Austin Powers

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Game design: 7.278

Artwork: 6.729

Sounds/Music: 6.821

Other Aspects: 7.225

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There are 53 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
Enjoy playing. I like the call outs. Lower play field seems a bit empty. Mini Me doesn't spin well. A pretty fun game
5 years ago
I waited to rate this one until I had a chance to play the crap out of it because I love Pinball and Love Austin Powers so I didn't want to give it high rating based on just that. This game is fast with a ton of shots. The multiball modes are awesome and they are challenging to complete. A lot of people think that they are completed just by starting the mode, this is simply not true. If you don't complete the mode it looks like it is complete but its not, you can restart the mode and finish the uncompleted shots. Once this is done you receive groovy points every time you hit that shot in regular game play. There are a lot of toys and the ramps are really cool. Music is awesome. You can change to family mode or Adult which is cool, it's hilarious. I will admit when I first played this game I was pumped to play it and the one I played sucked! Weak flippers, stuff was broken, playfield looked like junk and I was disappointed. But when I played a nice one I was hooked. This game has and will last forever in my collection! It took me a while to find one in excellent shape and it has not disappointed. I drove 5 and half hours (11 Hour Round Trip) to go get this machine on my MOMs birthday! Don't worry I still made it back for Cake and Ice Cream! Remember I am a huge Powers fan and that makes it that much better. Also, Good luck finding one....and when you do they are pretty beat. To give this game the rating it deserves ( like a lot of games) first play one that is in good shape and 100% working.
5 years ago
Fun pinball but gets old quickly.
Sounds and callouts are good but the poor variety of the music comes boring fast.
Some good toys but overall an average game
5 years ago
Least favorite machine I have played so far.
5 years ago
This machine isn't shagalicious at all...

- On-playfield bonus counter, while unnecessary, is a nice throwback to 60s / 70s machines.
- Frikkin Laser is a nice toy (although Walking Dead used it a lot better.)
- Fat Bastard Multiball is an awesome, challenging mode that requires effort to complete.
- Helps you remember the layout of Attack From Mars and the rules of Monster Bash in case you forgot them.

- Backglass art is horrendous.
- Rules are pretty much the same as South Park except with a gun thrown in.
- Extremely terrible sound quality (not as bad as X-Files though)
- Quotes don't match with whats going on at all.
- Toilet shots often brick out.
- Mini Me often doesn't spin at all.
- Mojo Multiball is boring and gets old really fast.
6 years ago
Two words - Awful and tacky, :>(
7 years ago
How people don't think this is a fun game is nuts to me. I played it and laughed and smiled. It had a nice feel and while easy I think it's a great game to have in a collection if you have young kids that you want to get into pinball. Having only hard and expert games isn't always fun for all.

Thumbs up unless you are a serious person without the ability to smile or laugh.

Follow up - owned it for over a month now and can honestly say its a solid game. Easy, yes to get a big score. But there are some shots I have yet to get hold of consistently. I keep wanting to play it.

Fat bastard multiball is a fun as can be. My kids just love it and that's why I bought it. What kid doesn't want to put the pinball in a toilet? It may not be your thing, but it's a great family game.
7 years ago
meh so so
7 years ago
Poured so many quarters into this one...can't understand all the haters for this game? Great theme, done well, music and voices are great. Gameplay isn't the greatest but far from bad. A lot of fun to play, wish I had the cash to own one.
8 years ago
Austin Powers is what happens to pinball when the advertising/marketing bastards get a bright idea for a new pinball game. The funny thing is that this theme could have led to a great game. But we got this one instead. Hmmm, we must have a chat with the designers.

The Pros:
The theme is a funny one and the sense of humor carried over onto this table.

The Cons:
Uninspired design, first generation toys. Lonnie Ropp borrowed heavily from the school of George Gomez PF layout. Worst BG ever. It's so bad... there is no-one to take credit for this abomination on the IPDB database, this is probably out of pure unadultered professional shame. The mini-me spinner... does not spin. The laser above the flippers is cool... if it works, and that's a big IF. We could go on for a while about uninspired rules and... you get the idea.

