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Game design: 8.928

Artwork: 8.538

Sounds/Music: 7.696

Other Aspects: 8.894

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11 days ago
Not what I would consider an easy game. The depth in the game is wide and varied; multiple ways to play, with each of those paths offering a chance at huge scores. At first glance, it doesn't look like it would "flow" as smoothly as it does... but each shot opens a possibility to another shot, giving the ability to score large combos.

Personally, I'm glad that the theme is more comic based, rather than movie, even if there are elements to both displayed in the game.
27 days ago
This game is fast paced and as smooth of a game as I’ve ever played. Hitting multiple ramps in a row feels great. The disc is a great feature and game gives clear instruction on what shots need to be hit throughout. I’ve played many of the new popular machines such as Jurassic Park, GnR, TMNT, Deadpool, etc and had more fun with this game than any of the others. It’s challenging which gives me hope that it will last. The artwork on this machine is stunning and there are mods available to insert on the sides and can enhance the look even further with mods. The captain marvel ramp and shot on the right side of the play field gives the premium and LE versions an edge in depth of shots during gameplay. The theme of Avengers is phenomenal but I wish there were cuts directly from the movie for certain modes and quests. That would put this game at a solid 10/10 home-run. This is the first machine I’ve purchased and couldn’t be happier with it as a casual player.
48 days ago
Ok so I've now had my Avengers Premium for 3 months. Initially it was a little underwhelming, the music and callouts (as everyone says) are just a little bit flat, and basically there just aren't enough, so as you are pinging the ball around there isn't enough audio feedback as the code currently stands (v1.01.0). One thing to add though the sounds are not terrible, they need some further variety and something to make them stand out but they sounds just fine.

There are also no real toys to speak of - the tower shot is cool and immensely satisfying but it's not a toy as such (the mezel mods tower really improves this) - i would love to have seen a true physical ball lock here. The glove/gauntlet does nothing but show what gems have been won/lost so it's purely aesthetic too. I suppose the game is really built around the sling ring (spinning disk) and it's nice, but really it's nothing new.

HOWEVER - there's no denying the game shoots incredibly well, the layout is different and is truly superb, I love the ramps and wireforms everywhere, the rules are very deep/complex and the artwork is stunning. It took quite a while to learn even the basic rules of this game which means I'm still not any kind of expert but I now have a basic understanding of what to shoot for and what's going on. At some point this game just clicked and went from "a little underwhelming" to "totally awesome"!!! Now I'm picking what gems to start based on number of locks and if multiballs are primed to start, I'm using the gem perks and I have a good idea of combo'ing and using the rewards. It's just so satisfying to play, and I keep hitting the start button over and over again.

I think this game really deserves some time to grow - i could definitely see some people moving it on after 3 or 4 weeks of owning it but you are doing this game a huge disservice if you are not at least getting to grips with the code on a basic level. It really does grab you once you know what you are doing a little bit.

Very happy to own this one, it won't be leaving anytime soon and stands proud next to Iron Maiden and Deadpool. Stern has really created some masterpieces over the last few years it's an amazing time to be in the hobby - and with JJP, Chicago and American producing some truly awesome machines I think we are really in another golden age of pinball!
55 days ago
Wish it was more closely tied to the movies than the comics. Also agree callouts are relatively vanilla and forgettable. Could be amazing if it had better callout and music variability between the different gem quests.
75 days ago
Quite a surprise. I played the pro version at a local bar-Cade and was very underwhelmed. In all fairness I had just put up a 1/2 hour score on a new GNR LE and the AIQ seemed so bare and had a comic book vibe. I also had no idea what the game was about. Even on the pro, I did like the flow, shots, and the third flipper.

Without ever playing the premium I ordered one. The reviews were overall excellent and I wanted a new title. My son had cancelled his order for one to get a GNR instead.

A Pinside buddy and I had a small unboxing event, set up the game, and went to town. I noticed that the spinning disc would often get stuck about 5 mm off of the play field and would randomly go back to its proper location. My son noticed that the Black Panther shot often would not register. That opto-switch was also a little loose. So... after several weeks I had to work out some kinks and make some adjustments. The biggest challenge was fixing the disc- the slotted plastic bushings were not true (very subtle) and another Pinside buddy figured this out and helped me adjust it. Additionally, the Capt. Marvel shot is a real ‘challenge’, more reliable with the great CM mod (Diddy’s mods).

