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Avengers: Infinity Quest (Limited Edition)

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This game received 83 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.736 /10


Top 100 ranking

This game ranks 1st in the game group "Avengers: Infinity Quest". The group itself ranks #10 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

Score breakdown

Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 9.048

Artwork: 8.86

Sounds/Music: 7.874

Other Aspects: 8.802

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Avengers: Infinity Quest (Limited Edition)".
The other versions are: Avengers: Infinity Quest (pro) (regular version), Avengers: Infinity Quest (Premium)

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Found 35 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 35 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 days ago
Other than the music and speech this game is epic.
8 days ago
After playing pretty much as much as I could for over a week, I have to say, this game is really impressive.

The shots are really fun and satisfying, and the gameplay loop really hooks you. It's simple enough (shoot the spinner and start a fight), but it never gets old. Fights are challenging enough that they keep you coming back. The mode where it counts your flips really works well, too.

The shots are buttery smooth and the flow of the game is amazing. I haven't played the pro model, but the premium/LE are great with the Captain Marvel shot.

No pin has grabbed me quite as quickly as this one has. But the impressive part is that it's kept me hooked. I can't stop playing it. This is the most fun I've had on pinball in a long time.
9 days ago
Holy hell. What a game. The more i play the more i find to do. Shots are extremely chainable and satisfying. I dont need bash toys if i have shots like this. Just wow. Pro is also amazing. Premium Marvel ramp is the selling feature. Subway is just ok. I kore like it only because the rising disc makes it more clear when portal locks and are ready. Ant man vuc feeds the right flipper cleanly.where the pro does not.
9 days ago
The LE is so much better than the pro.

It's great to play and can really flow. But it can also be extremely frustrating (in a good way) when you need to hit a shot and can't get it. It keeps you coming back that's for sure.

Good toys and gimmicks. The gauntlet seems cheap and should have come with a better one like the modders are already making. Some other plastics could have been more but it's not a big deal.

The spinner opening up into the subway is super cool and fun. The rules are pretty straight forward and easy to follow.

Well done and fun to play for long periods of time.
10 days ago
Play-wise, this may be the best pinball machine ever made. It is smooth, there are a lot of amazing shots and a ton of fun to play. The left flipper is great, the shots are smooth and the best ramps ever. Big gripe is it does not do its theme well. Jurassic Park has the T-Rex and the Raptor Pen. Elvira has the haunted house and the campy videos for example. Both do their theme quite well. Subway? Dr. Strange's spinning disc? What is this? Had heard this was supposed to be a TMNT and that would make more sense. The yellow does not work well for me on the LE. Plus LE and premium artwork are the same. If you love playing pinball and don't care about themes and colors, this game is awesome! I want to play it over and over. It just misfires on the theme integration and coloring. Play it if you get a chance though, because the play is downright amazing.
13 days ago
Another great pin from Keith Elwin. Beautifully smooth shots and flow. The rules are still somewhat limited and need improvement but it is early and it should get better. Reminds me of TMNT and DP because you are fighting villains. I wish the animation played a little longer then it does when fighting villains. Portal hole is great. Ramps are satisfying. Lighting could be better but I install Pinstadiums in most of my games. Overall, this game has a unique playfield layout which can't be easy to do with so many design elements already used up. Keith has brought in a "Fresh" feel into pinball. His layouts are fast, flowing, and of course there is some kinetic action going on. Art is amazing. I really like what Zombie Eddie has brought to the table. With more music, animation, and callouts this game will only get better.
18 days ago
Just updated to .93 code and continue to be blown away by this game. The shots and ramps on this game take it to another level, it’s easily one of the most fun and enjoyable pins to combo, the layout is a joy to shoot, unlike most games where there’s maybe one great shot or one really bad shot, every shot in AIQ is fun and memorable and super smooth.

More SFX, more music and additional, callouts, animations and lighting effects will push this pin closer to a 10, however the lack of big flasher light shows is disappointing.
21 days ago
This machine is just plain FUN. When I ordered it I was a bit concerned that the animations might be too 'cartoonish' but they fit the game's theme perfectly. And, the game's geometry and flow leaves nothing to be desired. It plays very fast and is challenging. I am sure it will take a lot of play to even begin to explore all of its features. I now have 4 recent Stern games, a DP Premium, A JP LE, a TMNT Premium, and this game. To be honest, they all are great and it would be tough to choose any one game over the others. I am glad that I don't have to because I think they are all keepers.
23 days ago
Better flow than Star Trek.
Unique shots.
Great code.
Mind Gem quest questionably the best mode ever.
Magnet lock in the tower. Unique to this game.
Captain Marvel ramp. Unique to this game.
Callouts have been updated Thus I am increasing more score.
25 days ago
Honestly...this is Elwins third best game and Zombie Yetis least enticing art package. It’s ok but the shot layout is far less inspired than IMDN and JP. I’ve played a bunch of games on AIQ and seen most of what the games had to offer at the current code and it is my assessment that the hype will wear off rather quickly on this one. That being said, if you love superhero’s you’ll probably love this game. I do not love superhero’s. I love pinball. And this just ain’t the best that Stern has to offer. Sorry, not sorry.
26 days ago
KME is 3 for 3.

