
42 days ago
Amazing game, one of the best layouts, top notch code, extremely deep.

So after playing the pro 100+ times and the LE a handful, I had to own one of these despite never seeing the movie or having any interest in comic books or movies based on them. It’s that good.
46 days ago
It is a master design for sure, but for me something is missing, it feels a bit "cold". A great game though!
UPDATE: this game is fantastic. shame that didnt get better music and animations to give it more soul, but this machine rocks! real masterpiece, just need to invest a lot of time to really understand the rules, amd practice combos, but after.. amazing!
64 days ago
Sadly this game has some poor ramp designs and gimmicks i just dont care for. The right loop ramp is very difficult to hit right and the Avengers tower failed to catch the ball on many of my plays.... The theme is fantastic but i felt more could have been done to make the game fun. Doctor strange being relegated to a lift and spin element was just criminal. Maybe im too inexperienced to enjoy it but it felt like a lot of rails in the way of the beautiful playfield.
3 months ago
Just bought one. Was hesitant after reading some of the polarising comments. But I love this machine. To me gameplay is the most important, and once you learn the basic rules this machine is a blast
3 months ago
Nice flow,fun to play,fast need more time on it..I like it best marvel themed game, I do think so...would like for home use!!
3 months ago
Keith Elwin is pretty much Midas now on Pinball world. Whatever he touches it becomes GOLD instantly. You can tell how good a designer is when perhaps the theme is not something he is fond of, but nevertheless he killed it. I'm a HUGE fan of Marvel IP. Played all video games, read all comics and watched all movies, so at the time when I jumped on the Pinball the first thing I saw was the art package. I was never totally sold on it to be honest. I felt it was a cheap mockup of the original source, but that didn't stop me from giving it a try and oh boy, I was wrong once again! When I was into it for almost 3 minutes I forgot about the art and I was completely into the game, the shots, the missions, everything about it. I believe that Keith has a vision that makes every single shot something fun to do. I never felt I was doing something boring or perhaps repetitive. The Avengers tower shot was a REALLY cool moment the first time I did it. The flow it's really fun, call outs weren't that great and the music is ok. It's a game that if you switch the theme for anything else it wouldn't matter, because it's a Pinball that transcends his IP because of how well designed it is.
3 months ago
Finally got a chance to play this machine. Outstanding layout. Shooters dream. Love the shots from the upper flipper. With the funky design of the right ramp you can hit this with the upper flipper. Fast flowing and smooth shots. The only thing I didn’t like was the animation and voices they used for the hero’s. other than that the game is fantastic.
3 months ago
The shot variety is what makes this game stand out. I can play it for hours at the arcade and not get bored. It has an amazingly clever layout in how it crammed so many shots into a standard size Stern machine. Only downside is the animations which seem quickly thrown together.
4 months ago
This game has it all! Ramps galore, flow for days and combos that never get old.

Many say the rules are hard to understand but at the surface it's pretty easy, hit the shots and win the gems. After that, the strategy can get complicated but that's what makes it fun, lots of new and different ways to level up the superheros, assign the gems and rack up a high score.

The number of flip feature is cool and fun. Adds a level of excitement and good stress to make shot to gain flips instead of loosing them.
5 months ago
I agree with the overall consensus on this game in that the shots and layout are top-notch but the rules are too complicated when you try to progress through the game.

The shots on this game are the most fun of any game I've ever played, particularly the ramps of which there are many, and the building that locks balls is pretty good too. There's something fun to shoot at everywhere on the playfield.

When it comes to the rules, well, you try to obtain gems and defeat villains. It's not always clear how you do this. I've managed to obtain a gem in many games, but other than try to obtain other ones I don't know really what I'm supposed to be doing or what happens after I get them all (not that it's ever been a problem). I take the beginner's approach: I shoot stuff and if I keep the ball alive long enough eventually I accomplish something.