Today, I play this game almost every day. Bowen and RayDay have excellent Youtube tutorials-there is so much going on and so many strategies. I like to set up my portal locks (4 combos or super secret soft plunge skill shot or hitting the bingo targets at the right time), getting iron man and Thor ready for multi ball help to get a gem. Yes, the out lanes are brutal for us normal players.

The theme works surprisingly well. At first I was annoyed with the still life minimalistic cartoons, but I actually key in the sounds and music when playing no here the game shines. A shaker and external subwoofer really enhance the experience. I did buy the topper- is nice and flashy, but not sure of its value.

Strong points- code and flow. Very fun to shoot with very satisfying shots (iron man tower, Capt Marvel ramp, skill shots)

Not so strong- animations

Recommend? Absolutely

77 days ago
The real winner for game of the year. Unique layout, lots of satisfying shots, tons of combos, and deep code. Elwin knocks it out of the park again.
84 days ago
I love this game , great fun ,I go straight to it when at the srcade , I would buy the premium over the LE , too much yellow for me .. Brillant game .
85 days ago
INTRO: AIQ LE transcends pinball and is in the catgegory of interactive kinetic sculpture. My philosophy has always been that there is no perfect 10 in any category, and that a “perfect” anything can only score a 9.999. AIQ has changed that in the pinball category. Never before has a pin had such kinetic energy and artistic beauty. It’s a wireform roller coaster under glass. It’s the current pinnacle of design and implementation in the pinball industry and hobby, and is suitable for tournament play, mode players, and old-school walk-up-and-play shooters. AIQ in LE or Premium form is literally neurologically therapeutic to play, and is the new high water mark for pinball.

PLUS: Great for nearly endless combo shots to any and all ramps. One high point is the initial plunger service to the playfield. The shooter rod delivers the ball around the top partial orbit and on a wireform to the right flipper. This begins the game, much like Jurassic Park, with control for the player to a skill shot or the best therapy ever in the form of ramp combo shots. The top left ramp returns the ball to the left flipper via wireform. These 2 features alone keep the game from being a brick-fest or wood-chopping excursion. And the Avengers Tower lock shot is as tight and gratifying as they come, too.

The top right ramp is accessible from all 3 flippers, and the orbit for the top left flipper returns the ball to the bottom flippers for controlled play. Not to be left out, the Captain Marvel ramp is a gravity inversion scoop-to-wireform that also returns to the right flipper. The Portal gobbles the ball into a subway with visible windows, and then delivers the ball to the Pym Lab for ejection onto the same wireform as the Captain Marvel ramp.

Elwin’s design and flow are both signature-specific and ground-breaking. This is even better than Iron Maiden and Jurassic Park, and those are high on playability and theme integration, etc. AIQ exceeds all expectations and standards in pinball design and gameplay. It’s perfection as kinetic sculpture that is interactive with a player. Best tactile feel of any pin ever. It’s the “Goldilocks” pin, where everything is “just right”.

MINUS: AIQ can only have the negatives that come with licensing restrictions and designations, IMHO. Marvel chose the voice actors and designated the MCU theme to be off-limits, so this is based on the comics. Because of that, there aren’t any familiar voices from the movies, and the call-outs are generic and unfulfilling because of this limitation. (But any negative is far outweighed by the overall amazing and unprecedented gameplay of this epic pin.)

SUMMARY: AIQ is the long-play king with great (and improving) code, second only to maybe The Lord of the Rings in ways. I’ve broken my ideological guidelines to give this machine a 10 (9.94 for the Premium). It makes me content to play only this pin, and that’s never happened to me before in my 45 years of pinballing. As much as I enjoy many other pins from the various eras, this one makes me forget almost all of them. AIQ is the best of the best, including all the amazing mid-‘90s Williams/Bally DMDs and the earlier System 11s. I’m buying a NIB LE, and it’s the one pin that will never leave my collection.
3 months ago
This is truly a great game. I’ve had it for a month now which feels like enough to make a fair rating. Before buying i put a few dozen game on a pro and while good, it wasn’t on my short list. Then i had a chance to play an LE and couldn’t get the Captain Marvel ramp shot out of my head. i had gone to see about trading for a different game and came away hooked on AIQ. Just a few weeks later i brought home a premium.

