Avengers: Infinity Quest (Limited Edition)

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Game Design: 8.862

Artwork: 8.669

Sounds/Music: 7.695

Other Aspects: 8.718

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Found 87 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 87 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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14 days ago
This is another insanely good machine from Mr. Elwin! First seems a bit complicated, but when you get a little practie it is amazing how many options there are to build up your game!!
The key are the quests of course and you can prepare multiballs for that (2 locks or Thor made ready) and start after the quest started. +portal locks. Based on which stage are you in the game you can decide to prepare the next quest more or just start it and move forward. Dont start any multiball on its own, they are for supporting the quests in this game!
First I didnt really like the game, but now I am amazed how epic it is!
18 days ago
Really great shooting game, awesome theme and beautiful art work. Sadly the rules on this game are very hard to understand. I have enough trouble with modern pin rulesets, this game is on another level.
33 days ago
I think this is the best Stern game. Complete package: Coding, Art, Layout, and Callouts. No it's not the movie but it is a full package as where the movie assets would not have been complete and lacking context. For example...Lady Death.
36 days ago
Not a big fan of marvel pinballs, they are z bit boring.
3 months ago
Really fun game to shoot like all Elwin games, but this one falls apart a bit for me with the overcomplicated rules. I like a deep set of rules, but this one almost had too much going on. I actually gave up on trying to fully understand it, and just played it with the rules that made sense to me. In the end, when something new around, and something had to go, it was this over other games in my collection. Don't get me wrong, it's better than most modern games, but there are other games out there that offer more fun for me.
4 months ago
I love the game you can keep the bal in the game, and the artwork is Amazing, I love zombie yeti
5 months ago
I love this game. Keith Elwin did it again. Love the shots, love the depth, plays fast but not to fast. The depth of the game is great not even close to completing the game. But I can play hours on end. Love the theme and all the available mods for it. Can't wait to mod it out.
5 months ago
good game, good rules, it is difficult in my opinion.
7 months ago
LE has excellent color combo with yellow rails. Played a pro and the extras on the LE are worth the extra cost.
11 months ago
Very good game !
1 year ago
I gave this one lots of time to give it a chance. It looks nice, has some cool light effects. It's not a game that you can walk up to it and after a few games know what to do. There are some gem modes that are really hard - nice for the tournament type players. This is a tournament friendly game. I learned quite a bit about the game, but still have a lot more depth to explore. That's normally ok, but the "fun factor" starts to run thin as you get further into it (in my opinion). The sounds and callouts are ok but could be better. The music is pretty terrible and doesn't really pull you in. Some of the animations and graphics are good, but others are like a cardboard cutout puppet show. I would prefer the movie assets, art, sounds, music, over the comic-based theme, but understand the licensing limitations. It's an "ok" game and the LE looks great!
1 year ago
This game is a champ from the word go. It has it all:
5 metal ramps! The ball does everything on this machine. Flows and combos galore. Kinetic satisfaction, exactly what Elwin is famous for. Playing the first game easily shows why Keith claims its his best layout ever! Game layout is not “drainey” and only punishes bad shots as all good layout do. In fact once you learn the shots, it is a long player that good players might to need make a little more challenging by opening up the outlanes more.

The code couldn’t be easier to understand. Collect gems, place them on one of 6 Avengers to fight Thanos and increase their powers. Couldn’t be simpler to follow. Nothing confusing about this game in the least. But it has depth of strategy that relies on the PF, not the screen. The screen complements the game theme and drives on PF action to enhance it only. All done in comic book fashion that will never date, instead of the movies that always date.

Music and callouts are spot on and work with the theme to bring the player into the moment of battling Thanos. Using each Avenger in a street fighter style epic work for pinball.

The many toys and features on this game shine, as the player advances to each challenge, using Visions computer, with trophy quests to complete objectives. Dr Strange Vortex and spinning disk is easliy one of the best toys in all of pinball. Under the table view into the vortex keeps things fun, as the ball advances through the locks into the Antman upkick to the wire return form. Amazing multiball play, with all the wire forms on this game sending balls in all kinds of directions. It is an exhilarating sight to behold. Nothing in pinball to its equal. This game has it all and one of the best shooters ever designed!!

