Avengers: Infinity Quest (Limited Edition)

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Game design: 8.988

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Sounds/Music: 7.68

Other Aspects: 8.833

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The other versions are: Avengers: Infinity Quest (pro) (regular version), Avengers: Infinity Quest (Premium)

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14 days ago
Just another incredible game by Elwin. The guy is 3 for 3! I do hope they add a little more depth beyond Trophy Mania. I have never gotten there, but close. I guess that is the end of the game, effectively. The rules are great as they stand and it shoots like butter. Looks great too!
I will say it was overwhelming at the start with the gem rules (and still is a bit), but there is so much greatness here. I am a person who digs deep and studies rules, for the record. I can see that it might be too much for people who aren't into that level of study. Still , I think you can have fun just shooting instead of shooting, planning, shooting, planning....
40 days ago
Best game but own and will never leave my collection.
43 days ago
Really cant comprehend the negative comments on this game. It is a true masterpeice in all aspects that actually matter with the only let down being some of the animations & personality.

But once you get it, it bites hard. It's a piece of genius and absolutely Elwins best.
55 days ago
I don’t see all the fuss with this game. Played it a number of times and just don’t find the code enjoyable. Not enough variety in the shots and gameplay. The upper flipper in particular is not well placed or setup.
65 days ago
I owned this from new. Straight out of the box.
I found it clunky with the ball lock feature. I love an upper flipper and that works, however generally I didn't find it comparable to the king of PF layouts JP. The first mini wizard mode is a chore and should be optional. Code can fix that. Theme to me is lame but that's my demographic...Callouts were meh. The rules are not intuitive, they are not easily understood. I'm a nerd, have owned 55 games and this game is the only one I've played where I couldn't immediately pickup "most" of the rules. If I struggle, the average punter is in trouble.
I wanted to like this and was impressed with the first stream. After a few hundred games, it needed the boot.
Prefer the PRO on this one.
67 days ago
Epic game!
69 days ago
Another Elwin, win.
77 days ago
INTRO: AIQ LE transcends pinball and is in the catgegory of interactive kinetic sculpture. My philosophy has always been that there is no perfect 10 in any category, and that a “perfect” anything can only score a 9.999. AIQ has changed that in the pinball category. Never before has a pin had such kinetic energy and artistic beauty. It’s a wireform roller coaster under glass. It’s the current pinnacle of design and implementation in the pinball industry and hobby, and is suitable for tournament play, mode players, and old-school walk-up-and-play shooters. AIQ in LE or Premium form is literally neurologically therapeutic to play, and is the new high water mark for pinball.

PLUS: Great for nearly endless combo shots to any and all ramps. One high point is the initial plunger service to the playfield. The shooter rod delivers the ball around the top partial orbit and on a wireform to the right flipper. This begins the game, much like Jurassic Park, with control for the player to a skill shot or the best therapy ever in the form of ramp combo shots. The top left ramp returns the ball to the left flipper via wireform. These 2 features alone keep the game from being a brick-fest or wood-chopping excursion. And the Avengers Tower lock shot is as tight and gratifying as they come, too.

The top right ramp is accessible from all 3 flippers, and the orbit for the top left flipper returns the ball to the bottom flippers for controlled play. Not to be left out, the Captain Marvel ramp is a gravity inversion scoop-to-wireform that also returns to the right flipper. The Portal gobbles the ball into a subway with visible windows, and then delivers the ball to the Pym Lab for ejection onto the same wireform as the Captain Marvel ramp.

Elwin’s design and flow are both signature-specific and ground-breaking. This is even better than Iron Maiden and Jurassic Park, and those are high on playability and theme integration, etc. AIQ exceeds all expectations and standards in pinball design and gameplay. It’s perfection as kinetic sculpture that is interactive with a player. Best tactile feel of any pin ever. It’s the “Goldilocks” pin, where everything is “just right”.

