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Game design: 9.013

Artwork: 8.599

Sounds/Music: 7.976

Other Aspects: 9.043

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There are 23 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 days ago
Big Avengers fan comics. love the game play. I find i am a big fan of these type of ramp games.
11 days ago
When I heard this game announced I had no interest in the theme. After seeing the layout and watching game play to learn the rules, I changed my mind. I ended up buying a premium! I love the total package of this game!
14 days ago
Fantastic layout, satisfying shots, great variety of shots, beautiful art by ZY, complex yet fun code. The only downsides are the animations and the, somewhat generic music, not bad music but nothing to remember also.
The game ia not easy but also not unfair. A player's game for sure.
21 days ago
I’ve owned a lot of games over the years but AIQ is hands down the best game I’ve owned and by far my #1 pin to date. The layout is phenomenal, Keith Elwin has made his best layout to-date with AIQ, there are shots everywhere and one of the best upper flippers in modern pinball.

The structure of the game is there but currently code is only at 0.95 but you can see where the code is going and what is already there is the foundation for one of the best rulesets in pinball, the theme also adds to the rules as my family are huge marvel fans and now thanks to the MCU everyone knows the general storyline for the Infinity story.

Artwork is yet another Zombie Yeti masterpiece, possibly my favourite art to date of his and I love the artwork on Deadpool and Turtles. The only real negatives to AIQ currently is the lack of animations,
I like the animation style, I just want more of them and the sound package is currently very lacking, there needs to be some big musical scores like the Avengers theme from the MCU, something big and grand that adds to the scale of the game/storyline/characters.

Will update my review as new code drops and we reach completed code but I can only see this game getting better and becoming an all time great!
28 days ago
When it comes to the theme, I'm whoopty doo on this one. Take it or leave it. Not awful but not a dream theme. That being said, I played it and bought it immediately. I've owned about 25 pins thus far (currently 8) and this tops the list in terms of playability and excitement! What a blast!!! I'm pretty sure I break a sweat each time I play it, and not sure if that's good or bad, but I'm going to say good. Looking forward to deeper code updates which should secure it on top 5 all time list for years to come.
31 days ago
My immediate impression was feeling like I do when I get a good flow of shots on my Funhouse. Hitting 3-4 shots together is achievable and fun and while fast there is time to put together more shots and get to 6-8 combo shots, which feels great. I think all the ramps are open. I’ve played both Pro and Premium, and flow is true for both. Clearly the Prem/LE CM ramp is the hardest, but if I don’t brick the edges it rarely rejects any shot with some power.

Ripping the Hulk spinner is fun and the sense of urgency in the Gamma hurry up is great. Actually same is true of Dr Stange spinner. Really fun to hit a shot that sends it spinning.

I do like the subway, because I like the break in the action to take a breath, maybe shake out my hands. No issues mechanically on my machine. I really don’t have the timing down yet for the shots, but the Gem modes are fun, fairly easy to follow, and make sense for the theme and building battles and story.

Theme is excellent, I am perhaps less picky that others but I like the callouts, Hulk the best currently. Can’t stop hitting start, and seems like there are plenty of ways to approach the game for scoring or progression.

Feels like there is room for more code enhancements too, so great now and more seemingly to come.

Great game, play if you get a chance.
31 days ago
The recent low ratings of this game are totally fake. This game is not perfect (there is no perfect pin), but the game is very good. This game play is probably the best Elwin game to date. JP has the T-rex toy and has great flow which makes it an amazing game, but AIQ is a little bit better shooter and more fun to play. This game lacks only in areas that I think will be fixed over time via graphics and callouts.

The attempt to knock AIQ down in the ratings by the recent fake ratings is sad to see. Great games need to be promoted, and lame games should get low ratings so that consumers can make informed decisions. The marketplace can then reward the skill of the designer and manufacture. Maybe one of these very recent low ratings is an honest review, but to suddenly have 5-6 low ratings after the pin goes to number one is completely disingenuous and bogus manipulation of the ratings system.

I have 10 pins at my house and everyone who comes to my home and plays 5-6 different games that they naturally gravitate too, does not leave AIQ for the rest of the evening after playing AIQ one time. I understand this example is antidotal, however the number of times I have observed people not leaving the game after playing it is often enough that It is becoming a small sample size. AIQ is a great pin fake low ratings should be ignored.
33 days ago
It’s fun to shoot, great flow with some challenging shots, it’s got great rules BUT it’s not Elwins best layout or Yetis best art package. I don’t love the static animation style either, if the display were handled like Deadpool I would have scored it higher. If you love Marvel ( I’m not a fan ) you’ll love this game. It’s great pinball but it’s not the BEST there is.
34 days ago
All these recent bogus rating coming in against Avengers premium since it become #1 are an overtly transparent attempt to hit a game that is probably the best game of 2020 (Full disclosure, I have not played GNR yet). These ratings that are 5-7.6ish ratings have only one purpose, to knock down thee ratings of a truly great game.

This is a legit great game. Only flaw is that the code is at .94 and they still have work to do on the callouts and the animation. The flow, shots and fun factor are amazing.
34 days ago
A game that shoots superbly well and has a good ruleset that gets better with each code update. But the music is worst-in-class. The main theme is barely a song, more like a vibe. It's a shame I have this game next to Deadpool, Stern's best soundtrack of all time easily....and this is arguably the worst. I hope Keith and team realize this and change the tunes, because it ruins an otherwise superb game.

