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Game Design: 8.985

Artwork: 8.603

Sounds/Music: 7.9

Other Aspects: 8.881

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This is "Avengers: Infinity Quest (Premium)".
The other versions are: Avengers: Infinity Quest (pro) (regular version), Avengers: Infinity Quest (Limited Edition)

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There are 98 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 days ago
Very challenging, fun pin that has a lasting appeal. Tons of mods out there to upgrade the looks & playability(Marvel ramp fix is the only needed upgrade). Lots of flow between shots & a great layout. The avengers tower shot & Captain America shot are pretty darn difficult, but I enjoy having to hit a shot that isn’t easy. The subway & Captain marvel ramp are huge upgrades from a Pro to a Premium. I love all the wire forms & the shots seem to return to both flippers pretty evenly. Mine is bolted down.
25 days ago
The game and rule set are so deep. So much fun to have an RPG type game as pinball. Great use of the Avengers theme.
28 days ago
Having owned avengers premium in my house now for a while I can say this machine gets played far more than any other. It’s challenging, has some of the best shots in modern pinball, theme is great. Only thing that lets it down a little is the video and callouts. In all honesty though I don’t really pay a great deal of attention to them in any of the games I play so doesn’t bother me. Can’t recommend enough. Really you can’t go wrong with any of Keith’s games and this is no exception
40 days ago
Great game, thought all the rules can get overwhelming.
78 days ago
I waited about 5 months to really get to know this AIQ. I also own Jurassic Premium, Monster Bash, Star Wars Premium, Guns and Roses JJ, Transformers and Iron Man.

Ok, so this game is awesome. I keep getting better and it keeps me begging for more. Took some time to get the feel for getting the gems. Now that is so fun. The Black Panther multi-ball is insane! Thanos battle is so cool and he will take a gem back if you don't defend it. That is just awesome.

One thing to note. There is a code that I believe is a must have. Check out the forum for AIQ code. It totally takes this machine to the next level of amazing.

Out of all the games I own, and I love them all, this is the game I keep coming back to play the most right now. There is something extra rewarding about the combos. The combos are a blast. There are some rare moments in the game that I am still trying to figure out what to shoot for next. But most of the time it is very easy to see what you going for.

I know the topper is expensive but I strongly recommend it as well. It enhances your selection for looking up to see which gems you want to get for the topper lights and extra challenge. I also changed out the drainer lanes with the siamese conjoined post. That makes a huge difference. Im putting all the mods in now that I know it is a true keeper. Oh, and Stern Iron Man Pro Vault is still awesome too. They both go together. :)

Art is fantastic. This game is an A+ must own pin.
3 months ago
I frequently play this game at a local spot. It is the Premium version with the Captain Marvel ramp. The ramp is a must and I believe it is worth the cost of the Premium. If you play a pro it feels like a very satisfying shot is missing. The rules and code for this game is where it really shines. It is deep, but in my opinion approachable. You won't remember everything from the rules, but you will constantly discover new strategies. This is a perfect home pin for that reason. Additionally, this game is a shooter's dream, all the shots are satisfying and combos are really fun. Definitely a top 3 game for me.
3 months ago
Ok .... the best roller coaster pinball...
5 months ago
the layout is good, theme is great,it looks good, but it gets boring and frustating really fast.
gameplay is not fun not exciting, it has most of the things a game should have but it is boring, no soul.
5 months ago
I've played the game about a week and I'm loving it so far. shots feel good, combo's galore. Tower shot is awesome. Captain Marvel ramp is very cool. Looking forward to modding this one out. The comic theme is fine with me. I also like the comic version of spiderman. Rules are super deep, haven't wrapped my brain around all of it yet but i like deep rules. So far I'm not regretting my purchase and I'm glad I went with a premium.
6 months ago
This is unfortunately Keith Elwin's worst game.... I like it a lot, but the modes ( gem quests are basically the same)...

The other 3 Elwin games are fantastic...
I love shooting Portal locks to get combos, I love the mini wizard modes( Soul Gem quest is very fun to do the hard way, specially if you have the mind gem!!
The rules are excellent... But I like the way the modes play on JP, Maiden and Godzilla a bit more.

Also. the artwork on the game is not as beautiful as it is on Iron Maiden, or Godzilla in my opinion!
6 months ago
I find this over rated. It is OK. I have a Premium for the last Four-Five months and really do not play much. The artwork is cool to look at while not playing, but it is too busy and colorful when playing. Like an explosion of a rainbow everywhere. Layout is decent, but can't really say it is smooth shooting. Doesn't make me want to play again and again.
6 months ago
Great game from Elwin as always.... Regardless of fingerpointing, theme integration was fairly poorly handled. Call outs (except for Thanos (who is Okay)) are terrible... Very little variation on music... And of course the infamous yellow kitchen glove(even if it's"true to the comic version"... Come-on...) Asides from that... Amazing game. Really feel like you are practicing tournament skills on this one. Slings are slightly high so out lanes are brutal if you don't maintain control. Gem modes are fun and infuriating. You will quickly learn the ones you love and hate... But when you beat them it always feels good. Time gem is super interesting and having the option for hard vs easy makes it even better. Battle royale is also a blast and love they added it. Wish the CM ramp was more consistent because it's so cool, just rejects harder than my first Prom proposal. Great game def worth a buy and the hype
6 months ago
I didin't liked this game. The toys (Marvel ramp and Spinning disc/tunnel) are useless and add nothing to the game.
The lock system in the subway is really noisy and slow. The Captain Marvel ramp is prone to rejects, only strong shots will make the ramp.
It's just not fun. Music, callouts, animations, too serious and cheap. The playfied layout is ok but after one week i was bored and trade it with a JP Premium. I like complex code but man, this is really too complex with the gems, i play pinball not chess.
If you really want AIQ, buy a Pro. The price is not justified for Pre/LE IMO.
6 months ago
I have owned and played this for about 2 months now. This is a game that must be owned to fully appreciate. The layout is a breath of fresh air. Nothing like it. My only gripes with the game are the straight down the middle when you don’t use the third flipper and if the pop bumpers hit it soft in to a certain lane the ball falls directly down the left out lane. Maybe an adjustment could fix this. Other then that I love this game it feels and plays like the adventure it was meant to be. Highly recommended
7 months ago
Great game!!
7 months ago
Really hard and deep game. Only compliant is flipper fade. You do have to mod the game out as stern didn’t do a good job on the tower, sanctum and a few other things.
7 months ago
Avengers: Infinity Quest Premium is a very enjoyable game with great Zombie Yeti artwork. The ramps are fast, exciting and flowing, and it combines this with some enjoyable fighting modes.