People say the outlanes are monsters but that is not my experience. Might just be mine but i would say the outlanes are MUCH more forgiving than say, Iron Maiden, or any of dozens of EMs. It also takes some time to get a feel for the rules. Once you get the pattern though it’s intuitive with endless permutations available. Basically the shots represent different Avengers, which are well marked on the playfield, and you try to ‘assemble’ them by hitting them enough. The more you hit them the ‘stronger’ they become. At the same time you are collecting avengers, there are a series of ‘gem quest’ modes. Beat the mode, collect the gem, give it to an avenger and it enhances their power (bonus multipliers, less shots to collect the avenger, etc.). In that way it’s just like the comics and the movies, which is truly genius theme integration and code. Besides collecting avengers and giving them gems, there are a few multiballs and mystery awards along the way to spice things up. Most of these can be stacked with the gem quests. Multiball play in this game can be a huge rush!

My least favorite part of the game is losing a gem quest. The reward for winning them is so high that losing one feels awful and the game taunts you for it. If you are a moderate to not so skilled player like me this happens a lot and can be demoralizing. On the other hand it often drives a ‘let me try again, i think i can do it this time’ response. So plenty of one more game factor. Plus there is still at least 1 very fun mini wizard mode that can be reached with no gems at all.

My favorite part of the game is the shots. Its just so well laid out. The shots are smooth and safe and 3 or 4 shot combos happen fairly often, even for a not so skilled player. Super satisfying and pretty much makes up for losing a gem. Also makes for some relatively long ball times. Even at my skill level 15 & 20 minute games are fairly common, despite often failing to win a single gem - which is also quite satisfying.

Last thing, I love the comic book animations. Makes the lack of movie call outs seem ok, and takes me back to reading marvel as a kid.

Overall just a great game, incredible shooter, hard, but with tons of one more game factor, plus some really cool comic art both in the animations and on the machine.
3 months ago
Not a comic fan at all, but purchased a premium based on play. I have little complaints about the game. It is a shooters paradise. Great ramps, flow is great and it keeps me playing again and again. Played JP and Iron Maiden before deciding on Avengers and I'm not disappointed. This is the best shooter out of the three and plan on keeping it in my collection for many moons.

Edited: After one month with the pinball I have fully neglected my other pinballs...My 10 year old has always loved pins but this game has brought my 8 year old into playing pins and he loves Avengers! Updated the code and I love the ability to regain gems through hawkeye marksman (Genius edition). Also love the RPM spinner addition. This has become my fav pin...
3 months ago
This is the best shooting game ever made in my opinion. Combo after combo! The code is incredibly deep and there is always something to shoot for. The outlanes are brutal but adjusting the sling power can make a huge impact on game times. The Captain Marvel shot is INCREDIBLY satisfying. The callouts are solid but they need to be improved so people who have not read the 30+ page rulebook will have a better idea of what to shoot for. Code continues to develop so I expect the callouts to improve. Thanos is excessively featured on the cab but I don't really care because mine sits in a row of games. The topper is excellent.
3 months ago
Bought the premium last week. Decent game the theme for me is not that great. The ruleset is deep shots are good. Captain Marvel shot is extremely hard to make and causes a ton of drains. Will probably use this as trade bait in the future.
3 months ago
Have owned this game since launch and its progressed well. I just dont love it as much as other Elwin games like JP. The outlanes are absolute monsters! Additions of Thanos attacks are pretty fun, but would love to see better animations/sound. Layout is awesome; just wish the outlanes werent as hungry!
4 months ago
this machine is a show
4 months ago
Game falls flat on call-outs, music, and lack of memorable/impactful moments. Shoots well, but so do all of the new Sterns.
4 months ago
Software sgtill under development, but getting expansive
4 months ago
Avengers the "theme" isnt my thing... But man I love me some ramps... and this game has ramps. It is a great shooter, everything makes sense... the shots are satisfying.