The Takeaway:
We see the War Monger and the Ring from later Stern Games hashed out on this table. Maybe this game was practice for these other later designs... yeah, that's the reason for this games' existence. It's practice and development time for the future Stern products!

The toilet was funny on South Park, this my friend... is no South Park. This game makes me want to walk away after 1 ball. Yes, It's that bad.
8 years ago
Not sure about the lastability of this game, expected more really basic.
8 years ago
totally crazy about this flip ! so british so kool ! the WC is to much and the sounds are terrible !
8 years ago
I want to like the game because I enjoyed the movies. Decent sound in game other than that garbage in my opinion bad playfield art both in quality of print and design. would never own and probably never play again. not my cup of tea
8 years ago
This is a novelty machine that wears its theme on its sleeve at all times. It goes without saying that unless you're a huge Austin Powers fan it will grow annoying very quickly. With a theme so goofy, I suppose the kitschy nature of the table is to be expected. Some of it works, like the spiraling time tunnel. Some of it is just lame, like the spinning Austin action figure. And I don't know what to say about the ramp that leads into Fat Bastard's toilet. That right there is a pretty good indicator of whether or not you'll like this table. Gameplay wise, it's perfectly playable, and of the "nothin' but ramps" school. If that's your thing, you'll probably be happy with this table, provided you like the theme. As for me, the whole thing's just a bit too gaudy and jokey for my tastes, without compelling gameplay to back it up.
8 years ago
I enjoyed Austin Powers the movie when it came out. However, the game does not live up to the same hype. For me, this has to be one of, if not *the* ugliest playfield artwork that I've ever seen on a Stern pin. While the "Mini Me" toy may seem like a great idea for a spinner, it's not as effective as a traditional spinner & just results in less spins. Also, the quality seems below average for most of the sounds & callouts. While the rules aren't very inspiring, I did find it somewhat difficult to actually get through all of the modes. I can say that Borg did good including bonus countdown inserts on the playfield.
8 years ago
I wasn't really impressed with this game. I'll play it if it's the only machine around, but nothing seems to work very well on it for me. Shots to the time machine and to the toilet seem to bounce out half the time and sometimes don't even register if you do hit them in. The theme is decent and it's a bit funny, but that doesn't help the frustrations of hitting your shots only to have them pop right back on to the playfield. Overall, a really annoying game. There's enough to it to keep playing it, but you're better off just playing a different game.
9 years ago
Some of the phrases from the movie were nicely incorporated. Good job on cabinet artwork. Some unique features w/ this pinball machine. Not a machine I would want in my collection, but I'd play a couple games on location perhaps.
9 years ago
Cabinet art is great but the backglass and playfield aren't good at all. Bright and colorful though. The layout is good but the unfinished software kills this game.
9 years ago
A real fun game that would have been a gem with the complete rule/graphics/audio set (code was stripped down). The comical theme is fun and if you like Mike Meyers, you'll enjoy the audio package. The laser beam shot is one of many fun toys. LEDs really give this game the pop it needs with lighting.

On the negative side, the printing quality of the playfield is just bad. It's almost like someone used a clogged inkjet. The artwork looks fine it just isn't represented well with the print quality.
9 years ago
Nothing about this game wows me. Nothing going on in the lower playfield. Everything is kind of cluttered into the back of the upper playfield. Time warp multiball is an easy ramp right up the middle. Ball "gun" is a cool feature but I can never get it into the hole when fired. Always wants to bounce out seems to have to much power. Despite these things I stayed at the game for some time for an unknown reason. Maybe it's that Austin powers music that just lures you in. It is a catchy little tune
9 years ago
I can't figure out why, but this game just feels terribly clunky! I've played 2 different machines at two different locations, so it can't be the setup. Just has an awful feel to all the shots. Add to the fact that the sound quality is poor and you have a mess on your hands.
9 years ago
What can I say. Its Iron Man light but makes me laugh
9 years ago
terrible theme!
9 years ago
Cheesy and fun, good layout and overall good game.
9 years ago
Austin Powers is a game that can be fun for kids but loses its appeal pretty quickly. Take a pass.
There are 53 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 3.

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