I don't own any pinball machines. I imagine that despite its fun layout and great shots it might get tiresome not being able to understand the rules of the game or how to progress through it if I owned it, but I don't, so I enjoy it for being the best shooter I've come across.
5 months ago
Finaly! I like this game! Fun fun fun!
5 months ago
I bought an AIQ premium because when I went to arcades, I kept playing this game. It is so much fun! I'm a ramp guy and this game, quite simply, has the best ramps I've ever played. Keith Elwin was a champion player before Stern hired him to design games. AIQ is probably the best shooting game he's made. It's all about the shots and those ramps!

It gets a little repetitive in terms of the activators. But it is deep. Once you know how to squeeze out its multiballs and extraballs, you can have 45-60 minute games. It's the kind of game that if you can master it, you can master any game.

It's also challenging. I know some very good pinballers but none of them have gotten more than three of the five gemstones in any one game. So it is challenging, and predictable, but it is really fun. The biggest complaint I hear about AIQ is that the animations and sounds are lackluster. That is a fair criticism. But I'm using a modded SD with movie clips and audio from the movies. It is a huge improvement over the Stern-issued video. Even with AIQ ranked in the top 20, I think it would be ranked top 10 if everyone was using the video SD mod. It totally changes the feel of the game and makes it much more enjoyable.
6 months ago
This game was more fun than I was prepared for. I played it reluctantly on location and ended up coming back again and again. The ramps are butter...sooooo satisfying to hit. The Thor shot and Hawkeye shot were favs. I was mostly lost on the rules not having studied them prior to playing. I think it may get old in a collection after a few years, but was a solid fun pin that I def want to play more.
6 months ago
I've now owned this game for about 5-6 months and have played it about 60+ times. I specifically purchased this machine because of the high ratings, my experience playing it at breweries/arcades, and also the reviews on how complex the rule system is. I tend to prefer a deeper ruleset (i.e., JPP) and I am a huge of Keith Elwin's designs and games as well. I'm now realizing that when the ruleset is TOO deep that the game becomes confusing, and for me, it that takes away a little bit from the game. Here are my overall thoughts:

- I actually like the theme and the variety of superheroes used/displayed throughout the game
- There are NUMEROUS shots to make and several ramps to play. From a pure mindless pinball perspective, lots of basic players would enjoy the variety of shots and ramps.
- There are specific cool missions such as the Soul Gem where you have to hit the lit shots. The Black Order Battle Royale is also a fun side game to play where you need to beat all of the villains
- The game options of which gem to collect (villain to defeat) creates some variety especially with the shots you need to hit.
- Several multi-ball options available

- Defeating the villains is TOUGH. It's very difficult to beat a handful of villains mostly because your shots need to be exact to beat them and collect a gem. You drain once and you lose the gem. Only advanced players know the tricks and strategies to doing this consistently.
- Animations are just poor. It looks like a bad cartoon of images shifting versus any actual animation.
- Sounds and voices are also poor in nature. Very cartoonish and amateur sounding.
- The rules are just too difficult even for me (someone who played as a kid and has owned 12+ machines). I am now realizing that I like games with a decent ruleset but can also be played for mindless fun (think Walking Dead).

If you want a deeper game that is strategic (follow a variety of rulesets) and tactical (need to be very accurate) this is it. I guess you could say the same for most newer games but I would say games like DeadPool, Jurassic Park, and others are just a bit more straightforward and approachable. I'm not sure if this helps/hurt your opinion of the game but as an above average amateur player, I think this one might not last too much longer in my collection.
7 months ago
This game is pretty awesome. It’s my 2nd favorite Elwin game, with IMDN being first. The biggest negative on this game is the music and display; they are really really bad, possibly the worst in the modern era. The call outs are average, but it’s the sound effects that really carry this game; they are some of the best in pinball. Rules, shots, combos are great. Rules wise, I’d have to say the gem mania and victory laps are my least favorite parts of the game, everything else is top notch.
7 months ago
When the KME Avengers came out, I was only able to play a pro regularly. As seems to be a common thread when this game is discussed, I was completely lost in terms of the rules. I liked the tower show and really just focused on it too much. Early on I really just did not care for the game, and I think my displeasure with the theme led to my initial dissatisfaction with the game. After playing a few more games on the premium, I decided I wanted to add one to the collection. After putting several hundred games on it, I'm only marginally closer to understanding the rules (they are definitely deep and not very self-evident). But I can't get enough of the gameplay. The cap't marvel ramp is a ton of fun to shoot, the fat ramp is really genius, and the game just flows for days.