The Pros:
A fan layout with enough variances to make it feel original and fresh. The Spatula (tm) ramp that accesses all 3 flippers is simple, brilliant and will never break. the rules for the drops take notes from Ripley's and TWD. the hulk spinner hurryup is exciting and the first miniwizard mode that counts flips is one of the best mini-wiz modes to be envisioned. The two way spinner hasn't been seen since Sonic Bird-Man. The super skill shot is satisfying and I am sure there are at least 7 more skill shots on this game. Because there are 16 shots on this game. This game has more 2 1/2d animations than jurassic park, and it suits the theme just fine. The game already has a timed "escape from Nublar" minigame upon release. Code will be refined, deepened and sussed out as production cycles move forward.

The Cons:
I like the Captain Marvel spinner shot is good, but I like the inverted u-ramp better. The captain america shot is painfully tight (and the roto target may be in the way...) To the point of frustration. The artwork on the PF can get busy, and it not as continuous from cab, to pf to bg as some other releases we have seen from stern. These are all small annoyances as compared to the positives that this game expresses.

The Takeaway:
Dammit, I gotta get more $$$ put together for another game. This one knocks it out of the park. Stern has another winner on their hands. Hire the best player ever and the #1 ranked player in the world to work on programming, that's the ticket!

I will be writing more as I play this game some more. It's frikkin' awesome!

The preem/le version has the subway and the rising spinner. these are cool, but don't add much to gameplay. the other feature is the captain marvel u-turn loop. And while i like it, I like spinners even more. I may choose the pro for my own collection.

This game plays longer than i expected. The rules are deep (maybe too deep) and hold balance well. I appreciate the idea that success during skillful gameplay is rewarded later on with higher scores in wizard modes and in bonus. The hulk spinner is a great piece of theater and when all the balls are on this table, this game screams and feels much less open than what it originally appears to be. the first wiz mode is easily accessible and the flip count is a brilliant implementation of a task. more to discover, more to do!
27 days ago
Kieth does “IT” again.. Kieth just gets better with each game. Yeehaw!
28 days ago
Fantastic game with a fantastic layout and a deep rule set. Great game!
30 days ago
Great shots, great layout, but the game was really boring for me. My best game was as far as getting to black order and the game lasted a good 20 minutes, unfortunately that was 15 mins too long. There’s just too much stop n go and the ball staging for fanfare was uninspiring. The shots and layout are amazing, but the sounds, music, code lacked a real sense of high impact energy. Not a fan of the physical ball locks, it really slowed the game down. Everything else about the layout was great including the Marvel ramp. I really hope this game gets better with code cause the layout really is great. Rules have some cool aspects to it but it’s just missing that X factor that makes a game fun and immersive.
33 days ago
Since Jurassic Parc I'm a bit more interested in Stern games so decided to purchase a new one. And we're back to how it is always with Stern: bad unfinished code, just so they can rush out the game and start working on the next.

Not too happy about it, and that is why my rating is what it is; with the current code version this is not a great game.

The shots are nice, the artwork is OK, but there is nothing legendary on this pin that makes it outstanding.

I'll get flagged for not giving a 10 rating probably :)
35 days ago
Played the LE about 4 hours and have the premium on order.

So the yellow sparkle powder coat looks better in persona, but i don't like it, cause it reminds me on the "german Post". So the yellow ist Not my Cup of Tee. The pro cabinet Looks much better to me.

The Game Sounds pretty good and the Calloutouts are ok, they have potential for some tweaks.
A Stream doesn't justice the sound atmosphere the Game transports.

The shoots feel really good. For me they're better then JP2. The captain Marvel ramp is hard to shoot but it's statisfying If you hit it.
The game has a Lot of flow, when you hit the shoots. The Avengerstower is a cool gimmick and give you a little Break from the fast shoots.
The Dr. Strange spinning disc is awesome and better then the one in Circus voltaire. The Subway ball Lock is a good Idea but it Takes a Lot of Speed Fron the Game. Too much, but i Hope Stern can fix ist with Code.

The Game Code is deep but Not jp2 deep and it's OK to folllow. So Hope the comes some more stuff with the Updates.

Conclusion: i would recommend the Game for Casual players cause it's much fun and good looking Game.
35 days ago
Have been playing the game since delivery, a little less than a month ago.