EDIT: Just want to add for everyone here: You've got to be a grade-A loser to flag negative reviews of a game just because YOU think it's literally the greatest pinball machine you've ever played. Grow up, kids. I can understand flagging a low-rating rating with a one sentence review, but when people explain why and you still flag them, you're a 6-year old fanboy.
42 days ago
Another Elwin hit. The combo possibilities in this game are amazing. Very smooth. Basic ruleset objective for casual players. Deeper ruleset for hardcore players. A good kix of easy to challenging shots. Not a lot of sdtm punishing shots but hungry right outlane. Code is only at .94 and is quite solid. The callouts and music are the downside. Repetitive and just not done well. Music is the least engaging music in pinball right now. One of Sterns best light show to date as well. I still.think Maiden is the better shooter but damn. Avernger could.end up be one of the top 10 games ever.
43 days ago
Fantastic game! All these downvoters are a disgrace for the hobby. Just to get their own games a bit higher.
47 days ago
My first nib pin. No regrets !! Love it. And excited for future updates.
58 days ago
Only 2 yrs old in the hobby and even if I didn't appreciate who KE is, I love ramps and this has it. The ramp returns are different speeds--one with no time to think about your next shot. Received this game with V92 code 2 days ago and with Dead Flip/Jack Danger's excellent gameplay for my instructional reference, getting a good, fun start on learning this game, not to mention the helpful lit arrows on the pf (which is probably why I don't automatically gravitate to 2013 ST, so maybe with more experience and keep reviewing PAPA/Bowin Kerins' tutorial....).

Just getting 2 or more consecutive ramp shots and you can feel the smoothness, and yes the other pf targets integrate well with the overall flow. Feels like a full 3 seconds for a single ball to move through the subway to reach the up-kicker so I found myself initially, impatiently tapping my foot, but now learning to make use of the time to catch my breath, reassess, and plan ahead (which we all do anyway whenever we stop play by cradling the ball). The ball comes down fast from the vertical ball lock that it's hard for me to time a good smack on the ball; however, it's a no brainer what to do if the portal is open. So there is one senior-friendly shot on this title.

Having tons of fun shooting one ball, and the fun is amplified with multiball of course. All of the above keeps me coming back.
80 days ago
KME is 3 for 3.

The Pros:
A fan layout with enough variances to make it feel original and fresh. The Spatula (tm) ramp that accesses all 3 flippers is simple, brilliant and will never break. the rules for the drops take notes from Ripley's and TWD. the hulk spinner hurryup is exciting and the first miniwizard mode that counts flips is one of the best mini-wiz modes to be envisioned. The two way spinner hasn't been seen since Sonic Bird-Man. The super skill shot is satisfying and I am sure there are at least 7 more skill shots on this game. Because there are 16 shots on this game. This game has more 2 1/2d animations than jurassic park, and it suits the theme just fine. The game already has a timed "escape from Nublar" minigame upon release. Code will be refined, deepened and sussed out as production cycles move forward.

The Cons:
I like the Captain Marvel spinner shot is good, but I like the inverted u-ramp better. The captain america shot is painfully tight (and the roto target may be in the way...) To the point of frustration. The artwork on the PF can get busy, and it not as continuous from cab, to pf to bg as some other releases we have seen from stern. These are all small annoyances as compared to the positives that this game expresses.

The Takeaway:
Dammit, I gotta get more $$$ put together for another game. This one knocks it out of the park. Stern has another winner on their hands. Hire the best player ever and the #1 ranked player in the world to work on programming, that's the ticket!

I will be writing more as I play this game some more. It's frikkin' awesome!

The preem/le version has the subway and the rising spinner. these are cool, but don't add much to gameplay. the other feature is the captain marvel u-turn loop. And while i like it, I like spinners even more. I may choose the pro for my own collection.

This game plays longer than i expected. The rules are deep (maybe too deep) and hold balance well. I appreciate the idea that success during skillful gameplay is rewarded later on with higher scores in wizard modes and in bonus. The hulk spinner is a great piece of theater and when all the balls are on this table, this game screams and feels much less open than what it originally appears to be. the first wiz mode is easily accessible and the flip count is a brilliant implementation of a task. more to discover, more to do!
83 days ago
Great game for the family and my kids absolutely love it! It's easy to understand how the game plays and is more fun and challenging as your understanding increases. Best purchase I've made in a long time!!
84 days ago
A pinballer's dream, especially if you enjoy the Marvel Comics and movies; even if you are unfamiliar with Marvel there is so much here to like and multiple theme variations that you feel like you are playing a different game/quest each time around. Great theme, playfield options, and artwork. I've seen some folks question the difficulty of the themes to complete, but I think this makes the game something that is enjoyable each time you play it, and you will want to keep this one for many years as opposed to flipping it for another machine. Truly has all the aspects to make it a top-10 machine on the list of all-time greatest pinball machines. Get yours, and make sure it is the Premium or LE versions for the added playability and effects. Great job from Stern team on this one!
87 days ago
This machine is a shooters dream! Very approachable to the casual player, my wife loves it and she doesn't play pinball much. Plenty of options for shots, no clunky machine here. Looking forward to watching the code develop over time....
87 days ago
I will start with the theme really relates well to me since I collect comic art also. I have had the machine now for a few weeks and admit it is the newest in my collection but always the first one I want to play. The shot variation is truly remarkable and actually contrary to some, I like the break in action for the tower lock or Hawkeye challenge. Ramps are smooth shooting and even tight shots don't feel frustrating like TMNT.

Couple notes: Pros- game flows incredibly well for me and integrates with video appropriately. Artwork is stellar and ramp configuration is awesome. Overall pretty sweet!

Cons or would like to see- Attract mode lighting is lacking and definately the darkest of all my machines while sitting idle. I didn't notice much change with .93 code. Game focuses on ramps and cool wire forms but really would have been enhanced with some molded characters. There are plenty of spaces for them and obviously starting to see mods cropping up everywhere. After just seeing TMNT topper price, I'm guessing Stern will attempt the same ridiculous pricing on AIQ also so just build your own.
There are 23 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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