Overall Is a great game... I am not in love with the ruleset yet, nor the animations. But its a Top 5 Pin layout I think.
4 months ago
I own an AIQ Prem. Its an awesome game.
The Goods:
Design is awesome. Every shot in the game is interesting and adds value to strategy being used. The game has a variety of shots. The “flow” is awesome. Combos can be continuous (nothing in the design that will intestinally end a combo streak).
The captain marvel shot is awesome and fun to watch when executed successfully. Tower shot and disc are also extremely fun to perform. Right orbit (black panther) is simple, and fun to watch as the ball travels. It feels like a very long/stretched out shot since the ball travels from left flipper, circles the entire playfield and then returns to the right flipper. Hulk spinner is money too. It's very satisfying to rip the spinner in gamma jackpot mode! Computer awards are very interesting and create different tactical advantages. GEM quests can each be played with different approaches.
The code is complex enough for advanced players to stay very interested and simple enough that non pinballers really enjoy it. My kids and friends all prefer the game play over other machines.

The not so good:
Flipper fade (just saying it!) makes some shots like captain marvel and black panther difficult to complete. These shots require high velocity to complete successfully. IMO cleaning/waxing alone doesn't make enough difference for to execute these shots when you have been playing longer than 30 mins. The auto plunger also suffers from coil heat issues or there’s a quality issue with the shot that has a lot of machine owners complaining. Speakers are mediocre and I just wish there was different art on the left and right side of the cabinet/back glass etc. The artwork is awesome, however having Thanos's face in the same expression everywhere is kind of boring.
The UI is also boring. The trophy case is too small. While the display is not showing anything else it could have a zoomed in view that slowly scrolls back and forth to display entire case. Being able to see the detail in each trophy would help make it more interesting to look at.
Diagnostics menu for all sterns need an update. With the added screen space there is a significant opportunity to improve the menus. I'm sure this is coming already but is long overdue.
4 months ago
Very few tables have the flow and replay ability as this one. The use of gems to play the game in so many ways is second to none played before.
4 months ago
I own it and I can assure you that it is a safe bet, this pinball will be in the top 10 easily, the arts are fantastic, the rules of the game make it very addictive, the animations for me are excellent, they complain about the music , but you can not put the music of the movies and for me it sounds epic, but I recognize that it could be better, if the music were improved and the code had just been polished, also improving the animations a bit, that would make it in the top 3 of all pinballs for me.
4 months ago
A machine that with time and the new codes, will give, to speak. Buy the premium version for him. Reason that we all know in this machine is worth it, that investment with the pro variant. The arts and the theme will be infinite. Every time it will go up more and let's hope a top 5 deserves it. The new pinball players came to stay, it is time to live this funny future that awaits us with this brand that does not stop every year, to surprise and improve with a new team that will make history.
5 months ago
Big Avengers fan comics. love the game play. I find i am a big fan of these type of ramp games. Had it for 4 weeks now. Really like the variety of ramps. Shots are challenging.
5 months ago
When I heard this game announced I had no interest in the theme. After seeing the layout and watching game play to learn the rules, I changed my mind. I ended up buying a premium! I love the total package of this game!
5 months ago
Fantastic layout, satisfying shots, great variety of shots, beautiful art by ZY, complex yet fun code. The only downsides are the animations and the, somewhat generic music, not bad music but nothing to remember also.
The game ia not easy but also not unfair. A player's game for sure.
5 months ago
I’ve owned a lot of games over the years but AIQ is hands down the best game I’ve owned and by far my #1 pin to date. The layout is phenomenal, Keith Elwin has made his best layout to-date with AIQ, there are shots everywhere and one of the best upper flippers in modern pinball.

The structure of the game is there but currently code is only at 0.95 but you can see where the code is going and what is already there is the foundation for one of the best rulesets in pinball, the theme also adds to the rules as my family are huge marvel fans and now thanks to the MCU everyone knows the general storyline for the Infinity story.

Artwork is yet another Zombie Yeti masterpiece, possibly my favourite art to date of his and I love the artwork on Deadpool and Turtles. The only real negatives to AIQ currently is the lack of animations,
I like the animation style, I just want more of them and the sound package is currently very lacking, there needs to be some big musical scores like the Avengers theme from the MCU, something big and grand that adds to the scale of the game/storyline/characters.

Will update my review as new code drops and we reach completed code but I can only see this game getting better and becoming an all time great!
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