However, I always feel it’s a bit like Keith Elwin at his most workmanlike. The game is, after all, mostly a handful of metal wire form ramps with few toys or other distinguishing features, and - if you buy one for the home - it’s not 100% clear what you’re paying for. The austere design of the playfield lays bare the procedural nature of most pinball machines (shoot ramp X, shoot scoop/target Y, activate battle Z, rinse and repeat).

So, it’s a paradox. It’s very enjoyable compared to many other pinball machines because Keith Elwin is a genius designer (it’s probably in the top 5 of 50 at FlipOut), but - at the same time - it’s not the best pinball machine by Keith Elwin.
7 months ago
Very fun game. Great layout. This game is another home run by Elwin. This is a great game because it has a great rule set with a great layout.
7 months ago
Elwin keeps getting better with each design. This pin has some new features that are very satisfying to hit.3 really fun ramps that are not cookie cutter. Smooth flow that shoots as good or better than other top pins.Also there are more shots with each of the 3 flippers
7 months ago
I've owned the game for a month and a half and have over 400 plays on it now so feel comfortable rating it. The playfield flow is second to none on this. If you like shots that flow from one to the next this is your game. I know people knock this game for the complexity but to me that is why I love it. My wife and son can have a ton of fun starting battles and going for the early multiballs and I have so much to see getting deeper into the game. It really is a perfect game for the home but I do plan on adjusting it to be harder. I find with the factory setup to have a lot of longer games than any of my other machines.

Shots and layout play easy but the code is what keeps you coming back.

The voice work and music fit really well for me. I don't really understand the hate on it there. It's the comic book theme so I don't expect the movie voice and music.

The marvel ramp and raising disk -> tunnel -> VUK are must haves for me. I've played the pro a bunch and I just don't like the pro version of this game.

I can see this game staying in my collection for a very long time.
7 months ago
I have played both the pro and premium at this point and believe both are worth their respective price points. If you really want a game that has a great rule set and a huge amount of variation on where you can stack modes… either will do. If you are looking for one of the coolest Ramps since White water …. Go with the premium (5 ramps… wow).

Speaking of which , the premium reminds me of the Williams wide body era where more and more playfield shots were being added. Both games have plenty of shots to keep you busy, the premium just has more with the Thor ramp and subway drop and vertical outhole kicker.

Is this game too deep in rule sets? No. Is it too complicated for an average player ? No. The more you play it the better it gets and I believe this game was intended to take some time to master so you don’t “ move on to the next Elwin game “ in a year ( Godzilla anyone?). A game I will own eventually.
7 months ago
Fun game with lots to shoot for and is getting better as time goes on.
7 months ago
I am not a fan of Marvel or the Avengers---but....I am a fan of great pinball machines. After finally collecting all the gems and beating Thanos I have experienced everything it has to offer. Pros--incredible shooting game some in the biz say maybe best ever. It is definitely a blast to shoot with varied shots and multiple ramps. The wire forms are great and machine has great colors, art and lighting (get mirror blades). Lots of great mods of which I have most. Just a great looking game. You want rules? Deep as they come and fun too. I will say they made the computer grid more complicated than it needed to be though. Music is fine and animations are just OK. The outlanes feel like they have magnets which will have you nudging a lot with little success. Great game if you are better than average player or up. Better to me than many of the new "next greatest" games coming out.
8 months ago
Great pinball machine, incredible playfield and 5 ramps. Premium is the way to go because of capt marvel is one of the best and most satisfying ramps to hit in pinball. Video, Sound and callouts are decent and no
co-op mode hurts this pin but hopefully stern will include co-op soon in an update. My score is A-
8 months ago
IMO, Avengers: Infinity Quest is a great game, and especially on the Premium Model. The artwork is great, rule set is excellent and deep, the shots feel great, and overall, it’s just a really fun game.

Pro’s:All of the shots are great and satisfying to shoot, with varying levels of difficulty.
Artwork looks great, with lots of great color.
Game sounds great, with music that can pump up the experience.
Game feels well made and produced (for the most part).
Call outs are well done.
Game is nice and bright, with good lighting

Cons: While the art in the animation is great, the animation itself is not great, with it feeling like rotating and flicking it PNG’s.

Pro Exclusive Issues:
The Thor captive ball shot is far too easy to hit. I’ve seen people unintentionally start thor multi ball while trying to nudge the ball out of an out lane.
I much prefer the subway on the Premium to shooting the Gauntlet ramp to start modes and hitting the disc to lock Portal Locks.

Overall, the game is great, though the Pro has some issues (though those issues are not factored into the rating of the Premium). I’m glad I own a premium, and am excited to play Godzilla once I find one at a location near me.
There are 98 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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