An honest review on this game is that will be a very special game... once they finish coding it. Its a great game now, but it still lacks in a couple of areas.

AIQ has some things that they need to improve on past the .91 code, and I hope that they take the time to make better. I love the flow and shots, as most anyone who loves pinball would appreciate the skill of Elwin in the way he put it all together. The Avengers callouts are... nothing special. I appreciate the comic book feel of the game and the video, but how about giving the Avengers just a little bit of personality. Thanos is great, but everyone else is very boring. I think I would rather invite Thonos over to my house for a BBQ instead of any of the Avengers if all I had to go on was the callouts in this game.

The Shots are a lot of fun and the rule set is fun and fairly deep already. I feel like flipper fade might become and issue after playing the game for an hour or so (tells you that I think AIQ is a fun game), becuase I cant seem to hit the back center ramp as easily. Maybe its becuase I am not ready to join the ranks of the pro players... or maybe there is a little fade in the flipper power as the coil gets hot? Not sure, but I did notice in the update that they increased the flipper power to the max, so maybe there is something to it?

I am going to be putting on a couple of computer fans on the coil and see if that changes anything. I am not sure if the coil heat is even a problem, but for $100 its an easy fix. Found a company for spike systems that puts computer fans on the coil to keep it cool.

Not sure if AIQ is a good as JP, but its damn close. The T-Rex makes JP a better game at this point, but if they update the code and make the Avengers something more than a bunch of boring dorks, AIQ will be as good or even better than JP.

Interesting to look at what JJP is able to do with GNR because of the latitude Slash granted in building the pin. in Contrast Marvel makes Stern dance on a tight rope. Stern may need to work extra hard to make AIQ the great game it has the potential to be.

I am rooting for Stern to be able to pull it off, because the layout and flow of this game deserves great code and call outs.
37 days ago
I have AIQ set-up next to my JP2, both are LE's, and I have debating on which game I prefer. I am just going to rate the game and see where it falls!

I have waited about 100 plays before attempting a rating. It is definitely a top game... but I think I will need to let the honeymoon phase wear off before I can claim that is the best ever or even in the top 5.

Notes -

- The game is a shooter's dream. It has tons of fun combos. Once you get dialed in a bit you can really make the game hum!

- I think the LE/Prem is the way to go mainly because of the Captain Marvel ramp. I honestly can't imagine the game without it. It is one of my all-time favorite shots. IMO, CM ramp > JP2 moving dinosaur. I really like the portal, but I probably could do without the subway. It is loud and needlessly slows down the game.

- Going back to my JP2 comparison - AIQ is more forgiving. The shots are not nearly as tight - the "C', "O" and tower shots are all tighter than anything on AIQ.

- Tons of depth already int he .91 code. Collecting the gems is more fun he clearing the paddocks in JP2. However, the AIQ rules appear to be pretty nuanced and can be complicated. This isn't MM or AFM where you can have solid strategies within the first 5 minutes of playing the game. Understanding which gems to after and how to maximize your portal locks will take some time. I think a casual player will understand JP2 quicker.

- I think better players are going to struggle with long ball times. The shots are all long, and not especially tight, so I suspect skilled players are going to have pretty long games on average.

- I love the backglass and playfield, but I am not 100% in love with the LE cabinet art. I will say that the yellow looks better in person than in pictures.

- Animations... they are fine. Honestly, I barely notice them. They certainly fit the theme.

- Call-outs - I think they used the guy from the Spiderman VE do the IronMan callouts. IMO the call-outs are perfectly ok... nothing too memorable, but there is nothing that annoyance of, "Where is Nedry?"

- Theme - I like the Avengers and I think they did a great job tying everything together.

- Shots - I think I counted 11 shots (not counting the drop targets). All of the shots are satisfying - while a few are absolutely epic.

Finally, I think anyone who enjoys Elwin's other two games will probably enjoy AIQ. Personally, I could take JP2, AIQ, and a 90's game (TS, AFM, IFPBA, or MM) as a 3 game collection and be very happy.
40 days ago
Elwins best game to date.
Tough to top IM and JP,
But I feel at 0.91 this game hasn’t even begun to open up.
Shots are perfect.
Everywhere you look is a new shot.
41 days ago
I love the them on this game as most of my games are from the super heroes. Lighting is a bit dark but there is so much going on within the game - it's almost too busy to keep up with various shots, goals, etc. I'm looking forward to adding the various mods. It definitely needs lights on the speakers to brighten it up a bit.

On my MB LE, it came with lights on speakers and Topper. Stern should include these things with LE's. Charge a bit more and be done.