MINUS: AIQ can only have the negatives that come with licensing restrictions and designations, IMHO. Marvel chose the voice actors and designated the MCU theme to be off-limits, so this is based on the comics. Because of that, there aren’t any familiar voices from the movies, and the call-outs are generic and unfulfilling because of this limitation. (But any negative is far outweighed by the overall amazing and unprecedented gameplay of this epic pin.)

SUMMARY: AIQ is the long-play king with great (and improving) code, second only to maybe The Lord of the Rings in ways. I’ve broken my ideological guidelines to give this machine a 10. It makes me content to play only this pin, and that’s never happened to me before in my 45 years of pinballing. As much as I enjoy many other pins from the various eras, this one makes me forget almost all of them. AIQ is the best of the best, including all the amazing mid-‘90s Williams/Bally DMDs and the earlier System 11s. I’m buying a NIB LE, and it’s the one pin that will never leave my collection.
87 days ago
avengers, very beautiful machine, with many ramps, this machine asks you to play it, you will never get bored, full of well-made rules, very funny, the playfield drawings are spectacular, the machine in general is 10, what The only thing that does not fill me, is the music, too repetitive, otherwise great
3 months ago
Was not impressed
3 months ago
I was surprised how much more I liked the LE than the Pro. Seemingly EVER difference made the LE so much better. I subway was really cool (as opposed to nothing happening when you “open the portal” in the Pro. Also the extra ramp fits well as it makes the playfield pop and is a tough ramp to hit, just like all of the others (because they are all steep). The Thor captive ball is so much better on the LE too.

All in all, this one really gives Jurassic Park a run for its money as best modern crowded playfield pin.
4 months ago
Rating this based on .95 and the game is a blast. The good and great in the game are well documented but I'll list the few draw backs.
Lock plastic line of vision is poor along with the sanctum top shot indicator. Music seems uninspired at this time and does not change in moments it should - like it does in Hulk hurry up. The mode shot requirements should be more defined rather than relying on the player reading the screen just before the mode starts. That being said I am looking forward to the final polish down the road.
4 months ago
this is a great game! even for somebody like me who is not interested in superhero theme. bad criticts on this game means to whine at the highest level. this game picked me up from the first moment. action, fun, satisfying shots, completely new stuff on playfield. i think a little bit of code update must be done.
4 months ago
Amazing layout with great shots to do.
Rules are deep and complex regarding gem perks. Need more milage to fully understand and use them
My complains are no toy, captain marvell ramp not so smooth and subway not so great feature.
I really like the spinning and lifhting disc.
The game is very challenging

Edit: the more i play on the last code, the more i like it.
4 months ago
AIQ LE is a really cool and fun pin to play. It’s a pretty tough and brutal pin at times. A home environment use will make this pin really shine. There’s a lot to figure out and to challenge yourself with. I would like to add one to my collection one day.
4 months ago
Been playing many evenings past month on premium and it's so much fun with the flow of the ramps. Learning the V.94 Stern just put out. The subway ride takes several seconds before you can get the ball back, so I suppose it can be a nice break from ramp/orbit combos. Beautiful artwork with vibrant colors especially for the comic book fans. With the Hawkeye drop, not a sure thing just to have the upper flipper extended towards the portal hole. Fun, fun, fun....
5 months ago
Fun game, great layout and shots, good rule set. Where it falls short is on sound and video, just not very good at integrating the theme. Hopefully it gets better..
5 months ago
The good: There are a whole lot of shots in this pin. You aren't going to get bored anytime soon.
The lighting a excellent. Stern has really been knocking pin lights out of the park lately. All 3 have fantastic lighting.
The toys/gimmicks are top notch. Lots of wireforms, ramps, a subway, great ball lock mech, and more.
The fights are lots of fun and the animations are phenomenal.
The code is great already and will only get better.

The bad: The music and sounds are repetitive. Bad might be a bit harsh, but they weren't overly enjoyable...and they were repetitive.