I tell everyone who tells me they hate the rules to just ignore them and key stringing together shots. Usually pretty soon people have forgot their concern with the rules and get just as drawn in as I have. Definitely an underrated game imo, and I think KME's second best behind GZ in terms of just fun to shoot.

The art and theme do absolutely nothing for me, but I can ignore those because of how much fun Avengers is to shoot.
8 months ago
Dump the comic book theme and annoying music and it would be a perfect pin.
8 months ago
The shots on AIQ are out of this world. Had a Godzilla premium and I enjoy this way better. The software is ass. With that being said, if you install the modded movie code it turns this pin into a close 10 all day long!!!!
8 months ago
very deep game, but fun for any level player
8 months ago
One of the Kieth Elwan Four!!!!! each one is special. On AIQ you HAVE to learn the rules to get the full effect.
9 months ago
What can I say. This game is a super fun shooter! The rules are deeeeeeep if you don’t know what you’re doing. Once you learn how to play it’s still deeeeeep. So many ways to play this game. I play to advance modes, but I’ve never tried to strategize too much. That’s fun for some people but for me it makes it stressful. Lol. I just like to play and this is a shooters dream come true. The best feeling/rewarding shot in modern pinball in years has to be that captain marvel ramp. It is even more rewarding when you shoot with the right flipper through the pops, looping it clean down to the left flipper and immediately timing it (left flip) back up into the CM ramp. The art is beautiful with a theme that has stood the test of time. Who doesn’t love comics? The tight shots superb, and combos are endless but not easy. The modes are super fun and make the same shots feel different. Each one will make you sweat, and that’s great for making moments. I wish the gauntlet would have done something like lock balls or at least grab them. That’d been sweet, but the only real toys are the portal and the tower. Tower is a neat but a last minute feeling design. Still very cool. Love hitting 2 balls up there on that magnet during iron man multiball. The portal is cool too, and gives ya just enough rest time as the ball passing through the visible subway. Not to mention it’s just fun to blast that spinning disc. I played the pro version on location and feel in love. It’s super flowy and it’s all ya need, but that Marvel ramp is so fun to hit, I had to have it, so I went with premium. New comers will love shooting the ramps and pros will love combo-ing the heck out of this. It’s a solid solid title and a must play. As of now I’ve owned it for a year and a half and have yet to tire of it. Only nit pick is the animations, but they went for a “comic style come to life” feel, by doing a couple of still frames instead of full motion animation, and it still works well. Some don’t like the call outs, but for me The voice acting is on par. The voices sound great if you aren’t comparing it to the movies. Love this pin!!!!
9 months ago
A fantastic game in all aspects but two: Sound/music and animations.
I love this machine. I love how deep the rule set is and the level of strategic choices you have to make.
All the shots are satisfying and the art package are beautiful.??
I’ll recommend this machine to everyone except those who want a simple game ??
10 months ago
AIQ has so many fun shots. This game makes me keep coming back for more. I do not even understand all the rules, but that does not matter as the shots are so fun (just shoot for the blinking lights). Captain Marvel ramp is so fun to hit.
10 months ago
Great playing game, but the rules are ridiculous for most. The placement of the gems without any way to understand why you are doing so makes me MAD! Lots of great shots and if you are willing to put in custom code/videos, the game feels even better. I like the comic stuff but feels stiff...the movie code pumps it into a more fun place.
There are 136 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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