I look forward to having this machine for quite some time.
41 days ago
This game is hard as hell but a ton of fun!! There is plenty that can still be improved through code but overall, the layout is amazing. Code .92 Edit: The more I play it, the more I love it! By far the most fun that I have had playing a machine. I reluctantly sold my HOHLE to make room for AIQ... and I couldn't be happier with that decision.
42 days ago
Fair warning - I am a huge comic book and art fan. This is right up my alley. I love the bright colors - that is one of the reasons I am into comic art.

My premium I ordered is not here yet but I played the LE one that was out and I was not disappointed.

I love the flow and the fact that it is battles. I love the Dr. Strange portal, Captain Marvel, the subway and all the nice touches that make me want to keep coming back to the machine to play it.

Thank you Stern Team for a wonderful, entertaining game. Now where did I put that time gem so I can go to the future and get my premium machine? :)


Since this is essentially a Limited machine some more thoughts - I love the details on the playing field and watching the demo mode in between games - when I am not frustrated by some shots and quickly playing back-to-back games.

The code update .93 and now .94 helps. The subway balls don't linger like when I first got the machine - thnx for the update, team - and looking forward to seeing the new hidden skill shot that the new code added.

Suggest if you have the money to get it he Premium machine (or Limited) - in my opinion the extra feaures are worth the money. Hey, if you can't you can't. This is a hobby right? Looking at the rating of this review when I started editing it -there were 9 down votes and 9 up votes.

Remember this is subjective stuff and I love pinball to begin with and throw in comic book related stuff and I am in Heaven.

For those who are not into comic books (or haven't been for awhile):

The Black Watch have appeared in the Avengers:Infinity War and Avengers:End Game movies. They are Thanos' lieutenants who indeed do the scut work - like getting the infinity gems for him. There is a lot of comic soap opera stuff and you can find it on the Internet if you don't want to read the comics.

Looking forward still to finding out where Adam Warlock is in the game.

As other true fans have noted (true believers? :) ) - would be awesome to see in the code something where a snap shuts down the entire game or all the balls launch and then it gets snapped.
43 days ago
I think this is the best Elwin game to date.

Others have stated the game was rushed, I for one feel like it's done when it's done, and this bad boy is done! The layout and art on this machine are perfect, I can't see changing anything. I do think the software will receive some love but this is completely cool with me, I get excited anytime a new release on software comes out to explore and see what changes are made. Honestly the only thing on the software that bothers me on release is the blue trophy room, it just really doesn't tell a story. I LOVE the fighting game UI, so the streetfighter look for the battle modes really are a perfect fit. I also dig the modes don't necessarily time out, you battle to the death.
FLOW, I love the flow of the game! I really enjoy setting up for the next shot and having multiple ways to tackle it.

I'm thrilled I bought a LE without playing first. I trusted Elwin to not let me down and he didn't!
43 days ago
I have been playing my AIQ for a while now and am ready to give it an honest review. The game is really fun to shoot and as expected, Elwin delivered on the flow aspect of the game. I can play it for hours and not even realize how long I have been standing there. That is always a good sign. The areas of improvement that need to be addressed are in the callouts and graphics. Thankfully, both of these areas can be improved with code updates. Thanos is a great voice over and he is the only one that is impactful. I love that its comic book and not movie themed, but that does not mean they cant come up with some humor from some of the avengers call outs. Give the Avengers some personality. None of the Avengers stand out in their voices or call outs in a meaningful way. Again, It can be fixed with updates, so I will not hold it against them at this point.

The Flow is great and I appreciate all the ramps. The upside down loop is a much harder shot than I originally thought it would be, and the back center ramp was tough to hit until they updated the code to give it more power to hit the shot. That last code update made the game a lot more fun to shoot by increasing flipper strength. It looks like it is maxed out at 255 on each flipper... would be nice if it could go a little higher. Avengers tower is a fun shot and understanding portal locks and their importance makes the battles a lot of fun. Honestly, Would have been nice to have one more mechanical toy though. Truthfully, if Elwin had not made the game flow so well, that would have been a big deal. Elwins skill for the layout mostly made up for the lack of a T-Rex type toy...

This is a great game and I keep coming back for more. I am a little disappointed they did not do any Co-op, but i don't think its too late. With the new GNR that has come out, I hope it shakes Stern up a bit to help them realize that everything great in life is in the last 5% of effort that is put into a project. Stern needs to squeeze the last 5% out of this machine and code the crap out of it to make it what it should be.
45 days ago
Played the LE and Pro for some Hours at Pinball Universe in Bünde, like the LE way more, shot to the AntiGravity Ramp on LE is quite hard (shooting hard enough to make the shot) but stll like LE way more then Pro. While many don't like the yellow rails, legs and Lockbar i do, looks fanstatic in reality. Would propbaly buy it but LE is already sold out. ;-)
There are 35 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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