Easy to shoot once shot placement on the flippers are discovered and since the shots are long and to the back of the PF. One of Elwin’s top game’s is easily demonstrated on AIQ. What a game to own!!!
1 year ago
I thought I'd like this game much more than I did. I'm a marvel fan, and quite enjoyed Stern's X-Men table.. so I expected more from the Avengers!

Overall I found it very confusing what to shoot for. The layout was confusing and there was WAY too much use of the video screen. It was hard to watch the video screen, to find what you were meant to be shooting for, while keeping an eye on the ball. Honestly I've played 15 or 20 games on this machine and still have a hard time with the game modes. It's not used friendly at all. Visually, it's a stunning machine. The artwork and videos are great! Very cool theme and I really want to like it! If I'm paying my own money to play this out in the wild.. I expect a more satisfying experience. I just don't get it with Avengers.
1 year ago
This is a strong and Really fun Pinball title. The Ramps everywhere are all very targetable and very unique. The theming is very solid with a comic twist. Very, very smooth shooting game, this is one of the smoothest shooting machines I have ever played. Needs more variation on the play sounds and music, but other than that this is one rock solid Game that is a top 10 contender for sure!
1 year ago
Another awesome Elwin game… a little “drainy” at times but the shots just feel awesome. Some folks complain about the rules being too confusing… there is just so much going on and so many ways to tackle this game. Personally…I love it. Extremely fun figuring everything out! Own the Pro but play the Premium on location near me. Honestly, the game plays VERY similar. Cap Marvel ramp is awesome on Premium/LE but I feel the spinner on the pro is more consistent (less rejects) making it a bit easier to proceed in the game. You cant go wrong either way.
1 year ago
I’ve played the pro and premium many times and really like it. The yellow scheme looks worse to me. All trim levels have amazing gameplay and flow.
1 year ago
The latest addition to my collection. since two weeks I am playing this game on daily bases. I love the playfield layout. The Ramps, the Tower, the portal. But I personally struggle with the stand up targets. Which are hard to hit (for me)! On the other hand, it doesn't make the challenges too easy and you have something to work on. Over all I love it.
1 year ago
Best shots of nearly any pinball machine. There are lots of different ways to play the game. You need to put a lot of time into it to really appreciate it.
1 year ago
This is a hard machine, getting a stone is not easy. The rules are difficult. Bit dissapointed that there is not any movie but they took the comic route. The machine looks beautiful but is not for me. Shots are hard. Outlanes are brutal. To progress through the game is hard.
1 year ago
This machine was disapointing to me. First of all I don't like the yellow color, other there wasn't any connection to movies. Some voices were really annoying. All features are quite difficult and rulesheet impossible to understand without good rulebook. For expert players this is good choice and if you are huge comic fan. Game is so difficult that it is hard to want to play it again. Theme is nice but overall music / playfield not so good for my taste.
Of course because it is new machine all voices and artwork are with good quality.
1 year ago
This is an above average Stern, but the phoned in theme stops it from truly being a table worth your time.

The good is that the shots are an absolute delight when you hit them. The ramps are extreme, and the whole table has an excellent feel. The bad is the voice acting. Why can't Stern hire better voice actors? It just feels phoned in and low rent.

The rule set is incomprehensible. If I added this to my home collection, I'm sure I would learn it - but to play on location, it's just too much.
1 year ago
Great game, and we’ll made.
2 years ago
Much better than the pro. My only slight is the subway. It's a little slow but it does allow a breather for player.
2 years ago
this game might have some of the best rules and playfield layout no doubt... however its one of the worst themed games. The CGI on the screen is probably Sterns worst ever. Lastly the game should have been based on the movie which hurts the long term last ability of the game. good game for a tournament player but not so great for the collector.
2 years ago
Played this and loved it. Bought the premium, coming in Feb, can't wait
There are 87 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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