The ugly: This is just not a theme that resonates with me. Quite frankly, I am sick of superhero movies and pins. The artwork, call outs, sounds, and overall theme just don't interest me. Would I play it on location? Absolutely. Would I buy it for my game room? I don't see that ever happening.

Final thought: This is the best superhero pin ever. There is lots to do, and it is very fun. Other than Jurassic park, iron maiden, and *perhaps* Elvira house of horrors...this is the best stern pin that has come out in years. The theme just doesn't jive well with me, but if it is your style...it is a MUST BUY.
5 months ago
Other than the music and speech this game is epic.
5 months ago
After playing pretty much as much as I could for over a week, I have to say, this game is really impressive.

The shots are really fun and satisfying, and the gameplay loop really hooks you. It's simple enough (shoot the spinner and start a fight), but it never gets old. Fights are challenging enough that they keep you coming back. The mode where it counts your flips really works well, too.

The shots are buttery smooth and the flow of the game is amazing. I haven't played the pro model, but the premium/LE are great with the Captain Marvel shot.

No pin has grabbed me quite as quickly as this one has. But the impressive part is that it's kept me hooked. I can't stop playing it. This is the most fun I've had on pinball in a long time.
5 months ago
Holy hell. What a game. The more i play the more i find to do. Shots are extremely chainable and satisfying. I dont need bash toys if i have shots like this. Just wow. Pro is also amazing. Premium Marvel ramp is the selling feature. Subway is just ok. I kore like it only because the rising disc makes it more clear when portal locks and gem.quest are ready. Ant man vuc feeds the right flipper cleanly.where the pro does not.
5 months ago
The LE is so much better than the pro.

It's great to play and can really flow. But it can also be extremely frustrating (in a good way) when you need to hit a shot and can't get it. It keeps you coming back that's for sure.

Good toys and gimmicks. The gauntlet seems cheap and should have come with a better one like the modders are already making. Some other plastics could have been more but it's not a big deal.

The spinner opening up into the subway is super cool and fun. The rules are pretty straight forward and easy to follow.

Well done and fun to play for long periods of time.
5 months ago
Elwin design is incredible, the portal and added ramp give the premium/LE that extra- love the Marvel ramp shot, found portal good once - then gradually slowing down flow of game. The art is a fantastic - a perfect match for the theme but integration overall takes a hit with music/callouts, the two missteps for this one thus far. If it adds half of what a game like Deadpool brings in this area with polished code it will be lights out. Hope this can be improved because I want to like it even more - a real good shooter as it stands.
5 months ago
Play-wise, this may be the best pinball machine ever made. It is smooth, there are a lot of amazing shots and a ton of fun to play. The left flipper is great, the shots are smooth and the best ramps ever. Big gripe is it does not do its theme well. Jurassic Park has the T-Rex and the Raptor Pen. Elvira has the haunted house and the campy videos for example. Both do their theme quite well. Subway? Dr. Strange's spinning disc? What is this? Had heard this was supposed to be a TMNT and that would make more sense. The yellow does not work well for me on the LE. Plus LE and premium artwork are the same. If you love playing pinball and don't care about themes and colors, this game is awesome! I want to play it over and over. It just misfires on the theme integration and coloring. Play it if you get a chance though, because the play is downright amazing.
5 months ago
Another great pin from Keith Elwin. Beautifully smooth shots and flow. The rules are still somewhat limited and need improvement but it is early and it should get better. Reminds me of TMNT and DP because you are fighting villains. I wish the animation played a little longer then it does when fighting villains. Portal hole is great. Ramps are satisfying. Lighting could be better but I install Pinstadiums in most of my games. Overall, this game has a unique playfield layout which can't be easy to do with so many design elements already used up. Keith has brought in a "Fresh" feel into pinball. His layouts are fast, flowing, and of course there is some kinetic action going on. Art is amazing. I really like what Zombie Eddie has brought to the table. With more music, animation, and callouts this game will only get better.
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